Btooom! (TV)

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Alternative title:
ブトゥーム (Japanese) 
驚爆遊戲 (Chinese (Taiwan)) 
Objectionable content: Intense 
Plot Summary: Sakamoto Ryota is an unemployed 22 year old who lives with his mother and spends his days doing nothing but playing video games. In the real world, there may be nothing special about him, but online, he's one of the world's top players of the combat game called Btooom. One day, he awakes on what appears to be a tropical island, though he has no memory of how he got there or why. While exploring the island, Ryota runs into a mysterious being who attacks him by throwing a strange looking bomb at him. Ryota then realizes that both his life is in danger, and that he has somehow become trapped in a real-life version of his favorite game. Ryota and the other "players" must now survive through the nightmare to figure out the reason why they ended up in the game in the first place. 
User Ratings: 1306 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 255 votes (sub:234, dub:9, raw:4, ?:1, others:7
3 Spanish subtitled
2 Russian dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Vietnamese subtitled
 Excellent: 191 votes (sub:157, dub:29, others:5
3 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Italian subtitled
 Very good: 319 votes (sub:258, dub:37, raw:2, edit.dub:1, others:21
11 Spanish subtitled
3 Portuguese subtitled
3 Italian subtitled
2 Russian subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Good: 225 votes (sub:198, dub:19, ?:1, others:7
4 Spanish subtitled
2 Portuguese subtitled
1 Italian subtitled
 Decent: 115 votes (sub:106, dub:6, raw:1, edit.dub:1, ?:1)
 So-so: 56 votes (sub:53, dub:3)
 Not really good: 43 votes (sub:40, dub:1, others:2
1 French subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
 Weak: 44 votes (sub:42, ?:1, dub:1)
 Bad: 24 votes (sub:23, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Awful: 18 votes (sub:17, dub:1)
 Worst ever: 16 votes (sub:15, dub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 2034 users, rank: #525 (of 6233)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 7.455 (Good+), std. dev.: 2.2429, rank: #1353 (of 6228)
Weighted mean: 7.169 (Good+), rank: #1828 (of 6228) (seen all: 7.24 / seen some: 6.24 / won't finish: 4.11)
Bayesian estimate: 7.172 (Good+), rank: #1648 (of 4685)
Running time: 24 minutes per episode 
Number of episodes: 12 
Episode titles: We have 12
2012-10-04 to 2012-12-20 
Opening Theme:
"No Pain, No Game" by Nano 
#2: "Exist (エグジスト)" by Nano (ep 12) 
Ending Theme:
"Aozora (Blue Skies)" by May'n 
#2: "No Pain, No Game" by Nano (ep 12) 
Official website:
BTOOOM! (Japanese) 
Trivia: We have 3
Btooom! episodes 1-7 (Dec 19, 2012)
News: Show:
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Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Kotono Watanabe 
Script: Yousuke Kuroda (eps 1-12) 
Atsuko Ishizuka (ED) 
Hideki Hosokawa (eps 4, 7, 11) 
Kazuo Nogami (ep 6) 
Kotono Watanabe (OP; eps 1-2) 
Makoto Katō (eps 3, 8) 
Morio Asaka (ep 5) 
Yoshiaki Kawajiri (eps 9-10, 12) 
Episode Director:
Hideki Hosokawa (eps 4, 11) 
Hitomi Ezoe (ep 7) 
Kazuo Nogami (eps 2, 6, 10) 
Kotono Watanabe (eps 1, 12) 
Makoto Katō (eps 3, 8) 
Noriaki Saito (ep 5) 
Takahiro Kawakoshi (ep 9) 
Unit Director: Kotono Watanabe (OP; ED) 
Music: Keiji Inai 
Original Work: Junya Inoue 
Character Design: Takahiro Kishida 
Art Director: Anna Ooizumi 
Chief Animation Director: Masaki Hyuga 
Animation Director:
Geum-soo Kim (eps 4, 11) 
Hirohide Shikishima (eps 2, 10) 
Jeong Ri Han (ep 7) 
Jin U Gwan (ep 5) 
Jun Kawai (eps 3, 8) 
Keizo Shimizu (ep 6) 
Makoto Takahoko (ep 6) 
Masaki Hyuga (OP; eps 1, 12) 
Ryōta Azuma (ep 7) 
Toru Yoshida (eps 5, 9) 
Toyoaki Fukushima (ep 6) 
Yoshinori Tokiya (ep 9) 
Sound Director: Yasunori Ebina 
Director of Photography: Kenji Fujita 
Hitoshi Kawamura (Showgate) 
Jun Fukuda (The Klockworx Co., Ltd.) 
