Doraemon: Shin Nobita no Uchū Kaitakushi (movie)

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Alternative title:
Doraemon - The New Record of Nobita Spaceblaze 
Doraemon The Hero 2009 
ドラえもん 新・のび太の宇宙開拓史 (Japanese) 
Genres: adventure , science fiction 
Themes: aliens , space , space western 
Objectionable content: None 
Plot Summary: When trying to flee from thugs in outer space, a boy named Ropuru warps his spaceship under dangerous conditions and ends up creating a rift in time and space. The breach opens a portal between Ropuru's spacecraft and Nobita's room. Doraemon and Nobita inevitably meet Ropuru and his small buddy Chammy. Quickly they all become friends. After fixing their ship, they end up going to Ropuru's new home planet, Koya Koya. The boy is part of a colonizing group that is being harassed by a gang of villains interested in a special crystal which the planet is abundant of. Nobita and Doraemon then decide to help the colonists on their fight to live peacefully on this new homeland. 
User Ratings: 34 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 3 votes (sub:2, dub:1)
 Excellent: 5 votes (sub:5)
 Very good: 12 votes (sub:10, dub:2)
 Good: 11 votes (sub:10, dub:1)
 Decent: 3 votes (sub:3)
 So-so: -
 Not really good: -
 Weak: -
 Bad: -
 Awful: -
 Worst ever: -
Seen in part or in whole by 59 users, rank: #4449 (of 6577)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 7.823 (Very good−), std. dev.: 1.0702, rank: #761 (of 6580)
Weighted mean: 7.781 (Very good−), rank: #727 (of 6580) (seen all: 7.78)
Bayesian estimate: 7.713 (Very good−), rank: #617 (of 5026)
Running time: 102 minutes 
Vintage: 2009-03-07
Premiere date:
2009-03-07 (Japan) 
Release dates: We have 1
Opening Theme:
"Yume o Kanaete Doraemon" (夢をかなえてドラえもん) by mao 
Ending Theme:
"Taisetsu ni Suru yo" (大切にするよ) by Kou Shibasaki 
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Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Chief Director:
Kôzô Kusuba 
Kôzô Kuzuha 
Director: Shigeo Koshi 
Script: Yūichi Shinpo 
Screenplay: Yūichi Shinpo 
Unit Director:
Shinnosuke Yakuwa (assistant) 
Shinpei Miyashita 
Music: Kan Sawada 
Original creator:
Fujiko F. Fujio 
Motoo Abiko (manga) 
Art Director: Makoto Dobashi 
Chief Animation Director: Shizue Kaneko 
Animation Director:
Naoyuki Asano 
Yoshihiro Ōsugi 
Yumi Chiba 
Mechanical design: Ayumu Watanabe 
3D Director: Yuuko Okumura 
Director of Photography: Katsuyoshi Kishi 
3D CG Supervision: Tokumitsu Kifune 
Animation Assistant:
Fuki Yoshino (Vega Entertainment) 
Jun Baba (Vega Entertainment) 
Ken Takei (Vega Entertainment) 
Kumiko Takijima (Vega Entertainment) 
Noboru Kasaki (Vega Entertainment) 
Ryûji Matsudo (Vega Entertainment) 
Takeo Kawamura (Vega Entertainment) 
Animation Check: Yoshie Endo 
Background Art:
Ai Yoshioka (Vega Entertainment) 
Akiko Ishida (Atelier Rourke 07) 
Byung Ok Jo (Studio Loft) 
Eri Kumatani (Studio Rufus) 
Erina Ichioka (Atelier Rourke 07) 
Gye Young Lee (Studio Loft) 
Hak Kuy Kim (Q&M Studio) 
Hikaru Machino (HIJIRI) 
Hiromitsu Kawashima (Studio Rufus) 
Hye Im Lee (Q&M Studio) 
Hyug Soo Lim (Nara Animation) 
