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Right Stuf's Last Set of Specials for 2014!

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2014 3:52 pm Reply with quote
The yeti has been caught and has agreed to reform and atone. Check out his tragic backstory. Poor guy. But he's making good to all of those people who lost their anime. Watch the videos to check it out!

Please note that this week's product specials will be the last of the year. The Dark Lord has sent the SpecialsMinion on vacation, and is himself is going to be out next week to go under the knife to finally fix a problem shoulder. Sucks getting old. So we'll be back here to talk about sales and stuf again on January 8!

A safe and happy holidays to you and yours! We hope you ring in the new year with some great anime!

Didn't get what you wanted in your stocking? Right Stuf is ready to help you with that problem with our annual MegaSale. Savings on selected DVDs, Blu-rays, manga and more last through through 11:59 p.m. CST on December 28, 2014!

Keep an eye out for counters - quantities on some items are limited! Like the MEGADEALS! New this year, they're good for one day only, and not only are they great prices, they're usually great prices on NEW items! That is, stuff that is brand-new! Some great deals on recent releases, get them before they're gone!

Anime World News interupts this post to bring to you this special bulletin:

In a press conference, today Right Stuf CEO Shawne Kleckner announced that he would NOT be pressing charges against the Yeti! The Dark Lord understands how amazing anime is and how alluring it can be to fans. With all the craziness going on this season the Dark Lord invited the Yeti to come to this year’s Right Stuf Holiday Party! On the list of events is screening parties for The Devil is a Part-Timer, Patlabor TV Series, Dusk maiden of Amnesia and more! Can’t make the party? You can pick up all these great titles during Right Stuf’s Capture the Savings Sale!

Keep up with all of our holiday comic strips by clicking here! Big thanks to our in house illustrator Greg for being fantastic and not only drawing these, but also handling storyboarding, coloring, and penguin design. A Big Thumbs Up!

Support cancer victims and inflict extended dancing at the same time!

Right Stuf, Inc. is pleased to support the University of Iowa Dance Marathon, a non-profit organization that provides year round emotional and financial support to youth cancer victims. In February each year, everyone involved with Dance Marathon participates in the Big Event! The Big Event is a 24-hour Dance Marathon that celebrates the survivors' lives and honors the children who have passed away throughout the year. At this event no one is allowed to sleep, sit, or have caffeine for 24 hours in honor of the fight against pediatric cancer.

We foot the bill for administrative tasks, processing fees, paperwork and receipts. Every dollar you donate will also count towards free shipping on your overall order. All donations will be matched by! Please take the time to support this very worthy cause!

Yeti Trap Contest!

So have you heard about the Yeti going around and stealing anime packages from doorsteps? We'd like to see your designs for a trap for the notorious criminal! For more details and how to enter, click here. Entries close December 29!

Pinterest Holiday Wishlist Contest!

Have you started making your Holiday Wish List yet? Now's your chance to get the stuff you want this holiday season. Enter Right Stuf's Holiday Pinterest Contest for a chance to win a $150 gift certificate to! In addition to the gift certificate, the winner will also receive Space Adventure Cobra, Part 1, Cat's Eye Season 1 and Sengoku Collection. Entries to this contest close December 31!

Win a copy of Revolutionary Girl Utena 1!

Did you miss the MegaDeal for Revolutionary Girl Utena? Here's the next best thing, a prize package contest for a free copy of Revolutionary Girl Utena Set 1 Limited Edition on DVD! The first set of this true classic includes the first 12 episodes, along with a collectors' artbox packed with a special book featuring content from the Japanese limited edition box set, including episode commentary, discussion about the remastering, and production notes! One lucky winner will take home the first act of this beloved series that the Anime News Network gave an overall grade of A+! Enter today for your chance to win!

To enter, just fill out the form here before the end of the day on December 24, 2014.

We're all grown-ups here, right? -- Now with ASM!

The next few weeks the specials will feature a whole lot of adult goodness (or badness, depending on your point of view), including a plethora of Adult Source Media titles at 50% off! I'd make a pun about heating up the cold nights, but it just feels so done, you know? Much like the characters in these shows. Ba-dum-dum!

Deals! Bargains! Free-shipping-getters!

-Blind Box Bargains and other Cart Toppers: great values to fill out your order and hit that free-shipping threshold!

-Shawne's Deals of the Day: 6 deals every day, each eligible for GA discounts!

-The Bargain Bin and Adult Bargain Bin: new items added as Shawne scours the planet for product -- er, finds new great bargains for our customers!

Was someone at Right Stuf totally awesome for you? Please let us know so we can reward our staff! We love happy customer e-mails - we are a service organization - so tell us about our service! What was good, what can be improved; we want to hear it! You can also post on our Facebook page! For those who are interested, we do indeed have company lunches that much!

Tell us how our packaging fared and how we did on your order here! Submit an image of how your shipment arrived! Best photos will be circulated around the office in admiration and/or shock as appropriate. Creative recycling is encouraged.

How to get our catalog!

You can download one for free or purchase a copy if your subscription has lapsed. The 2014 catalog volume 3 is shipping now! Use it as a wishlist by circling all the things you want (or don't want, if that's easier) and handing it off to loved ones who never know what to get you.

Add us to your Firefox search bar!

When you visit our homepage, click on the dropdown for search options in the search box on the upper right corner of your browser. (Most likely you will have Google as your default search, so you'll see the Google "G" and then a down arrow where there is a dropdown.) You can then see a list of all of the search engine options that can be used in the search box. Click on "Add" Now you're ready to go! Just change the search engine to "" and key in anything on the site you'd like to search for. Enjoy!

Series Sites! Want to learn more about the titles from our production team, or the latest news from our Nozomi Entertainment or Lucky Penny labels? Check out these sites for great information, contests, and more! Many shows are also available on our Youtube channel!

Nozomi Home Page:

Lucky Penny Home Page:

Critical Mass Video Page:

Antique Bakery * Aria * Astro Boy * Blessing of the Campanella * Boogiepop and Others * Boys Be.. * Cat's Eye * Cool Devices * Dirty Pair * El Hazard: The Wanderers * Gakuen Alice * Gasaraki * Gravitation * Hyakko * Irresponsible Captain Tylor * Junjo Romantica * Kimba: The White Lion * Lost Universe * Maria Watches Over Us * Martian Successor Nadesico * Ninja Nonsense * Piano * Princess Knight * Rental Magica * Ristorante Paradiso * Rose of Versailles * Shingu * Sound of the Sky (So-Ra-No-Wo-To) * Space Adventure Cobra * Sweet Blue Flowers * SuperGals * The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye * ToHeart * Toward the Terra * Revolutionary Girl Utena * Victorian Romance Emma * You're Being Summoned, Azazel!

Hints and Notes from Shawne:

Requires instruction.

These will make you feel good.

"Approved" and waiting the final paperwork. People will be pleased.

Something different in the retelling.

A negative and a positive.

Not sure about this one. Still likely a long shot.

Great ways to interact with the minions at Right Stuf! We're here to help!

Our Facebook ~ Shawne's Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Tumblr ~ Pinterest


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*The following restrictions apply to all coupons unless otherwise noted: Items already heavily discounted (Weekly Specials, Bargain Bins, Closeout items, and specialty Imports) are excluded from coupon discounts. Orders must be completed through our online store at Items on that are on special or are excluded from additional discounts do not count toward coupon dollar amount requirements. Only one coupon or gift certificate may be applied to each order. Canceling or revising your order may affect its eligibility for the coupon. Coupons expire at 11:59 pm Central Time on the date of expiration.

Thanks for your business from the entire Right Stuf team! We wouldn't be here without you!

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