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"Complete Overview of Monster *NO SPOILER TAGS*"

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:24 am Reply with quote
The DKL EDITION: Comprehensive Monster Analysis

Okay, yet another monster thread... but, what's the difference?

Well, as stated in the title, I'll go over the whole thing (I'm literally going to try to pin down all the motivation and whatnot) and there are no spoiler tags... this is pretty much only accessible to people who have seen the series in its entirety.

Also, the lack of spoiler tags is necessary given the sheer length of how long my posts will be; spoiler tags will just make everything cluttered and confusing, so this is the best way to go.

There is another thread though that I commented in recently... I'll link it... but, I sorta don't know how link threads (because it ends up using my login name or something); can someone help me out? (and teach me in the process)

No, wait... here:

Monster Ending

... sure hope that works...

Also, for the most part... I'm doing away with a lot of my past theories, so it's best to not read into whatever I posted in the other thread at this point.

People don't need to worry about me stopping mid-way; I'm already 35 pages in Microsoft Word, so there's no way in hell that I'm gonna stop now. Expect a new part to come out every 2 days (I’m up to part 8 as of this post). Each part will be about 4-5 pages long (in MS word).

Also, I sent a PM to Tony and he said that it would be best to divide my comments into parts.

So, today is part 1; the narration is pretty linear, so I'm serious when I say that everything is spoiled here.

Oh, and on a side-note, as of now, please don't try to debate my points too thoroughly. Wait for me to finish up everything and if someone still has questions by the end... then that's good! I'll be able to fill in more gaps in my theories and stuff that way.

Also, please allow for a degree of error in the locations or time or whatever; I literally cannot find too many good sources of research for the series online (outside of the MONSTER entry over at

Also, I haven't read the book thing, so toss in references if needed. But I am under the impression that you can "figure the series out" without really having to consult with the book Urasawa wrote as a supplemental.

ANYWAY, all of this is pretty much stuff I’ve observed and/or discussed in the past. This is not an absolute interpretation of the series given that I make many assumptions, but I try my best to back everything up with as much evidence as possible; so far, I haven't really run into any walls, so that's a good sign.

So yes, Part 1!

It all starts out when someone in the Czechoslovakian government was doing breeding experiments between people to help form the “ideal” leaders; they used dozens of couples to do this.

One day, a man from the army pursued a young lady who was studying at the University of Brno; it was to fulfill this mission of creating superior leaders.

Something happened along the way though and the man actually fell in love with the woman; they decided to run away. While there, Poppe (I’m assuming it’s him behind the whole thing) catches up with them given that it was calculated that the man would eventually betray the experiment.

The woman may have tried to escape once (where she eventually met up with Helenka Novakawa), but was caught at the Czechoslovakian border and sent back.

After recapturing the woman, she was placed in a room in some secluded and secure hospital in order to oversee the eventual birth of the godsend twins; Poppe would come by a lot to sketch the woman a lot; this is where the woman realized that Poppe was behind the entire experiment and the possible death of the man she was in love with.

The woman eventually confronted Poppe and claimed that she would never be able to forgive him and that the twins growing inside of her would eventually deliver the wrath of god onto him when they got bigger.

During the time of her ninth month, the woman decided to try and escape (again) while everyone was off guard; while in the delivery room, she crawled into a ventilation shaft and jumped the barbwire fence; her attempt was unsuccessful given that her water had broken by the time she got out. After giving birth to the twins, the woman actually wanted to name them, but Poppe wouldn’t allow her since he thought that it was unnecessary to do so.

Some stuff happened and at one point the woman was actually able to free herself from Poppe somehow (again). During 1980, we actually see Schuwald (or Shuberts… I don’t really know how its spelled, but we’ll find out when Viz gets this far) visit the woman over at 3 frogs; the twins have grown up somewhat (Johan isn’t dressed like Nina though). I suspect that they may have moved to Three Frogs around 1976 (about a year after the birth of the twins), since this is when Margot Langer (Helenka Novakawa) received a letter from her friend from Czechoslovakia (the woman).

Since the STB started to poke around at one point (without Colonel Ranke’s knowledge), to evade detection, the woman made it out that she only had one child by having Nina and Johan dress-up the same (this almost threw off Tenma years later when he was doing his investigations in Prague). I can’t really say when this started happening, but it happened somewhere after Schuwald paid a visit… or maybe perhaps even before then, but the woman only had them dress up when they went outside.

One day, the STB eventually caught on and Poppe (along with Capek and some other guy) came to three frogs in order to take one of the twins away (and their mother); this was done in order to conduct an experiment (probably one of those cases where they experiment on one and leave the other to see the differences).

During the moment where the woman sees Poppe again, a monster arises in her and she suddenly feels the need to exact her revenge; an action of which that needs the correct twin for the job.

(This is working under the assumption that Johan had some of these abilities of calculation, manipulation and murder from the start, which no evidence seems to really dismiss… or it could be Poppe’s book that created Johan (he was left with it for a few days), but I can’t seem to fit this in with the above theory of revenge, so I’ll just work on the assumption that a true monster was indeed born into this world somehow (a thought of which everyone seemed to move toward anyway, so at least the theme is consistent like this) and that Johan had many of these abilities from the start, but he was led astray BECAUSE of Poppe’s book and everything else).

Going back…

In her haste, however, the woman accidentally picks Nina over Johan; she also gives Johan the impression that she was trying to get rid of him given that she couldn’t make up her mind as to which one she should let go of.

(Which isn’t really the case since she tells Tenma in the end that she actually loves Johan very much, but the monster inside of her brought out a situation in which she was actually willing to give Johan up (or for that matter ONE of her kids), hence Johan’s doubts of Tenma’s words of his mother’s love at the end of the series)

After this incident, Nina is dragged off to the mansion of roses and the experiment begins; Nina is secluded in some dark place for a few days; as for the whereabouts of the mother, I wouldn’t know… if anything, she’s definitely not around the mansion of roses even though she was taken away by Poppe earlier as well (this is based on the statements of one of the residents of three frogs who Tenma interviewed).

A (long) while later, Nina is freed from the dark room and is brought into this dining hall for the celebration of her “creation” and the experiment’s “achievement.” Unbeknownst to the people in the room however is the fact that Poppe was actually calling the quits on the whole thing; he decides to kill just about everyone in the room who is involved in the project by poisoning them using the ceremony wine (I don’t know where Capek is at this point however… he definitely wasn’t here though… I think he already fled to Frankfurt around this time or something; this is according to Milan’s testimony).

But, before Nina up and runs away, Poppe leaves her with a few meaningful words of how she and her brother are both beautiful jewels that should never be turned into monsters (he’s actually in love with the mother as well, so he decides to set them all free). Also, I’m assuming that Nina didn’t tell Johan about this one detail about Poppe later on at three frogs (maybe she didn’t understand the significance of it back then).

Nina is eventually able to make her way back to Three Frogs. Waiting for her there is her brother, Johan (whose real name I still don’t know yet… it’s probably hidden on purpose, to get the point through and keep the themes consistent), who’s still reading that book Poppe left. While there, Nina tells Johan all about her awful experience. While I’m not sure if Nina actually spent days telling this story, it eventually dawns on Johan to ask Nina where their mother went.

After the torching of three frogs (presumably by Johan… or their mother, but I’ll just say Johan since it fits in pretty well with my theories), Johan and Nina make their way off to their mother (this could’ve happened before the torching, but I’m not sure, so I’ll just say after); their mother then asks them that they now have to go and live on their own, probably in order to get away from Poppe (a monster); Johan is heartbroken at this point given that he feels like he is an unwanted child upon hearing this and that he’s also still glaring over what had happened earlier; his mom goes a little crazy since she can’t get over what she did; Johan’s crying brings out the full force of her guilt (if you need to know where this info is located… check the end of episode 72 during the scene with Dr. Gillen in it).

So, some other stuff happens and we eventually see the twins with their first set of temporary foster parents (I’m assuming that this is still in Czechoslovakia); Johan kills them while he gets Nina to go gather flowers some place else (so she won’t know what he did).

This is the start of his efforts to get away from the monster (Poppe) given that he thinks there’s a better chance that they won’t be found if he kills all the people him and Nina associate with.

Nina and Johan eventually make their way to the Czechoslovakian border where they are found, half-dead, by General Wolfe and 2 or 3 of his men. Upon checking the contents of Johan’s bag, Wolfe comes across a book (The monster without a name) and glances through its contents; Wolfe suddenly makes the decision to name the blonde-haired boy “Johan.”

There’s this one scene where Wolfe asks Johan how he’s doing right after Johan wakes up from his long sleep; Johan replies that Wolfe will know how he feels “soon enough.”

All of a sudden, one by one, people that Wolfe knew where slowly dying mysterious deaths; at one point, it probably dawned on Wolfe that it was all Johan’s doing (he was isolating Wolfe and stealing his “name;” Johan was recreating what he saw at the abyss when it was only him and his sister at the Czechoslovakian border in a world without names; this view is only accessible to people who have saved Johan’s life, such as Dr. Tenma); it was these actions, combined with the crumbling foundations of East Germany, that was probably the motivating factor behind Wolfe putting Johan into that orphanage: 511 Kinderheim (after all, Johan was a work of art that couldn’t have possibly been created at Kinderheim, and according to Hartmann, General Wolfe was the one who discovered Johan’s “talents”).

Shortly before Johan’s induction, the old director of 511 Kinderheim left (we see him later in the series when Grimmer finds him hanging out in Prague using a Russian identity).

Shortly after Johan’s induction (and probably somewhere around the time he was about to leave, since the Lieberts adopted him), he got everyone to kill each other, with the exception of 2 people.

The first survivor is Hartmann; we see him during the episodes where Dieter makes his way into the series.

The other survivor, who we see a lot later, is Christoph. Johan actually decides to use him in a scheme; since Johan was able to get people to kill each other, he made a prediction that everyone in the world would eventually fall into the same trap and that he should make preparations to ensure that him and his sister live it out till’ the end.

As we all know, while Johan is definitely good at making all these large calculations and predictions of human behavior in his head, that forecast of his is considerably a little overkill… but then, people like Johan think about complicated things, so it would make sense that he’d eventually come to this conclusion given that he was actually able to get 50 people to kill each other without really doing anything (physically).

Okay. We’re here in 1986 (I think), the Lieberts, with their newly adapted children (Anna came too since Johan didn’t want to leave without her), have defected to the west (a move considered most dangerous for politicians in the East, at the time). Since political defection is pretty big, the Lieberts get interviewed on TV. During the interview, Johan and Anna make it off to some acorn trees in a yard; there’s a moment where Johan declares that all the acorns here (or in the world, I can’t remember) belong to her (a neat way to say “I love you” to a sibling).

Then it happens! The night that sets everything in the series in motion! On some rainy night, shortly after the interview, Poppe decides to go and visit the Lieberts since he saw the interview on TV once. When Poppe gets there, he only asks to see the twins for a moment and that there is no need to tell them that he was there. What he doesn’t know however is that Johan must’ve been vaguely awake during that moment he came into their room.

Something happened! For some reason, even though Johan and Anna were able run away from Czechoslovakia, even though they have survived the turmoil in the East (Germany), even though they finally made it to the safeness that is West Germany… Poppe was able to find them. How was this possible? Johan killed almost everyone he came across in Czechoslovakia, after all, to ensure that “the monster” wouldn’t be able to find him and his sister.

There was only one possible answer for Johan.

Since Johan was really into that book “A Monster without a name” and since General Wolfe actually gave Johan the name “Johan” and since everyone has been calling him “Johan” for the longest time, Johan came to the conclusion that Poppe was actually a Monster that had been growing inside of him (again, Johan is a serial killer, so he works on a different logic than us regular otaku and human beings… notice how I segregated those groups, awesome).

So, since Johan was under the impression that Poppe was a monster inside of him, he decided to let his sister get a head start and to have her run away from him; he killed the Lieberts so that there would be a better chance that he wouldn’t find Anna afterwards, but then, Anna (who also felt Poppe’s presence in the room) woke up and accidentally stumbled onto Johan’s murder (which may have been part of the plan to begin with).

Johan then calmly asks Anna to take his gun and to shoot him in the head (since there’s a better chance of being killed and that it might possibly purge the “monster” inside of him should he survive); Johan is pretty okay with the whole thing given that he feels that him and Anna are one and the same (thanks to Poppe’s book).

AND REMEMBER, at the end of “A Montser without a name,” Johan EATS his other half; Johan wants to avoid this given that he loves his twin sister.

Oh yeah, notice how the window was broken when the police got there, awesome.

Going back… all things considering, the reason why Anna shot Johan in the head was not because she understood Johan, or because he asked her to, but mainly because she couldn’t forgive him for killing all of the nice people they hanged out with before in Czechoslovakia.

And there you have it! This is the end of part 1 of my analysis!
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 2:20 am Reply with quote
My goodness.... what's going to happen to some people when they finally make the anime for 20th Century Boys?

P.S. That's a whole lotta dedication there, but at least Monster is well worth a title to be sinking so many hours into.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 2:28 am Reply with quote
I'm actually still wondering how Urasawa even came up with the story and even how Masayuki Kojima was able to put together and coordinate a competent adaptation; I've been spending the last 2-3 weeks watching and analyzing everything (and I think I've been typing for more than a week), it hasn't been easy.

While I've plugged in a lot of hours, I can only imagine how much time was actually spent coming up with the story and getting it down on paper; just think of all the research that must've been involved...

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 2:41 am Reply with quote
Dear mother of all things beautiful! DKL you officially recieve 6 million DAP points, this post is amazing. I know you don't want people to comment on your ideas until the end so I will wait. Wow I am glad that there are people in the world who have been studying this anime as much as I have.

Anyhow when you do finish your 8 part piece I will definetly have to spent a good night working on a responds. In fact I think I will start part of it now (On MS) anyways DKL awesome read.
Till next time,

Delta Kiral
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 2:46 am Reply with quote
Yeah, if there are points that need to be brought up, get them down on paper (this actually really helped me when I was rewatching the series)... the reason why I don't wanna discuss this and that yet is mainly because the answers people are looking for might come out eventually (that's not a guarantee though, so please get the questions/debate points/something down on paper).

PS. I might speed up the schedule given that I just realized that this will be a really contained discussion... so expect the next post to be soon... like... tomorrow evening (but I actually have to read through it again to check for spelling and whatever).

Actually, this will go beyond part 8 (I'm only half way through at part 8); I'm not sure how long everything will really be, but I think it might get shorter as I go on since I already linked evidence prior to whatever.

But who knows?
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 3:09 am Reply with quote
Wow, that is an amazing breakdown of Monster. Makes me want to go back and read the series again, because my comprehension of Japanese was still on the lower side when I read it. I can't wait until you do more of this!
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 11:53 am Reply with quote
Part 2!

This is where we start following how the events in the TV series went and in what possible order did all the past memories of Johan and Nina manifest; things might get a little weird here since I’m basing it all on speculation and I might jump around, but I’ll try my best. I think this part will probably cover what the hell was going on before Johan turned 20.