Hyun Ju Park (Studio SEY) 
Hyung Wook Kim (Q&M Studio) 
Ji Ae Kim (Studio SEY) 
Junko Shimizu (Atelier Rourke 07) 
Kazuho Ōike (HIJIRI) 
Keum Young Kim (Q&M Studio) 
Kinichi Okubo (Studio Rufus) 
Koichi Ejima (Atelier Rourke 07) 
Masaaki Kawaguchi (Atelier Rourke 07) 
Mayumi Okabe (Studio Uni) 
Mayumi Okiyoshi (Atelier Rourke 07) 
Mear Soon Her (E-CHO) 
Mi Kyoung Kim (E-CHO) 
Mi Kyung Lee (Nara Animation) 
Mi-Sook Yang (Studio Loft) 
Miho Watanabe (Atelier Rourke 07) 
Miki Kato (Atelier Rourke 07) 
Mio Miyamoto (Studio Rufus) 
Miyuki Onodera (HIJIRI) 
Noburo Numai (Atelier Rourke 07) 
Reiko Ikeda (Studio Uni) 
Ryuu Koiso (HIJIRI) 
Seung Il Park (Nara Animation) 
Shin'ichi Kojima (HIJIRI) 
Su Gyeong Lee (Studio Loft) 
Suk Hee Son (Studio SEY) 
Sung Woo Kim (Q&M Studio) 
Takahiro Yoneda (Studio Uni) 
Takimi Echizen (Studio Uni) 
Tetsuhiro Shimizu (Studio Loft) 
Tomoko Dobashi (Vega Entertainment) 
Toru Koga (Studio Uni) 
Tōru Minatani (Atelier Rourke 07) 
Yeo Eun Han (Q&M Studio) 
Yong Hyeon Seo (Studio SEY) 
Youn Hyun Seo (Nara Animation) 
Yumi Matsumiya (Studio Uni) 
Chief Producer:
Noboru Sugiyama 
Sojiro Masuko 
Color design:
Sanae Matsutani 
Tomoko Horikoshi (assistant) 
Digital Paint:
Aiko Suzuki (Studio L) 
Aki Yoshida (Studio L) 
Akiko Sekiguchi (Studio Step) 
Atsuko Fujiwara (Studio L) 
Ayako Kurome (Studio L) 
Ayumi Yokoo (Studio L) 
Boo Young Hwang (Orange Animation Studio) 
Chiaki Numata (Studio L) 
Choi Soon Hee (Geum Woo Production) 
Daiki Hayashi (Studio L) 
Dong Gil Kim (Orange Animation Studio) 
Dong Hee Lee (White Line) 
Eun Joo Jun (Orange Animation Studio) 
Fumiko Tanaka (Studio L) 
Hak Young Du (Synod) 
Haruka Saijou (Studio L) 
Hee Jung Kim (Hanjin Animation) 
Hee-Kyung Kang (Hanjin Animation) 
Hiromi Sato (Studio Step) 
Hiroshi Moriwaki (Studio L) 
Hitomi Mori (Studio Step) 
Hye Ja Park (Yabes Production) 
Hye Jung Na (Studio Cj) 
Hye Jung Yu (Studio Cj) 
Hye Sook Jung (HYOIN Animation) 
Hyoun Seung Kim (HYOIN Animation) 
Hyun Jung Park (HYOIN Animation) 
Jang-Mi Kim (Hanjin Animation) 
Jeong Soo Kim (Orange Animation Studio) 
Jeong Sook Jang (Orange Animation Studio) 
Ji Yeon Moon (HYOIN Animation) 
Jun Ono (Studio L) 
Jung Sook Lee (Yabes Production) 
Jung Soon Choi (White Line) 
Junpei Satō (Studio L) 
Kaoru Ohta (Studio L) 
Kim Hyesun (Studio Cj) 
Kouichi Aida (Studio L) 
Kwon O Suk (Studio Cj) 
Kyoko Ishida (Studio L) 
Kyoung Hwa Cho (Yabes Production) 
Kyung Hee Oh (Orange Animation Studio) 
Kyung Hwa Seo (Studio Cj) 
Lee Hwa-Yeong (Orange Animation Studio) 
Lee Sung Min (Synod) 
Lee Suk Jin (White Line) 
Li Young Lee (Orange Animation Studio) 
Ma Lil Lim (Studio Cj) 
Mai Kuroki (Studio L) 
Maki Kokubo (Studio L) 
Makiko Hira (Studio L) 
Makoto Tsumashika (Studio L) 
Masahiro Kanbara (Studio L) 
Masao Ōba (Studio L) 
Mi Hyang Hong (Geum Woo Production) 
Mi Sook Lee (Geum Woo Production) 
Michiko Kado (Studio L) 
Miho Makita (Studio Step) 
Mika Kinoshita (Studio L) 
Mika Tanba (Studio L) 
Miki Itou (Studio L) 
Miki Uchiyama (Studio Step) 
Mitsugu Takahashi (Studio L) 
Miyuki Iwata (Studio Step) 
Miyuki Kurauchi (Vega Entertainment) 
Mizuho Tano (Vega Entertainment) 
