Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2 (TV)

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Episode titles:
Troubled Times Again! The World-Rending Martial Emperor, Toyotomi Hideyoshi! 
Troubled Times Once Again! Advent of the Great Cataclysmic Warlord, Toyotomi Hideyoshi! 
乱世再び! 裂界武帝・豊臣秀吉降臨!  
Ransei futatabi! Rekkai butei toyotomi hideyoshi kourin! 
The Lost Right Eye -- The Dragon's Back Rent Asunder! 
The Lost Right Eye, The Dragon's Back Rent Asunder! 
Ushinawareta migime kirisakareta ryuu no senaka! 
失われた右目 斬り裂かれた竜の背中! 
Keiji vs. Toshiie! Choked, Unyielding Emotions at Tetorigawa! 
Keiji vs. Toshiie! Tedorigawa Choked with Unequivocal Ideals! 
keiji tai toshiie! tetorigawa ni musebu yuzurenu omoi! 
慶次対利家! 手取川に咽ぶゆずれぬ想い! 
The Ghost of Azuchi Castle!? The Lamentation and the Devil's Howl that Assail Yukimura! 
The Ghost of Azuchi Castle?! The Lamentation and Howl of Evil that Assail Yukimura! 
Adzuchi no bourei!? Yukimura o osou nageki to ma no houkou! 
Engraved Pledge! The One-Eyed Dragon vs The War God – Confrontation at Hitotoribashi! 
The Seal of the Oath! One-Eyed Dragon vs the God of War, Holding Their Own at Hitotoribashi! 
誓願の刻印!独眼竜対軍神 人取橋の対峙!  
Seigan no kokuin! Dokuganryuu tai gunshin hitotoribashi no taiji! 
The Menacing Toyotomi-Mori Alliance! The Powerful Fist of Supremacy Cleaves the Sea! 
The Threatening Alliance Of Toyotomi And Mori! The Thundering Fists Of The Conqueror Tear Through the Waves! 
kyoui no toyotomi . mouri doumei ! unabara wo saku hatagashira no gouken !! 
To Satsuma In The Far South! Yukimura's New Manly Resolve! 
To the Southernmost Land of Satsuma! A New Encounter as a Man for Yukimura!! 
sainantan . satsuma no chi e ! yukimura , arata naru otoko no deai 
最南端・薩摩の地へ! 幸村、新たなる漢の出逢い 
A Sad Reunion with a Friend - Memory of the Day Etched with Blinding Obsession 
The Friends' Sad Reunion, The Fiercely-Ingrained Memories Of That Day! 
tomo kaki to no kanashi ki saikai takeshi shitsu kizama reshi nichi no kioku 
友垣との哀しき再会 猛執刻まれし日の記憶 
Dragon and Ogre – Clash and Roar in Owari! The Combined Force of Date and Chosokabe 
Dragon Vs. Demon, Clash At Owari! Rush, Alliance Of Date And Chosokabe!! 
ryuu to oni owari no gekitotsu ! bakusou ! date . chou sogabe rengougun !! 
竜と鬼 尾張の激突! 爆走!伊達・長曾我部連合軍!! 
Rebirth Of The Young Tiger! The Rebuilt Fortress Nichirin Menaces The East! 
The Young Tiger Restored! The Great Fortress Rebuilt - the Menace of the Sun Heads East! 
fukkatsu no wakaki tora ! kaizou daiyousai . nichirin no kyoui , higashi e !! 
復活の若き虎! 改造大要塞・日輪の脅威、東へ!! 
Toyotomi's Great Main Army Dashes For Supremacy! Earnest Keiji Drawns Sword In Heartbreak!! 
ha sou toyotomi oomoto tai ! honki no yoshi tsugi , danchou no batsu katana !! 
覇走豊臣大本隊! 本気の慶次、断腸の抜刀!! 
ao kurenai kesshi sen ! gekitou no hate ni fuku kaze no oto yo !! 
蒼紅決死戦! 激闘の果てに吹く風の音よ!! 
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