Blood-C: The Last Dark (movie)

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©2012 Production I.G, CLAMP/ Project BLOOD-C Movie 

Alternative title:
Blood-C: Последний Темный (Russian) 
Genres: action , horror , supernatural 
Themes: vampires 
Objectionable content: Intense 
Plot Summary: Tokyo has enacted the Youth Protection Ordinance, minors are forbidden to be out at night, and the internet is policed however, Sirrut, an underground rebel organization, has declared war on Fumito Nanahara. Sirrut uses the internet to try and find information in cyberspace, and they discover something more gruesome, TOWER, a mysterious organization behind Fumito that is rumored to be conducting experiments involving human beings, and alluding to people being...eaten. 
User Ratings: 199 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 11 votes (sub:7, dub:3, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Excellent: 14 votes (sub:10, dub:3, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Very good: 46 votes (sub:30, dub:11, others:5
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 French subtitled
1 Korean subtitled
 Good: 55 votes (sub:45, dub:8, others:2
2 Spanish subtitled
 Decent: 35 votes (sub:28, dub:7)
 So-so: 15 votes (sub:14, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Not really good: 10 votes (sub:6, dub:2, raw:2)
 Weak: 8 votes (sub:6, dub:2)
 Bad: 3 votes (sub:3)
 Awful: -
 Worst ever: 2 votes (sub:2)
Seen in part or in whole by 411 users, rank: #1964 (of 6228)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 6.754 (Good−), std. dev.: 1.8416, rank: #3043 (of 6221)
Weighted mean: 6.710 (Good−), rank: #3057 (of 6221) (seen all: 6.70 / won't finish: 8.00)
Bayesian estimate: 6.756 (Good−), rank: #2701 (of 4740)
Running time: 106 minutes 
Vintage: 2012-05-21 
Premiere date:
2012-06-02 (Japan) 
2012-11-01 (Russia) 
Release dates: We have 1
Ending Theme:
"METRO BAROQUE" by Nana Mizuki 
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Blu-Ray (Region B)
    Blood-C: The Last Dark [UK] (Blu-Ray + DVD) 2014-03-24
Blu-Ray + DVD combo
    Blood-C: The Last Dark (BD+DVD) 2013-10-22 (from $19.39)
DVD (Region 2)
    Blood-C: The Last Dark (DVD) 2014-03-24

