Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector (TV)

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Alternative title:
Super Robot Taisen OG: The Inspector (Japanese) 
Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector 
スーパーロボット大戦OG ジ・インスペクター (Japanese) 
Genres: action , science fiction 
Themes: ecchi , mecha 
Plot Summary: Six months after the conclusion of the L5 Campaign and the DC War, the crews of the PT carriers Hagane and Hiryuu Custom have gone their separate ways. They are not far apart for long, however, as the remnants of the DC soon begin to push against the Federation Forces with newly acquired resources. A mysterious organization, the Shadow Mirror, has begun to arm them with weapons and robots that should not exist. Compounding matters, inter-dimensional entities known as Einsts begin to appear around the World and seem to share a psychic connection with ATX pilots Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning. Even worse, aliens calling themselves The Inspectors have arrived from outer space with plans to retake the White Star and finish the job the Aerogators could not. As this new, four sided war begins, Lamia Loveless, a Shadow Mirror operative sent to spy on the Federation Forces, must choose between her orders and her new found friends among the Hagane and Hiryuu crews. 
User Ratings: 61 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 4 votes (sub:3, others:1
1 Tagalog dubbed
 Excellent: 7 votes (sub:6, raw:1)
 Very good: 13 votes (sub:11, raw:2)
 Good: 16 votes (sub:15, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Decent: 8 votes (sub:8)
 So-so: 5 votes (sub:4, dub:1)
 Not really good: 3 votes (sub:3)
 Weak: 2 votes (sub:2)
 Bad: 2 votes (sub:2)
 Awful: 1 vote (sub:1)
 Worst ever: -
Seen in part or in whole by 136 users, rank: #3289 (of 6324)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 6.803 (Good−), std. dev.: 2.0149, rank: #2960 (of 6329)
Weighted mean: 6.697 (Good−), rank: #3144 (of 6329) (seen all: 7.18 / won't finish: 3.56)
Bayesian estimate: 6.834 (Good), rank: #2571 (of 4832)
Number of episodes: 26 
Episode titles: We have 26
Vintage: 2010-10-01 to 2011-04-01 
Opening Theme:
#1: "MAXON" by JAM Project (eps 1-23) 
#2: "Ryūsei Lovers" (流星Lovers; "Meteor Lovers") by JAM Project (eps 24-25) 
Ending Theme:
#1: "Bokura no Jiyū" (僕らの自由) by Aki Misato (eps 1-16) 
#2: "Saigo no Tabi" (最後の旅) by Aki Misato (eps 17-26) 
Insert song:
"Fairy Dang-Sing—Gekka ni Yōsei wa Mau" (Fairy Dang-Sing~月下に妖精は舞う) by Riko Hirai and Reina Kaihara (ep 10) 
