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Pokemon Top 10 (in all its incarnations 1996-ongoing).

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:53 pm Reply with quote
I would expect almost everyone to have at least heard of what Pokemon is. Ever since its creation in 1996 and the anime debut in 1997, it took the world by storm. Pokemon invaded every television network in most countries in the world (I remember watching it as a small kid in a small remote town in Eastern Europe with a Romanian dub that I had no clue what they were saying!). I know many people are indifferent towards it, but nonetheless they know what it is. It was present in almost everything—toys, games, cartoons, cereal, convention and even as paint-jobs for airplanes!! To this day the Pokemon “craze” did not end, and with every year it only pulls in more generations of kids for whom this series will make a childhood impact just as it did for the 90’s kids such as myself.

With the Pokemon franchise celebrating its 18th birthday, I would like to make a post to contribute something new to this forum and get as many fans involved as I can

Welcome to the Top 10 Pokemon thread, please continue reading

Instead of posting this in the standalone Pokemon-game thread, I decided to make it a separate thread to avoid a mess of the other one dedicated for the games alone. Instead, I will work to make this specific thread unique by periodically posting new top 10s related to Pokemon. That may be top gens, champions, gyms, types, legends, main character and so on. With a vast series like this, there is almost endless possibility and opinions out there. Today however, I will kick things off with the most popular top list when it comes to Pokemon, the top 10 favorite Pokemon!

Welcome to the world of Pokemon

So what are your favorite Pokemon? With over 700+ to choose from, I’m sure most people have at least a few they like. It doesn’t matter if you're a gen one'er or a new fan that was only introduced with XY. Let’s all list our top 10 favorite mons with a brief explanation as to why you like them. I feel everyone who watched or played the franchise has some sort of experience associated with a favorite little pocket monster. And even though Pokemon are nothing more than little clusters of data, you get attached to them, as they travel generations and systems, you can’t help but feel like that specific one is a friend that has been with you all this time. It feels like you tackled the same challenges in life together, and ultimately share the same experiences! If you don’t have a favorite 10, then list only the ones you like. However, I would advice to avoid being a twat that posts something like this:

"Mewtwo is my favorite cause he's the best one evarr!! hahah gen 1 for lifeee everything afterwards sux"

Be a bit more mature and if you can, provide a good small response as to why they’re your favorite.

With all that out of the way, allow me to kick things off

10. Tyranitar

My love for Tyranitar is a long, deep and profound one..No haha, but I do like the guy. Not only do I think he has a cool design, I freaking love its pre-evolution, Larvitar. Furthermore, if going by the competitive battling standards, he’s considered a pseudo-legendary. What personally appeals to me, is that he isn’t a dragon type, which most pseudo-legendaries share. This thing is so badass it doesn’t need the dragon advantage to hold its ground. I don’t know, I just really liked Tyranitar ever since I laid eyes on him. And to those who underestimate it because it has a lot of weaknesses due to its typing, just know this, he is Godzilla in its teen years growing up to f**k you up!

9. Garchomp

Garchomp is another one of those powerhouses in the same boat as Tyranitar. Something about his design appeals to me. I mean it’s a shark..that walks the land…that has a dragon typing…brilliant! I don’t know who designed this thing, but that man deserves a lava cookie. Garchomp is also one of those Pokemon that have hilarious shiny forms just like Gengar, show both of them to a colorblind friend and enjoy the rage. Cynthia, the Sinnoh champion also rocks a Garchomp as her main Pokemon, and we all know how that thing wrecked everything in the show, which only adds to how baddass it is.

Gen 6 also gave him a mega form (not exactly sure why though). The mega evolution doesn’t add anything to the table for me really, this thing was a power demon in normal form too, but I guess it makes him look more intimidating. Look at it, its here to take souls.

