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PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:30 pm Reply with quote

“Mankind lived in peace until the arrival of "The Grim", malevolent creatures who emerged from the darkness to attack humanity. To fight back, mankind created a magical energy source known as "Dust" and used its power to not only drive back the Grim but catalyze the growth of civilization across the planet.

In the present day, "Hunters" are trained in special schools to harness the Dust and become protectors of the peace. One such trainee, an idealistic girl named Ruby Rose, is scouted by the elite Beacon Academy and allowed to skip two years worth of training to attend. Once there, she is placed into a team with three other students: Yang Xiao Long, her boisterous big sister; Weiss Schnee, the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company; and Blake Belladonna, a mysterious and aloof girl. Though initial tensions are high, the forces of darkness are preparing to return and the four girls must learn to work together to have any chance of surviving.”

From Rooster Teeth, the team behind Red VS Blue and Monty Oum, the creator of the Dead Fantasy series, comes RWBY, an action anime-style 3D web series.

Thanks to the introduction trailers of four of the main characters, Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang, the series has gotten quite a buzz on the net before it's official airing. Since the first episode aired on July 18, 2013, it's currently Rooster Teeth's most popular series thanks to new viewers and fans including from Japan! It's even on Crunchyroll!

If i have describe RWBY, it would be Black Rock Shooter meets Soul Eater. Even though it's made in North America, the series does have common anime tropes you find in anime. The 3D animation is great especially the fight scenes (This is Monty Oum we are talking about.) and i love the music which is a mixture of rock, orchestra and techno. As for the voice acting, it's ok and the voice actors/actresses do a fine job conveying their characters.

You can watch RWBY at Rooster Teeth's Official website, their youtube page‎ or on Crunchyroll.

Wikipedia link

TV Tropes page
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Crazy FangirlCrazy Fangirl

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:40 am Reply with quote
I created a thread in the Community section, partially because I wasn't certain a thread in the anime section would be allowed. I'll go ahead and post some of my thoughts from that thread here - hopefully the moderators will allow it to stay.

Anyways, I've been following this series pretty closely, and I'm really enjoying it, for many different reasons.

One, for the references and hints thrown in throughout the trailers and episodes that could potentially give an insight/details to the characters or what's going on in the story. It was one reason why I loved Madoka Magica so much when I first saw the series, and why I loved Princess Tutu as well. I like it when creators throw in quotes or metaphors or tie in fairy tales/stories or give characters names that have meaning - something extra for fans to speculate over. I love joining in on gab about speculation with other fans. I enjoy analyzing series or reading about other people's analyses. It's a big part of the fandom experience that helps enhance my enjoyment of the series. RWBY has a pretty dedicated Wiki that I've been hanging around lately. I've been writing long write-up thought posts after each episode in the Community section, so to any who has seen those, it is probably pretty apparent how much I enjoy that fandom aspect.

Two, just the characters in general. I like the personalities that have shown up and I like how they're being presented, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.

Ruby's awkwardness with people, desire to not move out of her comfort zone, and preference for weapons is a nice change of pace. Then again, it's probably not as novel as I'm thinking - it's just with all of the Precure shows lately, it's hard not to compare. She's got the idealism and eagerness down. But she doesn't seem to possess the same charisma or people-friendly skills that many of those lead females have. Ruby seems to prefer shying away from that stuff rather than embrace it and surround herself with others. She's clearly not a leader yet, but I can see the potential.

Weiss has come off different than what her trailer first implied. I was getting more kuudere vibes from her then, but now I'm picking up more tsundere. Of the four main girls, she's the one I like the least, but I don't dislike her. I'm looking forward to seeing how her friendship with Ruby develops now that they're partners.

As for Blake, I've been intrigued by her since the Black trailer, and I think she rivals with Yang for favorite character still (or, I guess, potential favorite is more appropriate considering how little we know of her). Most of my discussion about her revolves around speculation, which I'm going to have to put behind spoilers.

And then there's Yang. I like her so much. I like her fighting style, I like her upfront, no-holds-bar attitude, I like her antics with her sister (Ruby and Yang act like sisters who are close, which I appreciate having my own sister I'm close to). I just really like her in general.

And then there's Jaune Arc and his team, who are also fun and quirky. I'm always a fan of dorky Jaune. His antics never fail to get a laugh out of me each episode.

I love how Lie Ren's emblem color is pink, and that he has pink eyes. I always thought green and pink look good together. He handles his sugar-rush friend, Nora Valkyrie, quite well - I was pleasantly surprised to hear him respond to the conversation instead of telling her off in episode 4 (I was expecting a "Nora, please be quiet"). It makes it seem like their friendship is close - that he might appreciate her for who she is - rather than someone he just puts up with. Or maybe it's a bit of both. I'm looking forward to seeing more of their dynamics.