Moon Seong Hye (White Line) 
Motonori Okuaki (Studio L) 
Myeong Soon Lee (Orange Animation Studio) 
Nae Yeon Kim (Geum Woo Production) 
Nagisa Sunagawa (Studio L) 
Nam Hee Lee (Synod) 
Naoko Komatsu (Studio L) 
Naoto Kondou (Studio L) 
Noriaki Takei (Studio L) 
One Jung Park (Yabes Production) 
Reiko Nakanishi (Studio L) 
Reiko Suzuki (Studio Step) 
Rika Tanaka (Vega Entertainment) 
Risa Mimura (Studio L) 
Runa Iwanami (Studio L) 
Ryōko Fujisawa (Studio L) 
Ryōma Kotaki (Studio L) 
Sang Gyoum Kim (Yabes Production) 
Sang Hee Kim (HYOIN Animation) 
Satomi Yoshida (Studio L) 
Sayaka Nakagawa (Studio L) 
Sayaka Ono (Studio Step) 
Sayoko Okada (Studio Step) 
Seon Mi Kim (Orange Animation Studio) 
Shizumi Sakai (Studio L) 
Shōta Aoki (Studio L) 
Soo Kyong Kim (Geum Woo Production) 
Soo Young Lee (Orange Animation Studio) 
Sook Young Kim (HYOIN Animation) 
Sumiko Onomichi (Studio L) 
Sun Ju Lee (White Line) 
Sun Li Kim (Synod) 
Sun Wook Cho (Hanjin Animation) 
Tae Bong Park (Orange Animation Studio) 
Tae Ja Kim (Geum Woo Production) 
Takako Numata (Studio L) 
Tatsuo Ueno (Studio L) 
Teruka Tanaka (Studio L) 
Tetsu Onitsuka (Studio L) 
Win Ja Oh (Synod) 
Woo Jae Lee (Orange Animation Studio) 
Yōko Hattori (Studio L) 
Yoko Suzuki (Studio L) 
Yoo-Kyoung Lee (Hanjin Animation) 
Yoon Kyoung Park (Synod) 
Yoshiko Sugiyama (Studio Step) 
Yoshiyuki Ōta (Studio L) 
Youko Tomaru (Studio L) 
Young Ae An (Orange Animation Studio) 
Young Joo Hang (Yabes Production) 
Young-Suk Seok (Hanjin Animation) 
Yūji Inami (Studio L) 
Yuki Mamizu (Studio L) 
Yukie Imamura (Studio L) 
Yukiko Takahashi (Studio L) 
Yumiko Kimura (Studio Step) 
Yusuke Okubo (Studio L) 
Yūsuke Watabe (Studio L) 
Yuta Suzuki (Studio Step) 
Yuuya Igarashi (Studio L) 
Editing: Toshihiko Kojima 
Finish Animation Supervisor: Yukiko Nonaka 
Finishing: Sun Ouk Cho 
In-Between Animation:
Akihisa Katō (Studio L) 
Asami Ajiri (Snowlight Staff) 
Boung Hee Yoon (HYOIN Animation) 
Cheong Suk Ko (Hanjin Animation) 
Chul Hong Park (Yabes Production) 
Doug Kyun Kim (SYNOD) 
Etsurō Mitani (Vega Entertainment) 
Eun Hee Jeong (Orange Animation Studio) 
Eun Soon Byeon (HYOIN Animation) 
Hae Jin Chun (Yabes Production) 
Hae Won Park (Orange Animation Studio) 
Han Sun-Kyong (Yabes Production) 
Harumi Ozeki (Studio L) 
Haruna Musha (Vega Entertainment) 
Hee Jeong Jang (Orange Animation Studio) 
Hiromi Kosuda (OH! Production) 
Hirotaka Honjō (OH! Production) 
Hitomi Itou (Vega Entertainment) 
Hitomi Kawanishi (Studio L) 
Hong Yi Min (Orange Animation Studio) 
Hye Jin Kim (Yabes Production) 
Hye Jin Son (SYNOD) 
Hyo Jung Byan (White Line) 
Hyo Jung Yang (White Line) 
Hyoun Sook Min (HYOIN Animation) 
Hyun Jeong Jeong (Orange Animation Studio) 
Hyun Ju Cha (White Line) 
Hyun Young Lee (Studio Cj) 
Hyun-Woo Lee (SYNOD) 
Jae Young Ryu (Orange Animation Studio) 
Jang Lan Kim (Orange Animation Studio) 
Jeong Soon Kim (Orange Animation Studio) 
Jin Hee Jeon (Orange Animation Studio) 
Jin Kyeong Park (Orange Animation Studio) 
Jin-Hee Kim (Geum Woo Production) 
Jinko Tsuji (OH! Production) 
Jong Kyu Kim (White Line) 
Jung Won Rim (HYOIN Animation) 
Jung-Hee Kim (Studio Cj) 