"Ryūsei Lovers" (流星Lovers; "Meteor Lovers") by JAM Project (ep 26) 
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Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Masami Obari 
Series Composition:
Tatsunosuke Yatsufusa 
Yuichiro Takeda 
Takanobu Terada (eps 24-26) 
Tatsunosuke Yatsufusa (5 episodes
eps 1-2, 7, 10, 19
Yuichiro Takeda (eps 1-26) 
Hiroyuki Okuno (ep 5) 
Masakazu Obara (ep 8)  (eps 13, 23, 26) 
Masami Obari (OP; 6 episodes
eps 1, 7, 15-16, 24, 26
Meigo Naito (eps 14, 17) 
Osamu Yamasaki (ep 18) 
Susumu Nishizawa (eps 15-16, 24) 
Takahiro Toyomasu (eps 6, 10) 
Tetsuya Yanagisawa (ep 22) 
Tomokazu Tokoro (ep 11) 
Toru Yoshida (eps 3, 20, 25)  (ep 9) 
Yasuchika Nagaoka (ep 21) 
Yasuhiro Hayashi (eps 4, 12) 
Yasuhiro Minami (ep 19) 
Yousuke Kabashima (ED) 
Yukihito Ogomori (4 episodes
eps 2, 7, 15, 26
Episode Director:
Akira Kato (ep 23) 
Daisuke Takashima (ep 25) 
Hiroaki Kudou (ep 6) 
Hiroyuki Okuno (ep 5) 
Keiya Saitō (ep 16) 
Masahiro Takada (ep 10) 
Masami Obari (OP; 4 episodes
eps 1, 8, 15, 26
Matsuo Asami (ep 13) 
Shunsuke Machitani (ep 24) 
Takahiro Natori (ep 17) 
Tetsuya Yanagisawa (ep 22) 
Tomokazu Tokoro (eps 4, 11) 
Toru Yoshida (eps 3, 9, 20) 
Tsutomu Yabuki (ep 14) 
Yasuhiro Geshi (ep 18) 
Yasuhiro Minami (ep 19) 
Yousuke Kabashima (ED) 
Yukihito Ogomori (4 episodes
eps 2, 7, 15, 26
Yuu Nobuta (eps 12, 21, 26) 
Original Character Design:
Kazue Saitou 
Sachiko Kōno 
Chief Animation Director: Yousuke Kabashima 
Animation Director:
Etsutaka Kawano (character; ep 10) 
Fujio Suzuki (mechanical; ep 1) 
Hideaki Matsuoka (character; ep 4) 
Hidetoshi Oomori (mechanical; ep 21) 
Hideyuki Arao (character & mechanical; eps 18, 25) 
Hiroshi Tatezaki (character; ep 21) 
Hiroyuki Okuno (character; eps 11, 15, 23) 
Hisao Muramatsu (mechanical; ep 12) 
Itsuki Imazaki (mechanical; ep 19) 
Kanta Suzuki (character & mechanical; ep 6) 
Kazuyuki Igai (character; 5 episodes
eps 7, 9, 11, 17, 20
Keizou Ichikawa (mechanical; eps 10, 23) 
Kenji Fujisaki (mechanical; ep 16) 
Kiryou Iwamoto (character; ep 14) 
Koji Iwaki (mechanical; eps 14, 20-21) 
Madoka Ozawa (character & mechanical; ep 25) 
Masahiro Yamane (character & mechanical; eps 2, 8, 26) 
Masakuni Kaneko (character; ep 14) 
Masami Obari (mechanical; OP1, OP2; 4 episodes
eps 8, 15, 19, 26
Masanobu Aoyama (mechanical; ep 23) 
Masanori Nishii (mechanical; eps 11, 15, 26) 
Masayuki Fujita (character; ep 22) 
Moriyasu Taniguchi (character; ep 3) 
Munetaka Abe (mechanical; eps 22, 24) 
Naoki Aisaka (character & mechanical; ep 13) 
Noriko Ogura (character; ep 12) 
Noriko Teshima (character; ep 19) 
