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My Collection volume 
Cowboy Bebop Remix - Complete Collection [Anime Legends] Hybrid DVD 1-6 (All 6 remixed DVDs in 5.1 surround sound)
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie [Special Edition] Hybrid DVD (good thing Sony knows how to release anime right with proper subtitles and a dub track, plus some behind the scenes extras with interviews with Japanese and English cast)
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka - 2nd Semester Hybrid DVD
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka - 1st Semester Hybrid DVD 1
Gungrave - Limited Edition Boxed Set Hybrid DVD 1-7 (All 7 volumes)
Gundam Wing - Operation 2 Hybrid DVD 2 (I only got volume 2, the first anime DVD I ever got, I borrowed the first volume from the local library)
Planetes - DVD Complete Collection Hybrid DVD 1-6 (All 6 DVDs of this amazing outer space drama)
The Twelve Kingdoms - Collection One Hybrid DVD 1-5 (Pros: First five volumes at a very affordable price, Cons: can be a pain to take discs out of case)
The Twelve Kingdoms - Collection Two Hybrid DVD 6-10
Wolf's Rain - Complete Collection I [Anime Legends] Hybrid DVD (Volumes 1-4)
Wolf's Rain - Complete Collection II [Anime Legends] Hybrid DVD (Volumes 5-7 including OVA)