Ken Minami (Flying Dog|JVC) 
Masayoshi Matsumoto (Showgate) 
Takema Okamura (Sotsu) 
Yasushi Tanaka 
Yuki Yoshida 

3D Animation:
Miki Komata (Studio Twinkle) 
Nozomi Harayama (Studio Twinkle) 
Ryō Kawamura (Studio Twinkle) 
Tomohiro Muranaka (Studio Twinkle) 
Tsukasa Saitō (ED) 
Animation producer: Kenji Nakamoto 
Art Setting: Kazushige Kanehira 
Assistant Animation Director:
Kazuhiro Hotchi (ep 8) 
Saya Takamatsu (ep 8) 
Assistant producer:
Ayuri Taguchi (MADHOUSE) 
Shoichi Horita 
Background Art:
Asuka Komiyama (Kusanagi) 
Atsushi Yokoyama (Kusanagi) 
Eiji Wakabayashi (Kusanagi) 
Geki Katsumata (Cosmo Arts) 
Hai Nguyen (Nam Hai) 
Hatsumi Kumano (Kusanagi) 
Hiromichi Itou (Kusanagi) 
Hironori Ishikawa (Cosmo Arts) 
Hiroshi Itō (Kusanagi) 
Ji Ryun Kim (Studio Daiyo) 
Junki Nakata (Kusanagi) 
Kunihiro Shinoda (Studio Daiyo) 
Kyo Inoue (Kusanagi) 
Kyoko Kitano (Cosmo Arts) 
Maho Uemori (Kusanagi) 
Manabu Otsuzuki (Kusanagi) 
Miwa Yoshida 
Motonaga Kaneda (Cosmo Arts) 
Rie Oda (Kusanagi) 
Sadahiko Tanaka 
Shingo Kanai (Kusanagi) 
Shiori Shiwa (Kusanagi) 
Takanori Fujimura (Kusanagi) 
Tran Nguyen (Nam Hai) 
Tuyet Nguyen (Nam Hai) 
Vuong Vu (Nam Hai) 
Xuan Le (Nam Hai) 
Yuji Kimura (Kusanagi) 
Yukie Katsumata (Cosmo Arts) 
Yusuke Ikeda (Nam Hai) 
Color design: Yukie Noguchi 
Editing: Takeshi Seyama 
Editing Assistant:
Kashiko Kimura 
Mariko Tsukatsune 
End Card Illustration: Junya Inoue (eps 1-2) 
Finish Animation:
Ami Kutsuna (Madhouse) 
Aya Senna (Magic Bus) 
Bo Ran Lee (Hyoin Entertainment) 
Chikako Kamata (Madhouse) 
Hanako Nakamura (Magic Bus) 
Kazumi Sakurai (Magic Bus) 
Kumi Kanezawa (Magic Bus) 
Nami Inomata (Magic Bus) 
Yukari Ando (Magic Bus) 
In-Between Animation:
Ai Takimoto (Husio Studio) 
Akari Takagaki (Madhouse) 
Anri Yamazaki (Madhouse) 
Ayumi Ishii (Magic Bus) 
Chikako Takahashi (Magic Bus) 
Eiko Mishima (Madhouse) 
Fūka Aieda (Husio Studio) 
Fumi Saraya (Madhouse) 
Juri Hirosawa (Husio Studio) 
Kaori Matsushima (Madhouse) 
Kaori Yoshikawa (Husio Studio) 
Kaoru Higashiya (Madhouse) 
Kazuto Wakayama (Madhouse) 
Kyung Min Kim (Husio Studio) 
Megumi Tonegawa (Madhouse) 
Miyuki Nagata (Madhouse) 
Mutsumi Sasano (Magic Bus) 
Naoko Minai (Madhouse) 
Nozomu Kuwashima (Magic Bus) 
Risae Fujita (Madhouse) 
Sai Yamaguchi (Madhouse) 
Sayo Endo (Magic Bus) 
Shiomi Yamada (Madhouse) 
Taihei Nagai (Magic Bus) 
Tetsu Chuumei (Magic Bus) 
Yui Akiyama (Husio Studio) 
Yuki Sato (Madhouse) 
Yumehito Yamaguchi (Magic Bus) 
Key Animation:
Ah Ra Joe (Hyoin Entertainment; ep 3) 
Ai Ishimori (GoHands; eps 11-12) 
Ai Yamazaki (eps 2, 6, 10) 
Ai Yokoyama (OP) 
Akane Ōguchi (ep 11) 
Akihiro Fukui (ep 2) 
