Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing (TV)

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Alternative title:
Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam (Japanese) 
ラストエグザイル-銀翼のファム- (Japanese) 
最後流亡-銀翼的飛夢- (Chinese (Taiwan)) 
Genres: adventure , science fiction 
Objectionable content: Significant 
Copyright notice: © 2011 GONZO/FAM PARTNERS 
Plot Summary: Fam is part of the Sky Pirates, a group that assaults ships following the code of the First harpoon -the first to hit the target with a harpoon has the right to decide how to proceed on the assault-. They target minor vessels and prosper on an isolated location, until one day they take off for a mission that will change their lives and for all Turan Kingdom citizens by rescuing their 2 princess from Ades Federation betrayal. The Federation claims Earth should be owned and worked by those who where left behind during the Exile and not by those who ran away and came back after the chaos and reclaimed it as their own. 
User Ratings: 470 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 31 votes (sub:28, dub:3)
 Excellent: 101 votes (sub:79, dub:14, raw:2, others:6
4 Spanish subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Very good: 125 votes (sub:103, dub:17, raw:1, others:4
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 French subtitled
 Good: 106 votes (sub:89, dub:15, others:2
2 Russian subtitled
 Decent: 48 votes (sub:44, dub:3, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 So-so: 23 votes (sub:19, dub:2, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 German subtitled
 Not really good: 14 votes (sub:12, ?:1, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Weak: 17 votes (sub:14, dub:3)
 Bad: 2 votes (sub:1, dub:1)
 Awful: 1 vote (sub:1)
 Worst ever: 2 votes (sub:2)
Seen in part or in whole by 848 users, rank: #1280 (of 6577)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 7.396 (Good+), std. dev.: 1.7603, rank: #1559 (of 6580)
Weighted mean: 7.413 (Good+), rank: #1375 (of 6580) (seen all: 7.55 / seen some: 7.32 / won't finish: 4.31)
Bayesian estimate: 7.416 (Good+), rank: #1161 (of 5026)
Running time: 23 minutes per episode 
Number of episodes: 21 
Episode titles: We have 23
2011-10-07 (Takeoff special) 
2011-10-14 to 2012-03-23 
2011-10-15 (Animax Asia) 
Opening Theme:
"Buddy" by Maaya Sakamoto 
#2: "Cloud Age Symphony" by Shuntaro Okino (ep 15) 
Ending Theme:
"Starboard" by Hitomi Kuroishi 
#2: "Buddy" by Maaya Sakamoto (ep 2) 
#3: "Starboard [Silky Wind ver.]" by Hitomi (eps 8,20) 
#4: "Over The Sky [Angel Feather version]" by Hitomi 
#5: "Kaze no Kyōkaisen" (風の境界線) by Hitomi (ep 21) 
#6: "Grand Exile" by Hitomi (ep 19) 
#7: "Sorrows of Life" by Hitomi (ep 18) 
Insert song:
"A Rose in the Wind" by Hitomi (ep 14) 
"Everything I wish" by Hitomi (ep 14) 
"head in the Clouds" by Shuntarō Okino (ep 14) 
"I've Got Friends" by Hitomi (eps 9,19) 
"Lost Friend" by Hitomi 
"Wings of Honor" by Hitomi (eps 8,21) 
Trivia: We have 1
News: Show:
Otakon 2013 - Funimation (Aug 10, 2013)
Manifest On This Weekend (Aug 24, 2011)
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Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Koichi Chigira 
Series Composition: Kiyoko Yoshimura 
Kiyoko Yoshimura  (11 episodes
eps 1, 3, 6-7, 9.5, 11, 14-15, 19-21
Koichi Chigira (ep 17) 
Shuichi Kamiyama  (4 episodes
eps 2, 9.5, 10, 18
Takaaki Suzuki  (5 episodes
eps 5, 8, 9.5, 13, 16
Yuniko Ayana  (5 episodes
eps 4, 9, 9.5, 12, 15.5
Hiroko Kazui (ED; 5 episodes
eps 3, 6, 9, 12, 15
Hisaya Takabayashi (ep 11) 
Koichi Chigira (OP; 7 episodes
eps 1-2, 4, 9.5, 15.5, 17, 21
Koji Iwai (ep 2) 
Masahiko Ohkura (ep 8) 
Minoru Ohara (7 episodes
eps 7, 10, 13-14, 18-20
Yukio Takahashi (eps 5, 9.5, 16) 
Episode Director:
Akira Kato (eps 8, 19) 
Daisuke Kurose (eps 12, 17) 
Hiroyuki Okuno (eps 3, 7) 
Hisaya Takabayashi (eps 4, 11) 
Junichi Takaoka (ep 2) 
Koichi Chigira (ep 15.5) 
Masahiro Takada (ep 14) 
Nao Higa (ep 5) 
Shunichi Yoshizawa (ep 15) 
Tetsuo Ichimura (ep 6) 
Toru Yoshida (eps 10, 18) 
Toshiya Shinohara (ep 9) 
Yasufumi Soejima (eps 13, 20) 
Yukio Takahashi (4 episodes
eps 1, 9.5, 16, 21
Unit Director:
Hiroko Kazui (ED) 
