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Argento Soma - Complete Collection Hybrid DVD 1-6 (on order)
Banner of the Stars II - Complete Collection Hybrid DVD 1-3 (on order)
Bubblegum Crisis - Remastered Edition Hybrid DVD 1-4 (on order)
Geneshaft - Complete Collection Hybrid DVD 1-4 (on order)
Last Exile - Sealed Move Hybrid DVD 7 (on order)
Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Collection Hybrid DVD (on order)
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Limited Edition Box Set Hybrid DVD (on order)
My Neighbor Totoro - 2-Disc Set Hybrid DVD (on order)
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (2-disc) Hybrid DVD (on order)
Paranoia Agent - Enter Lil' Slugger + Artbox Hybrid DVD 1 (on order)
Parasite Dolls Hybrid DVD (on order)
Porco Rosso (2-disc) Hybrid DVD (on order)
s-CRY-ed - Complete Collection Hybrid DVD 1-6 (on order)
Texhnolyze - Suspicions Hybrid DVD 4 (on order)
Texhnolyze - Lies & Dispair Hybrid DVD 5 (on order)

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