Akiko Asaki (OP; ep 7) 
Akiko Imano (ep 4) 
Asami Aida (Anitus Kobe; eps 3, 8) 
Asuka Kurokawa (eps 2, 6, 10) 
Atsuko Abe (Anitus Kobe; ep 3) 
Atsuko Yamazaki (eps 4, 12) 
Atsushi Shibata (ep 9) 
Aya Sonoda (ep 6) 
Ayako Karatani (ep 4) 
Ayumi Ishii (eps 2, 6, 10) 
Chiaki Abe (ep 10) 
Chuji Nakajima (eps 5-6, 9) 
Emi Honda (ep 7) 
Emi Sakamoto (eps 4, 7, 11-12) 
Eri Tokugawa (ep 2) 
Eriko Haga (GoHands; eps 11-12) 
Erina Oshima (ep 2) 
Etsuko Kawano (ep 11) 
Geum-soo Kim (OP; eps 1, 4, 11) 
Hajime Matsuzaki (eps 3, 8) 
Hanae Uraoka (Anitus Kobe; eps 3, 8) 
Hayato Torii (Anitus Kobe; ep 3) 
Hidehiko Sawada (ep 1) 
Hideyuki Sugiura (eps 5, 9) 
Hirohide Shikishima (eps 2, 10) 
Hirokazu Ishino (ep 3) 
Hiromi Nanbe (eps 4, 7, 12) 
Hiroshi Okubo (GoHands; eps 11-12) 
Hiroyoshi Iida (eps 3, 8) 
Hiroyuki Terada (ep 9) 
Ikumi Oka (eps 1, 7) 
Ippei Masui (eps 6, 10) 
Jae Ho Lee (Hyoin Entertainment; ep 3) 
Jeong Ri Han (eps 4, 11-12) 
Jun Kawai (ep 3) 
Junpei Matsumoto (ep 9) 
Kahoru Hirata (ep 11) 
Kanade Watanabe (ep 4) 
Katsumasa Yokomine (GoHands; eps 11-12) 
Katsuyuki Sato (eps 3, 8) 
Kazumasa Takeuchi (ep 3) 
Kazunori Shibata (ep 5) 
Kazuya Miyoshi (OP; ep 12) 
Keiichi Honda (ep 12) 
Keiko Kitayama (eps 6, 10) 
Keiko Tomita (ep 7) 
Kenji Shibata (ep 5) 
Kim Pil-Gang (eps 1, 7) 
Kōji Ōdate (OP; eps 1, 12) 
Kōta Sera (eps 5, 9) 
Kunihiko Hamada (OP) 
Kyohei Ohyabu (eps 5, 9) 
Kyong Woon Kim (eps 2, 6) 
Mai Sakamoto (GoHands; eps 11-12) 
Makoto Takahoko (eps 2, 6) 
Mami Takino (eps 1, 4, 11) 
Mariko Iwasaki (ep 7) 
Masahiko Sasaki (eps 11-12) 
Masahiro Shigemoto (eps 3, 8) 
Masahiro Yoshisaki (ep 9) 
Masakazu Yamazaki (ep 2) 
Masaki Hyuga (ep 1) 
Masao Ohashi (eps 5, 9) 
Masaru Kanemori (ep 5) 
Masayasu Yoshida (ep 5) 
Maya Uenishi (eps 5, 9) 
Michiko Takahashi (ep 7) 
Michinori Shiga (ep 7) 
Michio Satô (eps 11-12) 
Miho Kato (OP; eps 4, 7, 11-12) 
Miho Kawasaki (eps 2, 6, 10) 
Minami Yoshida (ep 1) 
Minefumi Harada (eps 2, 6, 10) 
Mitsuki Kosaka (ep 10) 
Momoka Komatsu (ep 5) 
Momoko Maehara (ep 1) 
Momoko Nagakawa (ep 10) 
Motoaki Satou (ep 10) 
Mutsumi Sasahara (ep 10) 
Nahoko Takada (GoHands; eps 11-12) 
Naoki Okada (GoHands; eps 11-12) 
Noboru Kawamori (ep 9) 
Nobuhiro Mutō (ep 1) 
Nobuko Sugino (OP; 5 episodes
eps 1, 4, 7, 11-12
Nobuyoshi Souzaki (ep 5) 
Norifumi Kugai (ED; eps 1, 4) 
Noriko Ōnishi (5 episodes
eps 1, 4, 7, 11-12
Noriko Shibata (ep 5) 
Nozomi Tachibana (Anitus Kobe; ep 8) 
Osamu Nuita (ep 5) 
Rie Harada (ep 3) 
Rie Ikegami (eps 5, 9) 
Rie Tamaki (ep 12) 
Rika Satou (ep 2) 
Ryōko Tateishi (eps 3, 8) 
Ryōta Azuma (OP; eps 1, 7, 12) 
Ryuichi Saito (ep 5) 
Saeko Ozawa (ep 7) 
