Grave of the Fireflies (movie)

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©1988 Akiyuki Nosaka/Shinchosha Co.

Alternative title:
Die letzten Glühwürmchen (German)
Eldflugornas grav (Swedish)
Graf van de Vuurvliegjes (Dutch)
Grobowiec świetlików (Polish)
Hotaru no Haka (Japanese)
La Tumba de las Luciernagas (Spanish)
Le tombeau des lucioles (French)
O Túmulo dos Pirilampos (Portuguese)
Túmulo dos Vaga-lumes (Portuguese)
Una Tomba Per Le Lucciole (Italian)
Могила светлячков (Russian)
火垂るの墓 (Japanese)
螢火蟲之墓 (Chinese (Taiwan))
반딧불의 묘 (Korean)
Genres: drama
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: On the final days of World War II, 14-year-old Seita and his four-year-old sister Setsuko are orphaned after their mother is killed during an air raid by American forces in Kobe, Japan. After having a falling out with their aunt, they move into an abandoned bomb shelter. With no surviving relatives and their emergency funds and rations depleted, Seita and Setsuko must struggle to survive their hardships as well as those of their country, which is on the losing end of the war.
User Ratings: 4397 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 2034 votes (sub:1367, dub:507, ?:26, raw:23, edit.dub:4, others:107
27 Spanish subtitled
18 German dubbed
12 Portuguese subtitled
10 French subtitled
9 Spanish dubbed
6 Italian dubbed
3 Russian dubbed
3 Spanish edited dub
3 Polish subtitled
3 German subtitled
3 Italian subtitled
2 Arabic dubbed
1 Turkish Sub subtitled
1 Arabic subtitled
1 French dubbed
1 Finnish subtitled
1 Turkish subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 Catalan dubbed
1 German edited dub
 Excellent: 981 votes (sub:685, dub:232, ?:17, raw:9, edit.dub:3, others:35
7 Spanish subtitled
5 Italian dubbed
4 Spanish dubbed
4 Russian subtitled
4 French subtitled
3 Polish subtitled
2 German dubbed
2 Russian dubbed
1 Mandarin dubbed
1 French dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Czech subtitled
 Very good: 610 votes (sub:401, dub:174, ?:10, raw:4, others:21
5 Spanish subtitled
4 Portuguese subtitled
3 French subtitled
3 Italian dubbed
2 French dubbed
1 German dubbed
1 Mandarin edited dub
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Polish subtitled
 Good: 355 votes (sub:224, dub:114, ?:2, raw:1, others:14
2 Italian dubbed
2 Spanish dubbed
2 German dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 Chinese Mandarin subtitled
1 French dubbed
1 Polish subtitled
1 Korean subtitled
 Decent: 155 votes (sub:106, dub:43, ?:3, others:3
1 Swedish subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
 So-so: 98 votes (sub:71, dub:22, ?:1, edit.dub:1, others:3
2 Polish subtitled
1 German dubbed
 Not really good: 44 votes (sub:29, dub:13, others:2
1 Polish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Weak: 45 votes (sub:31, dub:14)
 Bad: 29 votes (sub:16, dub:11, raw:1, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Awful: 12 votes (sub:8, dub:4)
 Worst ever: 34 votes (sub:25, dub:9)
Seen in part or in whole by 6593 users, rank: #86 (of 6175)
Median rating: Excellent
Arithmetic mean: 8.718 (Excellent−), std. dev.: 1.806, rank: #90 (of 6168)
Weighted mean: 8.685 (Excellent−), rank: #87 (of 6168) (seen all: 8.70 / seen some: 7.00 / won't finish: 4.45)
Bayesian estimate: 8.682 (Excellent−), rank: #28 (of 4649)
Running time: 88 minutes
1996-06-19 (France)
2007-05-15 (Mira 5tv Zapotlan el grande, Mexico)
Premiere date:
1988-04-16 (Japan, released as a double bill with My Neighbor Totoro)
2000-11-05 (Indonesia, Jakarta International Film Festival)
2002-12-14 (Czech Republic, Olomouc Animation Film Festival)
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Opening Theme:
"Setsuko and Seita" by Michio Mamiya
Ending Theme:
"Futari" by Michio Mamiya
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Based on the partially-autobiographical book of the same title by Akiyuki Nosaka. The novel won the Naoki Award for literary achievement.
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Blu-Ray (Region B)
    Grave of the Fireflies [UK] (Blu-Ray + DVD) 2013-05-27
DVD (Region 1)
    Grave of the Fireflies (DVD) 2004-12-07
    Grave of the Fireflies (DVD) 2009-07-07 (from $29.94)
    Grave of the Fireflies (DVD) 1998-10-07
    Grave of the Fireflies [Collector's Series] (DVD) 2002-10-08
    Grave of the Fireflies [Remastered Edition] (DVD) 2012-03-06 (from $9.84)
DVD (Region 2)
    Grave of the Fireflies (DVD) 2004-08-23
    Grave of the Fireflies (DVD) 2007-07-23