Yasufumi Soejima (OP) 
Music: Hitomi Kuroishi 
Character Design: Range Murata 
Art: Hiromasa Ogura (ep 15.5 OP) 
Chief Animation Director: Junichi Takaoka 
Animation Director:
Ayako Suzuki (ep 9) 
Dai Wada (ep 5) 
Eri Nagata (4 episodes
eps 9.5, 15, 17, 21
Eri Sano (ep 18) 
Hiroko Kazui (ED) 
Hiromi Okazaki (eps 12, 21) 
Junichi Takaoka (5 episodes
eps 2, 9, 9.5, 15.5, 21
Kenji Fujisaki (ep 2) 
Koji Haneda (ep 9) 
Masahiko Matsuo (ep 18) 
Mayu Fujimoto (ep 17) 
Moriyasu Taniguchi (ep 18) 
Norimoto Tokura (eps 10, 16) 
Osamu Horiuchi (OP; 4 episodes
eps 1, 9, 15.5 OP, 21
Range Murata (ep 15.5) 
Ryotarou Akao (ep 15) 
Sayaka Ikeda (ep 18) 
Shinichiro Minami (ep 13) 
Shosuke Shimizu (ep 2) 
Shunryō Yamamura (ep 12) 
Takeshi Kusaka (ep 6) 
Takuro Shinbo (4 episodes
eps 3, 8, 14, 20
Toshiya Washida (eps 4, 11) 
Yoshio Usuda (eps 4, 11, 19) 
Yuka Kudo (ep 7) 
Yukihide Oku (ep 2) 
Animation Character Design: Osamu Horiuchi 
3D Director: Kenji Isobe (Trans Arts; OP) 
Executive producer:
Shigeaki Komatsu 
Shinichiro Ishikawa 
2D CGI: Yousuke Nanjou 
Aya Oshimi (TMS Photo) 
Ayumi Ushijima (Graphinica) 
Chô Nemoto (TMS Photo) 
Hironori Yamamoto (Light Foot) 
Hiroshi Kumai (Light Foot) 
Jin Nishiyama (TMS Photo) 
Kei Kawamoto (Light Foot) 
Kōichi Yanai (Light Foot) 
Masanori Yoshida (TMS Photo) 
Masato Makino (Light Foot) 
Osamu Nakatani (TMS Photo) 
Satoshi Ohtsubo (TMS Photo) 
Shin'ichi Komeya (TMS Photo) 
Shinichiro Nagano (Light Foot) 
Takenari Kubo (TMS Photo) 
Takeshi Yasuda (TMS Photo) 
Toshihiro Kawada (TMS Photo) 
Yoshiki Obata (Graphinica) 
Yukiko Haruhara (TMS Photo) 
Yukiko Kawai (Light Foot) 
Yuko Nishiyama (TMS Photo) 
2nd Key Animation:
Ai Mochida (ep 18) 
Ayako Suzuki (ep 18) 
Daisuke Kurose (ep 18) 
Eiji Shirai (eps 9, 21) 
Eri Nagata (eps 16, 18) 
Eri Shibusawa (ep 9) 
Eriko Murakami (ep 7) 
Haruna Katsu (4 episodes
eps 1, 16-17, 21
Hiroki Itai (ep 1) 
Hiroko Yoshida (ep 6) 
Hiromi Kurosawa (Nakamura Production; ep 20) 
Hiroya Iijima (ep 21) 
Hyun Ae Kwan (White Line; ep 17) 
Jae Seok Park (White Line; ep 17) 
Jin Hirakawa (ep 21) 
Kanae Matsunaga (ep 1) 
Kanako Oikawa (ep 12) 
Kaoru Sekiya (ep 1) 
Kazuya Takahashi (eps 3, 7) 
Kumiko Onaga (ep 21) 
Maki Uchida (eps 6, 18) 
Masaki Okada (ep 9) 
Masato Nishikawa (ep 18) 
Mayu Fujimoto (ep 1) 
Miho Arai (ep 9) 
Miho Sekimoto (ep 9) 
Min Gyu Kim (White Line; ep 17) 
Nao Takano (ep 9) 
Pwi Ki Pang (eps 3, 7) 
Rie Harada (ep 7) 
Rui Niitsuma (ep 18) 
Ryō Nagashima (Anime R; eps 10, 18) 
Ryuta Nakahara (ep 16) 
Satoru Kurihara (ep 6) 
Sayaka Takase (eps 6, 18) 
Sayuri Ōsato (eps 16, 21) 
Seong Ho Park (ep 15) 
Shin'ya Kitamura (ep 3) 
Sim Myungju (White Line; ep 17) 
Sul A Kang (White Line; ep 17) 
Takashi Kikugawa (Anime R; eps 10, 18) 
Takayuki Nakao (eps 15-16) 
Takuya Yoshihara (eps 3, 7) 
Tomoyo Masuda (ep 17) 
Yōko Kubara (ep 18) 
Yoshiaki Iketani (ep 21) 
Yoshiko Nakamura (eps 12, 19) 
Yosuke Imakubo (ep 19) 
Young Nam Go (White Line; ep 17) 
Yuki Kudou (Nakamura Production; ep 20) 
Yumiko Tachibana (eps 5, 9) 
3D Animation:
Daisuke Suzuki (ep 15.5 OP) 
Hidemitsu Shiono (ep 15.5 OP) 
Takayuki Ito (ep 15.5 OP) 
Yasufumi Soejima (ep 15.5 OP) 
3D CG:
Akihiko Kimura (Trans Arts; OP) 
Akio Tanaka (Picona Creative Studio) 
Akito Satō (F-Sik) 
Apiwat Jannarumit (Imagimax) 
Arum Hora (Imagimax) 
Chairode Srisermsin (Imagimax) 
Chikara Nomoto (Cyclone Graphics) 
Daisuke Kato (Studio Hibari) 
Daisuke Suzuki (SANZIGEN) 
Eiji Kondō (F-Sik) 
Etsuko Saitō (Type Zero) 
Gōchū Satō (Orange) 
Haruki Takeda (Picona Creative Studio) 
Hidekazu Suda (Type Zero) 
Hiroaki Kudo (Cyclone Graphics) 
Hiroki Suzuki (SANZIGEN) 
Hiroshi Kadoya (Studio GAOH) 
Hiroshi Kajiyama (SANZIGEN) 
Hiroshi Kanetsuga (Studio GAOH) 
Hiroshi Takabayashi (Type Zero) 
Hiroyasu Nishino (SANZIGEN) 
Hiroyo Masuko (Samurai Pictures) 
Hiroyuki Kusama (Samurai Pictures) 
Hitoshi Kikuchi 
Jia Fei Xie (Picona Creative Studio) 
Jun Shiota (J.C. Staff) 
Kana Imagaki (Studio Deen) 
Kazumasa Takahashi (lunaworks) 
Kazuyuki Nakahashi (Orange) 
Keisuke Inoue (Studio Deen) 
Ken Masuda (Shiitake Digital) 
Ken'ya Taniguchi (Samurai Pictures) 
Kenichi Yoshimoto (J.C. Staff) 
Kenji Hattori (Premium Agency) 
Kentarō Ijima (SANZIGEN) 