Sakurako Sagano (eps 2, 6) 
Sato Nishina (ep 11) 
Satoyuki Hashimoto (ep 4) 
Saya Takamatsu (ep 3) 
Sayaka Kawai (OP; eps 1, 4, 7, 12) 
Sayo Endo (ep 10) 
Se-Kwan Choi (eps 4, 11-12) 
Shingo Suzuki (GoHands; eps 11-12) 
Shinichi Iimura (eps 4-6, 9) 
Shinichi Suzuki (ep 6) 
Shinichi Wada (ep 5) 
Shoji Matsumoto (ep 10) 
Shōtarō Shimoda (eps 4, 12) 
Shun Takeda (GoHands; eps 11-12) 
Takayuki Uchida (GoHands; eps 11-12) 
Takuji Yoshimoto (ep 9) 
Tatsuya Takahashi (ep 10) 
Tetsu Chuumei (ep 10) 
Tetsuya Hasegawa (ep 5) 
Tomoaki Mimiura (eps 7, 12) 
Tomofumi Sakai (ep 2) 
Tomoko Sato (eps 6, 10) 
Tomoko Sugidomari (ep 11) 
Tomomi Yabuki (eps 1, 4, 12) 
Tomoyuki Niho (ep 7) 
Toru Yoshida (ep 5) 
Toshiya Kawano (ep 2) 
Wataru Takayasu (ep 3) 
Yasue Sosogi (ep 4) 
Yasuhiro Aoki (OP) 
Yasuhiro Ito (ep 9) 
Yasuhiro Saiki (ep 4) 
Yoshihiro Maeda (ep 1) 
Yoshihiro Nagata (ep 2) 
Yoshihiro Taniguchi (ep 5) 
Yoshiko Imasato (eps 4, 7, 11) 
Yuichi Hirano (ep 4) 
Yuji Ito (ep 5) 
Yuji Mukoyama (eps 6, 10) 
Yūji Wada (eps 6, 9) 
Yuka Koiso (eps 1, 11) 
Yukari Kobayashi (ep 10) 
Yukari Takeuchi (ep 10) 
Yuki Kawamura (ep 9) 
Yuki Yabuta (GoHands; eps 11-12) 
Yukiko Akiyama (OP) 
Yukinori Kawamura (ep 9) 
Yūko Hariba (GoHands; eps 11-12) 
Yumehito Yamaguchi (ep 6) 
Yumiko Komiyama (ep 6) 
Yūri Ichinose (ep 6) 
Yuri Takasaki (ep 5) 
Yusuke Kamata (ep 5) 
Yūsuke Sōen (Anitus Kobe; ep 3) 
Yuta Ito (ep 9) 
Yutaka Kawai (eps 3, 8) 
Yuu Takahashi (eps 1, 7) 
Literature Assistance: Hitoshi Nagai 
Paint: Hideaki Yanagida (ED) 
Ayumi Yamaguchi (MAD BOX) 
Hiroshi Inoue (MAD BOX) 
Minoru Fujita (MAD BOX) 
Yasuhiro Asaki (MAD BOX) 
Yuki Maruo (MAD BOX) 
Yūta Todaka (MAD BOX) 
Production Advancement:
Aya Kobayashi (eps 1, 7, 12) 
Hiroshi Yonezuka (eps 2, 6, 10) 
Midori Kosonoi (ep 11) 
Rika Matsushita (ep 5) 
Ryō Nishimura (ep 9) 
Shōgo Sugano (ep 8) 
Yuki Nishibata (ep 4) 
Yuki Saito (ep 3) 
Production Desk: Takuya Ogawa 
Production manager: Emiko Uchimura 
Recording Adjustment: Naoya Tanaka 
Recording Assistant: Naoki Okabe 
Setting Production: Keiko Kose 
Sound Effects: Takuya Hasegawa 
Sound Production: Yasuto Nozoe 
Special Effects:
Chiyoko Okabe 
Kazuhiro Hotchi (eps 3, 8) 
Theme Song Composition: Powerless (OP 2) 
Theme Song Lyrics: Powerless (OP 2) 
Theme Song Performance:
May'n (ED) 
Nano (OP) 
Video Editing:
Ryu Ōba 
Shinji Iriyama 
Kanata Hongou as Ryōta Sakamoto 
Suzuko Mimori as Himiko 

Ken Narita as Masahito Date 
Miyuki Sawashiro as Kōsuke Kira 
Rica Fukami as Shiki Murasaki 
Toru Ohkawa as Kiyoshi Taira 
Yūichi Nakamura as Nobutaka Oda 

Ayumi Kida as Yukie Sakamoto 
Eiji Miyashita as 04 (Teammate) 
Hiroyuki Iwasaki as Yoshioka 