As for Pyrrha Nikos, I'm warming up to her more. I thought she was kind of bland at the beginning. She's a very earnest individual. And I can see her as someone with a firm code of honor, never one to betray her teammates. I thought her "I'm sorry!" for pinning Jaune a second time - despite saving him - was cute.

Of Jaune's team, Ren is the only one whose reference I'm not certain of. His emblem and last name stands for lotus, but I'm not certain how he ties in with his team. We've got references to Jeanne d'Arc, Pyrrha, and valkyries... I wonder who he is?

Other things about the series that I love are the humor and fight scenes. The choreography of the fights is really good. All of them have been pretty damn cool, and I'm looking forward to seeing more. Hopefully the next episodes starts right where episode 5 left off. It promises to be a pretty cool fight.


As for speculation (very Blake specific):

So, I had a thought while rewatching the episodes on Crunchyroll. During the intro sequence, there are three sets of antagonists shown - the monsters, Torchwick and his men, and then three people in shadows with the one in the middle being the magic user from the first episode. What if those three are part of the White Fang mentioned in episode 1?

Which got me thinking about some other things. Speculation follows: spoiler[First, the White Fang is an extremist group of Fauna that have decided to rely upon more aggressive measures, which is why they ended up disturbing the peaceful Fauna Civil Rights Protest. Episode 1 didn't elaborate much on what happened, so it's kind of hard to tell whether or not White Fang is actually opposed to the Fauna CRP and were trying to stop it or whether they're a more extremist group fighting on the same side who turned the protest into a riot. I'm leaning towards the latter, but I'm uncertain.]

spoiler[Second, Blake is Fauna (or part-Fauna). Which ties into the third speculation that she was originally a part of the White Fang and broke away because she didn't agree with their methods (the first episode mentioned them having once being peaceful, but they ended up interfering with the Fauna Civil Rights Protest). Adam's disregard for the people on the train was something that clearly bothered her. I'm thinking that the Black trailer shows her defection from the group (or maybe it's just a red herring, and really she is still working for the group and is now a double agent inside of Beacon). Anyways, her talk with Ruby in the third episode about real life not being a fairy tale (implying that there are no such things as happy endings) seems to indicate some sort of "loss of innocence" in terms of how the world works. Having to either - A: Take a side/stance against those who were once her friends/family OR B: Continue working for friends/family whose methods she doesn't personally agree with (A or B depending upon whether she's still working for White Fang) - I think that would be a pretty demoralizing situation. I can imagine a young Blake who's similar to Ruby - a girl with dreams who's going to change the world and make it a better place. One where she isn't treated like "an animal" "into subjugation" as mentioned in the Black trailer. But then she grows up and realizes that her dreams don't involve heroics as she might have imagined... that those around her use methods she disagrees with.]

spoiler[So, continuing on from the second and third speculation, is the fourth, that the crimson woman in shadows with gold eyes is related to Blake. My first thought was that she was her mother, but she may be a sister or an aunt. Similar to Blake, her eyes are catlike and shine gold (I don't know why I never noticed such similarities before). I'm kinda wondering if the guy to the left of her during the opening sequence is Adam - the hair isn't exactly the same though but it's close.]

Anyways, I'm going to be pre-ordering the blu-ray. I think of everything I'm watching this summer, RWBY's episodes are the ones I most look forward to on a weekly basis. Not that I don't love any of the anime I'm watching. I'm keeping up with three series this summer that I'm really enjoying - Uchoten Kazoku, Attack on Titan, and Free! I think the fandom discussion and speculation has a big reason to do with that. But it's also because it has a bunch of kick-ass females with personalities that I enjoy and want to see more of - Yang, Blake, and Ruby definitely. And the humor is definitely in line with what makes me laugh.

Looking forward to more!
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Tony K.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:24 am Reply with quote
willag wrote:
I created a thread in the Community section, partially because I wasn't certain a thread in the anime section would be allowed. I'll go ahead and post some of my thoughts from that thread here - hopefully the moderators will allow it to stay.

MrTerrorst actually asked if it would be okay. And I figured as long as he and anyone else interested in the series could make as many comparisons or interesting discussions between this and anime, then they can have at it.

I mean, we've had people talk about Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Oban Star Racers, and probably a handful of other non-Japanese titles, and those threads went pretty well. Hopefully, if any users feel the need to dissent, they can at least be civil or make decent arguments, themselves, as to why this thread should or shouldn't be allowed.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:08 am Reply with quote
Interesting having a thread for this series in this section. Hopefully it actually lasts a while Laughing

Going off of the trailers I was expecting the series to have a bit more of a serious tone but I've been enjoying it so far. The characters are all fairly interesting so far though I'd agree Weiss is probably my least favorite of the heroines at the moment. Ruby and Yang are a lot of fun though and I'm interested in seeing more of what Blake's deal is. I'm also extremely curious what Jaune's role in the show will ultimately end up being since there has to be some reason he's been admitted into the school despite his apparent lack of skill. Hope we find out soon.