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Isao Takahata
Screenplay: Isao Takahata
Music: Michio Mamiya
Character Design: Yoshifumi Kondô
Art Director: Nizo Yamamoto
Animation Director: Yoshifumi Kondô
Original Novel: Akiyuki Nosaka
Sound Director: Yasuo Uragami
Director of Photography: Nobuo Koyama
Executive producer: Ryoichi Sato
Producer: Toru Hara

Additional Music: Masahiko Satoh
Animation Check:
Eiko Yabuki
Naoshi Ozawa
Assistant Animation Director:
Natsuyo Yasuda
Yoshiyuki Momose
Assistant Art Director: Katsu Hisamura
Assistant Director: Norihiko Sudo
Color design: Michiyo Yasuda
Dolby Stereo Consultant: Mikio Mori
Editing: Takeshi Seyama
Editing Assistant: Hiroshi Adachi
Line Producer: Shinichirou Ueda
Planning: Ryoichi Sato
Production Desk: Naoyuki Oshikiri
Sound Mixing: Hisanori Ooshiro
Special Effects: Kunji Tanifuji
Technical Assistant:
Mamoru Murao (Josai Duplo)
Masanori Michiie (Stack)
Yoshiro Saito (Stack)
Theme Song Performance: Amelita Galli-Curci
Japanese companies
English cast
English staff
ADR Director: Steven Foster (Sentai dub)
Translation: Neil Nadelman
Executive producer:
Eiichi Takahashi (Sentai Filmworks)
Joey Goubeaud (ADV re-release)
John Ledford (ADV re-release)
John O'Donnell
ADR Producer: Peter Bavaro
Audio Engineer: Brent Marshall (Sentai dub)
BD Authoring: David Williams (Sentai re-release)
Blu-Ray Menu Design: Larry Koteff (Sentai re-release)
Dubbing Supervision: Anthony Salerno
DVD Authoring:
David Williams (ADV re-release)
Neal Barnes (Sentai re-release)
DVD Coordination: Eric Thomann
DVD Menu Design: Larry Koteff (ADV re-release)
Graphics: Larry Koteff (Sentai re-release)
In-House Production: Justin Sevakis
In-House Production Manager: Tim Werenko
Media Coordinator: Janice Williams (ADV re-release)
Mix Engineer: Bill Donnelly
Mixing: Christopher Bourque (Sentai dub)
Packaging Design: Larry Koteff (ADV re-release)
Production Assistant:
E.W. Rector III (Sentai re-release)
Jessica Williams (Sentai re-release)
Kayla King (Sentai re-release)
Production manager: Joey Goubeaud (ADV re-release)
Sound Design: Christopher Bourque (Sentai dub)
Subtitle Timing: Dwayne Jones (Sentai re-release)
Technical Assistant: Michael Olesch (Sentai re-release)
Adam Gibbs as Seita(Sentai Filmworks Dub.)
Corinne Orr as Setsuko
Rhoda Chrosite as Setsuko