8. Umbreon

I was never one of those people who are in love with the whole Eevee line of evolutions. Yes, I think it’s a unique and interesting concept to have a bland normal Pokemon evolve into elemental beasts based on giving it specific stones or completing other conditions. However nothing has impressed me more than Umbreon when I was a child. Not only does this thing have a slick black design with bright golden stripes and wrings around its limps and tail, but it was also used by Gary in the anime. And we all know that Gary is a much better trainer than Ashclown. To this day I am not sure if it’s a dog or a cat or a hybrid of both, but regardless, I think its design is flawless. It’s been my favorite eeveelution ever since I saw it, and it probably will remain that until they finally release a steel type eeveelution (my favorite type)…c’mon, get on that Gamefreak!! And as a side note, I’d totally go clubbing with this thing as my pet—who needs glow sticks when you got an Umbreon with you!

7. Serperior

Yes yes I know, it’s a gen 5 Pokemon. And yes I know how infamous that generation is for bringing us such monstrosities as Vanilluxe and Garbodor. However, I think it has a very unique design. We don’t have that many snake Pokemon, and those that we do are pathetic poison types that are mostly used by rocket grunts, so it was great to get a real snake Pokemon for a change. In the show, it was explained how Snivy is a very intelligent Pokemon and has lots of pride in itself—which further solidifies its higher status over Arbok and Seviper. Not only that, but this thing can learn a fairly good variety of moves to complement many different play styles. You can be a great attacker by teaching this thing leaf blade, dragon tail, aerial ace and hyper beam, factor in its great speed and you got yourself a sweet attacker. Or you can be a passive little b***h with toxic, leech seed, protect and giga drain—whichever suits you more. In the anime, Ash’s rival Trip would always kick his butt with his Snivy and eventually Serperior until ash used the “main character advantage” and killed it with 1 not very effective electro ball from a wounded Pikachu , so there’s that.

6. Gardevoir

I am a big fan of Gardevoir for many reasons. Firstly, with the introduction of her in gen 3, Gamefreak finally got the concept of having a Pokemon resemble a woman right, seeing as we had that thing Jynx prior, and I don’t know what the hell it was based of…hookers? Second, aside from having an elegant design it was a psychic type, and for those who don’t know, that’s my second favorite type after Steel. Finally, in gen 3, your opposite gender rival is a joke. He/she never battles you past the 7th gym and doesn’t even evolve the starter he got!! The real final battle with your rival comes from Wally, an ill kid who you help catch a Ralts early on in the game so he has a friend to play with. At the end of Victory Road, right before exiting the cave, he appears out of nowhere and challenges you with a ridiculously powerful team of fully trained Pokemon, among which, Gardevoir is his strongest. It was really a shocking moment for me when I was small, not only has the player forgotten of Wally’s existence by that time, but after solving the puzzle of the insanely long and hard Victory Road in Hoenn, when your whole team is half dead, he appears and challenges you. That event also left a deep impression on me, and now I forever remember Gardevoir as a force to not reckon with.

5. Flygon

Flygon is another gen 3 Pokemon that I think looks cool! It was very interesting seeing some little bug thing with a big mouth turn into a dragonfly to then evolve into a Flygon. Personally, I am a big fan of the bug-influence this Pokemon has. I think a bug-dragon would have been a more appropriate type for him—but I guess the ground typing is okay too (hear that Garchomp, your typing is not original, go home!). Back then dragon Pokemon were rare, with only the Dragonite chain of evolution, the Salamence chain, Seadra and Flygon being non-legendary, so it definitely was cool. Oh, there was also Altaria, but that thing looks more like something you would hallucinate after getting high on a clear day. It also has those sweet bug eye-goggles that make it look pro! I also remember myself cheering at the TV when the wild Flygon decided to assist Ash in fighting the bad guy riding a Salamence in an aerial battle in the 6th movie, ahh good times. All those cool memories and experiences playing gen 3 have definitely made me like Flygon and he will always find room on my top 10 Pokemon list.

