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Atashi wa Bambi (manga) Decent
Kiss (manga) Good
23:00 (manga) Very good
Beauty is the Beast (manga) Excellent
Cat Street (manga) Excellent
Crescent Moon (manga) Excellent
Happy Hustle High (manga) Excellent Er...I think the title wasn't very eye catching. But...if you read it, it's really good. It has a twisted kind of humour. XD A guy who sees girls like they're chicks. No, seriously...those YELLOW kinds of baby chicks. XD And he has a phobia when it comes to girls. Haha! You wouldn't wanna know how it started.
Kimishika Iranai (manga) Excellent
Absolute Boyfriend (manga) Masterpiece
Basara (manga) Masterpiece
Chupa! (manga) Masterpiece
Death Note (manga) Masterpiece A creepy manga. Light can be very scary but can't help what he'd do next. xD I've already pulled an all-nighter when I was reading this for the first time. ^_^ It was THAT good. It's a way. A lot of explaining here and there, but still quite interesting. The art is very beautiful. Just what you expect from Obata-sensei. ^_^ Still it has a very interesting plot. Even though I liked Light a lot, even though he was that creepy and twisted, I liked the ending. :']
Full Moon O Sagashite (manga) Masterpiece
Hana-Kimi (manga) Masterpiece It's true this was the first anime I've fallen deeply in love with coz of the beautiful art and very lovable plot; it's full of humor as well. ^_^ But, truth be told, even though I've said before that this was a great manga that no other has defeated, it's prolly just a third or fourth in my list of good mangas to read. Still, it's worth your while if you wish to read a very nice manga with cute characters and nice plot. :']
Hikaru no Go (manga) Masterpiece This can really hook a person up to read this all night long...even until dawn really. I've done it. xD Although it's true that the early chapters/volumes had a cute but still old-ish kind of art, the later volumes blew all those and the manga's art flourished beautifully. It's quite noticeable as long as you continue reading it. The plot was very interesting as well. Even though you might not understand their tactics most of the time, as long as you try hard and you're very interested in knowing, you'll get to understand the moves sooner or later and you'd think back how great they were. Although I was quite disappointed at its ending. D: I was hoping it would still continue after their game with the Chinese and Koreans. ='[ But I still like this manga. One of my top ones in my favorites list. ^_^ It's definitely worth your while. ='] At least to me, it was. ^_^
Immortal Rain (manga) Masterpiece
Love*Com (manga) Masterpiece
MeruPuri - The Marchen Prince (manga) Masterpiece
Mint na Bokura (manga) Masterpiece
Pump Up! (manga) Masterpiece
Random Walk (manga) Masterpiece
Strobe Edge (manga) Masterpiece
Tsuki no Toiki, Ai no Kizu (manga) Masterpiece
Tsuki no Toiki, Natsu no Yume (manga) Masterpiece
Ultra Maniac (manga) Masterpiece
Ai no Tame ni (manga)
Bakuman. (manga)
Bitter Virgin (manga)
Boku ni Natta Watashi (manga)
Cherish (manga by W Yoshizumi)
Chibi Vampire (manga by Y. Kagesaki)
Datte Suki Nandamon (manga)
Fruits Basket (manga)
Fullmetal Alchemist (manga)
Gaba Kawa (manga)
Gokusen (manga)
Grand Sun (manga)
High School Debut (manga)
Home (manga)
Hot Gimmick (manga)
Hotarubi no Mori e (manga)
Kare First Love (manga)
Kodocha - Sana's Stage (manga)
Love Celeb (manga)
Nanacorobin (manga)
Nodame Cantabile (manga)
Penguin Revolution (manga)
Punch! (manga)
P×P (manga)
S.A (manga)
Shugo Chara! (manga)
Shugo Chara! Encore! (manga)
Spicy Pink (manga)
Tail of the Moon (manga)