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Iku made... Piston! (manga) Bad
Boinzuma (manga) Not really good
Love Hair (manga) Not really good
Sarashi Ai (manga) Not really good
Miwaku no Tobira (manga) So-so
Accelerando (manga) Decent
Too rapey and dark for me. It isn't very good, but it's hentai adaptation was a bit more tolerable.
Blood: The Last vampire (novel) Decent
A decent read.
Carnal Communication (manga) Decent
This one has good art, but none of the stories were all that interesting.
(The) Spirit of Capitalism (manga) Decent
Yūwaku no Tobira (manga) Decent
Ane to Otōto to (manga) Good
Higurashi When They Cry: Curse Killing Arc (manga) Good
Infinite Ryvius (manga) Good
Don't bother with this just watch the anime it's way better.
Kannazuki no Miko: Destiny of Shrine Maiden (manga) Good
Good, but again the anime is way better.
Maid-Ane (manga) Good
My-HiME (manga) Good
Well it has boobs and other fanservice which is about it's only good selling point. Everything else is pretty weak.
Pure Love Mellow (manga) Good
Sweet Lip (manga) Good
Work for Pleasure (manga) Good
While this was good, it didn't really have anything outstanding, nor was particularly hot.
Alluring Woman (manga) Very good
Sexy art but it's an anthology series and I didn't like all of the stories.
Aqua Bless (manga) Very good
A Body for Play (manga) Very good
Amazing art but I didn't like all the stories in it.
Boogiepop Dual (manga) Very good
An original two volume Boogiepop where Boogiepop has moved on to someone else. This time a male student.
Bunny Drop (manga) Very good
This was a decent story about an single guy learning to be a parent, when he decides to raise a relative's child no one wants. Although, in the end it turns into a strange romance title, when the daughter finds out she's not related to him, which I was okay with but it's kinds gross.
Chobits (manga) Very good
Another great romance manga, with some interesting social commentary, and humor.
Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally (manga) Very good
An interesting alternate take on Code Geass.
Fetishisms: Sexy Wives (manga) Very good
Several random stories about neglected or just slutty wives cheating on their husbands.
First Love (manga) Very good
Fruitful Body (manga) Very good
This one has a good story but the art was a bit lacking.
Giri Giri Sisters (manga) Very good
Gunslinger Girl (manga) Very good
This was a very good character piece, but good god is it depressing. Pretty much everyone is dead by the time the manga ends.
Her and Her Uniform (manga) Very good
HHH Triple H (manga) Very good
Higurashi When They Cry: Atonement Arc (manga) Very good
Higurashi When They Cry: Beyond Midnight Arc (manga) Very good
Higurashi When They Cry: Cotton Drifting Arc (manga) Very good
Higurashi When They Cry: Eye Opening Arc (manga) Very good
Higurashi When They Cry: Time Killing Arc (manga) Very good
Honey Blonde (manga) Very good
How Good was I? (manga) Very good
Kira Kira (manga) Very good
I liked this anthology series a lot except for 3 chapters which were pretty rapey and not enjoyable.
Koiito Kinenbi (manga) Very good
Manatsu no Hanazono: Oba + Shimai Ohame H (manga) Very good
Mesu Oba, Misao (manga) Very good
Midori's Days (manga) Very good
A ridiculous premise, but it actually manages to successfully combine some laughs with some serious character development to make a decent romantic comedy manga. I really thought this ended great as well.
My Celebrity Girlfriend (manga) Very good
Nee, mō Sukoshi dake... (manga) Very good
Porno Switch (manga) Very good
A good anthology series overall though there were some chapters I didn't like.
Scryed (manga) Very good
This was even more ridiculously over-the-top then it's anime. Some plot points were just too contrived.
Secretarial Section Drop (manga) Very good
Setsunai Omoi (manga) Very good
Shocking Pink! (manga) Very good
This was great all except for this one creepy twincest/rape chapter near the end.
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (manga) Very good
Stretta (manga) Very good
Nothing really new here since I saw the hentai adaptation. The hentai was better because it added scenes.
Stringendo (manga) Very good
Nothing really new here since I saw the hentai adaptation. The hentai was better because it added scenes.
Teach Me A Lesson (manga) Very good
Overall pretty enjoyable adult manga. Although the art is really great the way it's drawn sometimes makes it hard to tell what's going on sometimes.
Tender Hearts (manga) Very good
Watashi no Shitai OO na Koto (manga) Very good
An Innocent Relationship (manga) Excellent
This was really very good, not only sex scenes but also the story and characters. Volumes 4 and 5 were a bit frustrating to read though and I have not desire to read the sequel which sounds like more of the same.
B-Chiku (manga) Excellent
Black Bird (manga) Excellent
This was a pretty good supernatural romance. I also liked the character art.
Boogiepop Never Laughs (manga) Excellent
Adapts the novels, which were good, so by default this gets a passing grade, but why not just go read the novels instead? They're better.
Crest of the Stars (manga) Excellent
Manga adaptations of the series which adapt the nevels good, but watching the anime or reading the books would be better.
Dinner at the Shimoedas (manga) Excellent
A good story about a man who marries into a poor family. I liked how this dealt with some real issues like the wife, Mio, becomes pregnant and while she is very happy she also struggles with whether or not have the baby because it will have a tough life and she doesn't think they can make enough to support it. However, her husband convinces her that they should keep it and says they only need to work harder. It motivates him to get a higher education so he can improve the family business. Unfortunately this was also censored.
