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Ze (manga)
Your Love Sickness (manga) Very good
Yotsuba&! (manga) Masterpiece Yotsuba&! is the funniest manga I've ever read, hands down. Anyone who has spent any amount of time with young children will easily be able to relate to the series. The art is pretty distinctive, if not really "beautiful" in the traditional sense. It's detailed and expressions and meanings are easily read through the panels. I've caught up with the English releases and fortunately Yen Press has rescued this series from the defunct ADV manga, so now I can continue reading this gem in the future. It is not to be missed.
Yellow 2 (manga)
Vagabond (manga)
Trinity Blood (manga) Good I still haven't read the novels that this manga is based on, but I did watch the anime. I must make note that the manga is far superior to the anime. The story is set in a sort of futuristic yet still kinda historic Europe in which the Vatican is at odds with a neighboring country ruled by vampire aliens. It sounds convoluted but somehow all these elements work together to build a rather unique world. The cast is very large, yet the characters are all so interesting to me that I can't help but keep reading even through a less interesting story arc. The art is absolutely beautiful, with attractive and unique character designs dressed in elaborate costumes. Fortunately, this series is also being published in English in Singapore, so I don't have to rely on Tokyopop to collect this manga. As soon as volume 14 is available, I will import it.
Sweet Admiration (novel)
A Strange and Mystifying Story (manga)
Steal Moon (manga)
Stay Close to Me (manga)
Skip Beat! (manga) Excellent Very rarely has a series this long managed to maintain my interested, but I devoured all 33 volumes in a couple of days. Kyoko is such an interesting and well realized character that I must know what she'll do next. She starts out wanting to be a celebrity on a whim to fulfill a grudge, but genuinely come to love it and want to improve for herself. Not only that, the comedic aspect is excellent as well with great timing and well drawn expressions. I will happily keep following this series as I feel there's so much more to tell.
S (novel)
Romance Papa (manhwa)
Restart (manga)
REAL (manga)
Rabbit Man, Tiger Man (manga)
Private Teacher! (manga)
Passion Fruit (manga)
Not Enough Time (manga)
NANA (manga)
(The) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (light novel) So far, I've only read the first book. I thought it was excellent. It is written in first person, with Kyon as the narrator, much like the anime. Kyon's sarcastic tone conveys well through the translation. The anime is a very faithful adaptation, so fans of that (like myself) should definitely read this.
Maiden Rose (manga)
Loveless (manga) I almost don't know how to describe Loveless, as it was very strange. The cat/dog people, the ambiguous genders, and the unexplained magic all combined into a manga that is somewhat unique. I enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, I got to the end of volume 8 before I realized that this series is unfinished, as it just sort of stops there. I hope TokyoPop publishes more as I really want to see what happens. Loveless contains some of the more memorable characters I've encountered in manga recently and I'd really like to see how their story ends.
Love Pistols (manga)
A Liar in Love (manga)
Kimi ni Todoke (manga) Very good
Junjo Romantica (manga)
Intense Rain (manga)
Incubus (OEL manga)
In These Words (OEL manga)
Honey Hunt (manga) Very good Yura is a shy and lacking confidence, but decides to be an actress in order to gain acceptance from her mother. I really liked the charcterization here. Yura's insecurities were explained and understandable. Her trio of suitors are also well realized. Q-ta, despite all his surface kindness, has a selfish, controlling streak. Her manager, instead of being honest, is quietly manipulative behind the scenes. Of the three, only Q-ta's brother Haruka seems like he really genuinely likes Yura and have her best interests a heart. Knowing that this is a Miki Aihara manga, she'll probably end up with the most unhealthy one. Unfortunately, this has been on hiatus for years. I hope Aihara goes back to it, as I'd live to see how the love square turns out and if Yura and her parents ever reconcile.
Hey! Class President (manga)
Gentle Cage (novel)
Gantz (manga) The premise of Gantz is really interesting. The newly dead wake up to find themselves in an empty room, except for a giant sphere, that gives them directions and gear and tells them to kill space aliens. The violence is over the top and the fanservice is kinda gross, yet it was entertaining. The characters are horrible though. Most of them are just there as cannon fodder, they get a cursory intro before getting wasted. The lead, Kei Kurono, is a self absorbed little punk. I also got the feeling while reading that the cool set up was never going to be explained. It seemed like the series was just going to be a gorefest without much actual story. At this point, I'm not sure I want to continue...

UPDATE: I picked this back up with volume eight, the end of the Buddha arc, where the anime ends. After going through so much, Kurono's character is a little more sympathetic, and he's a lot more palatable as a protagonist. The art is great, although I could do without the constant topless pinups that have nothing to do with the story. It's off-putting and the mangaka's creepy breast obsession spills into his author's notes in the back. It may as well have a "not for you" warning pasted on the front cover. Despite the juvenile tone, the story is action packed and fun, and at this point I'm willing to just go with the flow. I'm on board for more.

Finder (manga) Very good The Finder story only takes up half of this first volume; the rest is a bunch of shorts. Fortunately, this title has been picked up by DMP, so I don't have to track down those super costly out of print CPM volumes. I'm happy to be able to read more of this as the art in particular was stunning and I'm interested to find out where this story is going.
Endless Comfort (manga)
Embracing Love (manga) I read all 5 volumes CPM put out and I loved it. Youka Nitta draws men in a manly way, which is a welcome break from all the girly looking boys invading yaoi and shoujo manga in general. She takes time here to actually develop some characters. They're memorable and quite recognizable. This series ran for 14 (?) volumes and I'd love to read the rest. Unfortunately, despite it's popularity, I'm not sure we'll ever see this again due to Nitta's tracing scandal.
Eden - It's an Endless World! (manga) Very good This is a big and complex sci fi tale with the main theme being a fragmented society after a virus is unleashed on the world. I've read up to volume 13, where Dark Horse has left off so far, and I still have lots of questions. The characters themselves took awhile to grow on me as well, but the series slowly revealed their back stories and motivations and I want to see what happens to them. The art is super detailed; backgrounds, characters, expressions and action scenes are well drawn and support the narrative perfectly. Needless to say, I'm going to keep reading this.
Dorohedoro (manga)
Crimson Spell (manga) Ayano Yamane's art in Crimson spell is fantastic. (Literally too, since this is a fantasy series.) Even if the plot happened to be crap, which thankfully it's not, I would recommend it on the art alone. The plot is your basic quest based sword and sorcery fantasy. Prince Vald, along with his magic sword, and magician Havi search for a way to remove Vald's demon curse. Since this is a yaoi, there is quite a bit of man sex, but beyond that the plot is actually quite good. I enjoyed both volumes and I hope the series is eventually continued as it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. Unfortunately, Media Blasters looks to have discontinued their manga line and as of yet, there is no vol. 3 in sight.
Bride of the Water God (manhwa)
Border (manga Kazuma Kodaka)
Blue Sheep Reverie (manga)
A Bloody Kiss Tonight (manga)
Blade of the Immortal (manga)