Kentarō Shiomitsu (F-Sik) 
Kittithat Suwannathed (Imagimax) 
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Makoto Takemori (F-Sik) 
Masaaki Susowake (SANZIGEN) 
Masafumi Uchiyama (Studio Hibari) 
Masaru Yokohagi 
Masato Hira (David Production; OP) 
Masayuki Ōtake (SANZIGEN) 
Minato Yokosuka (Studio GAOH) 
Momoko Kamiya (Orange) 
Momoko Yamada (IKIF+) 
Nanami Satō (Samurai Pictures) 
Nao Kudō (David Production; OP) 
Naoko Kanda (Shiitake Digital) 
Naoya Okugawa (F-Sik) 
Natsumi Nishio (SANZIGEN) 
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Sayaka Abe (Rundock Studio; OP) 
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Yasushi Hattori (F-Sik) 
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Yūki Himoto (Studio Deen) 
Yuki Honda (J.C. Staff) 
Yuki Kuribayashi (Studio Deen) 
Yuuko Okumura (IKIF+) 
Yuushi Koshida (Orange; ED) 
3D Modeling:
Daisuke Kato (Studio Hibari) 
Hatsumi Uchida (Studio Hibari) 
Hayao Abe (Premium Agency) 
Keisuke Inoue (Studio Deen) 
Kenichi Takahashi (Premium Agency) 
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Taketo Kobayashi 
Takuya Takayama (Studio Hibari) 
Takuya Umeda (Studio Hibari) 
Tatsuki Ishida (IKIF+) 
Tomoya Mizuno (Studio Hibari) 
Toshirō Hamamura (Studio Deen) 
Wataru Matsunaga (F-Sik) 
Yūichi Inoue (Shiitake Digital) 
Yuuko Okumura (IKIF+) 
3D Production Advancement: Tatsuya Nishiyama 
3DCGI Producer:
Kenji Watanabe (Trans Arts; OP) 
Rui Sasaki (Rundock Studio; OP) 
Advertising Producer: Takanori Sugawara 
Ai Mochida (ep 9.5) 
Akiko Asaki (ep 15.5 OP) 
Eri Nagata (ep 9.5) 
Fūga Mimura (ep 9.5) 
Hiroko Yoshida (ep 9.5) 
Katsuyuki Tamura (ep 15.5 OP) 
Minoru Murao (ep 15.5 OP) 
Moriyasu Taniguchi (ep 15.5 OP) 
Naoko Nakamoto (ep 15.5 OP) 
Tomohiro Hirata (ep 15.5 OP) 
Yōko Kubara (ep 9.5) 
Yooko Kadogami (ep 15.5 OP) 
Yoshikazu Samura (ep 15.5 OP) 
Yousuke Kabashima (ep 15.5 OP) 
Assistant Animation Director:
Ayako Suzuki (ep 12) 
Eri Nagata (eps 9, 19) 
Hiroki Saito (ep 9) 
Hiromi Okazaki (ep 6) 
Hisao Muramatsu (ep 17) 
Junichi Takaoka (ep 6) 
Kei Saotome (Mutsu Planning; ep 15) 
Koji Haneda (ep 16) 
Maki Uchida (eps 6, 10) 
Rui Niitsuma (eps 17, 19) 
Sayaka Takase (ep 17) 
Shunryō Yamamura (ep 10) 
Sung Hoo Park (ep 17) 
Takeshi Kusaka (eps 1, 12) 
Toshimitsu Takechi (ep 17) 
Yuusuke Kamada (ep 15) 
Assistant Director of Photography: Haruka Gotō (Graphinica) 
Background Art:
Hyeong Seok Joo (Korea Easter Studio) 
Hyun Chul Woo (Korea Easter Studio) 
Hyun Hee Lee (Korea Easter Studio) 
Ju-Jeong Ko (Korea Easter Studio) 
Kei Ichikura (Studio Easter) 
Kim Soon Ja (Korea Easter Studio) 
Kinichi Okubo (Tower Crane) 
Sang Ha Yoo (Korea Easter Studio) 
Seung Hyeon Lee (Korea Easter Studio) 
Si Hyun Lee (Korea Easter Studio) 
Sin Hye Lee (Korea Easter Studio) 
So Young Kim (Korea Easter Studio) 
Sun Hee Ban (Korea Easter Studio) 
Won Suk Chai (Korea Easter Studio) 
Yeong Dan Heo (Korea Easter Studio) 
Young Un Bae (Korea Easter Studio) 
Yuka Ohashi (Studio Easter) 
Background Supervision: Kei Ichikura (OP) 
Cooperation: Hideyuki Nanba (Dentsu) 
Copyright Production: Hideki Tanno 
Editing Assistant: Juri Saitō 
Engineering Assistant: Fumiaki Tanaka 
Finish Animation:
Aiko Yamagami (TMS Photo) 
Akiko Kagiyama (TMS Photo) 
Ayumi Tachibana (TMS Photo) 
Chiharu Tamaki (Light Foot) 
Daisuke Yamazaki (Light Foot) 
Dong Hee Lee (White Line) 
Eri Takahashi (AI) 
Erika Ochiai (Light Foot) 
Gyong Jin Lee (White Line) 
Hyun Suk Kim (White Line) 
Junko Nagaoka (TMS Photo) 
Keiko Watanabe (Light Foot) 
Kiyoka Sawada (Light Foot) 
Kiyomi Inoue (Light Foot) 
Kook-Hee Nam (White Line) 
Mamoru Kawano (Light Foot) 
Mi Ran Bang (White Line) 
Miyuki Hamada (Light Foot) 
Miyuki Iguchi (Light Foot) 
Mun Kyung Lee (White Line) 
Noriyo Koike (TMS Photo) 
Rieko Akamatsu (TMS Photo) 
Sakiko Takenouchi (Light Foot) 
Satoshi Handa (AI) 
Satoshi Inoue 
Satoshi Tsuchiya 
Sayuri Okada 
Takayuki Sano (AI) 
Tomoko Kuroki (Light Foot) 
Tomoko Saito (Light Foot) 
Tomoko Takahashi (TMS Photo) 
Yasuka Kawanabe (TMS Photo) 
Yoko Tomizawa (TMS Photo) 
Yoshitaka Miyamoto (AI) 
Yui Itō (TMS Photo) 
Yūki Nishikawa (AI) 
Yumi Niwa 
Yuuko Satou 
Finish Check:
Fei Qi 
Naoto Tanaka (assist.) 