Hisao Egawa as Yoshihisa Kira 
Issei Futamata as Souchi Natsume 
Junji Majima as Hitoshi Kakimoto 
Junpei Asashina as Tsuneaki Iida 
Mai Toudou as Misako Houjou 
Masayoshi Sugawara as 04 (Teammate) 
Meijin Takahashi as Takanohashi 
Mitsuaki Madono as Hisanobu Sakamoto 
Noriko Ueda as Arisa 
Sakura Nakamura as Woman (ep 3) 
Shiori Mikami as Miho 
Souichiro Hoshi as Wakamoto 
Takaya Kuroda as Masashi Miyamoto 
Tooru Nara as Yoshiaki Imagawa 
Toru Nakane as Chief Detective (ep 4) 
Toshiaki Kageyama as Detective (ep 4) 
Yasuhiro Mamiya as Mitsuo Akechi 
Yasumichi Kushida as Isamu Kondou 
Yōko Hikasa as Hidemi Kinoshita 
Yoshihiro Koyanagi as Man (ep 3) 
Yukiyo Fujii as Yuki 
Yumi Uchiyama as Woman (ep 3) 
Yuu Matsumoto as Man (ep 3) 
Japanese companies
3D Graphics: Studio Twinkle 
Animation Production: MADHOUSE 
Animation Production Assistance:
Husio Studio (eps 3, 8) 
Magic Bus (eps 2, 6, 10) 
Studio Hibari (eps 5, 9) 
Internet Streaming: Niconico 
Key Animation:
AI (ep 9) 
Anitus Kōbe (eps 3, 8) 
ARCTURUS (eps 1, 4) 
Big Owl (ep 4) 
Def.c (eps 3, 8) 
Dr. Movie (eps 1, 4, 7, 11) 
drop (ep 9) 
GoHands (eps 11-12) 
HEBARAKI (ep 4) 
Husio Studio (eps 3, 8) 
Hyoin Entertainment (eps 3, 8) 
J-Cube (ep 2) 
Kyung Kang ANIA (eps 1, 7) 
Magic Bus Niigata (ep 2) 
Meta Studio (ep 6) 
Mouse (6 episodes
eps 1, 3-4, 7-8, 12
Nakamura Production (8 episodes
eps 1-2, 4, 6-7, 10-12
Pioneer Production (ep 6) 
Seigasha (ep 4) 
Studio Cockpit (eps 7, 11) 
Studio Hibari (eps 5, 9) 
Studio Liberty (eps 6, 10) 
Studio Mark (eps 2-8 even) 
Synod (ep 10) 
TAP (eps 7, 11-12) 
Triple A (ep 9) 
Wao World (ep 1) 
YABES (eps 2, 6, 10) 
Literature Assistance: Studio Orphee 
Music Production: Flying Dog 
Music Production Assistance: Imagine 
Photography: MADBOX 
Sound Production: Studio Mausu 
Title Logo Design: Stereotype 
Video Editing: Q-Tec 
Web Radio: HiBiKi Radio Station 
English cast
English staff
Executive producer:
Eiichi Takahashi 
John Ledford 
ADR Engineer: Stanley Thomas 
Audio Engineer: Ricardo Contreras 
BD Authoring: David Williams 
DVD Authoring: Nick Lee 
Media Coordinator: Janice Williams 
Production manager: Joey Goubeaud 
Spotting: Clint Bickham 
Subtitle Editor: Laura Wyrick 
Subtitle Script & Timing: Kayla King 
Technical Assistant: Michael Olesch 
Brittney Karbowski as Himiko 
Tyler Galindo as Ryouma Sakamoto 

Andrew Love as Kiyoshi Taira 
Chelsea Ryan McCurdy as Kosuke Kira 
Crash Buist as Nobutaka Oda 
David Matranga as Masahito Date 
Maggie Flecknoe as Shiki Murasaki 

Brittany Deans as
Aiko's Friend (ep 10) 
Misako Houjo 
Yuki (ep 2) 
Cameron Bautsch as
Detective (ep 4) 
Teammate 03 (ep 1) 