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Naoyoshi Shiotani 
Storyboard: Naoyoshi Shiotani 
Unit Director:
Shingo Uchida 
Tetsuo Ichimura 
Music: Naoki Sato 
Original story: CLAMP 
Original Character Design: CLAMP 
Character Design: Kazuchika Kise 
Art Director: Kazuo Ogura (Kusanagi) 
Chief Animation Director: Kazuchika Kise 
Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami 
Cgi Director:
Hiroyuki Torii (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Huang Lei Son (Studio Art Vision) 
Kazuhiro Nishikawa (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Michinori Harada (NORIBA) 
Noriki Tsukamoto (Sublimation) 
Ryoichi Ishigami (cre-p) 
Director of Photography: Eiji Arai 
2D Graphics:
Shi Cheng Wang (Studio Art Vision) 
Shi Feng Liu (Studio Art Vision) 
Wei Wu (Studio Art Vision) 
2D Work: Makiko Yamazaki 
3DCG Layout: Issei Igari 
Animation producer:
Hiromasa Ogami 
Kazunori Shibata 
Art Setting:
Kazushige Kanehira (Kusanagi) 
Satoshi Takahata 
Tomoyuki Aoki (ALARCON) 
Assistant CG Designer:
Ami Nagata (NORIBA) 
Hidenori Fujimoto (NORIBA) 
Yosuke Iida (NORIBA) 
Assistant producer:
Fumi Morihiro 
Mika Shimizu 
Background Art:
Anna Ooizumi (Kusanagi) 
Atsushi Yokoyama (Kusanagi) 
Ayu Kawamoto (Kusanagi) 
Hiroko Tanabe (Kusanagi) 
Manabu Otsuzuki (Kusanagi) 
Saho Yamane (Kusanagi) 
Takanori Fujimura (Kusanagi) 
Yuji Kihara (Kusanagi) 
Yuki Umino (Kusanagi) 
Background Art Manager: Yôji Nakaza 
Background Art Supervision: Hiroaki Hirata (Kusanagi) 
Background Assistance:
Akemi Konno 
Cue Nguyen (Nam Hai) 
Daichi Aoki (Moon Flower) 
Harumi Okamoto (Bamboo) 
Kayo Kojio (Bamboo) 
Kuniko Iwatani (Moon Flower) 
Sachiho Motoda (Moon Flower) 
Saneyoshi Makiya (Mukuo Production) 
Su Rok Jeong (Bamboo) 
Taichi Maezuka (Mukuo Production) 
Takamasa Masuki (Bamboo) 
Takayo Nishino (Bamboo) 
Takayuki Nagashima (Bamboo) 
Takayuki Nakata (Bamboo) 
Taro Goto (Moon Flower) 
Tomotaka Kubo (Moon Flower) 
Tomoyuki Kato 
Tran Nguyen (Nam Hai) 
Xuan Le (Nam Hai) 
Yusuke Ikeda (Nam Hai) 
Yūta Chimoto 
CG Animation:
Genta Chiba (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Gō Kurosaki (Sublimation) 
Hiroki Itoh (Sublimation) 
Hiroki Tanji (Sublimation) 
Kazuki Matsui (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Kei Yoshida (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Kenichi Minamisawa (Sublimation) 
Kōhei Itō (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Kunikazu Yanagisawa (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Kuninori Daita (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Masahiro Izaki (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Mirai Kondo (Sublimation) 
Natsuko Hoshikawa (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Shin'ya Sugai (Sublimation) 
Shota Imai (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Shougo Takada (Sublimation) 
Susumu Yokoyama (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Yuko Morise (Sublimation) 
Yuu Tamura (Sublimation) 
CG Chief Designer:
Ayano Tanamura (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Satoko Toyokawa (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
CG Composite:
Emiko Nishida (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Masami Sasaki (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Saki Kawaguchi (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
CG Composite Director: Reiko Takamatsu (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
CG Design:
Anri Inoue (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Haruhide Yajima (NORIBA) 
Hiroki Harukawa (NORIBA) 
Kaori Nakajima (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Kei Yoshikuni (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Keisuke Inami (cre-p) 
Kohei Nomura (NORIBA) 
Kosuke Tomioka (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Minori Itani (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Reika Tsuji (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Takumi Endo (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Yuki Sato (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
CG Lead Modeler:
Long Cheng (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Xiong Li (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
CG Manager: Shinichi Yoshino (cre-p) 
CG Modeler:
De Long Ren (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Jing Jing Shi (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Jun Nan Hu (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Mian Wang (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Nan Lu (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Peng Ren (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Shi Wang (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Shuang Liu (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Wen Jun Zhang (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Xu Yang Ni (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Ya Dong Chen (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Yong Xu Zhao (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Yun Fei Son (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Zhang Feng (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Zhi Peng Song (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Zhong Qiu Liu (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
CG Producer:
Shan Wei Xiang (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Xue Li (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
CG Production Manager:
Kenta Suzuki (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Manabu Takayama (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Soshi Tanaka (NORIBA) 
Xue Song Bi (DaLian Sunrise Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) 
Yumiko Horii (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
CG Production Support: Hitomi Morita (NORIBA) 
CG Technical Director:
Hiroto Nishitani (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Takahiro Tsunegawa (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Taro Matsuura (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
CG Technical Programmer: Kazunobu Takayama (Dandelion Animation Studio LLC) 
Chief Unit Director: Norihiro Naganuma 
Color design: Narumi Sakai 
Color Design Assistant: Emiko Ueno 
Color setting:
Makiko Suzuki 
Naomi Nakano (Studio Road) 
Noriko Arisawa 
Editing: Yoshinori Murakami 
Furukimono Design:
Ren Ishimori 
Tomohiro Shinoda 
In-Between Animation:
Ai Watanabe (Production I.G) 
Aya Higami (Studio Hibari) 
Chiharu Sato 
Hiroki Ishigaki (TYO Animations) 
Hitomi Shimodaira (Studio Mu) 
Itsumi Tokunaga (TYO Animations) 
Jun'ichirō Hashiguchi (TYO Animations) 
Kayano Mori (Production I.G) 
Kazue Yoshida 
Kotoe Saitou (Production I.G) 
Kunoko Akiyama (TYO Animations) 
Mai Fukuhara (Production I.G) 
Maiko Nogami (Production I.G) 
Mamiko Okada (Production I.G) 
Manami Goto (Production I.G) 
Mari Eguchi (TYO Animations) 
Marumi Sugita (Production I.G) 
Masahiro Takagi (Production I.G) 
Miho Nagano (TYO Animations) 
Mika Kinoshita (Production I.G) 
Miki Ueda (Production I.G) 
Mino Matsumoto (Production I.G) 
Misato Furubayashi (Production I.G) 
Miyuki Nakajima (SILVER LINK) 
Noburō Takahashi (TYO Animations) 
Nonoko Suzuki (Production I.G) 
Reiko Sakai (Production I.G) 
Risa Araki (TYO Animations) 
Sakiyo Yamazaki (Studio Mu) 
Satsuki Aizu (Production I.G) 
Satsuki Tamura (TYO Animations) 
Sena Ito (Production I.G) 
Shinji Toyofuku (TYO Animations) 
Takuya Wada (Production I.G) 
Tomoko Sugata (Production I.G) 
Yoshiko Inoue (Production I.G) 
Yōsuke Shiroishi (Diomedea) 
Young-Ung Lee (TYO Animations) 
Yū Yoshiyama (Studio Mu) 
Yuka Tobita (Production I.G) 
Yuki Yokoyama (Production I.G) 
In-Between Check: Junko Nishimura 
In-Between Check Assistance:
Chieko Ichimanda 
Kim Yunji 
Monitor Work: Yousuke Nanjou 
Music Performance:
Masanori Hirohara (Trombone) 
Yūta Ōno (Horn) 
Opening Credits Titles: Tetsuya Nishio 
Chie Oku (Studio Road) 
Erika Fujita (Production I.G) 
Hanae Yokota (Studio Road) 
Hitomi Sakuma (Studio Road) 
Makiko Yamanaka (Studio Road) 
Mayumi Satou (Production I.G) 
Natsuki Nakajima (Studio Road) 
Natsumi Watanabe (Production I.G) 
Sayo Mogi (Production I.G) 
Shinji Matsubara (Production I.G) 
Taeko Mizuno (Studio Road) 
Tomomi Kitani (Production I.G) 
Youko Watanabe (Production I.G) 
Yuka Takeda (Production I.G) 
Yuko Koshida (Studio Road) 
Paint Chief: Izumi Hirose 
Fumio Furukawa (Production I.G) 
Jun Taniuchi (Production I.G) 
Miki Sakuma (Production I.G) 
Mirei Ogawa (Production I.G) 
Takahiro Hondai (Assez Finaud Fabric) 
Tetuya Takahashi (Production I.G) 
Yukiko Matsumoto (Production I.G) 
Yumiko Nakata (Production I.G) 
Yuusuke Takahashi (Production I.G) 
Photography Assistant:
Kanade Yamamoto (MSC) 
Ryūichi Takadama (MSC) 
Tomomi Saitou (MSC) 
Production Advancement:
Fumihiko Yamaji 
Shun Fukuda 
Yukio Yoda 
Production manager: Hiroya Hasegawa 
Setting Production: Yuko Adachi 
Storyboard Assistant: Masayuki Yoshihara 
Sub-Character Design: Takahiro Chiba 
Theme Song Performance: Nana Mizuki 
Kenji Nojima as Fumito Nanahara 
Nana Mizuki as Saya Kisaragi 

