Otakon - 2003
Broccoli Books / Synch-Point

by Mikhail Koulikov, Sep 1st 2003
Company Representative: Saki Yamashita

The only new item made public at the Synch-Point/Anime Gamers panel was that Broccoli is hoping to license the Galaxy Angel PS2 game to a company with prior experience in releasing PS2 games. Their hope is that the game would be released in such a way as to complement Bandai's upcoming release of the TV series.

It was mentionned that Pita-Ten has been acquired for US release by an unspecified company, and that the Di Gi Charat novel may also have been aquired.

There is a new English Di Gi Charat manga titled "Di Gi Charat Theater: Dejiko's Adventure" by Yuki Kiriga.

Di Gi Charat Theater - Dejiko's Summer Vacation is a compilation of various stories about Dejiko and her friends by different artists, including original concept and design artist Koge Donbo. The manga will be presented unflipped, in its original format. Sound effects are translated. "Nyo" and the other sounds will be preserved. A special extra of Gema Gema comics, the 4-panel comic strip from "From Gamers" will be included, as will comments from the artists, translation notes, a special comment from the CEO of Broccoli, an interview with Koge Donbo and A History of Di Gi Charat.

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