This is the list of anime titles I've only watched parts of. I feel uncomfortable rating some of these titles for this reason, but I will be adding comments to explain why I only watched parts of a show and might not want to finish it.

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20th Century Boys (manga) Excellent I'm about halfway through and it's been fantastic so far. Definitely going to finish it sometime soon. Suspense, drama, tragedy - it's like Monster all over again. :-)
Princess Tutu (manga) Weak
Trigun (manga) I'm just too much in love with the characters of the anime not to read the manga. I'm excited to see what will differ. Looking forward to finishing it sometime soon.

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D.Gray-man (manga) Very good I admit to be very much in love with this manga and its characters. It starts of as a typical, but good shonen fighting story, set in a very Tim Burtonesque world, which is really awesome (and depressing) by itself. The protagonist is someone I felt I wanted to protect and cheer for within the first pages, he incorporates both strength and vulnerability, a wonderful package far away from the standard wuss or the loudmouthed (and annoying) I-collect-power-ups-instead-of-getting-character-development kind of shonen hero. With time, the supporting cast gets equally fleshed out, each one given sufficient time to shine and contribute. I was especially pleased to see the female characters getting their time in the spotlight the way they do. While the world and fates of the characters take a turn for the dark side (making me suffer with them quite a bit – the Alma Karma story arc was absolutely devastating) the artwork gets more beautiful after every break, until it has so much eye candy to offer that it can get hard to concentrate on the story sometimes. Now, that’s how bishonen should look like! The development of the story and characters seemed to have been planned ahead by the mangaka surprisingly well, everything is falling into place nicely at the right time. There is the typical problem of too many characters getting introduced with time (and me not being able to care about all of them), but to a significantly lesser degree than in other ongoing stories. I am hoping for more tragic turns and real consequences, at the moment it really does feel quite possible at least one or two major characters might die, which is keeping me invested and on edge.
No. 6 (manga) Very good

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