Amy Jones as Aunt
Emily Neves as Setsuko(Sentai Filmworks Dub.)
Marcy Bannor as Aunt(Sentai Filmworks Dub)

Andrew Love as Train Station Worker 1(uncredited)
Crispin Freeman as
Old Man
Shelley Calene-Black as Mother(Sentai Filmworks Dub.)
Veronica Taylor as Mother

Blake Shepard(Sentai Filmworks Dub.)
David Matranga(Sentai Filmworks Dub.)
David Wald(Sentai Filmworks Dub.)
Justin Doran(Sentai Filmworks Dub.)
Luci Christian(Sentai Filmworks Dub.)
Rob Mungle(Sentai Filmworks Dub.)
Sam Roman(Sentai Filmworks Dub.)
Susan Koozin(Sentai Filmworks Dub.)
English companies
ADR Production: Skypilot Entertainment
Audio Post Production: Laughing Dog Studios
Madman Entertainment (Australia & New Zealand)
Optimum Releasing (UK)
Section23 Films (North America; 2012)
DVD Premastering & Menu Design: Resolution
DVD Production: Amusement Park Media (ADV re-release)
Internet Streaming: The Anime Network
Licensed by:
ADV Films (expired)
Central Park Media (expired)
Sentai Filmworks
Production: Seraphim Digital (Sentai dub)
Video Post Production: Magnetic Image Video
French staff
French cast
French companies
Canal +
Ciné Cinema Famiz (from January 2009)
Virgin 17
Distributor: Kaze
Dubbing: Libra Films
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Dubbing Director:
Asunción Díaz (Spain dub) 
Azucena Díaz (Catalan dub)

Mixing: Ferrán Mosquera (Catalan dub)
Subtitle Supervisor: Nadia García Díaz (Selecta Visión)
Subtitler: Fabián Sierra (Jonu Media)
Albert Trifol as Seita 
Albert Trifol Segarra as Seita(Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Azucena Martinez as Setsuko
Hugo Rodriguez as Seita
Núria Trifol as Setsuko(Catalan dub; Spain dub)

Asunción Díaz as Aunt 
Azucena Díaz as
Aunt(Spain dub)
Tieta(Catalan dub)

Adriana Rodriguez as Mother
Antonio Pujós as Doctor
Carme Calvell as Mare(Catalan dub)
Francesc Alborch as Obayashi(Catalan dub)
Gal Soler as Policia(Catalan dub)
Guillermo Rojas as Doctor
Joaquim Sota as Hodger(Spain dub)
Jordi Pineda as Hodger(Catalan dub)
Julia Chalmeta as Neighbor(Spain dub)
Maria Rosa Guillén as Mother(Spain dub)
Rosa Guillén as Veïna(Catalan dub)
Salvador Campoy as Obayashi(Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Buzz Channel (Spain)
Canal Plus (Spain)
TV3 (Televisió de Catalunya)
Jonu Media
Selecta Visión (Spain; DVD and Blu-ray)
Dubbing Studio: Dubbing Films (Barcelona, Spain)
Internet Streaming:
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Massimo Còrizza
Translation: Francesco Prandoni

Dialogues: Massimo Còrizza
Corrado Conforti as Seita
Perla Liberatori as Setsuko

Beatrice Margiotti as Mother
Massimo Còrizza as Policeman
Italian companies
Broadcaster: Man-Ga
Distributor: Yamato Video (Italy)
Dubbing: Promovision
German staff
German cast
Adak Azdasht as Setsuko

Rita Engelmann as Witwe

Lothar Blumhagen as Bezirksvorsteher
German companies
Broadcaster: Arte
Kazé Germany (now)
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Distributor: Otaku
Dutch cast
Russian staff
Russian companies
Distributor: MC Entertainment
Russian cast
Polish staff
Polish companies
Broadcaster: Hyper
Distributor: IDG Poland S.A.
Polish cast
Swedish staff
Swedish companies
Distributor: Ozon Media
Swedish cast
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast
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