So, the story actually starts out with our favorite neurosurgeon, Dr. Kenzo Tenma. Wow, he lives such a neat life! He’s the chief neurosurgeon! He’s engaged to the hospital director’s daughter! Things sure are looking up in the world.

Then it happens. He gets pulled off some construction worker’s operation in favor of some big-name opera singer dude, only to realize later that he could’ve saved the construction worker’s life had he operated on him first as planned; he could’ve chosen to save the construction worker’s life had he been paying more attention to the severity of the situation (well, and Dr. Becker dropped the ball).

As the haunting visions of the construction worker’s wife become ceaseless, the conflict of the equality of life grows within Tenma as he realizes that all the people around him, his fiancée included, are wrong and that people’s lives are of equal value regardless of what background they come from.

So when the opportunity arises and he has to make a choice between saving the life of a young boy, who came in first, and the mayor of the city, Tenma puts his trust into his conscience and makes the choice to save the young boy, not knowing that he’s about to make a terrible choice.

So, Johan is saved and the mayor gets dead.

Tenma gets his ass kicked by the system right afterwards: he gets knocked out of his position by the director; he can’t transfer to another hospital thanks to the director; Eva leaves him since he’s no longer a prominent figure in the hospital; essentially, everything just goes awry and it couldn’t possibly get any worse (but we all know that’s not true).

The key sequence here is when Tenma goes and visits the supposedly unconscious Johan. Tenma confides in him thoughts of frustration. More specifically:

“People’s lives are equal and people like them are better of dead.”

Oh dang, Johan totally heard him! So what better way to pay back the man who saved his life? Well, fulfill his wish, of course.

At this point, it’s open to interpretation… so, we assume that Johan got up, while no one was looking, and looked around for some muscle relaxant (it is a hospital). Since people were sending in gifts and stuff, Johan somehow calculated that the good director would be conceited enough to swipe some of the candy for his own and that he would give it to his cronies; naturally, that’s where Johan would put the muscle relaxant… a nice clean kill.

Anyway, something to take note of is the inspector who’s poking around here as we will see him later on in the series when he comes across a serial killer that was involved with Johan around the time Johan escaped from the hospital.

So, Heinemann, the new chief neurosurgeon Dr. Boyer and Oppenheim all end up dead and chaos at the hospital ensues.

During the chaos, Johan makes a run for it with his still shocked as hell sister, Anna.

I’m gonna insert another assumption here: originally, Johan wanted Anna to run away from him, but after witnessing how terrible some people are (Heinemann tried to exploit them, for starters), he must’ve decided that it was better for him to have some control over where Anna would go, all the while distancing himself from her so that the “monster” inside of Johan wouldn’t get her (he still thinks its inside of him after Anna refused to be near him that one time when Dr. Boyer tried reuniting them).

Anyway, while Johan did believe that he had a monster inside of him, some of the “monsters” outside are still quite bad.

Okay, for now, I’ll just focus on what Johan has been doing mainly since we all probably know what was going on at the hospital.

So, after running for a while, Johan eventually makes his way over to Griesheim park (in Frankfurt). While there, Johan meets several individuals.

It is here where Johan scopes out potential serial killers (although, he was playing with a bunch of kids too, it seems).

Let’s go over the first one we actually meet in the series: Jurgens (the dude with the weird thick glasses who killed that old lady, Ms. Kempf, who was one of Johan’s several foster parents).

I’ll go into how interesting Jurgens’s manipulation was:

Apparently, when Jurgens was a kid, his mom would take him into a room and kick his ass a lot; during this time of inconceivable pwnage, Jurgens took note of two things:

-There was a doll in the room that Jurgens would always call out for help to (of course, the doll wouldn’t do anything, which Jurgens found annoying).

-There would be a ton of pictures of Jurgens’s mom surrounding him when his mommy was laying the smacketh downeth on him.

So, what Johan did to use Jurgens to commit murder for him was that Johan snuck into Ms. Kempf’s mansion one day (actually, it might not have even been him… or he might have not needed to sneak in at all, Johan was sending (weird) letters to Ms. Kempf after all) and setup a room in her basement that highly resembled that traumatic place from Jurgens’s childhood.

Jurgens, as we all know, was actually a serial killer prior to Ms. Kempf’s incident; what was confusing the investigation of this case however was Ms. Kempf’s murder, which didn’t fit into his operating style (and Jurgens himself was well aware of this).

So, as we follow Dr. Gillen’s investigation, we soon learn that someone was manipulating Jurgens somehow (Johan) to do that one murder.

One day, Jurgens would receive anonymous letters from someone (Johan) saying that he understood Jurgens. It was annoying to him at first, but as the letter kept coming, Jurgens became under the impression that this person (Johan) might actually be a friend. One day, Jurgens received a letter telling him to go to some place (Ms. Kempf’s basement), when he got there however, he became disoriented because of the setting:

-There was a doll

-There were pictures of him as a child and a motherly figure (which is actually Johan and Ms. Kempf, but then, Johan’s faces are cutout and they have pictures of Jurgens on top of them).

From there, he suddenly lost track of what the hell was happening and before he knew it, he had already murdered Ms. Kempf. He was pretty weirded out by the whole thing and was even wondering if Ms. Kempf was his mother or not (she’s not).

Wow, that was so intricate, but HOW did Johan know so much about Jurgens?

Okay, jumping a few episodes forward, there is a scene where Dr. Gillen goes to visit Jurgens again, but this time, Dr. Gillen is loaded with a photograph of Johan that he got from Dr. Reichwein.

After showing it to Jurgens, Jurgens said that he didn’t know the guy… but what he did know was a guy with the same face, but without the blonde hair (he blacked it out with a pen… the pen he used to kill himself with, I might add).

There’s the answer! Apparently, Jurgens, after his first murder, must’ve met Johan when he was still hanging around over at Griesheim park; Jurgens recalls a specific memory of Johan asking him to “come here too.”

When one puts the logic together, it’s really quite obvious:

At one point, Johan must’ve gotten Jurgens to reveal information about himself (those two key points mentioned above) and Johan must’ve convinced him to keep on murdering people somehow (through sympathy or something). This is much like how Johan did it with several other people, so, apparently, he’s been pretty good at this from the start.

That’s so awesome.

And moving on… let’s jump way into the future, but this will center around a character I’m pretty sure people will remember: Johan’s apprentice, Christoph.

On episode 63, we see that detective guy from the beginning of the series again (who was trying to get a statement out of Anna), inspector Weißbach.

So, a point of interest in these episodes is that the serial killers we all see here have something in common with Jurgens: they’re all serial killers, but there’s that one murder that just doesn’t fit into their profile.

The most concrete one I can describe is Reinhard Dinger, the frustrated taxi driver (who Weißback was actually escorting to another jail). Mainly, Dinger goes around killing “the scum of the earth,” but for some reason, he ended up killing a considerably decent man at one point. This man was an investment banker who was actually about to blow the whistle on a “certain organization” (Sievernich Financial Group) on some bribery scandal, so it was kinda questionable as to how such a man could be “the scum of the earth.”

Apparently, what had happened is that Dinger committed the murder at the request of a friend and that if this friend thought that the investment banker was the scum of the earth, then Dinger would wholeheartedly agree with him even though he didn’t really say anything (blind faith).

Going back to the past, Dinger actually met up with Johan, when Johan was still a kid, over in Griesheim park.

There was this guy that was kicking his dog around just because the dog took a dump in the park and Dinger told the guy to quit it; after getting brushed off rather harshly, something snaps in Dinger and he attacks the guy. When the police come over to stop Dinger, before a potential arrest happens, Johan steps out and claims that Dinger was attacked first (which isn’t true, but Johan saves Dinger from being hauled away by the police).

Apparently, Dinger is the first person that Johan and Anna stayed with. In fact, Johan was the one who turned Dinger onto killing. Dinger even remembers a specific moment where he was watching the news and bitching about how crappy everything in the world was; Johan agreed with him and put the logic into Dinger’s head that disposing of the scum of the earth is okay.

So, naturally, when he met up with Johan years later, and when Johan asked him to do something (kill the banker), he did it.

There were two other people with two different serial killers, while the interpretation as to how their relationship with Johan works is pretty much up to the viewer, everything gets tied in because of the similarities:

-They admire/believe in Johan
-They all did the murders after Johan wrote down the names in a sandbox; no need for words here, apparently.

Leaving this open to interpretation works here mainly because we know how it worked with one guy, so we just assume that this is how it might’ve worked with the other guys; pretty genius.

Okay, going back to Christoph. Remember, back in Kinderheim, Christoph was one of the survivors and Johan was intending to use him to his own ends by encouraging Christoph to go and rule the world (or something along the lines of that).

What happened along the way to developing a good background however was that Christoph got involved in a stupid scandal.

There was this girl who worked in a café next to the Gymnasium (High School) that Christoph was going to and he ended up getting her pregnant (When they were like 16 years old or something). Christoph’s dad had to step in and bribe the girl to keep it quiet (her family used the money to open a store and I’m assuming that one of the terms of the bribe was that she was not to tell her family as well), but then, an investment banker was able to uncover this scandal (recently).

Before anything could be said however, the girl AND the banker end up dead (thanks to Johan’s use of serial killers).

There was a third guy who was murdered, a child trafficker, but it would seem that The Baby and Capek weren’t aware of his significance; apparently, he’s the guy that sold Christoph to West Germany, so he’s technically evidence that Christoph was adopted. This fact isn’t such a great thing given that The Baby was supposedly the one who was gonna take over as one of the leaders of the organization after the passing of Ernest Sienervich, but Christoph was able to move up thanks to his position as Ernest’s son (and now pretty much no one knows that he’s adopted, so there is little conflict); Christoph and Johan sort of put a wrench in The Baby’s plans of advancement thanks to this.

Anyway, Johan and Christoph (and someone else) have been working together, behind Capek’s back (Capek thought he was in control, but he wasn’t).

So, who is this “someone else,” well, my theory is:

At the end of episode 67, after Johan learns about how he confused his and his sister’s memories, he pays someone, who has no introduction, a visit. I’m gonna just assume that the person is actually Christoph’s adopted dad.

Where’s the evidence? Well, the man does say that he did use a lot of money, so… who else could it be? I’ll also assume that he faked his death to make his moves better and that he probably didn’t want The Baby to take over his position. Yeah, that’s what I have on the topic right now; besides, being “dead” seems like a comfortable life (But then, being “dead” causes little trouble when you’re actually killed, hence Johan straight-up shooting the guy with no real problems and all the hoopla of getting other people to kill him).

But, why was Johan using all these people (Christoph included)?

I’ll just fall back on the “everyone is going to eventually kill each other, so I might as well take some steps to ensure that me and my sister are the last people standing” scenario (which I will elaborate on as I continue), but, remember, this is what it started as.

So, I’m assuming that the earliest thing Johan really remembers is his time over at Kinderheim (and he actually remembers a monster, Poppe, but not necessarily WHY Poppe’s a monster).

He did say that the “funny classes” were erasing his memories, so most of the stuff before that must’ve been missing from his memories (hence the need to piece everything back together like what I’m doing now).

As for Nina, she actually didn’t even remember she had a twin brother when she was living with the Lieberts.

Oh yeah, going back:

So, they lived with Dinger for a while.

Johan did some more of those neat calculations; he estimated that it would probably take about until the time he was 20 to get stuff and his connections in order and that he might be able to start making moves to go and “get” his sister by that time without much hassle. There was a six-month gap between Johan and Anna’s disappearance from the hospital to the time Johan was first sighted in Munich, so, during that 6-month gap, the thing with Dinger and the Lieberts happened; Johan left his twin sister with the Lieberts since he could operate better if he didn’t have to drag her along, all the while knowing that she’s safe and that he’s keeping the necessary distance.

But what HAS Johan been doing all that time?

Well, since he wasn’t old enough to survive on his own, he had to attach himself to various couples that didn’t have any children (he used his charm and manipulation skills).

But by the time he was old enough though (around 1991, so he’s… 15 or 16 years old), he somehow setup an underworld bank that would launder illegal money (I don’t know how, but it happened), which allowed him to live on his own (which is why we don’t see many couples that housed Johan when he was older).

Since I’m having a hard time pinning it down, I’ll just assume that the Sievernich group had been involved with Johan’s underworld bank at one point and maybe this is where Johan met up with Christoph again; from there, a plan to take down Schuwald’s financial group had been set in motion and they most likely got Christoph’s dad in on it.

Also, I’m not really sure, but at one point, Johan (when he was about 16 or so) came across a couple from Bruntal by the name of “Lieberts” and offered them his “love” and a bunch of money (from which they bought a house and moved to Munich). Johan burned down the city hall over in Bruntal and had the Lieberts re-file their dead son’s birth certificate as if their son was still alive; Johan probably did this so that he would have a fabricated background that he could use. Anyway, the Lieberts have seen him off to Munich University and he’s probably been there up until the present (more on this later).

The birth certificate and fabricated background was needed to throw people off (like Richard Braun, Schuwald’s private investigator) had anyone became suspicious of Johan’s activities during the time he would attempt to get close to Schuwald.

Oh, and one more point of interest before retuning to the present (Johan at 20) is that before Johan left the underworld bank around the time he was 20 or 21, when he was 18 (or somewhere around there), he apparently met up with Helenka Novakawa (Margot Langer) Right afterwards, he moved in with her (by meeting her, maybe this jolted some more memories since this is a person Johan knows a lot about because Schuwald actually discussed her in front of Johan and Anna when Schuwald visited Prague to go and meet their mother).

Since Schuwald was a target, approaching this person made sense.

After getting any possible info that Helenka had on her (on herself and her lovechild with Shuwald, who had a history that only Helenka would actually know about, like how she let Karl leave on a train), Johan does away with her.

And that’s the end of Part 2! Hopefully, I covered all the bases of what Johan had been doing before he was 20.
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Ooops, I found something... need to make one modification to part 1!

Er... I'll just talk about it here.

I was going through stuff and apparently, Margot Langer crossed the Czechoslovakian border around 1970 (I didn't write that down for some reason) and this is when Johan and Nina's mother was caught and sent back... uhh... 1970 is like 5 years before the twins were born, so their mom couldn't have been associated with Poppe by then.

Yeah, so, just fit that in.

This means that Johan and Nina's mother only tried to escape TWICE. The one from the ventilation shaft and the succesful attempt when she got to Three Frogs (in 1976 or so).

I think that's it, everything else is as is.

Man, this is confusing...
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Part 3!

Okay, so, this is where we’re at… it’s 1995, and Johan is finally ready to "get" his sister back from the Lieberts.

Dr. Tenma is doing pretty well for himself; since everyone up and died back then, he got promoted to head surgeon (or something prodigious like that) and has been saving lives ever since.

Also, around the same time, there have been various murders of middle-aged couples all over the place; it’s been pretty big news.

So, let’s start as to why Johan has been working on getting rid of his past.

Since this plan of getting close to Schuwald required killing people (people who knew Schuwald), what easier way to kill people undetected than to make your past non-existent? (not that Johan actually does it himself, but the less info that exists, the less connections that can be made) With the backing of the Sievernich group’s money and information network (bought with money), Johan has been tracking down all these serial killers (some of which he knows personally, as I’ve elaborated on earlier) and thieves and so on in order to start getting rid of any possible traces of his existence, so he could finally start moving that “isolate Schuwald” plan forward.