Ryuji Totake (character & mechanical; ep 13) 
Satoshi Shigeta (mechanical; eps 10, 22) 
Sawako Yamamoto (mechaical; ep 5) 
Sayo Ishida (character; ep 5) 
Shin'ya Kuzumeki (mechanical; eps 14, 20-21) 
Susumu Sudō (mechanical; ep 24) 
Takashi Iwaki (mechanical; eps 14, 20-21) 
Takayuki Sano (mechanical; ep 12) 
Tetsuya Iwano (mechanical; ep 14) 
Tomohiro Kawahara (mechanical; eps 4, 14) 
Tomokatsu Nagasaku (character; ep 17) 
Toshimitsu Takechi (character; ep 16) 
Yoshiko Nakajima (character; eps 3, 19) 
Youki Ebisu (character; eps 9, 21) 
Yousuke Kabashima (character - OP; eps 1, 3, 26) 
Yuichi Nakazawa (mechanical; 4 episodes
eps 3, 9, 17, 23
Yukihito Ogomori (character & mechanical; eps 7, 15, 26) 
Yumiko Komiyama (character; ep 22) 
Yuuta Ootaka (character; ep 24) 
Sound Director: Toshiki Kameyama 
Hiroshi Matsumura 
Hisanori Kunisaki 
Homare Muto (Sotsu) 
Takanobu Terada (Namco Bandai Games) 
Yoshitaka Goto (Namco Bandai Games) 

2nd Key Animation:
Atsushi Shibata (Anime R; ep 3) 
Ayu Tanaka (ep 23) 
Chie Ōtsuki (ep 7) 
Daiki Handa (ep 23) 
Hiroki Tokuda (eps 1-2, 8) 
Hiromi Kawamoto (ep 10) 
Hitomi Watanabe (eps 1-2, 4) 
Hitoshi Morikawa (ep 9) 
Ikue Yoshima (ep 25) 
Kaito Senkōji (ep 23) 
Kaori Ishii (ep 25) 
Kasumi Oota (ep 26) 
Kazuhiko Ishii (ep 23) 
Ken Itakura (ep 7) 
Koji Iwaki (ep 7) 
Kōtarō Nakamori (Nakamura Production; eps 7, 22-23) 
Kouhei Tanaka (Nakamura Production; eps 7, 22-23) 
Mamoru Abiko (ep 24) 
Masami Yamashita (ep 7) 
Masaru Furushima (ep 23) 
Masateru Inada (ep 1) 
Moeka Hosoda (ep 21) 
Naoki Hiramura (ep 22) 
Naoki Suehiro (ep 7) 
Rie Harada (ep 4) 
Rie Omori (ep 1) 
Rina Oota (ep 24) 
Rina Takenawa (ep 25) 
Satomi Yamanaka (Anime R; eps 3, 6) 
Sayumi Yokoyama (ep 23) 
Shin'ya Kuzumeki (ep 7) 
Shinobu Ookawa (ep 4) 
Susumu Sudō (ep 6) 
Taiichiro Kohara (ep 22) 
Takashi Iwaki (ep 7) 
Takayuki Kanouchi (ep 4) 
Takuya Tokuda (ep 2) 
Tatsuya Mizuno (ep 7) 
Teruko Takejima (ep 24) 
Yasuhiro Ito (Anime R; ep 3) 
Yasuhiro Ueno (ep 20) 
Yōko Naeki (ep 7) 
Yoshihiro Itoo (ep 6) 
Yoshikazu Fujiwara (ep 23) 
Yoshiki Hirai (ep 23) 
Youko Nomura (ep 24) 
Yuji Kikuta (ep 7) 
Yusuke Asaoku (ep 2) 
Yūsuke Ochi (ep 23) 
Yūya Watanabe (ep 22) 
Action Director: Fujio Suzuki 
Assistant Art Director: Shinya Mita 
Background Art:
Anh Nguyen (BIHO) 
Aya Kuginuki (BIHO) 
Ayako Takahashi (BIHO) 
Dung Ha (BIHO) 
Duong Anh (BIHO) 
Duong Ly (BIHO) 
Hung Nguyen (BIHO) 
Huy Nguyen (BIHO) 
Huynh Nguyen (BIHO) 
Jun Okabe (BIHO) 
Khoa Tran (BIHO) 
Ly Doan (BIHO) 
Mai Ichioka (BIHO) 
Megumi Kato (BIHO) 
Michie Suzuki (BIHO) 
Nguyen Le (BIHO) 