Format Editing: Yoshinobu Ogata (Video Tech) 
Graphic Design: Makoto Kobayashi (ep 15.5 OP) 
In-Between Animation:
Chea Sick Park (White Line) 
Chiori Matsuda 
Daisuke Kurose 
Fūga Mimura 
Hee Jung Park (White Line) 
Hyo Jung Yang (White Line) 
Hyun Ju Cha (White Line) 
Jin Sun Byun (White Line) 
Jō Endō (AI) 
Jong Kyu Kim (White Line) 
Joo Hee Park (White Line) 
Kimiko Hoshi 
Kōji Togashi (AI) 
Kumiko Ohta 
Lee Hye Kyoung (White Line) 
Min Sook Kim (White Line) 
Mirai Nakata (D-Motion) 
Miyuki Nomura (D-Motion) 
Miyuki Yano 
Naomichi Yamaguchi (AI) 
Noriko Hara (Telecom Animation Film) 
Park Jin Hee (White Line) 
Park Sang Uk (White Line) 
Ritsuko Tanaka (Telecom Animation Film) 
Sayaka Yamai 
Si Wei Gao (Shinryu) 
Si Yang Zhao (Shinryu) 
Sin Jin Eun (White Line) 
So Im Kim (White Line) 
Takaki Inoue 
Tatsuma Hashi (D-Motion) 
Tomoyo Masuda 
Yoriko Mochizuki 
Youn Kyung Chae (White Line) 
Young Min Kim (White Line) 
Yumiko Totsu 
Yuuri Nagatsuka (D-Motion) 
Yuzumi Enosawa 
Key Animation:
Ai Mochida (10 episodes
eps 1-2, 6, 12-13, 15-17, 19, 21
Aimei Sugai (ep 15) 
Akira Etō (Nakamura Production; 4 episodes
eps 3, 8, 14, 20
Akira Matsunaga (Nakamura Production; eps 3, 8, 20) 
Atsuko Sugawara (ep 11) 
Atsuko Takahashi (OP) 
Atsushi Shibata (ep 18) 
Atsushi Soga (ep 17) 
Atsuya Miura (ep 11) 
Aya Yamaguchi (Anime R; eps 10, 18) 
Ayako Suzuki (4 episodes
eps 1, 5, 19, 21
Ayu Tanaka (Anime R; eps 10, 18) 
Chie Saito (6 episodes
eps 1, 5, 12, 15, 19, 21
Chie Yamazaki (ep 12) 
Chiharu Takahashi (ep 4) 
Chihiro Saitō (eps 4, 11) 
Chizuru Mori (ep 7) 
Chuji Nakajima (eps 9, 12) 
Dai Murayama (OP) 
Daiki Ōta (ep 7) 
Daisuke Kurose (eps 1, 5, 19) 
Eiji Shirai (ep 17) 
Eri Nagata (OP; 8 episodes
eps 1-2, 5, 9, 9.5, 12, 15, 17
Gakushi Maeda (ep 7) 
Haruka Oikawa (eps 4, 11) 
Haruna Katsu (7 episodes
eps 2, 5, 9, 12-13, 15, 19
Hideaki Furusawa (ep 17) 
Hideki Takahara (ep 16) 
Hidenori Miyahara (Nakamura Production; eps 14, 20) 
Hideo Amemiya (ep 2) 
Hideo Maru (ep 6) 
Hideyuki Hamada (ep 6) 
Hiroki Itai (eps 12, 15) 
Hiroki Saito (ep 9) 
Hiroko Yoshida (eps 2, 13) 
Hiromi Okazaki (ep 6) 
Hironori Sawada (ep 6) 
Hiroshi Kosuga (ep 7) 
Hiroshi Mimata (eps 6, 15) 
Hirotaka Nii (eps 6, 17) 
Hiroyuki Shimizu (eps 2, 16-17) 
Hiroyuki Terada (ep 18) 
Hiroyuki Uchida (Anime R; ep 10) 
Hisao Muramatsu (eps 2, 13, 19) 
Hisashi Eguchi (OP) 
Hisashi Samejima (ep 9) 
Ichiro Hattori (ep 11) 
Ja Chun Ku (White Line; ep 17) 
Jeong Nam Kim (eps 16, 21) 
Junichi Takaoka (ep 2) 
Junichiro Taniguchi (OP) 
Kanetoshi Kamimoto (OP) 
Kaori Oka (Anime R; eps 10, 18) 
Kaoru Sekiya (eps 2, 6, 9) 
Katsuya Shigehara (eps 12, 17) 
Katsuyuki Sato (ep 7) 
Katsuyuki Yamazaki (ep 15) 
Kayoko Kumatani (eps 4, 11) 
Kazuhiko Ishii (eps 4, 11) 
Kazuhiro Ono (ep 7) 
Kazuki Baba (Anime R; eps 10, 18) 
Keiji Kawakubo (ep 9) 
Keiko Imasato (ep 7) 
Keisuke Shimizu (ep 7) 
Keisuke Toyoda (ep 17) 
Keita Hagio (OP; eps 13, 15) 
Kenji Fujisaki (OP) 
Kenji Terao (ep 1) 
Kenji Uchinou (ep 17) 
Ki Il Shin (White Line; ep 17) 
Kiko Morifuji (ep 11) 
Kiryou Iwamoto (ep 5) 
Kō Hosaka (Nakamura Production; eps 8, 14, 20) 
Koichi Chigira (ep 6) 
Kouji Matsuyama (eps 5, 16) 
Kumiko Ozawa (eps 4, 11) 
Kyoko Kotani (eps 5, 21) 
Kyouhei Tezuka (OP) 
Kyouko Sugiura (ep 17) 
Lee Ju Hyun (ep 12) 
Maki Uchida (eps 1, 5, 19) 
Makito Uehara (4 episodes
eps 1, 9, 16, 21
Mami Yamaguchi (ep 21) 
Mamiko Nakanishi (ep 15) 
Mamoru Kurosawa (ep 4) 
Mariko Aoki (4 episodes
eps 1, 5, 13, 21
Mariko Etō (ep 7) 
Mariko Goto (ep 7) 
Mariko Kubo (ep 17) 
Mariko Yamamoto (ep 17) 
Marina Sato (eps 4, 11) 