Roberto fits in somewhere here, of course, I just don’t know exactly where. So, we’ll just assume that Johan had already approached him with that drinking mug to help him remember his past over at 511 Kinderheim (and Johan is from Kinderheim, after all, so he must’ve got some info while he was there).

So, the first traces of Johan’s relation to everything comes up when one of the thieves he hired to help take out the middle-aged couples, Adolf Junkers, gets tossed into Dr. Tenma’s care.

After some prodding, some of which coming from Inspector Lunge, Dr. Tenma is finally able to convince Junkers to confess (about who hired him) and start his life over again; also take note that Eva had been stalking Tenma for quite some time now.

While all should be quite well, Johan eventually makes his way to the hospital where Junkers is at (Johan, or someone associated with him, even takes out the guard on watch with his signature candy). Scared, Junkers makes a run for it and eventually ends up in a building under construction (where Dr. Tenma follows him to), right into Johan’s hands.

Here, we learn that what Dr. Tenma had believed in all this time, how people’s lives are all equal, had been a total lie; Johan killed those three people from the hospital on Dr. Tenma’s request (learning this truth is the sum-equivalent of getting kicked in the balls, I’m assuming).

Take note that Eva has actually seen Johan in the flesh and overheard the three gunshots used to kill Junkers.

Anywho, this is essentially where Tenma’s hunt for the monster gets started; he revived it, so he should be the one to kill it.

After doing various investigations of the murdered middle-aged couples and how they all had an adopted son at one point (probably off the record, but the people around these couples knew that they saw Johan at one point), it eventually hits Tenma that he hasn’t been looking for the twin sister.

At one point, Tenma ran into a blind old man who actually had a lot of conversations with Johan when he was young; this old man reveals some interesting tidbits about Johan:

-Johan values Tenma more than a parent because Tenma saved his life.
-Johan will go and pick up his sister on their 20th birthday in Heidelberg.

In Heidelberg, Tenma starts to look up some news about a missing child, since it’s possible that whoever he was with during the time may have reported him missing.

Oh yes, remember, there was a six-month gap between Johan and Anna’s disappearance from the hospital, but when Johan was spotted in Munich 6 months later, he was alone and Anna wasn’t with him. Anyway, Nina is happily attending the local university in Heidelberg and is enjoying her nice peaceful life with her parents, the Fortners (who she thinks are her real parents).

She gets an anonymous e-mail one day (from Johan) that says that he’ll come and pick her up on her 20th birthday.

So, some stuff happens: Tenma figures out where Nina is and Nina heads out to Heidelberg castle. After leaving the Fortner residence, Tenma makes his way to the castle as well.

Here’s yet another scene that we don’t necessarily see:

After Tenma left, detectives Muller and Messner hit the Fortner household and murders everyone in the house.

The reason why they did this is that Johan contacted them (Muller, specifically) and blackmailed them into doing it; Johan somehow knew about their various drug-deal relations (maybe they came across the underworld bank at one point to launder drug money) and Johan was threatening to reveal this to the authorities should they not cooperate.

Over at Heidelberg castle, Tenma eventually realizes that they were actually drawn away from the Fortner house (because of what that gardener dude told them), so he rushes back with Nina, only to not make it in time. When Nina sees the dead, she has her first real flashback and remembers that she killed Johan (the reason being that he killed all the nice people they stayed with before), but Tenma brought him back to life.

So, Johan initially got them (Nina and Tenma) out of the house so that the Fortners could be killed without much trouble; Johan was actually over at the castle and did away with that gardener dude, who had some evidence on him that belonged to Tenma. Oh yeah, the neat thing about that is that Johan placed the tie somewhere so it would look as if Tenma tried to get rid of the evidence (Lunge was led astray thanks to this).

As to why this even happened… well, since people actually wanted to use Johan (like, Capek and the Neo-nazis), it’d be a good idea to have Nina move around so that they wouldn’t be able to hold her hostage should things get bad (she even went on and got gun training, excellent).

After Tenma and Nina get away from Muller and Messner (because Messner dropped the ball by referring to Tenma as “Doctor”), we jump forward again and see Tenma back at the hospital, all exhausted and stuff.

Okay, since Lunge found Tenma’s tie at the Heidelberg crime-scene, this is essentially where Tenma begins his fugitive status; at first, Eva was covering for Tenma when Lunge first showed her the tie she gave him, but when she tried to get Tenma back again and she was refused (because he needs to go and kill Johan, so she gets the wrong idea), Eva sung like a bird and Lunge jumped at the opportunity to bust Tenma and maybe solve several other cases while he was at it.

But, by then, Tenma had already gotten away (partially thanks to the patients of the hospital).

Another gap in time happens; Tenma got some gun training for five months, but abruptly dropped out after hearing of the latest middle-aged couple murder scene over in Verden. While at the scene, Tenma meets Otto Heckel, who actually turns Tenma to doing some underground doctor work later on in the series (he does it more than once).

More importantly, Otto knows who actually killed the couple, so Tenma is lead to an apartment of this guy, who’s apparently there waiting for him given that he relays a message from Johan after telling his story of woe.

The way in which the couple, the Springers, was killed is very interesting (like many of the manipulated murders found in the series).

So, this glasses dude had a mother who he used to walk with in a field of sunflowers when he was younger; take note of this.

One day, glasses dude met Johan at a bar (he was using the name Erich); this is most likely where Johan extracted the above information; what better place to do it than a place where people get drunk? Oh yeah, it also must’ve slipped out that glasses dude’s mother was actually someone’s mistress back then when his mom was still alive.

After they became friends (sort of), Johan invited glasses dude over to the Springer estate where Johan claimed that he was staying (but Johan wasn’t actually staying there according to Heckel, who was staking out the place for a month, but never saw Johan… obviously, Johan did live there, but just not recently); ANYWAY, glasses dude was most likely able to become friends with the old couple by claiming to be one of “Erich’s” friends and that he had pertinent info that only “Erich” would know of which could be used to strike up a wonderful friendship.

On some random day, Mr. Springer had a patch of sunflowers removed to make room for more driveway; this irritated glasses dude quite a bit. What pushed him over the edge though is that Johan told him that he was leaving the family on the basis that Mr. Springer had a mistress (which might not necessarily be true). Johan then puts it in the guy’s head that the past can be erased with the pull of a trigger; glasses dude wanted to make it so that his mother was never anyone’s mistress, but as we all know (and Tenma sure did point it out), the past cannot be changed… especially with a gun.

Glasses dude suddenly realizes that he just got owned right after the conversation and is now regretting having ever listened to “Erich;” only one way out now, it seems.

Oh yeah, but before glasses dude offs himself, he tells Tenma that Johan left him a message over at the Springer estate.

“Look at me! The Monster inside of me is getting bigger”

Okay, how to interpret this? Where are we now?

Johan still thinks that the “monster” is inside of him; it’s sort of a parallel of the story, the only difference is that Johan is well in control of what he’s doing (he knows that he’s killing people for a purpose of his own); he just thinks that as he kills more people, the “monster” (that will eventually “eat” his sister) inside of him will continue to grow.

End of part 3!
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Part 4!

I really liked the episode with the East German lawyer terrorist dude in it; it was brilliant drama (just like all the other times we see Tenma interact with new people… such well-rounded characters).

Okay, let’s see…

Right after the above event, Tenma makes his way over to East Berlin where he ends up investigating the old Liebert household; the dude who’s trying to sell the place doesn’t know a whole lot other than the fact that high-ranking officials use to stay around the neighborhood, but fled after the Berlin wall came down (in 1989… yeah, I actually researched that when I was watching Master Keaton). Tenma gets directed to some former official dude who actually remembers the Lieberts; Tenma is then told about how Liebert adopted kids from 511 Kinderheim (well, just Johan, actually).

After conversing with some old lady who remembers an incident at Kinderheim, Tenma gets sent to Hartmann, some former official dude who worked at the orphanage (Oh yeah, Tenma meets Dieter on his way to the place).

Skipping through all the hubbub of the discovery of Kinderheim and how it maltreats its kids, Dieter is actually being abused by Hartmann. When Tenma finds this out, he runs away with Dieter.

Hartmann put Dieter under the impression that the world sucks, but Tenma says that that’s a lie and that “Tomorrow will be a good day” (another thing to take note of as it will be taken into consideration like 2 or 3 times in the series).

After leaving Dieter at the hospital, Tenma goes and visits the orphanage that Anna was staying at; it sure was a lot better than Kinderheim. Anyway, since the lady can’t take Dieter in for Tenma, Tenma goes back to the hospital only to find out that Hartmann came and picked him up.

After doing some investigative work over at Hartmann’s place, we learn two things:

-Johan is in one of the various pictures in Hartmann’s place, he’s posing next to some old guy (General Wolfe)
-All the pictures were taken over at Kinderheim (which alerts Tenma to the fact that Hartmann may be trying to come up with another Johan)

Over at Kinderheim, an exchange happens. The surprise is that, while Hartmann is indeed trying to create another Johan, the truth of the matter is that Johan wasn’t actually created at Kinderheim and that it was General Wolfe who discovered Johan’s abilities. During the climax, Dieter is able to break away from Hartmann because of Tenma’s insight as to how “tomorrow will be a good day.”

I also liked the episode after this; Petra and Schumann was very interesting! I especially liked the scene where Heinz gets kicked out of the operating room, powerful stuff.

Okay, the main plot thread here though is where Lunge gets taken off of all of his cases because he reads too much into that one crime about how a politician named Boltzmann may have been involved with the murder of a prostitute (oh yeah, it can’t be Margot Langer given that her death was concluded as a random murder… I thought it through, apparently, but I could be wrong); to put it bluntly, the secretary did it and Lunge gets served a plate full of his ass. This “opportunity” gives him a lot of free time so that he can pursue Tenma, who he still thinks is the killer in all those unsolved cases.

The other half of this episode has to do with Eva; wow, she’s messed up. Anyway, after a failed attempt at starting over, she burns the Heinemann household and starts roaming all over the place (she does pop up at Lunge’s office though, but she’s eventually received given that he has a lot of free time now).

The standing theory for Lunge is that the serial killer named after the child runaway from 1986, “Johan,” is actually a character that Tenma came up with in his head.

Okay, so now is the neat Neonazi arc; wow, nazis… I actually didn’t think that the series would go here. Anyway, Nazis make for good antagonists; pretty much everyone dislikes them. Not only that, but they are actually a good source of comedy as well when used properly (please see the movie “Death to Smoochie” as a good example… “The Produces” is also a great example).

We initially see Nina all dolled up (damn, she’s hot, actually) and trying to get into contact with someone named “The Baby” in some local right-winger-nazi bar (or something).

Oh yes, take note of the fact that a hooker was kidnapped because she overheard a plot to burn down the Turkish quarter in Frankfurt.

Okay, so Nina eventually gets in and meets “The Baby” who’s some old midget guy, hence “The Baby;” I liked the dancing sequence.

The reason why they’re receiving Nina quite well is that they know that she’s Johan’s twin sister (probably through Petre Capek who was actually around the time when Nina and Johan were still in captivity with their mom… so yeah, that’s how they know that Johan is twins… oh, and they probably observed Johan while he was at Kinderheim at one point given that General Wolfe is actually one of the 4 leaders of the organization, so… just connect the dots and one will realize how they have this mountain of information); no need for rough stuff given that she actually came willingly.

Anyway, they need her to lure Johan out so that the organization can turn Johan into their “leader” (which is explained by Professor Gaedertz later).

Oh, Tenma is actually here as well!

Tenma meets up with former detective Messner and shakes him down for some info; oh yeah, he’s a total drug-addict now. Tenma looked for Messner mainly since there was an article in the paper with him in it.

This dialogue scene between Messner and Tenma is where the viewer actually learns as to why they murdered the Fortners; they were blackmailed. Another detail is that a large sum of money made its way into their bank accounts after the murder (money of which, I’m assuming that Johan got from the Sievernich Financial Group); Muller got more money since he was the one that actually killed everyone. Also, it seems that Muller quite the force after the murder incident.

Since someone is trying to silence them, Muller and Messner are sort of on the run; Muller is in France and Messner was rescued by “The Baby.”

So, Tenma is eventually able to get info on who rescued Messner and seeks “The Baby” out at a bar called “Candy.”

Oh yes, a brief history of “The Baby” is that after the Berlin wall came down, he went to the east side to form a city of pure Germans, but it failed and he came back to the west and setup shop in Frankfurt.

And finally, The Baby needed Messner so that she could lure out Nina and have Messner send her to him.

While poking around, Tenma comes across a hooker who was a friend of that other hooker, Ayse, who was kidnapped (because she learned of the arson thing, which nobody knows about yet, by the way); she’s concerned for the safety of her friend, especially given the fact that Ayse actually has a child at home.

In the next scene, Tenma gets hit by a car.

Over at some mansion, we meet 1 of the 4 leaders of “the organization,” Professor Gaedertz. He uses an interesting fruit diagram and Jesus Christ correlation as to how they intend to use Johan; Johan needs to be the leader and under his leadership, they will change the face of the earth (or something ambitious like that).

After finishing up, Nina goes to her room where she has a heartfelt conversation with Ayse. Here, she also learns about what is going to happen to the Turkish quarter and decides to skip out on the mansion and meeting Johan.

Oh yeah, Tenma knows about this too since The Baby blabbed about it; The Baby is welcoming Johan with a fire festival (how extravagant).

Okay, some stuff happens (Ayse is killed by one of Gaedertz’s men, Tenma is saved by Wolfe’s men; gotta love The Baby’s look of surprise when one of his guys is shot right before he offs Dieter).

When Nina heads downstairs, she’s shocked to find that everyone is already dead.

Yup, Johan was here and he killed everyone. Probably because they were stupid enough to use his sister as bait; ALSO, Nina would’ve been done away with after they got to Johan mainly because she’s trying to kill Johan (this is what The Baby said), so Johan saved her and snuck away, but left Nina a message to go somewhere while he was at it.

Johan and Dieter are on their way to Professor Gaedert’s, but Tenma stops the car and has Dieter get out so that he can warn the people over in the Turkish quarter.

The conversation between Tenma and Wolfe is interesting given that we learn that Wolfe is now afraid of Johan. Also, he doesn’t even want to think about trying to get Johan to “lead” the organization as nothing good will come out of it given the past experiences Wolfe has had with him (even more so since the organization intends to set him up as the next Hitler, it’s insane); he tried it before in East Germany, but it was bad idea upon contemplation.

All the people that know Wolfe as “Wolfe” are slowly disappearing, it’s like his existence is being erased from the world and that he’s being left in complete solitude.

At the end of the conversation, Wolfe wants Tenma to go to the location Johan talked about and he wants him to KILL Johan; Tenma seems pretty capable, so why not?

End of Part 4!
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Part 5!

