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Brain Diving: The Age of Manga

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Probably one reason why manga wasn't brought to the US earlier is that there simply wasn't any point to it. Why go to the trouble of licensing a title you have no control over and having to translate and reformat it, when it would probably be faster and cheaper to hire a writer and artist to crank out a monthly comic that you would own all of the rights to?

Even in the 80's, it was more common to see original comics based on anime à la Speed Racer, Dirty Pair and Robotech. It's no coincidence that manga started coming to America shortly after the rise in independent and "mature" comics, and didn't really take off until more anime started airing on TV.

Also, I think American comics have become harder and harder to get into as time went on. Not just because there was that much more continuity to deal with, but simply because of changing styles. Back in the 60's, you'd get a whole page recapping the FF's battles with Dr. Doom or Spidey's battles with the Lizard. Then you got a few lines of exposition here and there with a footnote giving you more info or at least an issue number. Now you just get a paragraph or two at the beginning of the comic.

I find it funny that a lot of people now hate Chris Claremont's writing for being too wordy (people especially seem to hate having a danger room sequence where everyone narrates their powers). I've been reading two X-Men titles for the past year or so, and I still have no idea who most of the newer characters are because no one ever calls each other by name or even talks in complete sentences anymore.
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