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PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:43 pm Reply with quote
I think NA has potential to be a decent thing but i think there are a few things that could be added in order to make it that much better.

1. Lack of a on demand style content. While i dont mind not having a On demand feature most of the time, i wouldn't mind having it for the times where i just want to watch my show, when something i dont care for comes on.

2. Commercials, i know a lot of people hate commercials and i while im one of those i don't mind anime related commercials. Tho the variety of the commercials are sorely lacking. Personally theres only so much i can deal with of watching the vampire knight voice actors or what the current top 10 manga releases of the week are, ect ect. The biggest one is the stupid Music video one, would be nice to have other music videos of different genres.

3. Lack of shows, from what i've seen licensed to Viz it seems you guys are really lacking in number of shows. I noticed that 2 of the shows playing are of 2 different studios. If you get more content from other studios i think that helps greatly.

4. Lack of devices to play on. I would like to see this come to Roku and im sure others would like to play on their mobile devices or tablets.

5. Fix the issues. NA tends to freeze up every so often for a few seconds which makes it really annoying. Ot also tends to restart whenever i quit out of the app or turn the system.

Well thats my 2 cents at least.

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