Okay, so on the way to the site where Johan is, Tenma changes his mind and threatens the driver into taking him to the Turkish Quarter; this is good mainly because Dieter and Heckel were caught by the neonazis (because Heckel has a big mouth).

Tenma finds his way to that hooker lady he met a while back and has to deliver the bad news about the fire and how Ayse is already dead. After playing grab-ass with the locals, Tenma and the hooker lady are finally able to convince everyone to start a neighborhood watch thanks to some leader guy (who gave a nice little history lesson while he was at it).

In the next scene, we see “The Baby” having some fun living it up with the fine dining and fine ladies; Nina crashes the party though and what ensues is an intelligently written dialogue exchange between Nina and The Baby. She’s looking for the “main dish,” but The Baby is hesitant to reveal its location.

She eventually gets The Baby to talk though because of her scary-ass eyes. This is followed by quite possibly the single greatest pieces of dialogue ever written for an anime/manga:

The Baby: “Let’s continue the dinner… but that girl… she really tried to kill me. She is definitely Johan’s sister. I almost told her where the real main dish is”

Random thug guy: “Then, let us bring out the rest of your dinner.”

The Baby: “No, go get me some underwear first.”

Okay, so Tenma is around saving the place completely unaware of the fact that these are just small fries compared to what’s coming next; the reason why everyone eventually heads out to the factory is all thanks to the very cynical Otto Heckel (because he knows where a good fire should be lit), you can even say that he saved the day; I like how Dieter grabs his rug to stop the fire.

Oh yeah, something to pay attention to is that when Nina has her confrontation with that nazi guy, she says that Johan doesn’t want any of this and that he’s suffering at the brink of despair (or something like that… yeah, this is sort of true and I’ll expand on it later).

So, some stuff happens and Tenma is on the run once again; the people in the Turkish quarter cover for him when the cops get there. But before Tenma leaves, Nina tells him to head over to that place where Johan left another message (for Nina).

Nina also claims that she finally knows why Johan wanted her to shoot him; she’s under the impression that Johan has a dual personality (no, he doesn’t really, but the ambiguity of his message implies this). Tenma gets there too and is also set on the same conclusion.

“Help! The monster inside of me is about to explode!”

Okay, once again… how to interpret this?

This is essentially a message directed to Nina and maybe to a lesser extent, Tenma; Johan tries to explain why he can’t be near her, but apparently, everyone just ends up confused (they think he has two personalities, one is Johan and another is a murderer, which, again, isn’t true; the mass-murder is all Johan and he’s clearly in control of what he’s doing).

Johan says “help” since he wants to be near his sister, but he can’t because he fears that the “monster” inside of him may have grown too big already and that if he gets any closer to her, something bad might happen to his precious sister.

After this whole thing with the Turkish quarter gets settled, Nina settles down a bit and meets up with an old friend, Mr. Rosso.

Apparently, Nina initially approached this person before because she wanted to know how kill people; the answer is quite simple: “forget what sugar tastes like.”

My interpretation of this is that Rosso had been murdering people for a living since he was younger. He wanted money and wanted to eat good meals, but on one specific occasion, he suddenly realizes that what he’s doing doesn’t really have a point given that he can’t enjoy thing to the extent where he “can’t remember what sugar tastes like.” Heck, he cries during movies mainly because:

-He is moved
-He can’t believe that such great movies existed when he was still using all his time killing people; so many years lost.

Anyway, she decides in the end that she doesn’t want to involve Mr. Rosso given that he has already left that life behind (as shown by his happy life as a Italian restaurant owner).

Oh yeah, Nina was able to find him since one of her professors back at Heidelberg college was piecing together a profile of Rosso.

The episode after this, I’ll just glare over shortly; we meet Dr. Rudy Gillen.

Initially, he’s pretty skeptic about Tenma’s story and this Johan character he speaks of, but thanks to his interactions with Jurgens and his further investigations, Rudy is eventually able to come to the conclusion that Johan actually exists and that Tenma is innocent.

I like the ending to this one; Rudy initially thinks that Tenma always looked down on him ever since college because Tenma caught Rudy cheating, but this isn’t the case at all! Tenma was cheating too, and I was all “well ain’t that a kick in the head!”

One last thing to note is that Rudy says to not take the whole “I have two people inside of me” thing too seriously given that Johan might be lying; this was pretty funny given that they made such a big deal of it just an episode before, but it makes sense.

After Rudy helps Tenma escapes, we get another interesting episode (they’re all interesting) having to do with a British couple. Tenma and Dieter are on their way to Freiham.

Going back to Nina, right now, she’s in France! Also in France, former detective Muller, who is now living his excellent new life with a wife and her child. Muller’s only recurring problem is that his wife’s child, Fritz, is having a hard time accepting Muller as his father.

Oh yeah, Muller is also having haunting visions of the innocent couple he murdered back in Heidelberg; he sees the ghosts on the second floor of the house opposite to his (it’s actually Nina, so I guess that should explain things).

Also, this episode marks the arrival of everyone’s favorite henchman, Roberto, who is initially made out to be Muller’s hired-on bodyguard (he needs one given that Johan may come and try to get him… but, well… you know).

Down to business. Muller has hired on a detective to find out about certain things, of which are:

-Tenma is made out to be the main suspect in the murder of the Fortners.
-Tenma is pinning the blame for the murders on Johan.
-Nina, the daughter of the Fortners, is missing.
-Messner is in Frankfurt and worked for The Baby; he’s dead, some guy stabbed him (and it wasn’t someone from the organization… it was someone from Dusseldorf… hey, I think it was Roberto, since it’s in the investigator dude’s notes)

Anyway, Muller was hired onto the Syndicate where he laundered his money and eventually washed his hands of everything in order to settle down with his new wife and kid (maybe the laundering he did a while back is how Johan traced him). He questions how it is that he got off so easy though. He is also still confounded as to who the hell was on the other side of the line when he and his partner were blackmailed into killing the Fortners; so many questions, not many answers.

Then it happens: Roberto shows his true colors and is apparently on a mission to get a hold of Johan’s info and simultaneously get rid of Muller who seems to be having an episode of “attack of the conscience;” he might eventually start trying to snoop out Johan as well, which is why he has to go.

So, after running from the house with Nina, Nina has a confrontation with him and is moving towards the thought of killing Muller. But, she lets him off given that he now realizes what he did was wrong and that he has something that he wants to live for. But wouldn’t you know it? Roberto is now holding Muller’s family hostage; he wants the investigator’s report.

Okay, it’s manipulation and calculation mode once again.

Johan must’ve known that Muller’s guilt wouldn’t allow him to just drop what had happened and that he’d probably persist in his investigation as to who Johan is, so a scenario is set up.

During Roberto and Muller’s last conversation, Roberto implies that he’s going to kill Nina (which isn’t the plan, I assure you). So, some evidence as to where Nina was being held at was probably left all over the place so that Muller would eventually follow the tracks and make his way over to Nina for the big rescue.

Okay, so Roberto is able to get Nina to cooperate because he tells her that he knows where Johan is; Roberto leaves some hints as to where Johan is so that she’d go looking for him (Johan is in Munich), and then he leaves and implies that he wants Nina dead (again, this isn’t the plan). But of course, it’s all calculated and Muller makes it in time, only to be shot and mortally wounded.

Before Roberto drives off (so that he won’t be at the scene when Muller makes his way in), he says that the only person left is Tenma; I’m assuming that he means that the only person left to lead to Munich, Johan’s location, is Tenma.

Yeah, ambiguity is key here.

Uh… these theories, I think, are pretty plausible. Again, Johan is really good at making all these accurate calculations and predictions of human nature in his head; a key point to take note of is the confrontational scene between Roberto and Lunge during episode 72; Roberto pretty much says that Johan is brilliant at the whole “calculations” thing. In disbelief, and with a gun to Roberto’s mouth, Lunge responds that even he can’t process those kinds of calculations in the computer in his head, so how is it that someone like Johan can?

So yeah, that’s my evidence.

Next episode! This is the one where Lunge uses a copycat crime in order to lure out Tenma (I think this is in Hamburg or something); his deviousness and dedication is quite shocking here.

Anyway, long story short, Lunge gets Hamburg Tag to print stories as if this was connected to the serial homicides of middle-aged couples; the reporter who did this however did some investigating and eventually stumbled onto the truth, but he backs down since Lunge threatens him. The truth of the matter is that this was a copycat crime committed by the nephew of the middle-aged couple (since he needed money).

A point of interest is how Tenma and Lunge come to the conclusion that it was a copycat crime; they re-enacted the murder (individually) and figured out that it was fake when there was this air of emotion and hesitation to be found right before the actually killing happened.

So, some climactic stuff happens (like Lunge getting stabbed by the guilt-ridden nephew and Lunge slapping the cuffs on Tenma in the car) and Lunge and Tenma eventually find themselves one-on-one in a warehouse somewhere; Lunge is bleeding to death, but he is hell bent on having Tenma confess. Tenma takes it upon himself to rescue Lunge, no matter what.

After that, we’re at the hospital and Lunge’s colleagues have doubts as to whether Lunge is still capable of objectively pursuing Tenma; he seems to still be pretty enthusiastic, so there’s nothing to worry about.

End of Part 5!

Part 6

So this part of our story starts out with Eva getting drunk all over the place; she’s locked up in a cell since she was found in an alley; she’s also missing her bag (that has a photo album in it).

When she gets back to her motel room, she’s shocked to find out that it had been raided recently (by Roberto). Oh yeah, it seems that Roberto has he way with the ladies, which is surprising to say the least (must’ve taken some tips from Johan, since he’s also quite good at manipulation here and there). Anyway, he’s trying to get near Eva so that he can obtain Johan’s photos that are in her possession (Johan must’ve remembered being pictured with Dr. Heinemann when he was still staying at Eisner hospital). But, to Roberto’s surprise, she has seen Johan (information of which wasn’t really divulged to him or it could be that Johan honestly doesn’t know what Heinemann’s daughter looks like and didn’t know that the person he saw back then was actually Eva and that what Eva looked like was only uncovered during Roberto’s investigation here).

Anyway, Roberto didn’t actually report back for orders, so he had to go it on his own judgment (not cool).

The original plan was probably just to off her then and there, but Roberto sort of got interested (and lazy), so he decided to use Eva to help him storm the villa; also, it was probably concluded that Eva didn’t have Johan’s photo anymore or something or maybe they were hidden, but there’s no real way to get to them at this point (the whole BKA thing was a load of BS, for one thing).

Also, it seems that Roberto may have been behind that old man at villa’s assassination attempt as Roberto does know where to find him; notice how the old man gave clues as to where Tenma might be able to find the former president of the underworld bank (Johan).

Also, I’m assuming that Roberto wanted to SEE if Eva would try to kill Tenma, but I’m pretty sure that he would’ve stopped her or something should it have come to that; I’m also assuming that Roberto was probably just supposed to kill everyone over at the villa, except for Tenma, who would’ve made his way over to Munich afterwards.

Anyway, Roberto drops the ball and isn’t able to storm the place; in the end, all this crap Johan does in his head is still all based on statistics, so it’s not 100%, but it’s still pretty high, or to the very least, way above average, but this gets lowered when you pass it through other people, of course. But yeah, Tenma and crew do get the upper hand here and there as they are able to outsmart the people Johan sends around to mess with them.

Wow, this is iffy as hell, but I’ll proceed anyway with these assumptions and I’ll just whine about it later if something doesn’t fit.

Okay, the plan to get to Schuwald is finally moving forward; if we look back, I’ll just say that this was originally encouraged by the Sievernich group’s interest (Johan’s apprentice’s dad’s financial group). What better way to gain more ground than to eliminate one of the biggest competitors?

Johan is at Munich University and had been working on getting a stand-in for Schuwald’s son for quite some time now. He even went with Fahren to pay a visit to Blue Sophie to prove Fahren’s authenticity by discussing details that only Margot Langer would know and how Blue Sophie is a total fake (this is because Johan met the real Margot Langer at one point, as said earlier); Johan actually knows more than the fake Langer, because Blue Sophie seems to be under the impression that the real Langer is trying to get revenge, when that isn’t really the case (more on that tidbit later).

However, Schuwald’s real son showed up (Johan probably got some hints of this when Lotte, who he’s friends with, was snooping around for Edmund Fahren, the “Thursday boy”) and it was time for a change of plans: to reunite the real son with his father.

Anyway, Johan had been originally using Fahren, but it seems that Fahren was going to become a liability, even after making the claim to Schuwald, especially now that the real son is here… so it was time to do away with Fahren.

Johan probably convinced Fahren into killing himself, but the neat thing is that Fahren didn’t actually leave a suicide note; before Johan got Fahren to kill himself, Johan probably asked him to translate a line from a Latin book that read “I can’t deceive him any longer;” this is why the police was able to thoroughly conclude that it was a suicide and that Fahren was deceiving Schuwald (it was in his handwriting after all… but it’s totally taken out of context here).

At this point, Schuwald had already okayed a private investigation into Fahren’s death; Johan must’ve figured out who it was and started looking into what his background is. When he figured that out, he started some research into that UN child’s rights convention thing that he would later use on Richard Braun (the investigator) along with his knowledge of 511 Kinderheim.

There’s the scene here where Johan tries to get close to Karl and drag information out of him that Johan can use for manipulation by playing the heartstrings.

Please take note of that thing Johan does where he walks at the edge of the rooftop, this will explain a lot of stuff later; it’s that weird game that he teaches to kids.

Anyway, Richard is all over the place and is slowly catching onto the fact that Fahren’s death may not have been a suicide (it is, we will know why later) and that something fishy is up especially since Fahren isn’t actually Schuwald’s son; Schuwald is a little blinded by everything though and doesn’t want to let go of the fact that Fahren is his son.

So, some more stuff happens and Johan is able to conspire with Karl and Lotte to get Schuwald out of the house and he brings Karl closer to his dad in the process.

Next episode is the beautiful reunion of Karl and Schuwald, all thanks to Johan’s manipulation (he actually got Karl to give him his rabbit’s foot of which was used to prove his genuine relation to Schuwald).

I think I need to mention that while this reunion was indeed quite lovely, we still can’t overlook the fact that this is all part of Johan’s manipulation; the sheer contrast behind this is crazy.

Afterwards, Richard starts reading into everything and thanks to his newfound sobriety, he realizes the fact that a bunch of unsolved cases from his detective days were actually just one case in which the murders were all of people that were close to Schuwald (the people he went with on his bird-watches) and that it would seem that he’s being isolated.

Also, the source of the murders and everything all pointed to one person by the name of Johan (the same name as Schuwald’s secretary). These suspicions were also confirmed thanks to Dr. Reichwein and his coordination with Dr. Gillen on Tenma’s case.

Johan is right next to Schuwald.

Oh yes, the “isolate Schuwald” plan had been taking place for 4 years, so it could be that Johan met up with Christoph again right around the time he was 16 or 17, which would fit into the time frame when Johan first met Margot Langer (he moved in with her when he was around 18, actually).

At the beginning of the next episode, we see a slightly disturbing conversation between Johan and one of the orphanage kids he hangs out with.

