Want to see
Tenchi Universe (TV)
Tenchi Muyo! (OAV 1/1992)
Sōkyū no Fafner: Dead Aggressor: Exodus (TV)
Serial Experiments Lain (TV)
Night on the Galactic Railroad (movie)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (cancelled movie)
Lupin the 3rd (TV)
Lupin III: Tōhō Kenbunroku ~Another Page~ (special)
Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (TV)
Lupin III: Princess of the breeze ~Kakusareta Kūchū Toshi~ (special)
Lupin III: Dead or Alive (movie)
Lupin III vs. Detective Conan The Movie
Goku Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei (OAV)
From Up On Poppy Hill (movie)
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV)
Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel (movie)