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After School Nightmare (manga) Masterpiece The art was beautiful. The story was captivating and very interesting. I always wondered what would happen next. There was a nice blend of romance with mystery. This is my all time favorite manga. I would definately read this again. :)
Air (manga) So-so The art was crappy compared to the anime. The story was all over the place without giving the reader understanding.
Angel/Dust (manga) So-so I don't have much to say about this... It had beautiful angel characters.
Azumanga Daioh (manga) Good It was very cute even though there was no plot. YAY for moe!
Ballad of a Shinigami (manga) Not really good Very cliche. I was bored with many of the stories. No plot!
Bambi (manhwa) Weak it was really boring and cliche
Beast Master (manga by K. Motomi) Good I really loved the plot of this. A boy who has problems with people. A girl who has trouble with animals forming an unlikely friendship then slowly sprouting to love. :)
Bitter Virgin (manga) Excellent An amazing mature manga about one girl's pain. The relationship of the girl and Daisuke's slow change into love was so well done. The art was really good too. The ending was a little downer.
Brave Story (manga) Bad Wow his is a looonnnggg novel. Like 800 something pages. I started it in november of 2010 and it's already may 2011 and I stil haven't finished it. Why? Because it's so boring. I liked the movie so much better. This book has too many things that were totally unnecessary to add. It could have been alot shorter... edit: OMG, I finally finished it. I'm so happy that I don't have to pick this crap up again. Skip this book, it's so boring!
Brigadoon (manga) So-so I'm glad I saw the anime before I read this or I would have totally been lost. It was way too all over the place. It felt rushed. The anime was way better than the manga.
Buso Renkin (manga) Weak There is too much fighting in this where people only get injured and don't die. There's too much people coughing up blood and bad art. The characters weren't likeable either.
Chobits (manga) Good It was so much better than the anime. It did have all that Chii doing "cute things" filler crap in it. It got right to the point. Though it was really repetitive and it got annoying sometimes. All the time they kept repeating "who is the someone just for me? is he that person just for me? Well of course he is. Another thing that was annoying was how easily I could predict the ending. Of course Hideki was the person just for Chii. So obvious. The characters were so much more in depth and lovable than in the anime. Anime version just bored me to death. But this version was great.
Cross Epoch (manga) Decent A fun manga to read after you've seen dbz and one piece. :)
Death Note (manga) So-so It's not as fun to read it when I already know the story.
Deep Love: Pao no Monogatari (manga) Very good Very sad story of a puppy. I wasn't moved to tears but it made me mad when evil people would hurt Pao. And...What kind of parents would bring their kids to commit suicide with them?-.-
Deep Love: Reina no Unmei (manga) Good Very sad...
Devil May Cry 3 (manga) Bad There was no story to follow. The characters weren't likable. It's even worse than the series.
Fever (manhwa) Worst ever Confusing. Couldn't distinguish between any characters. No memorable events. Took me forever to finish because it was so boring I had to read in small parts.
Fruits Basket (manga) Very good I wish my zodiac (rooster) could be in the anime. I finally got to see my zodiac in the manga which was really exciting. I also got to see the horse, Rin. Though the manga has alot more info and covers so much more than the anime. I still love the anime better, because 1. I liked it better not knowing Akito was a girl... 2. I can follow the story better when pictures are moving. 3. the anime is so much funnier. and 4. Yuki seemed so much sweeter in the anime. It was fun seeing them grow up in the manga, even though they looked weirder when they got older. I was pissed off when I found out Tohru got with Kyo. I wanted her with Yuki. They're so much sweeter together. >.< Though I thought the humor doesn't really fit well in the book version. And I thought some characters were unnecessary. (like Kakeru, Machi, and that other guy)
Genshiken (manga) Bad The characters seemed to constantly sweat on every page. Like they had some kind of sweating problem. The characters were dull and forgettable except for Ogiue. They seemed to center around her alot. As for the plot. (WHAT PLOT?) It just seemed to be a whole bunch of random otakus talking and cosplaying.
Ghost Hunt (manga) Weak I thought this would interest me because it's about spirits/ghosts/paranormal things, but it was so incredibly dull. The characters were so boring. Hard to understand who's who. Barely anyone has a noticable personality. Ever volume would show Mai staring wide-eyed at some creepy thing looking scared. Rinse and repeat. When I thought it coldn't get any worse the last volmue was terrible. They kept saying all these confusing things. Naru kept saying "I don't have to need to answer you" and he kept repeating it till it got irritating. All the scenes that were supposed to be comedy weren't remotely funny.
Inumimi (manga) So-so There was no plot. Cliche stuff. Somewhat enjoyable.