Junko Hashimoto (OH! Production) 
Kang Hyo Yoon (SYNOD) 
Ken Ebe (Snowlight Staff) 
Kim Hye-Jung (Orange Animation Studio) 
Kim Ji-Young (Yabes Production) 
Kim Young Min (White Line) 
Kinuko Shimizu (OH! Production) 
Kyeong Mi Hong (Orange Animation Studio) 
Kyoung Ah Lee 
Kyoung Sun Yu (HYOIN Animation) 
Lee Ae Kyung (SYNOD) 
Mai Ogawa (OH! Production) 
Maria Suzuki (Vega Entertainment) 
Mi Hae Kim (White Line) 
Mi Jin Ji (Studio Cj) 
Mi Jin Park (Geum Woo Production) 
Mi Lyung Kang (Orange Animation Studio) 
Mi Young Han (Geum Woo Production) 
Mi-Young Park (Hanjin Animation) 
Miho Horiuchi (OH! Production) 
Mika Matsumura (Vega Entertainment) 
Min Jung Jo (HYOIN Animation) 
Myung Suk Kwen (Studio Cj) 
Nahoko Kosugi (Vega Entertainment) 
Nan Hee Park (Orange Animation Studio) 
Natsumi Ōmiya (Vega Entertainment) 
Nozomu Okada (Studio L) 
Ran Sasaki (Studio L) 
Ryōsuke Mizuno (OH! Production) 
Ryūma Shirai (Studio L) 
Sang Hee Han (Hanjin Animation) 
Satoshi Hiraiwa (OH! Production) 
Satsuki Oguri (Studio L) 
Seon Ah Son (Orange Animation Studio) 
Seon E Bang (Orange Animation Studio) 
Seon Ea Kim (Orange Animation Studio) 
Seung Gie Maeng (Geum Woo Production) 
Seung-Ah Lee (Orange Animation Studio) 
Song Hee Han (Orange Animation Studio) 
Soo Ok Yoo (Hanjin Animation) 
Soung Sin Park (Studio Cj) 
Su Jung Han (Yabes Production) 
Su Ok You (Orange Animation Studio) 
Sun-Hee Kim (Orange Animation Studio) 
Sung Hye Kim (Orange Animation Studio) 
Takashi Shinozuka (Studio L) 
Tomoko Ishikawa (Vega Entertainment) 
Tomomi Fukazawa (OH! Production) 
Tomomi Morishita (Snowlight Staff) 
Tomomi Umeyama (Studio L) 
Yoon Up Kim (SYNOD) 
Youko Tanaka (OH! Production) 
Youn Sung Cho (Hanjin Animation) 
Young Hee Cho (Orange Animation Studio) 
Young Hee Lee (Geum Woo Production) 
Young Hee Park (Studio Cj) 
Young Ja Jung (Hanjin Animation) 
Young Joo Son (Orange Animation Studio) 
Yūichi Ichijō (Studio L) 
Yumiko Ōta (Studio L) 
Yūsaku Kumagai (OH! Production) 
Opening Animation:
Chiyo Morita (IKIF+) 
Eriko Yoshida (IKIF+) 
Fumika Nakajima (IKIF+) 
Sonoko Ishida (IKIF) 
Tokumitsu Kifune (IKIF) 
Yumi Kawai (IKIF+) 
Production Desk: Motomichi Araki 
Recording Director: Akiyoshi Tanaka 
Sound Effects: Yukiyoshi Itokawa 
Special Effects: Yutaka Chiba 
Theme Song Performance:
Kou Shibasaki (ED) 
Mao (OP) 
Megumi Oohara as Nobita 
Subaru Kimura as Jaian 
Tomo Sakurai as Ropuru 
Tomokazu Seki as Suneo 
Wasabi Mizuta as Doraemon 
Yumi Kakazu as Shizuka 

Akio Ohtsuka as Guillermin 
Chiaki as Dorami 
Karina as Morina 
Rei Sakuma as Chammy 

Ayaka Wilson as Krem 
Kotono Mitsuishi as Nobita's Mom 
Yasunori Matsumoto as Nobita's Dad 
Japanese companies
Spanish staff
Spanish companies
Enric Joga (Spain dub)  (Catalan dub) 
Verónica Calafell (Catalan dub)  (Spain dub) 
Broadcaster: Boing 
Distributor: Luk Internacional (Spain) 
DVD Distribution: Luk Internacional (Spain) 
Daruma Serveis Lingüístics (Spain/Catalan dub)  (Spain) 
Spanish cast
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Charmaine Cordoviz as
Morina (kid) 
Tagalog companies

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