Pham Thu (BIHO) 
Quan Pham (BIHO) 
Sa Huyen (BIHO) 
Shinichi Imano (BIHO) 
Shinya Mita (BIHO) 
Shuichi Tsuji (BIHO) 
Tam Phan (BIHO) 
Thuy Le (BIHO) 
Thuy Nguyen (BIHO) 
Tran Van (BIHO) 
Truong Nguyen (BIHO) 
Tuyet Nguyen (BIHO) 
Vuong Vo (BIHO) 
Yoshito Takamine (BIHO) 
CG Modeling:
Hisayasu Kamitani (Graphinica) 
Kazumasa Yokoyama (Graphinica) 
Kazuya Yamagata (Graphinica) 
Kazuyoshi Sakai 
Makoto Murakami 
Toshiyuki Nukanobu (Graphinica) 
Finish Animation:
Akiko Inoue (Wish) 
Atsuko Ito (Wish) 
Ayako Aihara (Asahi Production) 
Daisuke Yoshizawa (Dream Force) 
Eri Oga (Asahi Production) 
Haruka Saijou (Studio Elle) 
Hiroshi Moriwaki (Studio Elle) 
Junichi Kouno 
Kazuyuki Tokae 
Koji Ueno (Studio Gash) 
Maki Saitou (Dream Force) 
Makoto Iguchi (Dream Force) 
Mayu Yoshida (Studio Elle) 
Mika Kinoshita (Studio Elle) 
Natsuko Otsuka (Dream Force) 
Osamu Saiki 
Reina Iwasa 
Sakura Komatsu (Dream Force) 
Shin Ōno 
Shinya Terashima (Wish) 
Takaharu Hirano 
Takakiyo Tōno 
Takako Uemura (Wish) 
Tomoko Fukushima 
Tomoko Saito (Dream Force) 
Yasue Mizoguchi (Studio Gash) 
Yasuhide Samejima 
Yoko Chiba (Wish) 
Yoriko Matsumori 
Yue Murakami (Wish) 
Yuka Nakamura (Studio Gash) 
Yuki Ishii 
Yuki Yoshioka (Asahi Production) 
Yukiko Yamaguchi (Studio Gash) 
Finish Check:
Ayako Aihara (assistant) 
Chiho Nakamura (assistant) 
Eri Oga (assistant) 
Yuki Yoshioka (assistant) 
Yumiko Kokubun (assistant) 
In-Between Animation:
Aika Sakuramoto (Dream Force) 
Emi Matsunaga (Asahi Production) 
Emika Kokuryō (Asahi Production) 
Hiroki Tokuda (Asahi Production) 
Hitomi Watanabe (Asahi Production) 
Kazutoshi Sato 
Ken Endō 
Kōji Togashi 
Kōsuke Higashiyama (Asahi Production) 
Kouta Sugawa 
Mari Aizawa (Asahi Production) 
Masateru Inada (Asahi Production) 
Masato Kudou 
Megumi Iwamoto (Asahi Production) 
Midori Suzuki (Asahi Production) 
Mirai Nagao (Sakura Create) 
Miyuki Ishibata (Sakura Create) 
Naomichi Yamaguchi 
Noriyuki Imaoka (Sakura Create) 
Reiko Mano (Asahi Production) 
Saori Nakashiki 
Tadasuke Maeda (Asahi Production) 
Yasuhiko Akiyama 
Yasuhiro Ueno (Asahi Production) 
Yūki Ikumi (Asahi Production) 
Yusuke Asaoku (Dream Force) 
Insert Song Arrangement:
IKUO ("Ryūsei Lovers"; ep 26) 
Shiho Terada ("Ryūsei Lovers"; ep 26) 
Yoshichika Kuriyama ("Ryūsei Lovers"; ep 26)  ("Fairy Dang-Sing—Gekka ni Yōsei wa Mau"; ep 10) 
Insert Song Composition:
Hironobu Kageyama ("Ryūsei Lovers"; ep 26) 
Takuya Hanaoka ("Fairy Dang-Sing—Gekka ni Yōsei wa Mau"; ep 10) 
Insert Song Lyrics:
Hironobu Kageyama ("Ryūsei Lovers"; ep 26) 
Shiho Terada ("Fairy Dang-Sing—Gekka ni Yōsei wa Mau"; ep 10) 