Ai Hashimoto as Mana Hiiragi 
Hiroshi Kamiya as Kuroto Mogari 
Junichi Suwabe as Kuto 
Kana Hanazawa as Hiro Tsukiyama 
Masumi Asano as Yuka Amino 
Yūichi Nakamura as Iori Matsuo 
Yuko Kaida as Haruno Yanagi 
Yuuki Kaji as Shun Fujimura 

Atsushi Abe as Itsuki Tomofusa 
Jun Fukuyama as
Kimihiro Watanuki 
Keiji Fujiwara as Tadayoshi Kisaragi 
Miho Miyagawa as Kanako Tsutsutori 
Misato Fukuen as
Nene Motoe 
Nono Motoe 
Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Shinichiro Tokizane 
Japanese companies
2D Graphics: Studio Art Vision 
Animation Production: Production I.G 
Art Setting: Kusanagi 
Background Art: Kusanagi 
Background Art Cooperation:
Moon Flower 
Mukuo Studio 
Nam Hai 
Color Check: Studio Road 
Color Setting: Studio Road 
Distributor: Shochiku Co., Ltd. 
Film Developing: Imagica 
Music Production: Aniplex 
Original story: Production I.G 
Photography: Assez Finaud Fabric. 
Photography Cooperation:
Art Box 
Studio BACU 
Studio Twinkle 
T2 Studio 
English staff
English cast
ADR Director: Mike McFarland 
Script: Jamie Marchi 
Translation: Steven J. Simmons (Extras) 
Executive producer: Gen Fukunaga 
ADR Engineer: Kyle Phillips 
Assistant producer: Michael Harcourt 
DVD Compression:
Duncan Yan 
Jacob Martin 
DVD Editing: Jeremy Jimenez 
DVD Menu Audio: Gino Palencia 
DVD Menu Design: Diana Zaky 
DVD Producer: Clarine Harp 
Head Writer: John Burgmeier 
Lead Video Engineer: Jacob Martin 
Line Producer: Zach Bolton 
Mix Engineer: Nathanael Harrison 
Production Supervision: Susie Nixon 
Senior Video Editor:
Daniel Mancilla 
Jeremy Jimenez 
Subtitle Editor: Laura Wyrick 
Talent Coordination: Tara Williams 
Video Engineer:
Andrew Manson 
Jason Weems 
Video Post-Production Director: Clarine Harp 
Video Post-Production Manager: Matthew O'Hara 
Alexis Tipton as Saya Kisaragi 
Robert McCollum as Fumito Nanahara 

Colleen Clinkenbeard as Haruno Yanagi 
J. Michael Tatum as Kuto 
Jad Saxton as Mana Hiiragi 
Josh Grelle as Shun Fujimura 
Justin Cook as Iori Matsuo 
Martha Harms as Yuka Amino 
Mike McFarland as Kuroto Mogari 
Tia Ballard as Hiro Tsukiyama 

Bill Jenkins as Tadayoshi Kisaragi 
Chris Burnett as Itsuki Tomofusa 
Lindsay Seidel as
Nene Motoe 
Nono Motoe 
Lydia Mackay as Kanako Tsutsutori 
Scott Freeman as Shinichiro Tokizane 
Todd Haberkorn as Kimihiro Watanuki 

English companies
Madman Entertainment (Australia & New Zealand) 
Manga Entertainment (UK and Ireland) 
Internet Streaming: iTunes Store 
Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment 
Theatrical: Fantasia International Film Festival (Montreal, Quebec, Canada.) 
Spanish cast
Spanish staff
Translation: Nadia García Díaz (Spain dub) 
Carmen Calvell as Saya Kisaragi(Spain dub) 
Cesc Martínez as Fumito Nanahara(Spain dub) 

Albert Trifol Segarra as Kuroto Mogari(Spain dub) 
Angel de Gracia as Iori Matsuo(Spain dub) 
Ariadna Jiménez as Yuka Amino(Spain dub) 
Carmen Ambrós as Hiro Tsukiyama(Spain dub) 
Jordi Nogueras as Kimihiro Watanuki(Spain dub) 
Juan Antonio Soler as Shun Fujimura(Spain dub) 
Maria Rosa Guillén as Haruno Yanagi(Spain dub) 
Núria Trifol as Mana Hiiragi(Spain dub) 
Santi Lorenz as Kuto(Spain dub) 

Alfonso Vallés as Voice-over(Spain dub) 

Ariadna Jiménez(Spain dub) 
Javier Roldán(Spain dub) 
Santi Lorenz(Spain dub) 
Spanish companies
Broadcaster: La Sexta 3 (Spain) 
Distributor: Selecta Visión (Spain) 
Internet Streaming:
German staff
German cast
Jan Kurbjuweit as Fumito Nanahara 
Lisa Braun as Saya Kisaragi 

Amadeus Strobl as Shun Fujimura 
Christoph Banken as Kimihiro Watanuki 
Elisabeth Frank as Mana Hiiragi 
Greta Galisch as Haruno Yanagi 
Jennifer Weiß as Hiro Tsukiyama 
Katja Hirsch as Yuka Amino 
Klemens Fuhrmann as Iori Matsuo 
Manolo Palma as Kuroto Mogari 
Sven Gerhardt as Kuto 
German companies
Distributor: Animaze Germany 
Distributor (new): MAD Dimension 
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