My only real complaint about the show so far(besides the episode length which is forgivable since Rooster Teeth is a small studio) would be the way they transition in art shifts for some of the humor. It can be kind of jarring having 2D chibi models popping up out of nowhere so it would be nice if they could make that smoother at some point though I imagine it won't happen.

Overall though it's pretty fun for a web series and I'm glad to see it's apparently successful so far. I'm rooting for it to be since I'd like to see more projects like this so that we might eventually get more things like it on TV. Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra shouldn't be the only ones of their kind on TV.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:47 pm Reply with quote
well things are sure going to get interesting here.

I found the whole series laughably bad and stupid beyond the majority of bad anime out there. There seems like there is absolutely no quality control and the animation is just a joke. Say all you want that this is a fan project, To say that this was good enough to even put out there is just wrong. There are so many mistakes in the animation alone let alone random errors and basic key elements in the drawing and the scale of the characters are all over the place. I was actually surprised this was worked on by a team of people then just a person.

The Voice acting for the most part is stiff, uninspiring or just bad. It honestly was a chore just to get through the episodes, and that is saying a lot since they are only 5min long.

Here is my personal advice. If you are going to make a movie/series of some kind make sure it's the best you can with the budget you can. I've done a few micro budgeted movies my self and you have to sometimes cut corners, but that does not mean that you have to make it obvious and cheap looking just because of that. Lloyd Kaufman said that you should do what ever you can and make the movie the best with the money you are given for your project. While I do agree with that, one big issue with that, sometimes it's best not to take on a project if you feel it is going to be compromised because of lack of talent and or budget.

My point here is that people can make something amazing with very little resources and a very small budget. The problem is there need to be a good director to know what they are doing and knowing what they want. That is the problem with this series it has no direction and so many problems that are very obvious that it just makes the whole thing a joke. Sure at first glance it may not be all that bad, but if you actually pay attention to what is going on and as someone who enjoys animation as a medium of story telling, then I am not sure what anyone is getting out of any of this series.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:06 pm Reply with quote
Never heard of this so I watched the first episode and found it terrible. The animation is bad and the dialog sounds like a really bad anime dub where they heavily Americanize the slang and lingo and feels so unnatural. Really awkward but I guess it's not an actual show and just some guys DeviantArt animation so you can't expect much. Not sure why it's here when it's not anime though Laughing Or even an actual show and more like a webcomic or something. So far I think it's one of the worst wannabe anime shows I've seen up there with My Life Me and Kappa Mikey which both just throw in a lot of tropes but fail to understand the meaning behind them or do anything with them
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:47 pm Reply with quote
I have the same problem I had with the Katawa Shoujo game, which is that it feels like instead of taking inspiration from anime and making something new, they are just doing mimicry. It seems like such a waste of time, energy, and motivation.

The voice acting in particular is rough. They were able to start Red vs Blue without voice actors because "stand around and complain" dialog didn't really require them to do much "acting." I think it was a mistake to expect to pull off a similar approach with a show like this.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:22 pm Reply with quote
Five episodes in, and I have to say, that whole process of choosing your partners has to be one of the most contrived things I have ever seen; it pretty much borders on absurd. There's nothing much to add except that ep. 5 pretty much exploded on the shipping between Ruby and Weiss.

You have interesting points there, jsc315, and those were pretty much on par what Zac and JesuOtaku said in Twitter when they witnessed RWBY. Now I'm wondering if those criticisms will get through Monty Oum and his team so they can be aware and make necessary improvements. In the back of my mind, I want this to succeed but in a way where it doesn't feel like derivative cotton candy.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:26 pm Reply with quote
I ended up dropping it. The whole doki doki kawaii neko desu bullcrap ended up getting to me. If the rest of the production was "amazing" then I could have possibly swallowed such an offensive drawback but sadly that's not the case. Everything else in the production wasn't so good but just got worse the further the show went.

I think it would've gone better as series of combat-oriented music videos. They shouldn't have used dialogue at all and just built a world through similarities in who and where the different fights were taking place. I saw a short Starwars fan film like that back in the early 90's and it was really cool because the fights were great but you had a perfect grasp of the story just by what happened during the fights.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:54 pm Reply with quote
My major issues are models looking like they are ripped from Gurren Lagann, Idol Master, Nanoha, BRS and Tales of Xilla (probably more too). Not only that but they look like fan altered models of MMD bases. It is a mess of things copied and pasted. I see nothing original. It just seems like nothing special at all. at bes it is a good fan attempt. Nothing more. People make better projects on Nico Nico too.