4. Lucario

Now Lucario is one of those Pokemon that I feel Gamefreak wasn’t sure to make a legendary or not. After his debut in the 8th movie, he was definitely regarded as a legendary by the community, however by the time gen 4 came out, we were introduced to his pre-evolution, which made it apparent that he wasn’t a legendary. Seeing as he was an evolved form and he could be bred to make eggs, it was obvious that he was just a rare Pokemon that you can only obtain once in the game (same as fossils, Beldum, Eevee and so on). I mostly like Lucario for his human-like form similar to that of Gardevoir. I like Pokemon that share a human form when they are done right. I believe Lucario was based on Anubis, a jackal-headed God associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion. However, more than anything, Lucario just radiates loyalty in my eyes. He reminds me of a wolf in some ways, which is my favorite animal too, so perhaps my love for him is a little bias. Nonetheless, I think he is a very well made Pokemon design wise, he has steel as one of his typings, and he’s said to be highly intelligent too. I swear I’d play chess and poker in my spare time with a Lucario if I had one.

3. Sceptile

You may hear the saying that the first Pokemon you get will be your favorite one for life, and perhaps that’s true. After all, only one can be the first one. That’s the case for me with Sceptile. Yes, gen 3 was the very first Pokemon game I played, and to be more specific Ruby version was. Treecko was the starter I chose during my playthrough, and I’m so happy I made that choice. Sceptile was the very first Pokemon I ever got to level 100, these days I rarely train anything above lv 80. I’m also proud of myself for taking such good care of him, seeing as my Sceptile traveled from Ruby to Emerald, to Leaf Green, to Diamond, to Platinum, to Soul Silver, to White, to White 2, to Black 2, and finally to my X version where he is now. As mentioned in the intro, even though technically speaking he is nothing more than a chunk of electronic data, I feel almost attached to him in some ways. I have so many memories from my childhood associated with him. Every time I come across him in my PC I get all nostalgic and start remembering events that have occurred in my life over the past 11 years. Furthermore, aside from pure nostalgia, I feel Sceptile is a strong Pokemon. Similar to Serperior, he’s portrayed to be serious and intelligent in the anime, he’s not a dork like Piplup or Oshawott. I also remember Ash battling May after the conclusion of the Hoenn League. In that contest battle he was using his Sceptile versus her Blaziken, and surprisingly that battle ended in a draw. The Sceptile was able to hold his ground against a starter with a clear type advantage, which proves how strong he is. And finally, during the battle against Tobias and his hacked Darkrai in the Sinnoh League, it was Sceptile that overcame the nightmare and KO’d the Darkrai with a leaf blade to the throat—pure badass if I may say so myself.

2. Lapras

As you may or may not know, I was exposed to the Pokemon anime in 1997 before I got to play my first game in 2003. Hence, my love for the series began with the cartoon. Ash was still considered a good trainer back then and didn’t fail miserably at everything he did, but that’s a rant for a different day. Most kids back then looked up to Ash and they often argued and debated which of his Pokemon was the strongest or the coolest. And while everyone argued about the power level of his Chrizard, I personally was always fond of Lapras. It has a very friendly aura, you never feel threatened. She looked calm, kind, intelligent and mature. Not to mention she loved Ash (unlike Charizard back then). Furthermore, their journey would have been so much more difficult if they needed to wait for boats or walk the distances. She was a crucial part for the progression of their journey! It brought tears to my eyes when Ash decided to let her go into the ocean, which is understandable and was the right choice. Nonetheless, I was still saddened to see her go. I guess it is the nostalgia within me acting up again, but the memories of watching the late 90’s Pokemon anime and being fond of the 150 mons that were the stars of the show back then left an impact. Lapras was my favorite as a kid and to this day it remains second to none aside from one other Pokemon that I will reveal shortly.

Honorable mentions:Before I get to my favorite Pokemon, I would like to briefly mention some other contenders that almost made the cut

-Mawile: yes the hipster in me says I liked it before it got a mega evolution.

-Chikorita: by now you are familiar with my unusual love for grass starters, need I say more?

-Altaria: it’s a cute bird that resembles a budgie (and I owned a blue budgie as a kid) but it also rocks the dragon typing to everyone's surprise!

