Astro Boy (TV 3/2003)

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[ remake of Astro Boy (TV 2/1980) ]

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Alternative title:
Astro Boy Tetsuwan Atom (Japanese)
Tetsuwan Atom (Japanese)
アストロボーイ・鉄腕アトム (Japanese)
Themes: androids, mecha
Objectionable content: None
Copyright notice:
ASTRO BOY character ™ and ©2003 Tezuka Productions. Distributed by Sony Pictures Television
©2003 Tezuka Productions/Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan), Inc.
Plot Summary: Astro is a robotic boy that posesses super human powers and an artificial intelligence system that is unparalleled to any robot. His creator, Dr. Tenma, created him to replace his late son, Tovio. Dr. Tenma soon destroys his laboratory, after the creation of Astro, and shuts down Astro. Soon after, Dr. O'Shay, the head of the Ministry of Science revives Astro, and tries to give him a normal life as a 6th grade student that helps the police agency keep renegade robots and bigot humans from causing harm. Astro faces extreme racism for being a robot, and he must discover the truth about his creator Dr. Tenma.
User Ratings: 328 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 9 votes (dub:8, sub:1)
 Excellent: 26 votes (dub:16, sub:4, edit.dub:2, others:4
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Spanish edited dub
 Very good: 46 votes (dub:28, sub:9, edit.dub:3, ?:2, others:4
2 Portuguese dubbed
2 Spanish dubbed
 Good: 77 votes (dub:53, sub:13, ?:2, edit.dub:2, raw:2, others:5
2 Portuguese dubbed
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Indonesian dubbed
 Decent: 52 votes (dub:35, sub:8, edit.dub:4, ?:2, others:3
1 French edited dub
1 French dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
 So-so: 51 votes (dub:29, sub:8, edit.dub:7, others:7
4 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Tagalog dubbed
 Not really good: 23 votes (dub:18, edit.dub:1, sub:1, others:3
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Weak: 21 votes (dub:13, ?:2, sub:2, edit.dub:1, others:3
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Bad: 9 votes (sub:3, dub:3, ?:1, others:2
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
 Awful: 8 votes (dub:5, ?:1, sub:1, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Worst ever: 6 votes (dub:3, sub:1, ?:1, others:1
1 Tagalog dubbed
Seen in part or in whole by 1332 users, rank: #811 (of 6068)
Median rating: Decent
Arithmetic mean: 6.034 (Decent), std. dev.: 2.1602, rank: #4340 (of 6062)
Weighted mean: 5.974 (Decent), rank: #4531 (of 6062) (seen all: 6.80 / seen some: 5.96 / won't finish: 4.56)
Bayesian estimate: 6.029 (Decent), rank: #3955 (of 4613)
Number of episodes: 50
Episode titles: We have 50
Production cost: ¥30,000,000 (per episode)
2003-04-06 to 2004-03-28
2004-06-01 to 2004-12-10 (Latin America)
2004-09-01 (France Air Date)
2005-01-23 (Ep 1, Italy - Future Film Festival)
2006-09-23 (Spain, Cuatroº)
2007-06-11 (Mexico - Cadena Tres)
Release dates: We have 17
Opening Theme:
#1: "True Blue" by Zone
#2: "Now or Never" by Chemistry meets M-flo
Ending Theme:
"Boy's Heart" by Fujii Fumiya
#2: "Tetsuwan Atom" by Zone & Run Time All Stars
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Astro Boy [2003] (Jun 6, 2003)
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DVD (Region 1)
    Astro Boy (Dub.DVD 1) 2009-08-18 (from $5.69)
    Astro Boy (Dub.DVD 2) 2009-08-18 (from $5.76)
    Astro Boy (Dub.DVD 3) 2009-08-18 (from $5.98)
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    Astro Boy (Dub.DVD 5) 2009-08-18 (from $5.98)
    Astro Boy - The Complete Series (Dub.DVD 1-5) 2005-03-29 (from $9.00)
Universal Media Disc
    Astro Boy - Astro Boy Blasts Off (UMD 1) 2009-09-22 (from $4.90)