Dogs: Prelude (manga) Excellent
Also known as Volume 0 as it was released here in the states. Good action manga though it just sets up the situations and characters for the longer sequel manga series.
Hard Temptation (manga) Excellent
Like Tokoharu Apartments this is also a sexy adult harem manga about a lucky dude who ends up "servicing" many ladies including his eager girlfriend, a sexy single teacher from next door, his non-blood related aunt and two of her married friends, a former classmate turned insurance saleswoman, and eventually the married landlady. I don't know how this guy doesn't drop dead from oversexing, but it was a great manga aside from the shitty NTR chapter where he catches his girlfriend cheating on their anniversary. She seemed sincere in her guilt and apologizes begging him to take her back, even when she finds out he's even more a cheat and even moves in with him to win his trust back, so I guess there's definitely love there.
Hellsing (manga) Excellent
Badass action manga. I prefer Hellsing Ultimate the anime adaptation though, simply because with black and white you can't really tell what the hell is going on half the time since the blood is black and so are the backgrounds.
Higurashi When They Cry: Abducted by Demons Arc (manga) Excellent
Volume 10
Higurashi When They Cry: Festival Accompanying Arc (manga) Excellent
Higurashi When They Cry: Massacre Arc (manga) Excellent
Hot and Steamy (manga) Excellent
An extremely enjoyable two volume series with a good story and characters. The only downside is the manga is censored.
I Am Not Your Maid!! (manga) Excellent
Picked this up because it was from the same author as Naughty Wives which I liked. Unlike most of the adult manga I've read this more like a conventional relationship and only features the same couple find different ways to have sex
Kyōshi to Seito to (manga) Excellent
This is one of my favorites. Not only does it have good sex scenes but the story and characters are also very well done.
Love Selection (manga) Excellent
I first saw this animated, but it only did two random chapters. Reading the full thing was much better and I like a lot of the stories in this anthology. It's also from an author I've liked other works from.
Love-Ridden (manga) Excellent
This one was pretty good.
Lovers Time (manga) Excellent
Mai Favorite (manga) Excellent
Honestly this one was super hot. Also from an author I've enjoyed other works from.
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Episode Zero (manga) Excellent
An interesting prequel to Gundam Wing.
Naughty Wives (manga) Excellent
My first foray into adult manga. I really liked the story and the two ladies are very sexy. This one was censored though which was disappointing.
Planetes (manga) Excellent
This is a tough call. While I aplaud the manga for going into the backgrounds of the characters more and continuing the story further along, I also found it to be kind of dry. I thought a lot of this series just clicked more with me in it's anime form.
Shōjo x Shōjo x Shōjo (manga) Excellent
Slave Rabbit and Anthony (manga) Excellent
Suzuka (manga) Excellent
Overall, a pretty good romance series. Now if someone would release the last 3 volumes in the states here.
Sweethearts (manga) Excellent
This was another great work by Kisaragi Gunma. It's an anthology series with lots of interesting stories.
Swing Out Sisters (manga) Excellent
Picked this up since it was on sale and I had already seen and enjoyed the hentai adaptation of this. This manga was pretty much that word for word minus the wedding dress sex scenes from the hetai.
Tsukihime (manga) Excellent
This was better then the anime because it had a lot more action and character depth as well as explained more things. It still follows the same old stupid depressing Arcuaid route though. I was really hoping it would go with the other Arcuaid route or one of the Ciel routes.
Venus Rhapsody (manga) Excellent
Welcome to Tokoharu Apartments (manga) Excellent
Probably my favorite adult manga. I really like all the girls in the harem, even Yua despite her whoring ways. The art and sex scenes are very well drawn too. The author even made me happy by ending the main story well with the other male tenants moving away and on to other things. The apartments only renting to females now, so the main character essentially takes Yua's place as a male whore and has his own harem continuing to have lots of sex with his 3 lovers plus a couple of new additional girls that have moved it.
Ai Yori Aoshi (manga) Masterpiece
This a fantastic romance manga with great conclusion. Although, it does get side-tracked in the middle. I enjoyed this way more than the anime version which did not adapt all of it. The ending was really great too.
Claymore (manga) Masterpiece
If there is anything that is deserving of having the rest of animated it is THIS. The storyline after the War in the North incident is just really amazing and good. Our 4 main characters and 3 other warriors are the only remaining survivors of the battle. After honing their skills for a while they reunite and agree that is finally time to strike back at the organization whose lied to them all along and tried to have them killed. Soon the seven girls along with some new allies begin to unravel some of the ugly truths behind the organization, and face new tougher challenges.
Crest of the Stars (light novel) Masterpiece
I REALLY enjoyed this sci-fi/romance novel series a lot. It pisses me off that Tokyopop only translated the 3 Crest of the Stars novels though before it went under. I really would have liked to read the remaining Banner of the Stars Novels. The anime is fantastic but these really expand the universe and characters, as expected of the source material, and are even better.
Kare Kano (manga) Masterpiece
This puts it's anime adaptation to total shame. This is much better in comparison, both for resolving the main relationship as well as all the other character relationships in the manga as well.