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Will not finish Rating Comment
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (TV) Bad The first time I saw this my reaction was "What?" and pretty much that's my whole reaction over it. I do not like random plotless anime.
Dragon Ball GT (TV) So-so
Gintama (TV) Not really good Not for me. Episodic and relies way too much on a humor that rarely delivers. I watched about 50 episodes in and saw one of the "serious arcs", it was okay, but it went back to the unfunny episodic episodes after that and I really can't bear much more of it. Sorry.
High School of the Dead (TV) Awful Zombies + Excessive Fanservice = Disaster for me. Whatever if you like this show that is fine, but as for me I can't believe I even attempted to watch it. I'm so sick of the generic zombie apocalypse plots and the overall zombie fad that I... I'd rather be watching Twilight. If that says anything.
Inuyasha (TV) So-so I can't say I really "dropped" this one, it's just that I only casually watched it on Adult Swim and never got into it.
Pokémon (TV) Not really good
Space Dandy (TV) Weak