Masaharu Tomoda (ep 2) 
Masahiro Sunaga (eps 6, 17) 
Masao Takeda (ep 11) 
Masaru Yoshioka (ep 6) 
Masateru Tanigawa (ep 1) 
Masaya Yasutome (OP; ep 19) 
Masayo Matsumoto (ep 11) 
Masayuki Shimizu (ep 17) 
Mayu Fujimoto (6 episodes
eps 2, 5-6, 12, 16, 21
Michiko Oohigashi (ep 4) 
Minoru Murao (ep 1) 
Misao Abe (ep 7) 
Misato Takasaki (ep 18) 
Mitsuo Tano (ep 7) 
Mitsushi Kasano (eps 5, 16) 
Miyuki Inoue (eps 7, 9) 
Motohiko Kurihara (ep 9) 
Myoung Jun Cha (White Line; ep 17) 
Naoaki Houjou (ep 7) 
Naoko Tanaka (ep 3) 
Natsumi Tomobe (eps 4, 11) 
Noeko Kashiuchi (ep 11) 
Noriko Hatta (ep 11) 
Norimoto Tokura (ep 21) 
Odahiro Watanabe (ep 9) 
Osamu Horiuchi (ep 21) 
Reiko Yoshida (ep 9) 
Rena Okuyama (ep 2) 
Rika Mishima (ep 12) 
Rina Usui (eps 4, 11) 
Rui Kondou (ep 11) 
Rui Niitsuma (eps 1, 13) 
Ryuji Totake (ep 9) 
Ryuta Nakahara (eps 2, 21) 
Ryūtarō Minagawa (eps 16, 21) 
Sachiko Muroyama (ep 5) 
Sakae Shibuya (ep 2) 
Saki Hisamatsu (ep 13) 
Sakura Takagi (ep 9) 
Sayaka Takase (6 episodes
eps 2, 9, 13, 16, 19, 21
Sayumi Yokoyama (Anime R; eps 10, 18) 
Sayuri Ōsato (eps 2, 15) 
Shigenori Taniguchi (eps 15-16) 
Shinji Yamaoka (ep 9) 
Shinya Ono (ep 17) 
Shinya Yamada (ep 12) 
Shinya Yamamoto (ep 3) 
Shouhei Obara (eps 12, 21) 
Shujirou Hamakawa (ep 21) 
Shunji Suzuki (OP) 
Shunsuke Imanaka (ep 11) 
Shunsuke Masuda (ep 9) 
Sung Won Hwang (White Line; ep 17) 
Tadashi Abiru (eps 1, 17, 21) 
Taiichi Nakaguma (ep 17) 
Takahiro Ogino (ep 9) 
Takashi Igari (eps 1, 21) 
Takayuki Kitagawa (ep 15) 
Takayuki Nakao (ep 21) 
Takeo Tominaga (Nakamura Production; eps 8, 14, 20) 
Takeshi Kusaka (eps 6, 12, 17) 
Takeshi Moriyama (ep 15) 
Takeshi Okada (eps 12, 19) 
Takeshi Otani (eps 1, 5) 
Takuro Shinbo (ep 1) 
Tatsuo Nakajima (Nakamura Production; 5 episodes
eps 1, 3, 8, 14, 20
Tatsuya Abe (eps 13, 17) 
Tatsuya Mizuno (Nakamura Production; 4 episodes
eps 3, 8, 14, 20
Tatsuya Urano (ep 12) 
Tetsuo Ichimura (ep 6) 
Tetsuya Ishii (ep 11) 
Tomoe Morishita (ep 5) 
Tomokazu Shimabukuro (eps 3, 8) 
Tomoko Sugimoto (eps 4, 11) 
Tomoyo Masuda (eps 1, 16, 21) 
Tomoyuki Munehiro (ep 17) 
Tomoyuki Ohshita (eps 6, 13) 
Tomoyuki Tajima (Nakamura Production; 5 episodes
eps 1, 3, 8, 14, 20
Toru Yoshida (OP; eps 10, 18) 
Toshihiko Araki (Anime R; eps 10, 18) 
Toshimitsu Takechi (eps 5, 12, 21) 
Toshiya Washida (eps 4, 11) 
Toshiyuki Komaru (OP) 
Tsuguru Fukuda (Nakamura Production; eps 3, 14, 20) 
Wakana Yamashina (ep 4) 
Yasuhiro Ito (Anime R; eps 10, 18) 
Yasuko Higuchi (OP; eps 5, 19, 21) 
Yasuko Miyazaki (eps 15, 17, 21) 
Yōko Kubara (OP; 13 episodes
eps 1-2, 5-6, 9, 12-13, 15-17, 19-21
Yoshiaki Iketani (ep 15) 
Yoshihiro Taniguchi (ep 15) 
Yoshiki Hirai (ep 9) 
Yoshiki Hirakawa (ep 5) 
Yoshiki Mizuno (eps 12, 17) 
Yoshimi Miki (eps 4, 11) 
Yoshinobu Aohachi (ep 4) 
Yoshinobu Michihata (ep 4) 
Yosuke Imakubo (ep 17) 
Young-Beom Kim (eps 12, 15, 17) 
Yu Kato (OP; ED; eps 12, 15) 
Yuichi Hirano (ep 6) 
Yuki Chika (ep 7) 
Yuki Kawamura (Anime R; eps 10, 18) 
Yuki Kikuchi (ep 4) 
Yuki Tsugihashi (ep 6) 
Yukie Fujii (eps 16, 21) 
Yukie Ishibashi (ep 5) 
Yukie Kawakami (eps 9, 11) 
Yukinori Kawamura (Anime R; eps 10, 18) 
Yukio Takahashi (ep 21) 
Yukitaka Kimura (eps 9, 16, 21) 
Yukiyoshi Shikiji (Anime R; ep 10) 
Yūko Hineno (Anime R; eps 10, 18) 
Yuri Chigira (ep 21) 
Yusuke Adachi (eps 17, 19) 
Yuuki Nakano (eps 9, 18) 
Yuuki Nakao (Anime R; ep 10) 
Layout Animation Director:
Hiroko Kazui (assist. ep. 1) 
Kōichi Haneda (assist. ep. 1) 
Music Performance:
Kanade Shishiuchi (Trombone) 
Otohiko Fujita (Horn) 
Shinsuke Torizuka (Trombone) 
