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Harmony between scanlators & publishers

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PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2016 10:43 am Reply with quote
Hello Everyone!
Please excuse me if my English is a mess, I'm still working on it.

Condensed version:
I want to fulfill a project so that Japanese publishers and scanlators can work harmoniously to let the manga thrive. User will pay a small amount that will be shared between the copyright owner, the scanlator and my site, sustaining the economic of the manga industry. If you like this kind of reality, please give me your support, it is the only way to accomplish it!

Since a couple of months ago I'm devising and refining an idea that could bring harmony between publishers and scanlators and let the manga industry thrive even more. I've researched all the previous attempts, trying to figure out why they failed and to learn from their experiences.

As of today, I researched: JManga, MangaHelpers and MangaReborn. I'm still researching on DMG (Digital Manga Guild), they are still enduring but I don't really like their model. I already know RakutenManga, but again I don't like their system and I think any scanlator would do the same.

In my opinion, the mistake common to all 4 projects was to degenerate the scanlators, to see them nearly as employees, somebody to lead and/or subjugate. My project will be different at the core. Its goal is to nurse the incredible passion that scangroups always demonstrate and to let it raise even more! There's no better engine than passion, but it is also easily spoiled; it needs the good environment to thrive and I think I could provide it.

On the other hand we have the publishers. In the last few years they have been more reactive to piracy, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry even instituted the MAG (Manga Anime Guardians)! However they will never move if there's no money involved, therefore the website have to be a business.

The project will be the pacemaker: open a business, talk with publishers, get the licenses and then let the scanlators and all the community benefit from it. Please took in mind this isn't something thought the last night, I've an actual business plan and the core element of it are the scangroups and our community. I perfectly understand their passion because it's also my passion!

This isn't a bulletproof type of project, I've to admit that the chance of success are 10% at best, but still I'm fully (fooly, maybe? Anime hyper) committed to make it work! I'm also taking the right countermeasures so that if everything go wrong, the only one who will lose something will be me. I don't want to mess with people, that's for sure.

How it will work for users:
More or less like any other online reader, but the user will pay a small amount to buy each chap. We are also considering a subscription model. I plan to release also an app, but who want can download the scans and use what they prefer too.

There will also be a forum and all, but probably those "accessory" features will be implemented after the launch. Great care has been taken in making the reader. I'm an user afterall and for me that is the most important feature. If and when 2 or more scangroup release the same chap, the user will choose which one to buy.

There will be a Quality Assurance system, but given the sheer amounts of titles I envision, the user will be the primary judge of the scangroup's work. If you don't like the quality, just downvote the chap and after a bunch of negative feedback our QA team will inspect the case and eventually suspend the scangroup.

How it will work for scangroups:
Every scangroup will retain its identity and will have a personal page inside the website, with all the manga published until then and what they are working on. Everytime an user buy a chapter translated by them, the money will be splitted among the copyright holder, them and my site. They will also choose on which manga to work on and will have 0 constraints: no fixed fee, no deadlines, no minimum sales, nothing!

If 2 (or more) want to translated the same manga at the same time, they can. With this I don't mean a joint, but that each scangroup will work on their own and so we will have Chap 001 translated by A,and another Chap 001 translated by B.

But what happens when someone grow tired of it? I think we all now that scanlators are a fickle category xD Even if some group doesn't release any new chapter, they will still get paid when someone buy their past works. That's all.

How it will work for publishers:
They just grant the licenses, get a big share of the revenues and provide HQ scans. Done.

What's happens if it will fails?
Nothing. All the scangroups, publishers and users will continue as they always did. I will be the only one to lose a big chunk of my savings, but this is my commitment and I'm prepared for this outcome.

As I've said, the chance of success aren't much, but it will drop to 0% if the community doesn't give me their full support. Only that will make this whole project credible to the publishers' eyes. Hence, here I am.

If any users think this project deserve credits, please spread the word and assert your support here Smile

I've made this topic primarily to get feedback on it and pry on what users think about. I would love to receive suggestions and constructive critics, but please refrain from posting something like "publishers will never accept that". I know this is hard, but not impossible and I have a plan that I can't really discuss here, but I've already communicated it to scangroups who I've talked to.

I think this is the mature time to push it on publishers, they already want to expand into digital and others Countries, has we can see in this interview:

That's all for now!
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PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2016 3:12 pm Reply with quote
Sorry but we generally do not allow self promotion or projects like this here at ANN. Good luck in your endeavors but I am locking this thread.
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