They were playing some kind of make believe game where the kid was planning to take over the world. Johan then asks him how world conquest goes and what does he intend to do after he’s ruled over everything; the kid replies that it’s hard, but if he ever succeeds, while he’s not quite sure as to exactly what he’ll do, he’ll probably just mess it all up; the kids he’s playing with think that it’s a good idea and decides to join the “evil” side.

Oh snap! It seems that Johan is actually thinking the same thing; remember: it’s like “playing with a procession of ants.” Going back: since everyone is going to eventually kill each other, might as well make it interesting, right?

In an effort to identify Johan, Dr. Reichwein supplies Dr. Gillen the photo of Johan that Richard (I think) came up with and Dr. Gillen goes on to show it to Jurgens (please refer to part 2 for the explanation and what happens after).

As we go through all the investigations, we actually see Richard show up at the Liebert household; remember, I said that they were hired on to throw people like Richard off. But, Richard was able to see through the veil of deception when he remembered the face of the child in the Liebert’s photo; it wasn’t Johan.

In fact, the real Johan Liebert died quite some time ago; y’all know the rest of the story about the city hall in Bruntal burning down and whatnot.

This is also the episode where Johan gets Richard to kill himself (this is why Fahren’s death is most likely a suicide, albeit he was manipulated into doing it); Johan uses that UN child’s convention stuff from earlier (for purposes of relaying guilt) and he also convinces Richard that he wasn’t drunk during that time when he killed that serial murder, Stephen Joos, and that he wanted to execute him (which is sort of true, actually).

ALSO, Johan has actually met Joos at 511 Kinderheim (he was probably adopted before the whole massacre thing). In fact, Johan might’ve used his talents at one point. So, Johan uses this “abused child” information on Richard to push him over the edge since it’s quite obvious that Richard doesn’t know the whole story behind the person he killed; take note of the whiskey Johan took with him before they left the bar, that was pretty neat.

What really gets to Richard is that while Joos is buried somewhere, he gets to go and see his daughter again; it’s not fair.

And that’s it.

Anyway, Richard’s suicide, right before he was to meet his daughter, is pretty much what gets Dr. Reichwein in on the whole thing and he starts his own little investigation; proving that Johan actually exists first is the best way to go.

This catches Johan’s attention, so he sends over Roberto and that lady pretending to be his wife in order to get rid of Dr. Reichwein. Some attempts happen, but it’s ultimately Roberto who tries to do the deed, but he’s stopped when Tenma makes it into the picture (he’s here because he was looking into Richard Braun’s case as well (because Dieter identified Joos as someone from 511 Kinderheim) and saw Dr. Reichwein hanging out at his grave).

Oh yeah, Roberto has been hanging out with that fat prostitute lady, Blue Sophie. We initially think that he killed her because of his conversation with Dr. Reichwein, but that actually happens later.

Oh and Lunge strolls into the picture as well given that he saw Dr. Gillen’s message to Tenma in the papers; he’s still being a hardass about everything, but pretends to believe the story to get Dr. Gillen to reveal Tenma’s location (Munich).

Tenma has apparently ordered a sniper rifle.

Okay, before I wrap this part up, there’s just a few more things to go over.

Nina is in Munich and is snooping around and is investigating Margot Langer and whoever (she’s still looking for Johan as well, of course) and seems to have stumbled onto the same facts that Richard Braun had stumbled onto before he died (the 4-year isolate Schuwald plan). I don’t think she remembers having ever seen Schuwald in the flesh though, much less the conversation he had with her mother back in Prague.

The other story in that episode is actually quite important; also, it demonstrates how important Tenma’s interaction with other people in the past has been given that his decision to change the location of where he was gonna kill Johan wouldn’t make much sense without the full understanding of his character (based on those past interactions).

Tenma was able to find out some places where Johan commonly hangs out at.

One of the places was in the park with the orphans; there’s no way he’d kill him in front of kids, also, what if he misses?

The other place is where Johan accompanies Schuwald and Karl on bird-watches in the forest; Johan needs to come along to narrate what the scenery is like; as we all know, he’s quite good at that kind of thing as we saw earlier when he managed to somehow convert a factory ground into a lush forest by way of detailed narration.

This would’ve been the perfect place for Tenma, but he backed down after having a conversation with an old man there who killed someone (an innocent foreigner accused as a spy) in this forest before when he was still with the nazis in WWII. The old man says that birds refuse to be near him now because of what he did; he feels really guilty even after all these years. When the birds finally come back, Tenma sympathizes with him and decides to change the location after talking with him.

See? That wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense without knowing who Tenma is now would it?

Again… it’s excellent drama.

End of Part 6

Part 7!

Okay, here’s where the motivation changes a little. Johan is to finally remember something even worse than whatever he saw at 511 Kinderheim.

For a minute though, I’ll deviate into this weird little game that Johan got a bunch of his kid friends to play.

Some “suicides” were being reported, but actually, it was all because of this game that Johan taught the kids how to play in which they’d step onto a rooftop and try to walk past each other on the narrow roof-edge; like a duel or something. The point is that: whoever wins (meaning the person that doesn’t fall off and die) gets to play the game again, and whoever ever plays the game again and keeps winning will essentially be some kind of “chosen one.”

Given what Johan is trying to do, this is arguably a way of showing his brand kindness to all the little kids; the world is a “dark place” and to survive, you have to do stuff like this.

Yeah, there’s that confounding logic again, but that’s how it goes; he’s giving them a “fair” chance at seeing “the end.”

I’ll expand more on this later.

So, we also meet one of the game’s survivors. He hangs out with Dieter for a while (and is a total douche at the same time) and eventually leads him up to the roof where he tries to play the game with Dieter; Dieter wakes his ass up though when he claims that tomorrow being a “dark place” was a lie and that there are a lot of great things to live for.

Wow, Tenma’s nobleness follows through once again!

Okay, then it happens.

Johan is scoping out the library where Schuwald will have his book donation ceremony; he spots the place where Tenma might try to kill him from (he actually sends Roberto there during the ceremony, more on this later).

Anyway, Johan was thinking that he might as well pick up a picture book for his little friend (who is one of the survivors of his rooftop game… he’s banned from watching TV and stuff for a while after the whole thing, so he’s bored) while he was there at the library.

While screwing around with that lady, she accidentally comes across one of Poppe’s books: “A monster without a name” (written under one of Poppe’s pen names) and hands it over to Johan.

After reading this, he suddenly remembers something and collapses. This was one cool scene… it’s one of the few times in the series where we actually SEE Johan in a negative light (hence it being more surprising).

Okay, so while Johan does remember the actual story of “A monster without a name” (he even narrates it on his Kinderheim hypnosis tapes we see later), what he doesn’t remember was that feeling he had when he tried to cross the Czechoslovakian border with his sister (Czechoslovakia being a “fairytale” country); Kinderheim must’ve erased it: a world in which no one had any names, a world where “you don’t exist” (although, Wolfe did expand on this a lot earlier in the series, but Johan probably hadn’t remembered this yet at the time, obviously… the viewer gets a sneak peek, essentially).

So yeah, the book reawakened that memory and changed his motivation a bit; Johan wants to regain all his memories now and wants to see what it is that Kinderheim made him forget about.

There are scarier things in the world than what Johan currently knows about now (Kinderheim, the darkness that is tomorrow, human society and, to some extent, the “monster” inside of him… but I’m assuming that that’s still pretty high on the “scary” list given that he’s still distancing himself from Nina as much as possible), so Johan wants to know exactly what that is; Johan has had an interest in fear after all.

(Refer to Tenma’s conversation with that blind old man. Johan was mainly interested in his description of ultimate fear during his days on the U-Boat in WWII, so I guess that carries over to his current motivation here).

For further discussion, I’m assuming that even though some aspects of the past (not all… he was able to recall Margot Langer after all) were erased from his memory after Kinderheim, Johan does remember a “monster” (Poppe) following him and his sister around, but it was sort of a generalized monster that he was aware of during that time he had his sister shoot him; Johan didn’t actually remember as to WHY Poppe was a monster, it’s that he just WAS a monster.

That’s a little vague, but I can only move forward at this point using this assumption, so I’ll stick to it.

So, when Johan wakes up and heads back to the Schuwald estate, Karl hands him a letter that’s from someone named “Red Hindenburg” (the fat hooker lady); Johan goes and pays her a visit over in the red light district (which is glorious! we even get some free nudie pics).

Okay, during Johan’s interesting conversation with Blue Sophie, we learn some more interesting details:

-Sophie knew where Johan was after seeing him on the news
-Sophie thinks that the reason why Johan is killing a bunch of people is that he’s trying to get revenge for Margot Langer (which isn’t the case at all)
-Talking about Margot Langer, Sophie actually had a conversation with her once in which Margot Langer revealed some details (that may have implied hate, hence Sophie’s assumptions… or maybe because Margot was drunk at the time and the story got distorted, either way, she pulled out some info she would then use on Schuwald).

So, since Sophie found all this out, she decided that now would be the best time to shake Johan down for some quick cash.

Mid-conversation, Johan changes the subject and discusses how he has seen a much darker place than whatever it is he has seen up until now (listed above); if anyone has lost track, I’ll just reiterate the Czechoslovakian border; before Johan leaves, he says that he has not much to be afraid of anymore because “he doesn’t exist.” Anyway, because of that, Johan isn’t all that interested in toying with Schuwald anymore and is now working on the “let’s see how far the darkness goes” scenario.

Oh, okay, so, apparently, Blue Sophie’s lover is Roberto, ain’t that something? Naturally, people know what happens next.

BUT WAIT! There’s a scene of interest here! When Johan walks off, he runs into people that saw him enter Blue Sophie’s place. Upon leaving, Johan takes a balloon from the crackpot and he gives money to the junkie; why did he do this, you say?

Simple, so that these people would forget that they ever saw him. Or to the very least, render their testimony useless (who listens to a hooker on drugs anyway? Who would believe that a killer would up and ask for a balloon before leaving the crime scene?).

Next half of that episode is essentially another interesting round with a new character; a local Vietnamese doctor that is helping out the local Vietnam illegal aliens and stuff; Tenma approaches her mainly because he needs to confirm Blue Sophie’s crime scene; the doctor lady was the first one there at the crime scene.

So, Lunge is now running around in Munich (thanks to Gillen’s advice) looking for Dr. Tenma; while there, he met some old friends of Tenma that were in Germany for business (with Schuwald). There’s some back-story with Lunge’s daughter trying to get him to meet his newborn grandson, but Lunge drops the ball since he’s too immersed into his investigation:

“I am Tenma, I don’t get along with my family, I don’t fit into Japanese society, etc.”

You know how it goes.

Anyway, while at the Karaoke bar, one of the Japanese businessmen who took a trip to Prague in the Czech Republic came back with a book that was requested by Schuwald’s secretary (Johan); he says that getting good with the secretary is the best way to Schuwald’s heart. A page catches Lunge’s interest and he decides to try and translate the text (since it’s in Czech). Well, it captures his interest enough that he looks into it even though he thinks that it has nothing to do with a case (but in fact, it does!).

“Look at me! The monster inside me is getting bigger!”

Oh yeah, I have not the slightest idea as to what happened to the Lieberts (Johan’s Munich parents); they ran away or something after their talk with Dr. Reichwein (who approached them on Dr. Gillen’s advice, of which he got from a serial killer who sees Johan as a hero), and I haven’t seen any hint of them in the series ever since… so… uh… yeah.

Also, I think that Dr. Reichwein was able to extract some info out of that snotty kid from the rooftop episode; Johan told the kids, that he taught that game to, that some Asian man was going to shoot him soon, so naturally, everyone is jumping towards the conclusion that Tenma is about to kill Johan soon and that they’re running out of time.

Lotte is looking into that book Johan read at this point; she actually meets Tenma while she’s there. Anyway, Tenma is getting ready for the big show and decides to camp out in the library given that it will be hard to sneak in the next day when the library will be closed for the ceremony (he found out about the book donation thing since it was sort of advertised at the school itself).

Next episode, since the Doc’s investigation wasn’t going anywhere, he decided to just confront Schuwald himself. While there, Schuwald offers in some insight as to how such a perfect person like Johan shouldn’t exist in this world, but he does.

I also like the neat idea he has about how his nickname is such a huge behemoth, but the person himself is rather feeble in comparison, especially in his old age; maybe Johan is trying to steal that name from him (not anymore he isn’t).

Anyway, it’s concluded that people like Dr. Reichwein and himself (Schuwald) can’t possibly defeat such a monster and that an even bigger monster is needed to eliminate Johan from this world.

Since Dr. Reichwien and everyone was distracted however, they didn’t realize that the book ceremony was going to happen soon. It’s the most likely place where Tenma would do the job; literally everyone jumps to the same conclusion at the same time and it was pretty intense!

So, Dr. Gillen came over to Munich to oversee what was going on, but Lunge still hasn’t changed his mind about Tenma’s guilt; I like how Lunge comes to the conclusion as to where Tenma will be; he pretends to be “Johan” and concludes that Tenma will target Schuwald next since it will cause the most chaos (which is true, actually). To his surprise (as well), today is the day of the book ceremony and that it will have a bunch of important business people attending it. Best place to be at to mess everything up.

So, by the end of that episode, Lotte was able to catch Nina before she left Munich; she chased after her mainly because Lotte was able to conclude that Nina was actually Johan’s twin and that the story of “A monster without a name” somehow felt connected to all of Lotte’s investigations and stuff.

End of part 7!


There's 3 today since I'm almost done... I'm kinda stuck though (again), but I'll get through it soon enough
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Part 8!

Let’s go over “A monster without a name” for a moment. Although, I’m pretty sure most people know the story, but I’ll recap anyway.

It starts out with 2 monsters that don’t have names. They go off on a journey, one to east and one to the west, in search of a name. The one that goes east is the one that ends up at a village. While in the village, the monster convinces people to give up their names and in exchange, the monster will make them stronger. The names of the people the monster victimizes are Otto, Hans, Thomas and Johan; these are names that Poppe used in his other book “The God of Peace” (which I’ll go over later as it’s apparently symbolic to the story itself).

So, the monster eventually comes across the sickly prince, Johan. The monster decides to not eat up Johan given that the monster really enjoys the high life. So, instead of eating Johan, the monster (and Johan) just eats up everyone else (oh, dang). After killing everyone at the castle, Johan leaves and eventually meets up with his other half; Johan tells the other monster of the cool name he got while hanging out at the castle. On the other hand, his other half is totally okay without a name.

Oh, and after that, Johan eats the other monster.

So, some more new memories come out for Nina too! She knows how to speak Czech and she also distinctly remembers someone reading the book to her once (it may have been Poppe or someone… or maybe Johan… I’m not sure given that I think Poppe stopped using those hypnosis books after the twins were born and even if he did use it on them, the only time he would’ve had this opportunity is when they were infants given that their mom was able to escape one year or less after the twins were born). But she is vaguely familiar with the story and that is for certain.

Okay, so Schuwald feels that something is about to go down and before anything happens, he sends Karl back home to go and get a file for him (which is actually a file having to do with the private investigation of his mom). Schuwald thinks that he’s about to be murdered, but it doesn’t actually stop there.