Tomoyuki Asakawa (Harp) 
Opening Director: Tomohiro Hirata (ep 15.5) 
Overseas Sales: Shiho Sato 
Asami Okano (Graphinica) 
Atsuko Ito (TMS Photo) 
Aya Oshimi (TMS Photo) 
Ayumi Okano (Graphinica) 
Hiro Yoshioka (ep 15.5 OP) 
Hiromi Uchibayashi (Graphinica) 
Hisayoshi Yamamoto (Graphinica) 
Jin Nishiyama (TMS Photo) 
Kouji Hayashi (Graphinica) 
Koujirou Hayashi (Graphinica) 
Manabu Kobayashi (TMS Photo) 
Masanori Yoshida (TMS Photo) 
Masaya Suzuki (ep 15.5 OP) 
Mitsuyoshi Yamamoto (TMS Photo) 
Osamu Nakatani (TMS Photo) 
Ryōta Morikawa (TMS Photo) 
Satoshi Ohtsubo (TMS Photo) 
Shin'ichi Komeya (TMS Photo) 
Shinya Kato (Graphinica) 
Takenari Kubo (TMS Photo) 
Takeshi Yasuda (TMS Photo) 
Tetsuya Kawada (Graphinica) 
Toshihiro Kawada (TMS Photo) 
Yasuharu Sawami (TMS Photo) 
Yoshiki Obata (Graphinica) 
Yuki Takahashi (TMS Photo) 
Yukiko Haruhara (TMS Photo) 
Yuko Nishiyama (TMS Photo) 
Yusuke Takebana (TMS Photo) 
Photography Assistant:
Susumu Kashiwabara (Satelight) 
Takayuki Sano 
Photography Supervision: Hiro Yoshioka (OP) 
Production Advancement:
Hiroshi Yamazaki (eps 6, 13, 18) 
Kazuya Uekawa (ep 11) 
Keiko Horie (ep 15) 
Mao Ueki (ep 4) 
Masako Ebisu (eps 3, 8) 
Rie Takahashi (ep 7) 
Ryūichi Taniguchi (ep 10) 
Ryūnosuke Watanabe (eps 10, 19) 
Satoru Shiozaki (4 episodes
eps 2, 10, 12, 17
Satoshi Handa (ep 8) 
Shigatsu Yoshikawa (eps 16, 21) 
Shingo Okuyama (ep 15) 
Takanori Yamaura (ep 8) 
Takuya Hiroki (5 episodes
eps 1, 5, 9, 17-18
Teppei Nakayama (ep 5) 
Tsuyoshi Masui (ep 14) 
Production Advisor: Tsutomu Kojima 
Production Design: Makoto Kobayashi 
Production Desk: Emiko Iimuro 
Production manager:
Emiko Iimuro (ep 20) 
Ryūnosuke Watanabe 
Tatsuya Nishiyama (eps 15.5, 20) 
Program Publicity: Hideki Ōba (CBC) 
Program Publicity Assistant: Yoshimi Fujimura (CBC) 
Recording engineer: Satoshi Yano 
Rights Manager: Yōko Mitsui 
Russian Language Consultant: Jenya 
Setting Production: Shigatsu Yoshikawa 
Sound Effects: Hidemi Tanaka 
Sound Production Manager: Yoshimi Sugiyama (Rakuonsha) 
Special Effects:
Ayumi Arahata (Team Taniguchi) 
Kaori Kobayashi (Team Taniguchi) 
Special Effects Supervisor: Kumiko Taniguchi 
Theme Song Arrangement: Ryou Eguchi (OP) 
Theme Song Composition:
Ryou Eguchi (OP) 
School Food Punishment (OP) 
Theme Song Lyrics: Maaya Sakamoto (OP) 
Theme Song Performance: Maaya Sakamoto (OP) 
Title Logo Design: Eiichi Hagiwara (big body) 
Ai Kayano as Millia il Velch Cutrettola Turan 
Aki Toyosaki as Fam Fan Fan 
Aoi Yūki as Giselle Collette Vingt 

Chiaki Omigawa as Magnolia  (eps 8, 12, 14-21) 
Chiwa Saito as Teddy 
Eri Kitamura as Tatiana Wisla 
Fumiko Orikasa as Vasant 
Hozumi Gôda as Vincent Alzey 
Jenya as Viola (ep 8)  (7 episodes
eps 8, 10, 12-14, 16-17
Jun Fukuyama as Ōrang 
Junko Noda as Dio Eraclea 
Kanae Itō as Sārā 
Katsuyuki Konishi as Kayvān 
Kazuyuki Okitsu as Luscinia Hāfez 
Masaya Matsukaze as Alauda 
Miyuki Sawashiro as Liliana il Grazioso Merlo Turan 
Takaya Hashi as Sadri 
Yūichi Nakamura as Sorūsh 
Yukana as Dyan (eps 8-10, 12-21) 

Anna Shiraki as Alvis E. Hamilton (Last Exile 2003 recap; ep 15.5) 
Anri Katsu as Ignas 
Atsushi Abe as Heine 
Binbin Takaoka as
Authorities (ep 7) 
Battleship broker (ep 3) 
Crew (ep 9) 
Gilbert (ep 20) 
Glacies elder C (ep 13) 
Guzel's father (ep 11) 
Hugo (eps 8, 10) 
Impetus lookout (ep 21) 
Integrated armed forces B (ep 19) 
Messenger (ep 14) 
Officer C (ep 17) 
Turan person (ep 15) 
Vasant's adjutant (ep 16) 
Chiwa Saito as
Anand (eps 12-13) 
Emma (ep 18) 
Lavie Head (eps 15.5, 21) 
Luscinia (15 years old; ep 11) 
Dai Matsumoto as New Lasas captain (eps 16-17) 
