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What are you reading right now? Why?

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:06 am Reply with quote

Since you have all the available volumes, there is no question, you should read this. The combination of humor and mythology makes this an enjoyable ride. BTW, I checked and I do have 19 volumes. I really need to update my listing.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:44 pm Reply with quote
Some short things I've read recently I suppose:

One Piece: Skypiea Arc
I've decided that going through this an arc at a time and taking a break works ok. It is addictive as a series, but the break lets me do other manga in the meantime. The previous arc, Alabasta, was clearly the series finding its footing more but Skypiea knew it had its footing and just went full on. I quite enjoyed this arc, best arc so far imo, and am looking forward to more One Piece.

Princess Jellyfish omni 5 (Japanese 9+10)
I still don't care about fashion, but I am still enjoying this series a lot! I wouldn't have thought it was my sort of thing at all, honestly. But I saw the anime and wanted more (which fortunately has been going past the anime for quite a few volumes now) and I definitely want to see where it'll all end up. It ended in Japan just a few weeks ago, so we know it has 7 volumes left, but I think that'll be the right amount for it at this point. Maybe having most of the amars girls be socially awkward nerds who dislike human contact helps me emphasize with them, even when they're being way too comedic relief.

Love Stage vol 7
And thus the series comes to an end! Would I like more? Yeah, but the ending here is perfectly fine too. I'm not typically into yaoi, but I do like this author duo quite a bit and this is another really solid entry from them.

Wow was that violent! But I gotta say, if anyone were to ever make a manga adaptation of Game of Thrones, I would want it to be this woman (or Kentaro Miura, who she used to be an assistant for, but he's busy not doing Berserk right now). So, this series involves history, particularly the three (future Swiss) cantons fighting against the Habsburg family's expansion in around the year 1315. It did make me want to check things up on wikipedia, which is rare, but it's not really needed to enjoy the series (it explains what's needed). As a result, there's really not one specific main character (although Wilhelm Tell's son, Walter, and the evil keeps head Wolfram are pretty close to being the leads I guess?) so the first two volumes are basically people trying to sneak through the Sankt Gottard pass (aka "Wolfsmund") via either trying to get around the pass (in a geographically near impossible area) or faking documents. But Wolfram is just too good and sniffs them out anyway and has them executed horrifically. Then it moves to spending several volumes in an epic battle to take the pass from Wolfram with lots of death and bloodshed. And then the manga covers one final major battle before ending. I definitely feel like it could've gone on longer, although it did finish its epic battle, but I guess my complaint is that the entire history wasn't covered, just this one major part of it. Then again, that's kind of how Legend of the Galactic Heroes felt like, covering this section of history (except the difference is clearly actual history vs fictional history). But I'd still definitely recommend this title to anyone looking for epic battles with lots of gore. I'm just so damn tempted to put in spoiler tags a death that not even Game of Thrones has done, but I guess I won't.... so tempting....
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:20 pm Reply with quote
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency
Only 6 chapters left to finish the manga. I will probably give it 6/10... It has logical gaps as big as grand canyon... lol but i liked the manga's playful spirit. I read it because eveyone says Jojo part 3 is where it gets good so i wanted to start from the begining even if people say part 1 and 2 are not very good... since part 3 is not completely published yet, i was like ok, i can read part 1 and 2 meanwhile part 3 publishing and then read part 3 when it's complete.
Black Butler
I just read vol. 1 which was 4 chapters long and i liked it. 8/10 I read it because i watched 3 or 4 episodes of its anime so long ago and i liked it. I prefere manga over anime so i decided to start the manga from the begining after so many years.
I'm a big Magic Knight Rayearth anime fan so i just wanted to read something CLAMP. I tried Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles but i didn't like it very much then i tried xxxholic and i liked it. Very Happy 8/10
I gave Bleach another shot just 1 week ago and this time i liked it, finally. Very Happy I didn't like it at my first read like 7 years ago or something. I read it cause i saw bunch of local hot chicks did Bleach cosplays. lol 7/10
My absolute favorite manga series. Best manga ever. 10/10 I love medieval dark fantasies, they are my favorites so that's why i started it and oh man... I was born to read Berserk, i love everything about it.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:10 pm Reply with quote
Between finally reading something off my damn shelf and renting some things from the library, including some things I'm giving a second chance to.

Blood Lad
Had read some of this before, but since the final volume came out pretty recently, I went ahead and finished it. But I really enjoyed this, I have no idea how far the anime went, but the manga itself was a really good solid shonen that kept me interested the whole time. I'll admit it slowed down a bit during the training part (especially since the training part seemed pretty useless to me in the end), but the finale was worth it. I hope it gets a bit more love as time goes on.

Devil's Line
I had tried reading this before, and my opinion is pretty well the same. Read 3 volumes this time though. My initial reaction was that this manga wants to be Tokyo Ghoul so hard that it's kind of painful. Except this manga lacks what Tokyo Ghoul has, its characters are mostly pretty boring, its mysteries aren't that pressing, and the world of the vampires (or "devils") isn't half as interesting or developed as the world of ghouls. It tries to throw more of a romantic twist in there, but since I don't find either the girl or the half-vampire very interesting or well developed to begin with, it's kind of hard to care. The only interesting character, the one-eyed vampire (yeah, his eyes look a hell of a lot like Ken Kaneki's) doesn't get enough page time, sadly. You're honestly better off just reading Tokyo Ghoul to be honest.

Requiem for the Rose King
Ok, so this definitely confused the hell out of me when I read volume 1. Read through vol 3 this time though. I think I narrowed the problem of it being confusing in part due to it being rather unclear, especially in vol 1, when we've switched from York to Lancaster side of things (having them both have their first son named "Edward" did not help). But maybe re-reading vol 1 a bit more closely (and being a bit more familiar) helped this time because I was able to follow it much easier. And vol 2 and 3 flow a lot better are were a lot easier to follow. I was going to just ignore this series, but a lot of the manga blogs I follow really seem to like this one. I am glad I gave it another shot though, I do want to know where it's going to go from here. I'm still unclear on some things and the series is definitely starting as a slow burner, but I am finding it intriguing.

Platinum End
Also read 3 volumes, seems to be a theme, almost (it's just what the library had, I swear!) Yeah, you really can't escape the "creators of Death Note" here, for better or worse. But while Light was an interesting character to watch do whatever crazy thing he was going to do, the leads here aren't really all that interesting, which really hurts the series because the premise alone isn't enough to make up for lack of interesting characters. It really just feels like Death Note vanilla or something, I don't really have any plans to continue with this one.
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