-Luxray: it’s a cool black, spiky, electric jaguar thing—what's there not to like?

-Skarmory: it’s a steel bird with metal wings…the steel type lover within me approves!

-Hydreigon: I just like the design, it’s a cool 3-headed dragon, nothing like it exists in Pokemon yet.

-Goodra: when images leaked online of its pre-evolution, which was a slug with a dragon typing, everyone expected the final form to be based on a real animal knows as the Dragon Sea Slug. They look pretty cool in real life, so imagine the possibilities of over exaggerating its traits for the game, right!? Wrong haha! Instead we get this thing! And while I think its design is pretty cool even as it is, that thing is too damn KAWAII !!!

1. Latios/Latias

Yes, you got it! My favorite Pokemon is a duo! I don’t care if this is a cop out answer because to me they are one and the same. Its pretty obvious that I am a big fan of gen 3 Pokemon, but I don’t think their appearance in that gen matters in this decision. I feel like every trait these Pokemon possess complements my tastes as an individual. For starters, Red/Blue and White are my favorite colors since I was little, coincidence? Secondly, Psychic is my second favorite typing in all of Pokemon, coincidence? Third, as a kid I was not a fan of Pokemon that could potentially be threats to a humans. Let me articulate, I had a fear as a kid of animals attacking you, mainly because I got attacked and bitten by a wild dog on the street when I was little—that developed a sort of instinctive phobia towards animals that can hurt a person. Hence, something like a legendary dog looked dangerous in my eyes, a Salamence looked dangerous, a Mankey was shown to be aggressive and therefore dangerous...etc. Latios/Latias however, looked cool but at the same time appeared harmless. They lacked sharp teeth and claws. The pokedex entry highlighted their very high intelligence and comprehension of human speech. In the 5th movie, titled Pokemon heroes, it was shown that they were friendly to those they knew and they could take the shape of people to interact better with others. Not to mention they can turn invisible, which is like every boys dream as a kid..ehhh….....maybe as an adult too!! As a fun fact, did you know that in the original planning for gen 3 they had Latias and Blaziken as one Pokemon!?

Another big reason Latios and Latias made my number one spot is due to battles I’ve done at school as a kid. It was very popular to perform double battles among my group of friends in middle school, and I always used these 2 as my primary team to wreck souls, at which I succeeded. Thanks to their typing, Latios/Latias have an extremely large movepool they can learn, and having 2 of them on the field at once almost guaranteed a super effective advantage against almost any opponent. You can imagine how I felt when I saw Pikachu lose to a lv 10 Surskit early in the XY anime...that Latios from the Sinnoh League must have died inside a little.

I’m also proud to say that I managed to keep my Latios from Ruby and my Latias from Emerald safe and secure—both of them successfully traveled the gens and are now in my gen 6 game to punish more people I battle! Now if only Gamefreak would hurry up and release those mega’s..

This brings my intro post to the Pokemon top 10 thread to a conclusion. Forgive me to making it a bit lengthy, but a good into is needed in anything you do! Please post your top 10 favorite Pokemon down below, with a brief explanation as to why. Also, at the end of your post, feel free to leave a suggestion for the next top 10—maybe I’ll continue this thing if it gets enough attention. So yes, suggestions will be noted. Happy posting and reminiscing!!!
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Personally, I've never cared for Pokemon. Indeed, I've never been able to decide which I despise more: Pokemon or Naruto; but I do very much admire the enthusiasm and zeal that you have brought forth in your posting. For that, I salute you, sir!
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Thanks! Yeah I thought this forum needed a decent Pokemon thread, but I guess not as many people are into it. Thanks for the salute nonetheless Anime smile + sweatdrop
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I like pokemon, but it is more of a game thing to me than anime, although the designs yes. I actually just bought the X and Y Pokédex to add to my collection pokemon game guides.

In the recent game I fell in love with the Female Meowstic, others I like are things like Zangoose, Weavile, and Garchomp.

I might need to watch more animated stuff, like maybe the movies.
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