Daichi Endō as Lasas captain (ep 2) 
Eiji Miyashita as
Glacies elder D (ep 13) 
Hector (5 episodes
eps 4, 8, 10, 20-21
Integrated armed forces A (ep 19) 
Messenger (ep 15) 
Officer A (ep 17) 
Rakesh (ep 12) 
Returnee (ep 11) 
Sky pirate (ep 3) 
Sky pirate communicator (eps 1-2, 7) 
Sorūsh's adjutant (ep 16) 
Eri Sendai as Marianne (ep 2) 
Hajime Iijima as Ernest Cirrus Lindemann (eps 1, 5, 9.5) 
Haruo Satou as Chaos Fleet Captain (ep 13) 
Hidenari Ugaki as Aristocrat C (ep 6) 
Hisanori Koyatsu as Aristocrat D (ep 6) 
Iori Nomizu as Marilla (eps 15-17) 
Jouji Nakata as Renard 
Kana Hanazawa as Alvis E. Hamilton 
Kanae Itō as
Adèle Collette 
Fritz (young; ep 9) 
Glacies aircraft navigation (ep 8) 
Kanako Miyamoto as René Collette 
Kazuyoshi Hayashi as
Ades Federation captain (ep 1) 
Announcer (ep 11) 
Engineer (ep 6) 
Glacies elder B (ep 13) 
Integrated armed forces C (ep 19) 
Lookout (ep 7) 
Mechanic (ep 9) 
Messenger (ep 16) 
Officer (ep 18) 
Officer B (ep 17) 
Silvana crew member (ep 21) 
Sky pirate (ep 3) 
Sky pirate engineer (ep 2) 
Turan person (ep 15) 
Turan recoverer (ep 10) 
Kazuyuki Ishikawa as Aristocrat A (ep 6) 
Ken Uo as Aristocrat B (ep 6) 
Kenji Akabane as Mechanic (ep 5) 
Kenn as
Dinesh (eps 12-13) 
Kunihiro Kawamoto as Glacies elder A (ep 13) 
Maaya Sakamoto as Loshanak 
Mabuki Andou as Farahnāz (ep 11) 
Mami Uchida as Lady attendant (ep 2) 
Manabu Sakamaki as Aristocrat ship adjutant (ep 5) 
Masaki Terasoma as
Gunner leader (ep 9.5) 
Masanori Takeda as Major Geeth (eps 15, 18) 
Masaya Matsukaze as Crèche (4 episodes
eps 13, 17, 20-21
Mayumi Asano as Claus Valca (2 episodes
eps 15.5 recap, 21
Megumi Nakajima as Cecily 
Michiko Neya as
Delphine Eraclea (Last Exile 2003 recap; ep 15.5) 
Guzel (7 episodes
eps 8, 9.5, 11, 17, 19-21
Mikako Komatsu as Elio 
Miyu Irino as Niccolo 
Momoko Saito as Heine (6 years old; ep 11)  (young; ep 9) 
Nao Tōyama as Félicité Collette 
Natsuko Kuwatani as Alister Agrew 
Nobuhiko Okamoto as
Vimal (eps 12-13) 
Rikiya Koyama as Yacheval Anand (ep 6) 
Ryō Iwasaki as Steering (aristocrat ship) (eps 1, 9.5) 
Ryō Kuratomi as Sky pirate (ep 3) 
Ryoko Nagata as Wina Lightning (2 episodes
eps 15.5 recap, 20
Sachiko Okada as Senior child soldier (ep 11) 
Sayuri Hara as
Johann (6 years old; ep 11)  (young; ep 9) 
Navi-kun (ep 21) 
Primula (eps 8, 14, 17) 
Sorūsh (14 years old; eps 11, 16) 
Shinji Ogawa as King of Turan (eps 2, 11) 
Shinya Kitade as Ralph Wednesday (Last Exile 2003 recap; ep 15.5) 
Takako Honda as
Ōrang (14 years old; eps 11, 16) 
Tetsu Inada as Atamora 
Tomoe Hanba as Lucciola (Last Exile 2003 recap; ep 15.5) 
Toshihide Tsuchiya as
Kaiser (ep 11) 
Rumolt Dorfstrand (eps 10, 15) 
Toshiyuki Morikawa as Alex Row (Last Exile 2003 recap; ep 15.5) 
Wakana Yamazaki as Sophia Forrester (3 episodes
eps 15.5 recap, 20-21
Yasuaki Takumi as
Reporting soldier (ep 2) 
Superior officer (ep 11) 
Yoshihisa Kawahara as Glacies messenger (ep 13) 
Yuka Komatsu as Alauda (15 years old; ep 11) 
Yukana as
Dian (ep 8) 
Subtitle Narration 
Yūta Odagaki as
Roland (eps 7, 9.5) 
Shiva (ep 12) 
Victor (5 episodes
eps 4, 8, 10, 20-21
Japanese companies
Light Foot 
TMS Photo (T.D.F.) 
Animation Production: Gonzo 
AT-X (2011-10-10) 
Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (2011-10-07) 
HBC (2011-10-10) 
Iwate Broadcasting (2011-10-14) 
Sun TV (2011-10-10) 
Tokyo Broadcasting System (2011-10-07) 
Color Specification: J.C. Staff (OP; ED) 
Direction: David Production (OP) 
Key Animation:
Anime R (ep 10) 
Nakamura Production (eps 14, 20) 
White Line (ep 17) 
TMS Photo (T.D.F.) 
