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GAME: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:58 pm Reply with quote
I am so on the fence with this game. A Link to the Past is one of my favorite games of all time. I never liked the games that happened after that. I have never been a fan of the Zelda games from N64 onward(with the exception of Wind Waker I loved that one)

One of my biggest pet peeves with this game and I know it's a stupid one but hey I don't care. I really would have liked that game to be pixel based. Link to the Past was one of the best looking sprite based games ever and only out done by Final Fantasy 6. I think making the game look like Link to the Past would have added to the nostalgia that a sequel to that should have.

Maybe I will pick it up when it gets really cheap or something. I loved Link to the Past so much that my expectations for a sequel are really high and when that happens more often then not you get disappointed even if the game is really good.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:43 pm Reply with quote
Reibooi wrote:
One of my biggest pet peeves with this game and I know it's a stupid one but hey I don't care. I really would have liked that game to be pixel based.
I think it's more a sop to modern graphical sensibilities than anything else, but looking at the hieroglyphing, it seems they at least attempted to give the 3D a use(it'd be interesting to know how the two are connected, development-wise).

As for the console games, I like Ocarina of Time(have to agree with Dave on the Skulltulla thing - or would if I'd ever seriously tried to complete that quest) and don't really hate Majora's Mask(even if I've never beaten more than the first dungeon), but nothing after that's really interested me. I wouldn't know if I'd call Link to the Past the best or my favorite(perhaps warm, fuzzy "my first Zelda" memories make me less than objective), but the connection alone definitely makes me want to play this.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:24 pm Reply with quote
After finishing the game with close to 100% in Hero Mode (The only thing I don't have is the upgraded Bug Net for example) I can say this game is really fast. That is two major problems I feel is the dungeons are a bit small and maybe short and the second is the game just felt too easy for some reason. Even in Hero Mode I never died once but that just could be because I'm good at games?. Other than that great game.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 9:26 pm Reply with quote
I'm on totally board with this review up until the part that gets to complaining about Skyward Sword and 3D Zelda generally. It's not entirely without merit, I know I found Twilight Princess to be a slog after awhile and didn't enjoy it nearly as much as Skyward Sword. But, come on now: A Link Between Worlds is a familiar-but-different take on A Link To the Past, almost like a second quest of that game with its own special gimmick and even better controls. Don't get me wrong, pretty much any praise directed at it has been deserved: the freedom it gives you is awesome, it's a lot of fun, it's friendly to new and veteran players, it handles like a dream. I also don't think it's really a bad thing that the game feels "fast" if only because that seems appropriate for a game on a portable system. But this idea it's so completely fresh vs. recent titles on home consoles featuring mundane "copy-paste" creativity?! No way. For heaven's sake, its a sequel and its entire overworld got reused. As acknowledged, if you've been through LTTP you have a truckload of tips about where you should be going and what to do.

The review asks who's really asking for "more" in games and feeling that makes it better. Well: a lot of people, I would say, as that can go a long way toward feeling that you've gotten enough enjoyment out of the experience that it was worth your money. Not always, to be sure, and the quality of the experience is surely important. But what's really annoying is content that feels like padding and is in your way. In the end scavenger hunting and fetch questing are optional things. Sure, we can question the value of bothering in Skyward Sword - just as you can wonder about the point of finding the baby Maiamais in Link Between Worlds, or braving the tower, or the item farming for potions that exists here just as it did in Skyward Sword, or the little minigames, or the streetpass stuff. Except for the tower, for my part I pretty much skipped that stuff and went straight to the dungeons.

Also, some credit where it's due...the flip side of time being taken to learn how to use the sword with the motion control was that for once, basic combat demanded actual tactics for success and not just timing. That was waaaaay more engaging and interesting to me than smashing a button and watching foes go down. Then there was the perk of having expansive environments to run and fly through, and the opportunities presented for (IMO) more interesting puzzles to figure out in dungeons.

In short, I agree this is pretty much the ideal for a top-down Zelda game, but to me Skyward Sword was also just fine for what it was and I don't know that I'd really want future 3D / home console titles to imitate this thing except maybe for the innovation of item rental and / or the freedom to tackle dungeons in whatever order you damn well please. For me the last one hit the sweet spot for scale and immersion. I want more of that, I don't want a shift toward something smaller or very "fast" and down-to-business.

But yeah. All Nintendo needs to do with the next 3DS Zelda title is do what A Link Between Worlds did in an entirely original environment that will be a total discovery for everyone. That's when they do better than this spectacular game.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 05, 2013 2:09 am Reply with quote
Reibooi wrote:
One of my biggest pet peeves with this game and I know it's a stupid one but hey I don't care. I really would have liked that game to be pixel based.

This is an interesting point, as I have this game, but I refuse to buy Pokemon X or Y, because they're not sprites.

I think, though, that the difference between ALBW and Pokemon XY, is that Pokemon XY not only threw out the pixeled sprites, but also a complete overhaul on the entire graphical design, from the camera angle to the style of the characters and buildings, and everything.

With ALBW, though, yes, it's in 3D graphics instead of pixeled sprites, but other than that? Houses and buildings look just the same (but in 3D). The camera angle is the same. The bombable cracks look the same. Everything is the same, just in 3D graphics.
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