Insert Song Performance:
Reina Kaihara ("Fairy Dang-Sing—Gekka ni Yōsei wa Mau"; ep 10) 
Riko Hirai ("Fairy Dang-Sing—Gekka ni Yōsei wa Mau"; ep 10) 
Key Animation:
Akihide Muraji (Anime R; eps 3, 9, 20) 
Akira Amemiya (OP; ep 1)  (ep 26) 
Akira Matsunaga (ep 23) 
Akito Dobashi (ep 10) 
Asako Nishida (ED) 
Atsuko Watanabe (OP) 
Atsushi Komatsu (Anime R; eps 3, 23) 
Atsushi Tsukamoto (ep 5) 
Ayumu Samukawa (ep 25) 
Azuma Sugawara (eps 21, 26) 
Chiaki Kita (ep 22) 
Chikae Kuwahara (ep 8) 
Daiki Ōta (eps 5, 23) 
Daisuke Kurose (ep 23) 
Daisuke Takemoto (Anime R; ep 9) 
Eiichi Kuboyama (ep 2) 
Eiji Uemura (ep 23) 
Eizo Kawada (eps 4, 7) 
Emi Ueda (Anime R; eps 3, 20) 
Emiko Abe (ep 10) 
Eri Kojima (ep 24) 
Eri Sano (Anime R; ep 9) 
Etsutaka Kawano (ED; eps 10, 21, 26) 
Fujio Suzuki (ep 1) 
Fumiko Kon (ep 22) 
Fumiko Takashi (Anime R; ep 9) 
Gi Il Shin (White Line; ep 22) 
Gu Ja Cheon (White Line; ep 22) 
Hajime Katoki (ep 8)  (ep 26) 
Hidenori Hanesaka (eps 2, 4) 
Hideyasu Yūki (ep 24) 
Hideyuki Arao (ep 25) 
Hikaru Naraoka (eps 10, 25) 
Hiroaki Shimizu (ep 8) 
Hiroki Mutaguchi (ep 8)  (eps 8, 15) 
Hiroki Tokuda (5 episodes
eps 10, 21, 23, 25-26
Hiroko Yamada (ep 21) 
Hiroshi Maejima (Whisker's; ep 22) 
Hiroshi Ogawa (ep 21) 
Hiroshi Tatezaki (ep 26) 
Hiroyoshi Iida (ep 10) 
Hiroyuki Honda (Whisker's; ep 22) 
Hiroyuki Terada (Anime R; ep 9) 
Hisao Muramatsu (ep 23) 
Hisashi Mitsui (ep 21) 
Hisatoshi Motoki (ep 5) 
Ichizō Kobayashi (eps 7, 23) 
Isamu Utsuki (ep 21) 
Jin Ishidō (ep 22) 
Jun Mori (ep 25) 
Junichi Kigawa (ep 10) 
Junko Matsushita (ep 8) 
Kanta Suzuki (5 episodes
eps 1, 6, 21, 24, 26
Kaoru Maehara (ep 25) 
Kasumi Oota (eps 10, 21) 
Katsuki Aoshima (ep 8) 
Katsuyuki Tamura (eps 8, 26) 
Kazuhiko Abe (eps 8, 21, 26) 
Kazuhiko Wanibuchi (eps 2, 10) 
Kazuhiro Sasaki (Anime R; eps 3, 9) 
Kazuko Tsujimura (ep 21) 
Kazuya Hayashi (ep 4) 
Kazuyuki Hirakawa (Anime R; ep 3) 
Keiji Shigesawa (ep 21) 
Keisei Noguchi (ep 23) 
Keizou Ichikawa (OP; ep 23) 
Ken Ootsuka (ep 15) 
Ken'ichi Hamazaki (OP; ep 26) 
Kenichirou Yamamoto (Anime R; ep 3) 
Kenji Kajiwara (ep 25) 
Kenta Mizusaki (ep 6) 
Kiyoshi Nohji (Anime R; ep 9) 
Kiyotoshi Aoi (ep 10) 
Kōdai Kitahara (eps 21, 26)  (OP2) 
Koichi Takai (Anime R; ep 9) 
Koji Iwaki (6 episodes
eps 8, 10, 15, 19, 21, 26
Koji Kataoka (ep 24) 
Kōji Mimata (ep 5) 
Koji Nakakita (ep 1) 
Koji Nakamura (ep 26) 
Kouhei Hashimoto (ep 21) 
Kunihiro Abe (ep 10) 
Mai Toda (ep 4) 
Maki Fujita (ep 10) 
Makoto Matsui (4 episodes
eps 2, 10, 21, 26
Mamoru Abiko (ep 6) 
Masahiko Matsuo (Anime R; eps 3, 20) 