Also the voice acting is just horrendous and I can't even stand to listen or take anything serious. The animation mistakes also don't help anything. Overall they are trying to be too ambitious and the outcome isn't kind.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:07 am Reply with quote
I expected some might not like the show so i will respect your opinions.

However, a group of users from another forum heard what you guys said.

What was their reaction? Anger? Nope.

Their reaction was to laugh on all of the criticisms which one user i think said "was tame compare to 4chan."

Some of them do agree of your views that it's not anime or the cliche tropes used but the voice acting they didn't see anything wrong as the dub was fine since their VAs did a good job on their characters and is no different what most of today's American cartoons show.

I remember reading on Kotaku that Japanese fans like the show(There's about 980+ fanart on Pixiv last time i checked) with the common criticism they have is that the episodes are short.

While the show might not be everyone's Cup of Tea, you gotta to admit the show has gained a large number of viewers and fans.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:59 am Reply with quote
So I took a quick look at this since it had popped up on my Amazon recommended list. My initial reaction was that it came off as...crude.

Backgrounds look out of a video game from like 15 years ago. Black silhouettes for background and foreground characters that are not the main cast...not good. End of second episode there's about 5-10 seconds before the ending credits roll and the video goes to black except the characters are still talking. Not good. There's a chibi scene which came off visually awkward. It felt forced and I didn't think it really belonged with the rest of the style of the show. Again not good. I wasn't really impressed with the dialogue in that it didn't always feel natural. The whole thing feels like someone took their favorite parts of anime shows and tried to mash it together into their own story.

On the other hand, while I didn't care for the dialogue much I thought the voices of the actors were fine. I can't really find fault with that. The music is also ok. I've certainly heard worse. I do think they captured the essence of some of the characters which is a positive. I also kind of like that the episodes are short and quickly digestible. I would say that its acceptable as an early effort by some fledgling group. Does it make me want to watch more? Not really, some of the visual deficiencies are really off putting to me. Would I pay for the BD that is pre-order up on Amazon? No way Jose.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:02 pm Reply with quote
MrTerrorist wrote:
However, a group of users from another forum heard what you guys said.

What? Where? I only ask because I'd be curious to see first-hand what others are specifically saying about my posts. It's kind of rude to say a line like that and not back it up with a link. It's the internet equivalent of office whispers.

As for RBWY's japanese reception I'll hold out on actual japanese votes. The pixiv fanart tally is mostly all alts of deviantart users by the looks of it (don't go by username since everyone can type in kanji. Go by the actual posts and accounts themselves). I fell pray to this same thing once too when I thought Wakfu was surprisingly popular in Japan but it turned out it was all deviantart folk on pixiv.

I can see the characters themselves getting noticed in Japan because characters and source aren't manditorily inclusive to one another (hence the mountains of Flandre Scarlet love long before Touhou became the colossus it is now. Most artists hadn't even played it at that point. They just knew Flandre.) but I certainly can't see them accepting this show as it is, especially since their doujin circles have raised the bar so much higher already.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:48 am Reply with quote
I've found it... okay. Enough to keep going. I certainly wouldn't call it terrible, but I don't have many rebuttals for most of the criticism it's drawn.

It feels like a cheaper variant of American sitcom, and I have conflicting feelings about that. On the one hand, its anime-like appeal makes it somewhat cute, and the distinct American comedic personality here is refreshing in the sense that it is being combined with what is generally thought of as an eastern visual style and character tropes (Weiss is... just about as tsun as it gets without devolving into physical abuse). On the other, I really don't feel any love for American sitcoms because almost nothing interesting happens in them: they're carried not by story or character depth, but by cheap one-liners, fake "drama", and the occasional laughtracks. In terms of character delivery, I'd call this a step up from that, bar the laughtracks, but not a big step.

Not enough goes on in each episode, either: I am actually having difficulty imagining how Rooster Teeth expect this to be an eventful first season at only sixteen episodes with the way things are going, especially considering that they are not consistent in length. They really should have rethought the production model on this, either to allow more episodes for the season, or to make each episode longer.

Still, for reasons I can't really explain, it has a certain charm to it, not to mention that there is always the promise of Oum's famous fight scenes. It looks like we might be getting one next episode.

Also, definitely not a bad soundtrack, by any means.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:49 pm Reply with quote
I'm enjoying it for what it is. Compared to some professional stuff... eh, it's passable. But compared to a lot of other web original stuff, it's fantastic. It's flaws don't bother me, and the traits I like I really like. I love positive sister relationships in media (it's surprising how rare they seem to be), the music is great for a web series, and the fights are just awesome.
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