Flying Dog 
Production Assistance:
AI (eps 3, 8) 
Beat Frog (ep 7) 
D-Motion (ep 14) 
Nakamura Production (ep 14) 
Telecom Animation Film (eps 4, 11) 
Recording Studio: studio2010: 
Sound Production: Rakuonsha 
special effects: Team Taniguchi 
English cast
English staff
ADR Director: Christopher Bevins 
Script: Bonny Clinkenbeard 
Irina Achildyev (Russian) 
Irina Ashel (Russian) 
Sarah Alys Lindholm (Songs) 
Steven J. Simmons (Japanese) 
Executive producer: Gen Fukunaga 
ADR Engineer: Cris George 
Assistant producer: Michael Harcourt 
Blu-Ray Compression:
Duncan Yan 
Jacob Martin 
Blu-Ray Editor: Jeremy Jimenez 
Blu-Ray Menu Audio: Austin Black 
Blu-Ray Menu Design: Enrique Echavarria 
Caitlin Glass (ep 17) 
Carrie Savage (ep 1) 
Christopher Bevins (ep 1) 
Cris George (ep 17) 
Duncan Brannan (ep 11) 
Gwendolyn Lau (ep 17) 
Jad Saxton (ep 11)  (ep 21) 
Jamie Marchi (ep 11) 
Leah Clark (ep 1)  (ep 21) 
Monica Rial (ep 21) 
DVD Compression:
Duncan Yan 
Jacob Martin 
DVD Editing: Jeremy Jimenez 
DVD Menu Audio: Gino Palencia 
DVD Menu Design: TJ Larson 
DVD Producer: Clarine Harp 
Head Writer: John Burgmeier 
Lead Video Engineer: Jacob Martin 
Line Producer: Christopher Bevins 
Mix Engineer: Nathanael Harrison 
Production Supervision: Susie Nixon 
Russian Language Coach: Tatiana Balazs 
Senior Video Editor:
Daniel Mancilla 
Jeremy Jimenez 
Subitling: Brittany Smith 
Talent Coordination: Tara Williams 
Video Editing:
Aya Spann 
Josh Tyler 
Video Engineer:
Andrew Manson 
Jason Weems 
Video Post-Production Director: Clarine Harp 
Video Post-Production Manager: Matthew O'Hara 
Carrie Savage as Millia il Velch Cutrettola Turan 
Jad Saxton as Fam Fan Fan 
Leah Clark as Giselle Collette Vingt 

Brandon Potter as Vincent Alzey 
Brian Mathis as Kayvān 
Caitlin Glass as Magnolia (eps 8, 12, 14-21) 
Christopher Bevins as Alauda 
Clarine Harp as Tatiana Wisla 
Duncan Brannan as Luscinia Hāfez 
Greg Ayres as Dio Eraclea 
Gwendolyn Lau as Vasant 
Ian Sinclair as Ōrang 
Jamie Marchi as Liliana il Grazioso Merlo Turan 
John Burgmeier as Sorūsh 
Kara Edwards as Teddy Martynas 
Monica Rial as Sārā 
R Bruce Elliott as Sadri 
Tatiana Balazs as Dyan (eps 8-10, 12-21) 
Yana Kolmakova as Viola (7 episodes
eps 8, 10, 12-14, 16-17

Aaron Dismuke as Johann 
Alexis Tipton as Cecily 
Anastasia Munoz as
Fritz (Young; ep 9) 
Sophia Forrester (3 episodes
eps 15.5 recap, 20-21
Apphia Yu as Félicité Collette 
Bill Jenkins as King of Turan (eps 2, 11) 
Brad Jackson as Atamora Collette 
Charlie Campbell as Gilbert (ep 20) 
Chris Burnett as Dinesh (eps 12-13) 
Chris Rager as Olaf 
Cole Brown as Kaiser (ep 11) 
Corey Cleary-Stoner as Heine 
Eric Vale as Victor (5 episodes
eps 4, 8, 10, 20-21
Greg Dulcie as Ralph Wednesday (ep 15.5) 
Holly Franklin as Adèle Collette 
J. Michael Tatum as
Major Geeth (eps 15, 18) 
Rakesh (ep 12) 
Jackson Frolick as Hugo (eps 8, 10) 
Jeff Johnson as Ignace 
Jeremy Inman as Ernest Cirrus Lindemann (eps 1, 5, 9.5) 
Jerry Jewell as Crèche (4 episodes
eps 13, 17, 20-21
Joel McDonald as Fritz 
Josh Grelle as Niccolo 
Keith Kubal as
Hector (5 episodes
eps 4, 8, 10, 20-21
Kenny Green as Leonard Baker 
Kyle Phillips as Jared 
Lara Woodhull as René Collette 
Lindsay Seidel as Marilla (eps 15-17) 
Luci Christian as Lavie Head (eps 15.5, 21) 
Lydia Mackay as Guzel (7 episodes
eps 8, 9.5, 11, 17, 19-21
Maeghan Albach as
Wina Lightning (eps 15.5, 20) 
Marie Charlson as Primula (eps 8, 14, 17) 
Mariela Ortiz as Alister Agrew 
Martha Harms as Marianne (ep 2) 
Mary Morgan as Delphine Eraclea (ep 15.5) 
Maxey Whitehead as Johann (Young; eps 9, 11) 
Melinda Wood Allen as Tereza Collette 
Micah Solusod as Claus Valca (eps 15.5, 21) 
Mike McFarland as Alex Row (ep 15.5) 
Phil Parsons as
Roland (eps 7, 9.5) 
Yashbal Anand (ep 6) 
Ryan Reynolds as
Anand (eps 12-13) 
Heine (Young; eps 9, 11) 
Sarah King as Emma (ep 18) 
Scott Freeman as Shiva (ep 12) 
Scott Hinze as Vimal (eps 12-13) 
Sean Michael Teague as Lucciola (ep 15.5) 
Stephanie Young as Farahnāz Augusta (ep 11) 
Terri Doty as Elio 
Tia Ballard as Alvis E. Hamilton (ep 15.5) 
Wendy Powell as Roshanak Babar 

English companies
Broadcaster: Animax Asia (2011-10-15) 
Internet Streaming:
AnimeLab (Australia & New Zealand) 
FUNimation Entertainment (North America) 
Madman Screening Room (Australia & New Zealand) 
Licensed by:
FUNimation Entertainment (North America) 
Madman Entertainment (Australia & New Zealand) 
French staff
French cast
Dubbing Director: Karl-Line Heller 
Angelique Heller as Millia il Velch Cutrettola Turan 
Dany Benedito as Giselle Collette Vingt 
Karl-Line Heller as Fam Fan Fan 

Alex Robini as Alister Agrew 
Damien Laquet as Sorūsh 
Emmanuelle Lambrey as
Tatiana Wisla 
Justine Hostekint as
Felicité Collette 
Karl-Line Heller as
Adèle Collette 
Laurent Pasquier as Luscinia Hāfez 
Marc Wihlem as Dio Eraclea 
Michaël Maino as Ōrang 
French companies
Distributor: Black Box (DVD & Blu-Ray) 
Dubbing: O' Bahamas 

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