Masahiro Katô (Anime R; ep 9) 
Masahiro Yamane (OP; 5 episodes
eps 2, 4, 8, 21, 26
Masaki Hosoyama (ep 4) 
Masakuni Kaneko (ep 23) 
Masami Obari (OP; 4 episodes
eps 1, 8, 21, 26
Masanao Bessho (ep 10) 
Masanobu Aoyama (ep 26) 
Masanori Nishii (ep 23) 
Masao Nakata (ep 5) 
Masao Takeda (ep 25) 
Masato Nishikawa (Anime R; 4 episodes
eps 3, 9, 20, 23
Masaya Yasutome (eps 2, 7) 
Mayumi Oda (Anime R; ep 9) 
Megumi Nagayama (Studio Pastoral; eps 20-21) 
Michio Satô (ep 25) 
Mika Inoue (ep 6) 
Min Ki Han (ep 22) 
Min-Ho Jang (Studio Cj; ep 21) 
Mitsuteru Kubo (eps 7, 10) 
Miyuki Inoue (ep 5) 
Myoung Jun Cha (White Line; ep 22) 
Nagisa Takahashi (Studio Pastoral; eps 20-21) 
Naomi Okita (ep 7) 
Naoyuki Konno (ep 21) 
Natsuki Orikasa (ep 10) 
Nobunori Wakana (eps 8, 26) 
Nobuyasu Murakami (ep 23) 
Noriko Ogura (ep 24) 
Noriko Takahashi (ep 6) 
Nozomi Ushijima (ep 6) 
Osamu Sato (ep 6) 
Pwi Ki Pang (ep 23) 
Rie Omori (ED; eps 2, 5) 
Rina Sugimoto (ep 24) 
Ryuji Totake (eps 21, 26) 
Saburo Masutani (ep 25) 
Sachiko Kōno (OP; eps 3-4, 26) 
Satoshi Ishino (ep 10) 
Satoshi Shigeta (eps 2, 7, 25-26) 
Satoshi Shimada (ep 24) 
Sayaka Ikeda (Anime R; eps 3, 9, 20) 
Seiichi Nakatani (ep 15) 
Seika Saruwatari (eps 22, 25) 
Seong Won Hwang (White Line; ep 22) 
Shigemi Aoyagi (ep 8) 
Shin'ya Kitamura (ep 5) 
Shin'ya Kuzumeki (eps 8, 26) 
Shinichi Toda (ep 25) 
Shinichiro Takagi (OP/ED; ep 2) 
Shinobu Ookawa (4 episodes
eps 1, 7, 21, 26
Shinya Kameyama (eps 7, 23) 
Shirō Amishima (ED) 
Shōzō Katsura (ep 7) 
Shunsuke Masuda (ep 21) 
Sōichi Honda (Studio Pastoral; eps 20-21) 
Susumu Nishizawa (eps 7-8) 
Susumu Sudō (ep 24) 
Tadashi Aizawa (ep 7) 
Taiichiro Kohara (4 episodes
eps 2, 4, 10, 21
Takahiro Kimura (ep 8) 
Takahiro Sōda (Whisker's; ep 22) 
Takashi Iwaki (4 episodes
eps 8, 10, 21, 26
Takashi Sano (ep 26) 
Takashi Torii (ep 25) 
Takayuki Kanouchi (6 episodes
eps 2, 4, 7, 10, 21, 26
Takeo Yoshioka (ep 22) 
Takeshi Kanda (ep 22) 
Takeshi Okada (ep 21) 
Tatsunosuke Yatsufusa (ep 26) 
Tatsuo Nakajima (ep 5) 
Teruhiko Yamazaki (ep 4) 
Teruko Takejima (ep 6) 
Tomohiro Kawahara (ep 4) 
Tomokazu Tokoro (ep 4) 
Tomoyuki Ohshita (ep 6) 
Tomoyuki Tajima (eps 4-5, 8) 
Toru Yoshida (Anime R; 5 episodes
eps 9, 20, 23-24, 26
Toshiaki Kanbara (ep 10) 
Toshihiko Araki (Anime R; 4 episodes
eps 3, 20, 23, 26
Toshihiro Kawamura (ep 2) 
Toshiyuki Yoshioka (ep 2) 
Tsukasa Kotobuki (ep 8) 
Uo Ogidate (Asterism; ep 25) 
Wataru Chihara (Asterism; ep 25) 
Yasuchika Nagaoka (ep 21) 
Yasuhiro Hayashi (eps 1-2) 
Yasuhiro Ito (Anime R; eps 9, 23) 
Yasuko Miyazaki (eps 4, 8, 21) 
Yasunari Saitō (ep 24) 