One is probably thinking: “why not run?” Well, Schuwald is probably under the impression that there is nowhere to run (especially given Johan’s record of success) and that he might as well deal with it like a man (he doesn’t want to have Karl witness his murder though).

During the actual moment when Schuwald gets up to speak, Johan hints at what he’s trying to do. When it finally hits Schuwald, that Johan actually intends to kill everyone here, he asks everyone to calmly exit the library; by then, however, it’s too late and Johan starts a fire inside. Oh, and Roberto’s fake wife person was the one who started it, that was nifty.

The part where Schuwald realizes what’s going on was done pretty well: he’s at the podium, and even though he’s blind, he stares into the crowd and can only imagine how many people are actually sitting there; then there’s a shot of the audience. It’s so awesome.

Okay, panic ensues and Johan is having his moments with Schuwald; the current situation is like “playing with a procession of ants.” Oh yeah, totally keeping with the themes.

Oh, and by the way, Tenma was there all ready to shoot Johan, but Roberto intercepts him and tries to snipe Schuwald (only to be stopped by the fire). Like I said, Johan had already pinpointed the location where Tenma would shoot at. Roberto was initially under the impression that he was supposed to kill Schuwald, but then Johan changed his mind; Roberto thinks that the current scenario is better (of course).

Okay, let’s go back a little to the iffy part of my analysis. The one where I went over how Roberto was given explicit orders to keep Tenma and Nina alive; there are really two ways of looking at it:

-Roberto was given specific orders, but he was being manipulated in a way that would keep Tenma and Nina alive.

-Roberto was given specific orders to keep both Tenma and Nina alive.

Either case you look at, Tenma and Nina stay alive, so, I’ll just chuck it up to viewer interpretation as to how Johan was manipulating Roberto. As for me, I’m on the second assumption. After all, Tenma is allowed to see “the land of the end” (which, I will also explain by the end of this whole thing of mine).

So, Roberto was supposed to leave Tenma alive (which is why Roberto didn’t shoot Tenma) and have Tenma watch him kill Schuwald; during that moment where they had their guns to each other, Roberto was quite confident that Tenma wouldn’t shoot him, actually (he says that he was surprised that he actually did shoot him when he came to visit Tenma in jail). But, Tenma shot twice and… well, now Roberto’s right-arm doesn’t work all that good.

So, while I’m pretty sure that most people knew that Roberto would’ve popped up sooner or later, it was still pretty surprising to see him at the jail posing as an attorney many episodes later.

Back to Johan and Schuwald. All the doors are locked and the library staff is concerned for Schuwald’s life.

After getting people to leave him and Schuwald alone (by asking them to go look for an escape route), Johan tries to do what he does best: narrate the current atmosphere in glorious detail. Schuwald was wondering why Johan didn’t just kill him and take his place afterwards (well, not immediately, but Johan was in a position to). Johan replied that he had already abandoned the plan of taking Schuwald’s place.

Again, this is in order to go and search for that “true darkness,” but naturally, Johan still wants to put Sievernich (one of the leaders of “the organization” and Johan’s apprentice’s dad, who actually is the head of a large financial group) under the impression that he is still working towards his goals so that he won’t withdraw his resources and whatever; this whole fire thing is pretty much a good way to cripple a financial group anyway, so no arguments here.

Johan notices that the flames of hell don’t seem to scare Schuwald, so he tries something a little different: why not show Schuwald that horrible world that Johan remembered when he read “A monster without a name” again (a world without names, a world of isolation, etc.)? This vision should only really be available to people who saved Johan's life, but I think that he was making today an exception.

It works pretty well; Schuwald was shaking like a leaf. I can only imagine how interesting this was to Johan given the fact that physical fear wasn’t enough to actually scare Schuwald. All it took to scare Schuwald was some narration and looking into Johan’s eyes. Just think of the contrast!

Okay, after Tenma’s valiant efforts (I’m reminded of Master Keaton in which the best way to take down a door is to shoot off the hinges), it’s time for the face to face. And hey, Nina is here too!

So, what does the scene where Johan walks towards Tenma look like? Oh! What do you know? It’s that game he taught the kids! Slightly modified of course, but it’s sort of the same thing. A game with fate! Will Johan be able to live by crossing paths with Tenma? Suspense! So, Nina heads into the scene as well and tells Tenma that he shouldn’t shoot; when Nina takes her shot, she can’t hit Johan because of all the obstruction (or she just forgot about all her training because she was lost in the moment, either way to explain this is fine).

Anyway, before anything else happens, the whole thing is interrupted by the collapsing stage curtains; Tenma helps Nina and Schuwald out. While escorting Schuwald to the door, Tenma has a conversation with him. Since there’s not enough time to discuss stuff (what with the fire and everything), Schuwald is gonna send his son with a message for him later over at the Dresden train station.

At the hospital, Lunge tries to go get some info out of Schuwald. While there, Karl asks Lunge about the possible whereabouts of Johan, Schuwald’s secretary. Also, after talking to Schuwald, Lunge notices that there was only a reaction from him after Lunge makes an inquiry about his secretary. I wonder why? *sarcasm*

While the police guy with Lunge thinks that Schuwald has gone senile, Lunge says that that’s not necessarily true as Schuwald’s eyes are the eyes of someone who sees everything. How poetic… I mean… he’s blind after all.

Since the name “Johan” has been tossed all over the place, Lunge agrees to put out a search for the guy. Lunge also comes across another familiar name: “Nina Fortner.” And just to be sure, Lunge pays Johan’s dorm room a visit. I like how he walks into the room and he can’t use his computer mainly because there is no data to input. OKAY! This is it! Lunge is finally having doubts of Tenma’s guilt and that this Johan person that everyone’s been yammering about may actually exist in the physical world.

So, after some hypnosis session, Nina remembers something and heads out to Prague in search of “The three frogs;” Dieter tags along since he wants to see Tenma (hopefully).

When Tenma meets up with Karl, he learns of Cedok Bridge and The Three Frogs… oh yeah, and Johan’s mother is (possibly) in Prague.

I think that Schuwald put the logic of his memories together… he has seen Johan and his mom before after all, and while that alone isn’t proof enough that one of those twins is indeed Johan, there aren’t that many people who actually know stuff about Margot Langer, much less the fact that he had a love affair with her. So, if no one knew about that, why is it that Johan knows about the fact that Schuwald had a lovechild? Let’s look over the process:

-Johan remembers Schuwald’s conversation with his mom
-Johan needs to approach Schuwald at one point (with Sievernich’s backing)
-Johan approaches Margot Langer, thanks to remembering Schuwald’s conversation, and gets info about her lovechild
-Johan has a stand-in pretend to be Schuwald’s son
-Johan does away with the stand-in and reunites Karl with Schuwald

It’s pretty easy (sort of) to jump to the conclusion that his trip to Three Frogs back in 1980 and everything that’s happening now are related to each other. And remember, Schuwald said “IF the monster you’re looking for is twins…”

Anyway, Schuwald is on the money and Tenma is on his way to Prague.

End of part 8!
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Part 9!

Okay, so this part will be marked with the arrival of everyone’s favorite spy: The Magnificent Steiner!

We first see Grimmer at some school doing some investigative work and trying to uncover facts about 511 Kinderheim (where Grimmer is from… he was there in the 60s); before he leaves, he makes a comment about how the school’s male nurse was involved in all those weird programming experiments back then and that the director should watch his ass. Oh yes, Grimmer is also headed to Prague and it is this journey there where he meets up with Tenma (he even helps him get past the border).

Which reminds me, going back to Master Keaton, Keaton had an interesting way of smuggling people across the checks; that was a lot of fun. In fact, it’s because of Keaton that I’m actually somewhat familiar with the whole passport-check thing they do on the trains; Prague is in another country, so of course they’ll have to check your passport.

Okay, here’s where we get tied back in to something I said earlier. The old director who left before Johan’s manipulated massacre is still alive and is living comfortably in Prague; he has a Russian name now, but he was originally called Reinhard Biermann.

Take note that Biermann sics a couple of STB members on Grimmer.

Grimmer is persistent in getting some info out of him and is also trying to prey on his guilt, but Biermann is saying that the experiment, before he left, was a success and that it only got bad when an unknown factor (Johan) got tossed in. Biermann wanted to create people that wouldn’t be taken in by “darkness,” but the real solution only hit him when he started living in Prague with his newfound grandchildren; they needed love (awww)!

Anyway, at the end of the episode (and after his powerful speech), Biermann dies, but is able to relay to Grimmer where all the documents and crap are that contains information about that “unknown factor” that happened over in Kinderheim.

Oh yes, let me analyze this too. So, what happened is that Johan (dressed as his sister… this is actually very plausible, for reasons I will go into later) came in with the intention of getting his hypnosis tapes, whether or not he actually asked for them from Biermann, I don’t know. But Biermann’s survival until Grimmer got there was apparently planned. Biermann did, after all, hand Grimmer the key and stuff.

Okay, this next one has really complicated politics to it, so I’ll just explain it all now.

The STB (Czechoslovakian state security) used to be the significant power in Czechoslovakia. The Communists, who were able to stay in control until 1989, were the people the STB took their walking orders from. Before Czechoslovakia was divided into two countries in 1993, by 1990, the STB had already disbanded and several prominent members went underground given that they would have to stand trial if they didn’t (Lunge actually takes digs at Ranke over the STB’s current position later on when they meet). In the context of the series, when the Berlin wall fell, a bunch of “right-wingers” (Capek and his crew) from East Germany gained influence in the Czech republic and eventually formed a crime-syndicate with the former STB. So, this next part I’m discussing has something to do with Colonel Ranke (the head honcho of the former STB) trying to get a “monster’s” hypnosis tapes and to sell it to a friend in Germany (Capek… who else would be looking for these tapes that might help in the search for a “monster?”).

Okay, now that that’s settled, onto the show!

Grimmer gets held overnight at the Prague police station since they need to get a statement from him about Biermann. Naturally, since Grimmer is a spy, he knows damn well that he shouldn’t disclose of any information that Biermann bestowed upon him; he keeps quiet about the key and stuff.

Detective Zeman (whose main quirk is his nail-clippers, which I found especially intriguing) is trying to poke around and get the key out of Grimmer, but it gets to a point where he knows that Grimmer is hiding something and that the only way to get it is to rough it out of him.

Before that really wicked torture scene happens, Grimmer is able to pass off the safe key to one of the kids before they were sent off to different orphanages.

Okay, so Grimmer gets the shaft and ends up enduring Zeman’s nail torture (this was such a well-executed sequence). The main point is that Zeman needs Biermann’s files given that the STB is looking for it and he intends to sell it to them (those two Czech guys were with the STB, so he apparently asked for some help). What’s on those files is information about the “roots” of the “monster;” it has some information as to where the mother of the twins might be (not current though, but any hints are fine). Oh yes, it is also restated that Johan is able to control people from 511 Kinderheim.

Even after all the stuff, Grimmer is able to stay silent long enough. Right after Johan (dressed as Nina) makes the scene, Grimmer does his nifty “The Magnificent Steiner” transformation and hands everyone (who is still alive… which is like 2 people) their ass; Zeman’s s*** has just been officially ruined (man, I’ve always wanted to say that online… the last time I was able to use that phrase was during that one time I was playing Condemned for the X-Box 360).

At this point, we meet Jan Suk, who’s on Zeman’s murder case; it’s personal too since he looked up to Zeman when he was still a rookie (he still is a rookie, actually). Hey, actually, you even see Zeman talk to him over the cell right before he tortured Grimmer. Suk’s a little depressed over the whole thing (and his inability to stand up with the best of them), so he drowns his sorrows over at the local bar where he “coincidentally” runs into a girl he saw earlier, but didn’t talk to (okay, it’s debatable as to whether this is a coincidence or not, but it is here where Johan guides the hypnosis tape into his direction). After some help from his buds, Suk strikes up a conversation with Johan and Johan, once again, works his magic and gets some important info out of the person he’s talking to. Suk essentially identifies himself as the person looking into Inspector Zeman’s case.

When Suk asks for Johan’s name, he tells him that he doesn’t really know and that the only real memories he has at this point are “Three Frogs and Cedok Bridge.” Okay, so he’s on the same track as Nina, apparently. I’ll just assume that this memory popped out when Johan read “A monster without a name.” Unlike Nina, he didn’t need hypnosis, I guess.

Moving on…

Since Suk wasn’t paying more attention during Zeman’s murder case briefing about the description of a man seen at the location of the murder, Johan had to bridge the logic for Suk so that he’d start looking into Grimmer (seriously). Right after, Suk tries to follow Johan and ends up at Three Frogs; Tenma is here now too.

So, the next day, Suk makes it over to the hotel that Grimmer said that he was staying at during his interrogation, about Biermann’s death, over at the police station. Suk gets there only to find that Grimmer had already checked out 2 days ago. Okay, since the lower STB guys who infiltrated the Prague police station are still running around and looking for Grimmer (for the key to the safe deposit box), it’s not all that surprising that one of them, Patera, ends up at the hotel too; Suk and Patera were pretty surprised to see each other at the hotel. Later, Patera tells Suk to stay quiet about the Grimmer thing since Patera doesn’t want people looking into it yet given that he needs Grimmer for his STB purposes; if people were to nab Grimmer now, they’d never get the key. So, he deceives Suk into keeping it secret by telling him that Zeman was doing some STB investigation (which is true, but it was done a long time ago and Zeman had already taken a bribe to keep quiet). Also, to keep Suk distracted, Patera tells him to sit put at the hotel and stake it out since Grimmer might show up again (Er… yeah, right).

Okay, so Suk accidentally lets out that thing he’s doing at the bar with Johan (dressed as Nina). Since Patera is such a douche, he heads over to the bar while Suk is busy staking out the damn hotel.

When Patera gets to the bar, the first thing he tells Johan is that Suk is at said stakeout; Johan is a bit annoyed at this given that he needs Suk to get into contact with Grimmer (again, so that he can get his hypnosis tape) and it’s quite obvious to Johan that this Patera person and whoever he associates with will get in his way (again, a stakeout?); Johan gives him the bonbons.

A while later, after getting back from the stakeout (and after getting in a tiff with Patera over the whole bar thing), Suk is instructed to cleanout Zeman’s stuff where he eventually uncovers the bribe thing in Zeman’s locker (as hinted by Patera and Janeck’s missing files from Zeman’s report, and also a huge wad of cash found in his locker). After telling the commissioner about it (who tells Suk to keep quiet about it), he goes back to the bar to go drown his sorrows once again (and now he’s under the impression that Johan is the only person he can really trust right now… not that that’s surprising).

Oh, and the commish, Patera and Janeck all end up dead thanks to Johan’s bonbons.

The next day is chaos; speculation gets out that the police may have been penetrated by the STB and that the commish may have been in on it. The press also thinks that these current murders may have something to do with Zeman’s murder (which isn’t too far from the truth).

Since Suk was the one who uncovered most of the stuff, he’s told to start the investigation off from the beginning again since they might find something new like this. The first place he goes to is the orphanage kids since they did see Grimmer speaking with Petrov (Biermann). After learning a little about Kinderheim and a blonde lady at the crime scene, Suk hits pay dirt when the kid who has the key tells him that he’s going to meet up with Grimmer again soon.

