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Princess Principal (TV)

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:51 pm Reply with quote
Hmm, I feel like this show will likely get a second season in the future. Maybe not soon but eventually as the finale seemed like it wasn't complete.

I liked the spy thriller feel of the finale in particular when the others went to save Princess. I also really like Ange and Charlotte's relationship throughout this anime including the finale. The final episode felt kinda rushed and really open ended. Not the best to be honest but for the rest of the show, it definitely felt appealing to me.

I hope this to at least get some epilogue or something in the future.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:00 am Reply with quote
Episode 12 (finale)

Sequel! I want a second season!

Okay, after yelling that through written word, the episode. Figures about how dark things were, there were some twists to come, and I would not even call them ass pulls as I think they were actually foreshadowed. The first bit was what happened to Dorothy, and it indeed appears that she was put in a counter plan. It did not spell it out, but it appears the general had forced his way into the intelligence agency, doing something to one of the leaders. And a number of people were able to work to have everything come to a head with bringing him back with undercutting the General unapproved plan of tricking the slighted colonies into a suicidal attack to sow chaos. The part where Ange (Charlotte) got berated by Dorothy for ruining their plans was pretty funny, that being we find out shortly that Dorothy was lying here as a sort of teasing of the girl who is always lying.

I think what might be sort of interesting here is that the plan kind of relied on the expectation that Ange (Charlotte) would never harm Princess (Ange), almost like someone is well aware of how protective Ange really was. The ending actually seems pretty clear that Ange and Charlotte are actually really close, at least to the rest of the team. I think what also good is that we got kind of a different side of Ange than normal, being a lot less cautious when on mission to save her friend, and probably some more genuine sides of her. I think it is somewhat interesting that when we see what is the real Ange (Charlotte), she sounds a lot like her cover personality, which in step of what we had seen, especially along the lines of the scene she says that she will lie to herself. The other part is that we really see what drives Princess (Ange), that something I did not think about before is that Ange was saying she wanted to break down walls before there even was the physical wall, and she sees that she took away what Ange might have originally been able to do and thus wants to do it for her in her stead.

A little honest, despite being generally good, I kind of have this feeling of disappointment in the ending, and I cannot even quite say what it is right now. There is not quite this level of satisfaction and finality, which I can say I am really happy with, or just that this last story did not quite sit right for whatever reason. All the more that I really want this series to continue, if not with another season, I think a movie could work, even if that would feel to kind of go against the series appearing kind of episodic with its episode timelines being mixed up. I think that I kind of feel that as despite the episodes generally separating out all of these cases, each one felt like they were actually a piece to a puzzle that we really found out how each character tics, and this last arc did not feel to give enough for putting all of those pieces together. Looking at myself, it might be because of something as small as these last arcs were little on my favourite character of the show, Beatrice. Something that somewhat surprises me that without irony or just because she is a the moe blob high pitched girl, but I amongst all of the characters I think it was Beatrice I liked the most, and felt she often had some of the best chemistry with all of the other girls. And she did not have much to do in this last two episodes.

I have been putting some thought into how I might rate Princess Principal, and it might really sound odd that I will do this after what I wrote in the previous paragraph, but I am rating it Masterpiece (10/10). It might not make sense that I could call it pretty much perfect, or that maybe I throw around that rating pretty easily but from the now 918 anime I have seen and put in my My Anime, this will be the 22nd Masterpiece, I did not even give Kobayashi-san this rating despite it was in line to perhaps best of year where I thought it was pretty amazing. And I am calling this anime a Masterpiece, because despite me saying I had a bit of a problem with feeling in how it ended, I actually cannot find places that it lacked in. Which put in other terms I think that this show managed a whole breadth of different emotions, and sold me on all of them. It was an original property, which I would say even took advantage of elements of the medium, not sure how the mixed up episode order would work in a manga or light novel.

And probably worth mention of that large breadth, is how it handled some of these different stories. The best episode I would say was the Dorothy episode with the morgue, so much mixed up feelings, with interesting world building, and a hauntingly beautiful although sad ending. Maybe I don't really know what I am talking about, but it also felt delightfully a risk. I also want to give praise with also how this show handled this decisively not Japanese setting, that I think it surprisingly not too Japanese/anime, that it probably could be something a broader audience could enjoy. I have been really wanting to recommend it, but people here the "Princess" in the title, with the cast of young girls, and get assumptions. And also, I think that this show might have had both the best OP and ED of the season, or at least the best in terms of both combined, I would kind of equate to Spice and Wolf.

Again, I really hope that this will be the end of this series. It also has some really nice potential if the right people worked on a dub. So here's to Princess Principal (Season 1).
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