Yasushi Shingou (ep 10) 
Yong Sik Kim (ep 4) 
Yoshihiro Nakamura (Anime R; eps 3, 9, 20) 
Yoshikazu Fujiwara (Anime R; eps 3, 9, 20) 
Yoshinari Saito (OP; eps 2, 26) 
Yoshiyuki Funatsu (ep 21) 
Youki Ebisu (eps 7, 26) 
Youko Nomura (ep 6) 
Yousuke Kabashima (ED; eps 1-2, 25-26) 
Yuichi Nakazawa (Anime R; 4 episodes
eps 9, 20, 23, 26
Yuichiro Yamada (ep 21) 
Yuji Gotou (ep 10) 
Yuji Mukoyama (ep 8) 
Yuji Nakao (eps 2, 4, 7) 
Yuka Kudo (ep 5) 
Yuki Kawamura (Anime R; ep 20) 
Yukihiko Miwa (eps 8, 21, 26) 
Yukihito Ogomori (OP; 5 episodes
eps 1-2, 7-8, 26
Yukinori Kawamura (Anime R; ep 20) 
Yukiyoshi Shikiji (Anime R; 4 episodes
eps 3, 9, 20, 26
Yuko Fujii (ep 6) 
Yūsuke Ochi (ep 22) 
Yuuki Hara (ep 22) 
Yuuta Ootaka (eps 6, 24) 
Mecha Animation Director: Koji Iwaki (Assistant; ep 26) 
Production Advancement:
Daisuke Suzuki (eps 2, 7, 23) 
Kenzō Maniwa (eps 6, 24) 
Kōji Mizunashi (ep 25) 
Masaki Fujino (eps 3, 9, 20) 
Sachio Fujita (ep 5) 
Sōsuke Kuratani (eps 4, 21) 
Takahiro Ōtsuka (eps 8, 26) 
Tomoharu Komiyama (ep 22) 
Toshio Nakamura (ep 1) 
Yūhi Mimura (ep 10) 
Production Design: Koji Nakakita 
Special Effects:
Keiko Izumida 
Nobutaka Murakami 
Theme Song Arrangement:
IKUO (OP 1) 
Katsuhiko Kurosu (ED 2) 
Shiho Terada (OP 1 & 2) 
Yoshichika Kuriyama (OP 1 & 2) 
Theme Song Composition:
Hironobu Kageyama (OP 1 & 2) 
Katsuhiko Kurosu (ED 2) 
Theme Song Lyrics:
Aki Hata (ED 2) 
Hironobu Kageyama (OP 1 & 2) 
Theme Song Performance:
Aki Misato (ED) 
Hiroshi Kitadani (JAM Project) 
Ichiro Mizuki (JAM Project) 
JAM Project (OP) 
Masaaki Endoh (JAM Project) 
Masami Okui (JAM Project) 
Yoshiki Fukuyama (JAM Project) 
Kaori Shimizu as Lamia Loveless 
Toshiyuki Morikawa as Kyōsuke Nanbu 
Yuko Mizutani as Excellen Browning 

Ai Orikasa as
Mai Kobayashi 
Akeno Watanabe as Ibis Douglas 
Hideyuki Tanaka as Gilliam Yeager 
Hikaru Midorikawa as Masaki Ando 
Jin Horikawa as Tetsuya Onodera 
Kazuya Kaichi as Arado Balanga 
Kenichi Ono as Zengar Zombolt 
Mikako Takahashi as Kusuha Mizuha 
Narumi Hidaka as Ryune Zoldark 
Nobutoshi Canna as Axel Almar 
Rei Sakuma as Kuro 
Rio Natsuki as Rio Meilong 
Ryotaro Okiayu as Raidiese F. Braistein 
Shinichiro Miki as Ryuusei Date 
Tetsu Inada as Ratsel Feinschmecker 
Tomokazu Sugita as Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield 
Yuko Mizutani as Alfimi 
Yumi Kakazu as Seolla Schweizer 
Yumi Touma as Aya Kobayashi 
Yumiko Kobayashi as Ryoto Hikawa 

Akira Ishida as
Anthuz Egret  
Thurisuz Egret  
Uruz Egret 
Ako Mayama as Dr. Agilla Setme 
Asami Yaguchi as Katina Tarask 
Atsuko Tanaka as Villeta Vadim 