After Suk observes Grimmer and has his conversation, even though Grimmer says that he’s not sure if he killed Zeman or not, Suk believes that it’s likely that Grimmer is innocent (he’s not, but that doesn’t really matter). This is especially since Grimmer handed him the key to Biermann’s safety deposit box. Heck, Grimmer even gives Suk the phone number of the hotel he’s staying at.

Take note of the investigation Tenma is conducting at Three Frogs; this is where I was able to deduce that Nina was taken away with her mother during that incident with Poppe when he came to get them for the experiment at the rose mansion. Also, this is where I was able to deduce that the mother was trying to pass herself off as to having one kid (hence the cross-dressing). ALSO, the old guy narrates how the fire happened a decade ago; after checking a room from which the fire may have been started, they were surprised to see that the little girl had come back even though she was taken away (it’s possible that this is Johan still in drag). The old guy assumes that the fire must’ve been started when the little girl tried to make something to eat. Anyway, the fire was probably on purpose, and this is why I think it’s Johan’s doing.

Going back… according to the old man, shortly after being rescued, the girl disappeared.

And if anyone is wondering, Johan was already with Nina around this time… there’s a scene where you see them running away from a burning building later in the series; it has to be this incident.

So, back in the present, Suk is over at the bar again; Johan does his thing and is finally able to figure out where his hypnosis tape might be at. He also gets Suk to stay quiet about the whole thing with Grimmer by pretending to worry like how his mom would worry about him (dang, that’s sharp).

Oh, and we discover that this blonde girl who looks like Nina is actually Johan.

I need to say that while I’m not sure about everything else in the series, this little thing with Johan cross-dressing actually has basis in real-life; I don’t know if anyone will remember this, but a long time ago, there was this one incident with this cross-dresser guy who hanged out with a bunch of guys and had sex with them a lot. It took them forever to figure out that the person they were doing it with was actually a guy; the cross-dresser person was murdered after he was found out.

Johan IS Nina’s twin, so it’s not really all that outlandish, especially when you think about it in the context of the story above. Sorry I don’t have concrete names and stuff; it’s hard to research, but I do remember seeing it on Discovery or something (I think it was a forensics documentary) back in the Philippines. Given the subject matter, it wasn’t all that hard to remember the raw details.

End of part 9!
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Part 10!

All right! So we’re finally gonna go over Johan’s tape!

The episode starts out with a special investigation team being formed to discover the truth behind the matter. The problem here though is that Suk is an immediate suspect given all that’s happened; his investigations and the murders seem too convenient, so of course he’s a suspect. Anyway, the new commissioner orders the team to follow him around and see what happens.

Suk heads over to some café where he has another talk with Grimmer (without passing it through the higher-ups) discussing everything and is considering going over the tapes with Grimmer so that they might unravel the mystery behind this “monster” that everyone is after; Suk is happy to know that Grimmer didn’t betray him unlike everyone else. Suk is thinking about proving Grimmer’s innocence as well, but Grimmer thinks that that might be a little hard given that there’s a good possibility that he’s guilty.

And they’re off!

So, not only is the investigation team after Grimmer, but the STB is all over the place too; that isn’t cool.

Oh yeah, and Johan, dressed normal-like, is watching too (Grimmer even feels the presence of the “pretty blonde lady” while there at the café); Johan is gonna follow them and listen in on the tape when the time is right.

Over at the bank, they get to the safe-deposit box and listen in; Grimmer is only able to make it during the part where Johan describes eating people in the story; we don’t know what Johan is most afraid of yet at this point, but I’ll go over it in a minute. Grimmer’s greatest fear though seems to be Kinderheim (which is why he couldn’t listen anymore, because the question the researcher dude asked reminded Grimmer of what he feared the most).

Some things to take note of on the tape thing:

-This is where the first hints of Johan’s memory confusion comes out; he’s the one reading the book while waiting for Anna at Three Frogs. BUT, Johan isn’t actually waiting for his sister… he’s waiting for “Anna.” If people can recall, Anna is actually the name of their mother (remember Poppe’s love-letter novel). This ties into my observation (along with the scene I referenced) about how Johan was actually looking for their mom when Nina came back. Anyway, this is what Zeman (nail-clippers dude, just in case anyone has forgotten) was talking about: “Anna” (their mom) still might be alive and that Ranke wants this tape with that info on it so that it can be sold to Capek.

-Johan, when asked who he is, is recalling the story of “A monster without a name;” I am assuming that the person in the tape is asking Johan all this stuff, but Johan is being ambiguous and is only recalling memories of the story and how the people around him fit into the story.

Also, Johan is describing what people might assume is that scene where him and Nina are all alone at the Czechoslovakian border, but it’s actually the incident at the rose mansion:

“A lot of people were dead… it was as if there were only two of us, Anna and myself, in the whole wide world.”

What this means is that it was as if it was just Nina, Johan and their mother in the whole world after that rose mansion massacre (because a lot of people were dead); I will go into why Johan thinks that himself and Nina are “one” in just a moment. But for now, Johan doesn’t know the fine details of the massacre and only recalls: a lot of people being dead, some names and the rose mansion, but not necessarily how it all ties in together.

Let’s go into it in a little more detail, the tapes contains info on:

*A place where a lot of people died, the “rose mansion”

*Franz Bonaparta, “the man of the rose mansion”

Since Johan remembered this place where “a lot of people where dead” and a person named “Bonaparta” connected to it all, he is suddenly able to remember someone who looks like Capek (more on this in a moment).

To reiterate, Johan remembers these specific things after listening to his tape:

=A place where a lot of people died (not the specifics), the rose mansion, and that there was a man named “Bonaparta” connected to it

=Johan also remembers meeting Capek at one point (when Nina was taken away… but, Johan thinks he was taken away). And because of that, Johan is able to conclude that Capek might have info on Bonaparta.

Johan, by my theories, forgot all about the rose mansion after 511 Kinderheim, which means that he also forgot about who Capek was even though Johan knew of Capek’s existence. Johan knows about Capek’s existence because of Capek’s association with “the organization,” of which Christoph (Johan’s apprentice) and his dad are affiliated with. So, since Johan didn’t remember the rose mansion, Johan didn’t know about Capek’s significance; Johan only figured out Capek’s significance after having listened to his hypnosis tape.

At this point, let me expand on in detail the plan that was set in motion when Johan remembered these people named “Franz Bonaparta” and “Capek.”

He sent Roberto on an investigation to look for someone named “Franz Bonaparta.” In the process, Roberto was eventually able to lead himself to someone named Vardeman (who’s dad was a spy and had meetings with Bonaparta when he was still alive). When Tenma was arrested, Johan thought that it would be easier to kill two birds with one stone by having Roberto commission Vardeman to be one of Tenma’s lawyers. The reason why Roberto is associating with Vardeman is because Johan needs his dad’s spy notes (that might have hints to the location of the rose mansion on it, remember: “steeple to the left, weather vane to the right” and “Franz Bonaparta” was written in the notes). The reason why Roberto is pressuring Tenma to escape is because Johan wants Tenma to see “the end” and you can’t see “the end” from the inside of a jail cell (I’m not talking about the end of the series where Johan tries to kill himself, I’m talking about how Johan wants Tenma to see a world without names, but Tenma can’t see it from where he’s at now). During the pressuring of Tenma to escape, Roberto pretends that he’s going to kill Eva, but he’s pretending just for the sake of pressuring Tenma... to escape. The truth of the matter is that Johan needs Eva to identify him for Capek; approaching Capek is so that Johan can find out hints as to where this “Franz Bonaparta” person might be (Capek knows where his son is, actually). Anyway, Roberto’s actual association with Eva is that Roberto leads Capek to Eva after getting Eva’s location out of her when she thinks that Roberto is one of Tenma’s attorneys (she only gives her location out BECAUSE she thinks that Roberto is one of Tenma’s attorneys).

Okay, moving on…

*Also on the tape is that what Johan fears the most is forgetting about Anna.

*The tape might have some clues as to where Johan’s mother is in the Czech Republic (she must’ve told Johan before they separated, which Johan in turn revealed to the hypnosis person on the tape). Take note though that at the end of the series, the mother of the twins is actually in Southern France.

Since Johan wants to protect her, especially now, he records over the vital information to throw just about everyone off... this is after listening in on everything, of course.

*And finally, Anna is the name of Johan’s mother

Oh, dang! There it is! This will actually explain Johan’s weird monologue later; that whole “I am my sister and my sister is me, I am you and you are me, etc.” thing he was going on about.

Oh yes, notice how Grimmer and crew didn’t get to the part of the tape where the Johan most likely answered who this “Anna” person really was (because Johan recorded over it)… it’s his mom; we only assume it’s Nina because she had the name “Anna” at one point. The rose mansion clues were probably on there, but they already knew about that thanks to Ranke (but they were busy here, fiddling around with the tape). Oh yeah, but Ranke didn’t tell them where it is though, he just confirmed its existence.

Anyway, everyone was saying that Johan’s tape had info about the mother of the twins, so... yeah, my theory is somewhat plausible when you take that into consideration.

Before moving forward to the linear story, let me divert everything first in order to explain the above (man, this is gonna be complicated… this motivation is all post Kinderheim, take note):

Let’s jump a bit forward to when Johan finally makes his way back to the rose mansion (although, technically, it IS his first time in that room even though he thinks that it only FEELS that way).

Going back a bit, I was going on about how Johan really loves his sister and how he is distancing himself away from her in order to prevent the “monster” inside of him from “eating” her. Apparently, this applied to something greater: his mom; he REALLY loves his mom. The story actually applies to THAT scenario, but Johan was confused at first given the fact that Nina was actually named after their mom (this is the name they came up with over at Nina’s orphanage… whether it was by coincidence or that they knew their mom’s name through someone, like Wolfe maybe, it was decided that her name would be Anna, which is actually her mom’s).

I’m assuming that Johan, when he got out of Kinderheim, could distinctly remember that he loved someone named “Anna” a lot and that this person named Anna was in danger (which pretty much erases the mother from memory given that Johan thinks it’s Nina… remember, the classes at Kinderheim were erasing Johan’s memories, so he could only go on various clues after Kinderheim to remember his past). When the whole “I have a monster inside of me” scenario came out, this is pretty much the reason why Johan distanced himself from his sister who was named “Anna” at the time. But the truth is that (this is the logic that he runs on post rose mansion) him and Nina are actually “one,” The monster that Johan thought was inside of him actually wasn’t, and the “other half” that was going to be “eaten” was, in fact, their mother.

These are symbolic representations in the story of “A monster without a name,” not literal interpretations. In a “world without names,” it seems that Johan could really only remember names of the humans in the story and the names that he gave the monsters; since the monsters in the story didn’t actually have names, Johan named them Franz Bonaparta and Anna.

So, after his visit to the rose mansion, it’s okay to approach Nina now given that Johan thinks he has finally settled his confusion of fantasy and the truth, but he has some stuff to do before then; he needs to learn of where the “monster” is, maybe in order to stop the “monster” or get revenge, or both.

Explaining the whole Nina and Johan are “one” thing… During that time at the three frogs, their mom would have the twins dress-up the same and that their mom couldn’t tell them apart; this, to Johan, is the reason why him and Nina are “one.” One “monster” is their mother. Johan remembers her turning into a “monster” because of that incident where she felt the need to get revenge on Poppe.

So, Johan already recalls that scene in the ending of the series by the time he recalls the massacre at the mansion of roses. He does say: “you couldn’t tell us apart” after all.

Looking over all this, that’s not to say that Johan doesn’t love his sister (in fact, he tries to show her that he loves her at the end of the series), but her taking their mom’s name is what confused Johan and he only understands everything now because of his trip to the rose mansion.

I was able to conclude that his mom being “eaten” was his worst fear because of the structure of Johan’s dialogue in his hypnosis tape: right after the part where Grimmer quits listening (the “chomp chomp, crush crush, etc.” thing) is actually where Johan says that he’s most afraid of forgetting “Anna;” from there, it’s can be said that he’s most afraid of his mom, a “monster,” being “eaten” by another “monster.”

To conclude all this: Johan was finally able to rationalize all of his confusion and the only real problem now (this is even after his visit to the rose mansion) is the fact that he doesn’t know that he mixed up his and his sister’s memories of the rose mansion massacre.

Okay, going back… people are probably wondering… what’s the significance of mixing up the characters in the story? The main problem with confusing Nina and Anna is that Johan, thanks to his associating of people he knew with characters in the story, wasn’t able to see the fact that Poppe was actually a monster “outside.” Poppe was a “monster” that was going to “eat” their mom, but because Johan confused Nina with Anna and because of Poppe’s visit to the twins one night over in Dusseldorf, Johan was under the impression that he was going to “eat” Nina, which in turn put Johan under the impression that he was a character in a book, which in turn didn’t acknowledge Bonaparta’s existence (phew).

Confusing who symbolized whom in the story blinded him from the truth (that being that Poppe is a real person).

Oh, and the reason why the mansion is burned down is so that Nina won’t be able to recall most of her memories yet. Maybe Johan did this so that she wouldn’t interfere in his search for the monster, “the dragon,” Poppe (I’ll explain this later). And given where it is Johan is going, he can’t have Nina follow since Capek might just end up using her (again) to get to Johan (By the time the organization is able to come into contact with Nina, Capek’s power was already falling apart thanks to Johan’s manipulation).

Anyway, after listening to his tape and visiting the rose mansion, Johan now knows what his true ultimate fear is and he’s looking for the monster that will eat “Anna.” This ultimate fear is associated with the horrible ordeal Johan thinks he went through given that the “monster” might put his mom through that same ordeal when he “eats” her.

Okay, I sure hope I expanded on that clearly enough (it’s really abstract).

Back to the linear story, but let’s take note of where we are after Johan listens to his tape, but before the visit to the rose mansion:

The first thing to do is to find out where the rose mansion is; this is done through Vardeman (Tenma’s lawyer). The next thing to do is to find out where this “Bonaparta” person might be, even though his significance isn’t apparent yet; this is done by going directly to Capek. This is pretty much why Eva gets involved later on and quite possibly why she was kept alive after the whole villa thing; Johan needs her to point him out for someone in the organization, eventually (it’s not like Christoph could do it given that they still have to pretend that they don’t know each other).

So, after leaving the bank, Suk decides its best to hold onto the stuff. Also, Grimmer decides that it would also be a good idea to get Suk’s phone and address. Not only that, they should leave the bank separately just in case.

So Suk gets home only to be received by the special investigation team. He’s under suspicion mainly because he didn’t tell his superiors of his meetings with Grimmer and stuff (thanks to Johan’s manipulation earlier that got him all paranoid and crap of his superiors). Also, Johan is actually over at the place and plants the bonbons and muscle relaxant in Suk’s room. Oh yes, and prior to this, he put a lot of money in Suk’s bank account since he knew it would fit well into a motive given that Suk probably revealed some details about his sick mother at one point (in fact, Johan pays her a visit eventually, so it could be that Suk’s fugitive status bought Johan some time so that he could listen in on his tapes which eventually found its way to Suk’s mom).

