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Aozora Pop (manga)
Boys Over Flowers (manga) Very good
Gacha Gacha (manga) So-so
Gakkou no Ojikan (manga)
Gunslinger Girl (manga) Excellent
Happy Marriage!? (manga)
Kagetora (manga) Good
LDK (manga)
Mairu no Vich (manga)
Monkey High! (manga)
My Heavenly Hockey Club (manga) Good
Neck and Neck (manhwa) Very good
Negima! Magister Negi Magi (manga) Very good
Nosatsu Junkie (manga) Very good I was very sad to see the review score given to this title by ANN. The premise seemed interesting to me when I first heard about it, but the review of volume one almost kept me from buying it. I am glad that I went with my instincts and got it anyway. It is a great story so far. There isn't too much background on the characters, but the three main characters are developing nicely. I am looking forward to reading this story's next volumes.
Oh My Goddess! (manga) Masterpiece
Pastel (manga) Good
Pearl Pink (manga) Good
President Dad (manhwa) Very good In volume one of this series, you completely think that the story is going to go one way. The plot and characters have little oddities that you figure are standard in the comic book world in which they live in. However, at about volume 3 or so, the story changes to become something completely different from what you expected. It almost becomes a completely different story all together. Which I can see how that would annoy some people reading the series, but I found it to be compelling. The art of this series is pretty too. I'm wondering if the author is going to manage to bring to story around full circle or not. Unfortunately, Tokypop keeps delaying volume 7.
(The) Queen's Knight (manhwa) Good
Rockin' Heaven (manga)
Say I Love You. (manga)
School Rumble (manga) Good
Shiny Doll (manga)
(The) Wallflower (manga) Excellent
X-Day (manga by S Mizushiro) Very good