Binbin Takaoka as Kenneth Garret 
Hidekatsu Shibata as Daitetsu Minase 
Hideyuki Umezu as Vindel Mauser 
Junko Iwao as Lefina Enfield 
Kan Tanaka as Sean Webley 
Kaori Nakamura as Marion Radom 
Kappei Yamaguchi as Task Shinguuji 
Katsuhisa Houki as Van Vat Tran 
Kenichi Ono as Wodan Ymir 
Kenyuu Horiuchi as
Egret Fehu 
Irmgart Kazahara 
Koji Yusa as Cuervo Cero 
Kouji Ishii as Nibhal Mubhal 
Kousuke Okano as Lee Linjun 
Mai Aizawa as Azuki Sawa (Hagane Operator) 
Mariko Suzuki as Echidna Iisaki 
Masaharu Satou as Rishuu Toudou 
Megumi Ogata as Ring Mao 
Michiko Neya as Ouka Nagisa 
Mika Doi as Sophia Nate 
Miki Nagasawa as Sleigh Presty 
Mitsuaki Madono as Yuuki Jagger 
Motomu Kiyokawa as Laker Randolph 
Mugihito as Kenzo Kobayashi 
Nobuaki Kanemitsu as Graien Grusman 
Norio Wakamoto as Einst Regisseur 
Rei Sakuma as Radha Bairaban 
Reina Kaihara as Shine Hausen 
Rica Matsumoto as Ricarla “Carla” Borgnine 
Rie Saitou as Dr. Eri Anzai 
Riko Hirai as Latooni Subota 
Risa Shirakawa as
Female terrorist (ep 6) 
Informant (ep 14) 
Shiho Kawaragi as Eun Hyojin 
Sho Hayami as Brian Midcrid 
Tadahisa Saizen as Kai Kitamura 
Takashi Aoki as Russel Bergman 
Takehito Koyasu as Shu Shirakawa 
Takeshi Kusao as Vigagi 
Takuma Suzuki as Sakae Takanaka 
Takuma Terashima as Kouta Azuma (ep 26) 
Takumi Yamazaki as Archibald Grims 
Takuya Kirimoto as Robert H. Oomiya 
Tomoko Hasegawa as Tsugumi Takakura 
Toshitaka Hirano as Joyce L'Dhal 
Youji Ueda as Filio Presty 
Yui Sakakibara as Leona Garschtein 
Yuki Kaida as Wendolo 
Yukiko Takaguchi as Mitsuko Isurugi 
Yuko Mizutani as Lemon Browning 
Yuu Asakawa as Aguija 
Yuuto Kazama as Kirk Hamill 
Japanese companies
3D Modeling: Graphinica 
3DCGI: Graphinica 
Animation Production: Asahi Production 
Backgrounds: Bihou, Inc. 
AT-X (2010-10-27) 
Chiba Television (2010-10-01) 
KBS Kyoto (2010-10-01) 
Sun TV (2010-10-01) 
Tokyo MX (2010-10-03) 
TV Aichi (2010-10-01) 
Television Kanagawa (2010-10-03) 
Television Saitama Co., Ltd. (2010-10-01) 
CGI Assistance: Asahi Production 
Color Coordination: Studio Gash 
Finish Check: TYO Animations 
Monitor Design: Asahi Production 
Photography: Asahi Production 
Production: Sotsu Co., Ltd. 
Production Assistance:
Actas (eps 6, 24) 
AI (ep 5) 
Artland (ep 25) 
TNK (ep 22) 
special effects: Asahi Production 
English cast
English staff
Translation: Adam Lensenmayer 

Subtitle Editor: Laura Wyrick 
English companies
Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll 
Subtitles: MX Media LLC 
Translation: MX Media LLC 
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