Oh yeah, Johan stepped back in and killed those investigator guys to further cement Suk’s guilt. Grimmer sees Johan (dressed as Nina), but is frozen on his way up to Suk’s flat because he gets scared of Johan’s presence.

So, Tenma is over at a Czech-based newspaper and is looking into the STB abductions that happened a while back (because of Nina and her mom’s abduction); this is where he gets on Ranke’s trail. After reading the current news, he’s also able to deduce that Suk is probably innocent and that maybe Johan used him at one point; this is mainly because of all the similarities to his own case. Anyway, he pays Suk’s mom a visit and tells her of his son’s innocence (even though she can’t really comprehend it); too bad Tenma didn’t stay sooner since the lady actually has Johan’s hypnosis tape.

Anyway, Tenma is able to figure out where Suk might be because his mom tells Tenma about this place Suk use to hang out at as a kid; when Tenma gets there, “The Magnificent Steiner” had already done his job. Grimmer and Tenma leave everyone to the police, but it seems that someone affiliated with the STB got hold of the crime scene and made it out that everyone here got into a fight. So, Suk gets taken to some STB-related hospital (the other men were transferred, while Suk was at another hospital to begin with). After finding out that Suk wasn’t taken to the hospital on the news, Grimmer and Tenma head outside only to run into a bunch of men; they take Tenma and Grimmer to Colonel Ranke in order to negotiate over Suk and Johan’s tape. Also, while Grimmer is under the impression that the blonde lady is involved with Ranke, Ranke denies this given that he was actually carefully negotiating for Biermann’s tapes, but thanks to the power structure and that blonde chick (Johan), the orders got distorted and a bunch of unexpected stuff happened (such as Grimmer being tortured and etc.); it was a mess. Oh, and remember, Ranke is trying to sell Johan’s tape to Capek.

There’s a nice scene here where Grimmer (because of a moth… Ranke’s nephew liked insects, after all) is able to remember Ranke’s nephew (Roberto).

Take note that Nina is already in town (Prague) and that she was a little creeped out that complete strangers were acting all familiar with her.

So, the next day, Ranke is talking it over again and Grimmer agrees to let him hear the tape, but there’s no way in hell that he’ll let Ranke have it. After glaring over the STB abductions a bit, Ranke says that he never heard of a woman and her child being abducted and that there’s most likely only one person capable of keeping that kind of information from him: Franz Bonaparta, the man of the mansion of roses and the author of a picture book named “A monster without a name.” Oh yeah, Tenma is under the impression that it was Johan that was abducted… Johan is the “monster” after all.

Back to Nina, she’s at the Three Frogs and has a recollection… she also thinks that Johan was the one dragged down the stairs and taken away. But upon opening the door, she becomes confused given that she remembers that she was greeting herself home (that was Johan greeting her home). Since not all her memories are intact, it’s easy to confuse all of this.

Okay, so Tenma, Ranke and Grimmer all set out to go and retrieve the tape from Suk’s mom. It’s not gonna be all that easy though given that Johan is already there. So, using some info that Johan dragged out of Suk, he helps Suk’s mom recover a bunch of memories (for more information). So, before Johan leaves, Johan listens in and records over his tape given that he doesn’t want Tenma catching onto where he’ll go next just yet (he intends to go to the rose mansion to discover some more memories) and that there might be some other info that he doesn’t want anyone finding out (I went over it already); in the event that they didn’t listen in on the whole thing yet, Johan only leaves them so much info on the tape. But yeah, they didn’t listen through the first time, so it’s too late now.

Lunge is taking his first big vacation from the BKA in a long time. Since he hit a wall, why not relax a little? There was an ulterior motive though; he was interested in finding out the roots of this book that Schuwald’s secretary was so interested in. Lunge hits the Prague police station, to have “A monster without a name translated,” but he catches wind of Suk’s case (which involves poisonous bonbons) and becomes interested in reading into it while there. After interviewing Suk’s friends, the name Anna Liebert comes out and Lunge makes the definite connection between his case and whatever it is that’s going on in Prague. Also, he comes across Poppe’s publisher and finds Poppe’s sketches of a pregnant woman and her twins (oh, it’s getting familiar). Finally, after inquiring about the book he wanted the commissioner to translate for him, it has the name Johan mentioned at the end.

The neat thing I liked about this was that Lunge switched up back to coffee from beer when he decided that it was time to buckle down and do some serious investigating.

Okay, just 16 more episodes to go… can’t believe I made it this far.

End of part 10!


Okay, that was a pretty big bomb... if people are confused as to how it's all structured, I think they should ask now... I thought it out for a while and I think I got it, but I may have not have written it down coherently...

What I mean is that, it looks like this:

-Johan listens to his tape

-Johan has Roberto execute a plan

-Johan visits the rose mansion (he can only do this after actually learning of its location, so it makes sense)


okay, back to work (I'm gonna start part 13 soon)
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Part 11!

To start everything off, I’ll note down that episode where Johan finally leaves his apartment, but toys around a little with one of the orphan kids, that’s trying to prove Grimmer’s innocence, before he leaves; it was messed up, but it seems this was done to delay Grimmer and Tenma’s trip to looking into the rose mansion. The point of interest here is that part where Johan has the kid, Milos, go and search for his mom over at the red-light district. Prior to this trip, Johan asks Milos that if he doesn’t find his mom while he’s there, what does Milos have to live for? Yup, another one of those neat manipulation tricks. Thankfully enough, Grimmer makes it to the scene in time and in the process recovers some of his lost emotions (though, he’s still not sure what he actually feels yet, it just comes out).

Elsewhere, using his l33t investigative skills, Lunge is eventually able to lead himself to Bonaparta’s rose mansion (which he will screw around in later).

Anyway, since Lunge heard that Suk was being accused of having connections to the STB, Lunge went around scoping out any hospitals that may have had some connections to the STB; he runs into Suk and asks if he knows who the killer is (given how thorough his framing has been). Since Lunge isn’t able to get some stuff out of him, he just leaves him with some advice about how he should look into the evidence carefully and suspect people he may not want to suspect; it’s the only way to not be betrayed by the people around you (Suk hasn’t thought of accusing Johan (dressed as Nina) yet).

So, Lunge gets one of those STB guys looking after Suk to take him to colonel Ranke (leader of the STB). After taking some cheap shots at each other below the belt, Lunge discusses the rose mansion with Ranke. Oh yes, it seems that Lunge wanted to talk with Ranke given that he can’t seem to find any concrete information on Franz Bonaparta; if that’s the case (non-existent past), it’s quite possible that this person was associated with the STB at one point and that it would be best to pass through Ranke in order to confirm this. Ranke is a little hesitant to reveal information on the mansion given that he’s scared of remembering anything that has to do with it (which is why he won’t even touch the mansion and leaves it standing even if it has bad stuff connected to it).

So, Lunge does his thing and eventually finds the room where the massacre happened; he is able to detect evidence of the massacre mainly because the room was disinfected as hell. Also, he discovers a painting of the woman he saw in one of Bonaparta’s sketches.

Tenma on the other hand is doing his own Bonaparta investigation and comes across his old editor who tells him some stuff about Bonaparta; unfortunately, this editor guy has been following Tenma’s case and reports him to the cops.

Anyway, the newest things we learn here is that Bonaparta had a doctorate in psychiatric medicine (which is probably how he came up with those hypno-books) and that he also wrote this love-letter story to the mother of the twins, the one about how a Monster falls in love (which was rejected by the editor); it seems like he thought about it around the time he met up with the twins and their mother again (1981 or 1982). And before Bonaparta left his editor, it seems that Bonaparta talked about one more story, the one about a door that didn’t open; I think Poppe was hinting off at what he was intending to do in the near future (he intends to kill everyone that’s involved with the experiment and to lock that room and its secrets away).

By the end of the episode, Grimmer is on his way (and confesses through letter to a bunch of crimes that only the killer would know to help get Suk off of the hook) and Tenma sees him off agreeing to do that picnic thing they did before again one day.

The neat thing here is that we actually see the cops that go and bust Tenma pass by Grimmer; unsurprisingly, Tenma is busted while he’s helping someone on the street… man… that was cheap.

So much for investigating the rose mansion’s location and stuff.

I might have gone over it before, but please take note of the specifics of Margot Langer’s letter in 1976 and the time where Schuwald goes and visits Prague in 1980. The letter in 1976 makes claims of the birth of the twins and the move in to three frogs. The visit in 1980 shows how Johan got some info on Margot Langer. Also, on Schuwald’s visit, it would seem that she (the mother) never heard anything from Margot Langer from that time that Langer left Schuwald.

Some minor notes:

-Dr. Reichwein visited Prague, but couldn’t find anyone
-News gets out about Tenma’s arrest in Prague (no, wait… that’s a big detail).

Anyway, Schuwald tells Karl to go and get a bunch of lawyers. At the same time, Tenma’s old patients (some of which we’ve actually seen before) gather together with the intention of pushing for proving Tenma’s innocence… Dr. Becker is there and is sort of a wet towel though; they eventually hire on Roberto without knowing who he really is. Roberto uses this opportunity to pass through poor people to get to Vardeman given that Vardeman rejected Schuwald’s call for a good lawyer earlier. Anyway, the doctors who Tenma helped out can’t make it mainly because they have people to take care of and can’t just up and leave (they were thinking “what would Tenma do?”), but, their hearts are with him.

It’s really heartwarming to see people come together like this.

So, with all this going on, Dr. Reichwein heads to Dusseldorf in order to speak with Schuwald; Eva tags along. Oh yes, Eva met up with the good doctor since she was referred to him by a friend. Actually, Eva was there when the doc learned about Tenma’s arrest, although, it only hits doc that she’s related to the whole Johan thing later on in the train going to the Czech republic. What Eva hasn’t revealed at this point however is her knowledge of actually seeing Johan during after an incident, but she seems to be struggling between her desire to get back at Tenma and her will to do what’s right.

At the end of the episode, Lunge comes across Poppe’s love-letter story; this and a scene from one of the last episodes is where I’m basing the assumption of Anna being the mother’s name.

Going over the story, it’s about some guy, possibly a “monster” (Poppe), who’s crumbling away (probably over the guilt of what he’s doing), but then there’s someone who shows herself before him. At first, he existed to “consume” this person (control her), but what happened is that the person “consumed” him (he fell in love); not only that, but the woman delivers onto this person a pair of Jewels (twins) that are like eternal life itself. It’s all symbolic and stuff about how when Poppe was being completely taken in by the guilt of what he was doing, this person showed up before him and gave him new hope for his humanity or something and that he saw the beauty of life when the ideal twins were born into the world.

Anyway, it goes on about how sinful it is to steal someone’s name and that the monster (Poppe) is now giving this person/monster/something, “Anna,” back her name (then there is a shot, right after Lunge reads the words “Anna,” of the painting of Johan’s mom… so there). But now, he’s just sad given that he can no longer be near her after “giving her back her name.”

Also, during the 72nd episode or so, Poppe discusses how he fell in love with the mother of the twins and then how he killed anyone having to do with the experiment afterwards; that is essentially “returning her name” after “stealing it.”

Anyway, I’m sticking to the “her name is Anna” theory and am going to move in that direction.

Before Tenma is hauled off to be sent back to Germany, Lunge leaves him some nice advice that’ll help confound the interrogation.

Also, after reading Poppe’s love-letter novel, Lunge is finally able to acknowledge the fact that maybe indeed a monster exists in this world and that it might’ve been created in that room in the rose mansion where many perished (but I’m still working under the assumption that Johan is like a superior human, but like I said, he was lead astray by this and that. A true “monster” was born into this world somehow by chance, and that’s Johan… there’s really no other way to explain his super intelligence and abilities of clean murder and human nature prediction, so it’s a safe bet to stay on this road).

So, while in prison, Tenma runs into Gunther, the escape artist; we’ll see him help Tenma out of jail later. Also introduced is the all-famous prodigal son lawyer (or whatever his titles is), Vardeman. Since Tenma is in jail, people have been scrambling around to prove his innocence; Vardeman didn’t take Schuwald’s offer since it seemed suspicious, but when his old patients, who went through Roberto (posing as some attorney named Baul), asked Vardeman to take the case, he agreed to take the case on the basis that this man (Tenma) might actually be a good person. I mean, there has to be a reason why people who don’t necessarily have a lot of money are trying to scope out this renowned lawyer, so why not?

After hearing about Vardeman’s involvement, Dr. Reichwein approaches him so that he too can help prove Tenma’s innocence. They discuss some general stuff, like about how Dr. Reichwein shouldn’t testify about the whole attempted sniping incident, but the point of interest here is that Vardeman needs to drag Tenma’s former fiancé in as a key witness to… whatever; Dr. Reichwein is later surprised to discover that, not only did Eva try to kill Tenma, but she has actually seen Johan.

The only problem here is that she didn’t see Johan actually kill the guy (Adolf Junkers), but it’s a good start given that someone has seen Johan in the flesh.

At the end of this one, Roberto shows his face to Tenma during a visit. Roberto tells him that he’s considering killing Eva (which isn’t the plan), mainly because she’s seen Johan. After Tenma tries to reason with Roberto by saying that she wants Tenma in jail and that there is no way she’d bring info about Johan into court (Johan’s existence would help prove his innocence), Roberto then goes on to say that killing Eva would benefit both Tenma and himself if that were the case; it’s that awesome use of manipulation once again.

Take note of a few things:

-Roberto tells Tenma that he could try telling the cops, but they might not believe him
-Roberto also says that he could go to Vardeman, but what guarantee is there that Vardeman isn’t one of Johan’s followers?
-Oh yes, Roberto is still a bit surprised that Tenma actually shot him

Going back to Gunther, he’s already setting his escape plan in motion and even has a nifty code in which he gets the lawyer guy (who works for the mob) to tell his brother and his girlfriend (Helene and Gustav) to record Tuesday re-run of “The Detective Forster Show,” which is code for “get me out at this time.” So, he does his pretending to be sick thing again and meets up with Tenma (again); Tenma wants in and it is here where Gunther hints off at what Tenma should do if he wants to join in the escape (confess, and in five days you’ll be transferred the detention facility).

Back to Vardeman, him and Dr. Reichwein are going over Eva to confirm whether or not she has actually seen Johan. She says she has, but she’s being a real cow about everything and says that she won’t give this testimony in court. But she’s slowly having recollections of the past and is now sort of regretting all the rotten things she’s done to Tenma and is thinking if she should continue to hold onto a grudge or not; it was pretty sad to watch.

What happens next shocks EVERYONE! Tenma has made a full confession and it’s off to the hoosegow!

So, after refusing to see even Vardeman, it seems like Tenma is on his way.

By the end of the episode, after much contemplation (and Vardeman’s madness), Eva finally makes the decision to help prove Tenma’s innocence.

Oh, and Roberto figured out Eva’s location (she gave it to Roberto herself over the phone, unknowingly) and passed it on to “the organization” along with some info that claims that she’s seen Johan.
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