Teammate 07 (ep 2) 
Christopher Ayres as Yoshihisa Kira 
Jay Hickman as
Hisanobu (ep 5) 
Wakamoto (ep 10) 
Johnny De La Cerda as Yoshioka (ep 2) 
Joshua Sheltz as
President of Tyrannos Japan (ep 8) 
Yoshiaki Imagawa 
Jovan Jackson as Masashi Miyamoto 
Kendall McClellan as
Aiko Serizawa (ep 10) 
Akiko Taira (ep 12) 
Himiko's Classmate (ep 8) 
Leraldo Anzaldua as Tsuneaki Iida 
Margaret McDonald as Miho (ep 2) 
Mark X Laskowski as Mitsuo Akechi 
Parke Fech as Isamu Kondou 
Patrick Poole as Souichi Natsume 
Rachel Logue as
Arisa (ep 2) 
Himiko's Classmate (ep 8) 
Oda's Girlfriend (ep 10) 
Yuzuhiko Taira (ep 12) 
Rob Mungle as Takanonashi (eps 6-8, 10, 12) 
Ross Bautsch as
Chief Detective (ep 4) 
Hitoshi Kakimoto (ep 8) 
Programmer (ep 10) 
Teammate 04 (eps 1-2) 
Shelley Calene-Black as
Hidemi Kinoshita 
Yuki (ep 5) 
Wendel Calvert as Tomoaki Iwakura (ep 9) 
English companies
Broadcaster: Animax Asia 
Hanabee Entertainment (Australia & New Zealand) 
MVM (UK & Ireland) 
Section23 Films (North America) 
Internet Streaming:
Crunchyroll (United States, Canada, UK & Eire, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Scandinavia, South Africa) 
iTunes Store 
Licensed by: Sentai Filmworks 
Production: Seraphim Digital 
French staff
French cast
Dubbing Director: Julien Dutel 

Adaptation: Julien Dutel 
Julien Dutel as Kiyoshi Taira 
French companies
Distributor: Black Box (DVD & BRD) 
Spanish staff
Spanish companies
Distributor: Yowu Entertainment (Spain) 
Internet Streaming: AniJapan 
Spanish cast
Ana Romano as Himiko (Spain dub) 
German cast
German staff
Dirk Stollberg as Ryouta Sakamoto 
Josephine Schmidt as Himiko 

Arne Stephan as Nobutaka Oda 
Axel Lutter as Kiyoshi Taira 
Christian Zeiger as Kousuke Kira 
Gunnar Helm as Tsuneaki Iida 
Heide Domanowski as Shiki Murasaki 
Helmut Gauß as Takanohashi 
Karin Grüger as Yukie Sakamoto 
Sebastian Jacob as Masahito Date 

Asad Schwarz as Detective (ep 4) 
Bernd Vollbrecht as Souichi Natsume 
Daniel Welbat as Masashi Miyamoto 
Detlef Gieß as Tomoaki Iwakura (ep 9) 
Dieter Memel as Yoshihisa Kira 
Gerald Paradies as Chief Detective (ep 4) 
Jodie Blank as Miho 
Nadine Heidenreich as Yuki (ep 2) 
Oliver Bender as Hitoshi Kakimoto (ep 8) 
Rainer Doering as Yoshiaki Imagawa 
Rainer Fritzsche as Mitsuo Akechi 
Reinhard Scheunemann as Isamu Kondou 
Silvia Missbach as Hidemi Kinoshita 
Tino Kießling as Game-Player (ep 1) 
Uwe Jellinek as Hisanobu Sakamoto 
German companies
Distributor: Kazé Germany 
Dubbing: TV Synchron Berlin 
Streaming: Anime-on-Demand 
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast
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