Kamichama Karin (manga) So-so It was kind of hard to follow. The plot was pretty weak. The art was cute though.
Kieli (manga) Not really good Story was confusing. Didn't like the characters.
Kitchen Princess (manga) Good very easy to follow and fun to read. It reminded me of fruits baskets. The same kind of main character who's uplifting. With two boys who don't get along. This manga made me want to cook something even though I hate cooking.
Land of Silver Rain (manhwa) So-so It had people with horns, witches, nine tailed foxes, magic, etc. The main character was kinda mean to Sirus all the time which is why I didn't like her. Her expressions over food were funny and the dumb things she did. Sirus was a cute, sweety of a prince with an adorable little fox sidekick. And the prince of darkness was very hot. :3 I don't think the art was that good either...
(The) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (manga) Good I read this before I finished the game version. It made it more fun having played some of the game; to see it in a book vers. Sheik was my favorite character. But in the back of my mind, somehow I knew it was Zelda in disguise. I got so pissed off that Sheik really was Zelda. I wanted Sheik to be boy; I had a crush on him. Dam you Zelda >.<
Love Neco (manga) Good It's pretty interesting and cute. The concept has been done before though.
Moon Boy (manhwa) Weak The problem with this manhwa is that there is so many characters I'm loosing track on who's who. I don't get a feel for the characters. Yet I really like the storyline about rabbits and foxes. At about vol. 4 everything goes to bleh. I hate it. I don't even remember the ending.
Mugen Spiral (manga) So-so It had hot demons in it. The plot was kind of cliche... But I really liked Ura's slow change from trying to kill her into falling in love with her.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days (manga) Bad Ths manga was god awful boring. Nothing was eventual so it never left you with anything to remember in the future. The characters were dull and very cliche. Boring storyline. Predictable things happened. I usually like the cool guys like Kaworu. But this manga leaves you with no attachment to any character. Even the cool guys. Asuka always got on my last nerve. (reminded me of Ayano from Kaze no Stigma) Every little thing got her mad and it really annoyed me to death. >.<
Ouran High School Host Club (manga) Bad Nothing remotely memorable. Hard to follow. Boring. The whole thing seemed like a big waste of time. Art was sloppy. Anime was WAY better. I hate this manga with a passion. It made me like ouran less and less. There was no plot/story. I don't understand how this got to be so popular.-.-
Pet Shop of Horrors (manga) Decent After watching the anime ver. I assumed the manga ver. would be something like goosebumps. Unfortunately, it wasn't the case. Though some stories were very interesting, others failed to have much suspense or thrill that left you on the edge of your seat. My favorites were the very first story about the bird. The one about the dog that took that bratty girl's place. Also the one with the kitten precious. After a while the stories got too predictable and I kept losing interest.
Phantom Dream (manga) So-so It just throws too much info at you at once. The plot was all over the place and cliche. Lack in characters backgrounds. The characters looked way too similar; you easily lost track of who was who. I really liked souichi though, that butterfly guy. Also I really liked Eiji and loved Hira at the end. I felt so sorry for them. :( and Eiji's transformation from a boy to a girl O.o Though it was extremely confusing there were some things I really liked it the book which is why it was rated this high.
Pluto (manga) Good I love really well thought out stories. this story was more like a puzzle you slowly had to unravel. It all started making sense in the end. I love robots. The action was great. They even had characters and their stories that touched your heart. :D Though I'm still confused about the different between who Bora and Pluto are.
Pretear (manga) Decent Not as good as the anime. Hard to follow.
Princess Tutu (manga) So-so Definately wasn't as good as the anime. The manga took out the fairytale feel to it. Good thing there wasn't too much to read of this manga.
Scrapped Princess (manga) So-so The first two volumes were all over the place and I couldn't follow the story. The last volume was the only volume I liked.
Shiroi Kumo (manga) Decent The first story with the dog is very heart warming. Makes me cry every time. The second story with the teddy bear; I didn't really feel much emotion...
Shugo Chara! (manga) Bad Man! this is a terrible manga. I couldn't tell the differance between characters. There was no story. I couldn't even tell what was happening. Avoid this...
(The) Voices of a Distant Star (manga) So-so It wasn't totally interesting. It was a little sad though.
Wolf's Rain (manga) Good Went along with most of the anime. It didn't have the most amazing ending like the series did, but it was a good read. Yet not memorable.
X-Day (manga by S Mizushiro) So-so I liked the art but not the story. A bunch of teenagers want to blow up a school cause they can't deal with their lives. What exactly was accomplished in the end? o.O