Japanese staff
Japanese companies
Original creator: Osamu Tezuka
Character Design: Shinji Seya
Art Director: Hiroshi Kato
Chief Animation Director: Shinji Seya
Animation Director: Shinji Seya (ep 1)
Mechanical design:
Shinji Aramaki
Takeshi Takakura
Sound Director: Masafumi Zanma
Director of Photography:
Hajime Noguchi
Hirokata Takahashi
Adaptation: Robert Goodman
Animation Supervisor: Keiichiro Mochizuki
Background art supervisor: Hiroshi Kato
Color Coordination:
Megumi Yoshida
Tsuyoshi Okano
Design Support: Sachiko Kamimura
Planning: Yoshihiro Shimizu
Recording: Makoto Uchida
Recording Assistant: Shigeru Fujibayashi
Series Story Editor:
Marc Handler
Mark Handler 
Sound Effects: Shizuo Kurahashi
Sound Production: Tomoto Nakashima
Theme Song Performance:
Chemistry (OP2)
Fumiya Fujii (ED1)
m-flo (OP2)
Free Will (ep 31)
Studio Kuma (ep 31)
Studio Zaendou (ep 31)
Animation Check:
G&G Direction (ep 29)
G&G Entertainment (ep 30)
Fuji TV
Cel Check: Magic Bus
Digital Production: T2 Studio
Finish Check: G&G Entertainment
Key Animation:
Anime House (ep 45)
Beijing Xie Art Co., Ltd
Enzo Animation (eps 38, 41)
FAI (eps 15, 27)
G&G Direction (7 episodes
eps 8, 21, 23, 27-30

G&G Entertainment
Group Zen (eps 15, 27)
Hanil Animation (eps 11, 27, 37)
Kino Production (ep 14)
Magic Bus (eps 11, 20, 27)
Magic Bus Niigata (eps 20, 27)
MI (ep 15)
Mook Animation (eps 38, 41, 50)
MSJ (ep 50)
Production I.G (eps 6, 27)
Shanghai Superman (eps 15, 27)
Studio ADD (eps 18, 27)
Studio Basara (ep 3)
Studio CATS (eps 32, 47, 50)
Studio Comet (eps 15, 27)
Production Support:
Beijing Xie Art Co., Ltd
G&G Direction (6 episodes
eps 10, 17, 21, 23, 27, 30

Liberty Ship (eps 32, 47)
Magic Bus (4 episodes
eps 11, 20, 27, 37

Mook Animation (eps 38, 41)
Studio ADD (eps 18, 27)
Studio Comet (ep 27)
Studio Gallop (ep 31)
Tama Production (4 episodes
eps 27, 35, 42, 44

Sound Production: Technosound
Japanese cast
Makoto Tsumura as Atom

Hisashi Katsuta as Professor Ochanomizu
Miki Maruyama as Uranium
Shinya Owada as Nagamiya Tenma

Akiko Kawase as Yuko
Akio Ohtsuka as Pluto
Banjou Ginga as Police Inspector Tawashi
Bin Shimada as Direcctor(ep 19)
Goro Naya as Dr. Sebastian(ep 25)
Hideyuki Tanaka as Blue Knight
Ichirô Nagai as Popporeto(ep 31)
Junpei Takiguchi as Mr. Darling
Kazuki Yao as Skunk
Kouichi Yamadera as Numata(ep 21)
Kumi Yamakado as Vice-captain
Mahito Tsujimura as Donpa(eps 22, 44)
Mami Koyama as Sarah Jones(eps 21, 29)
Masako Katsuki as Rabia(eps 26, 47)
Masako Nozawa as Caveman boy(ep 39)
Megumi Hayashibara as Alien(ep 3)
Miyoko Shoji as Helen
Motoko Kumai as Tamao
Naoki Tatsuta as Robita
Nobuyuki Hiyama as Atlas
Rie Kugimiya as Nyanko
Susumu Chiba as Shibugaki
Takehito Koyasu as
Takeshi Aono as Minimini(ep 33)
Yuko Miyamura as Ear
Yumi Touma as Kaya(eps 22, 44)
Yuu Urata as Official/Clerk
Yuuichi Nagashima as Hamegg(eps 17, 32)
Yuuko Satou as Kenichi
English staff
English cast
Supervising Director: David Hartman
Executive producer: Joe D'Ambrosia

Associate producer: Phil Crain
Consulting Producer: Tom Teves
Dialogue Director: Michael Hack
Digital Effects Supervisor: Azariah Owens
Editing Assistant: Jose Gonzales Jr.
Main Title Planning & Direction:
Bruce King
David Hartman
Production manager: Kim Chapman
Re-Recording Mixing: Ernie Sheesley
Script Coordinator: Dick Grunert
Candi Milo as Astro

Darien Harewood as Dr. Tenma
Wally Wingert as Dr. O'Shay

Bill Farmer as Detective Tawashi
Candi Milo as Kennedy
David Rasner as Pluto
Faith Salie as Yuko
Greg Cipes as Atlas
Gwendoline Yeo as Repo Girl
Jonathan Todd Ross as Mechanic #2(ep 9)
Lara Miller as
Maile Flanagan as Matthew
Sandy Martin as Abercrombie
Susan Blu as Zoran
Wally Wingert as
Blue Knight
Harley Katari
Wally Kisagari

English companies
Additional Post Production Services: Modern Videofilm, Inc.
Audio Post Production: Salami Studios
Internet Streaming:
Hulu (Sony OR A section)
Licensed by: Sony
French cast
French staff
Directeur de Plateau: Alexandra Correa
French companies
Canal J (Nov-Dec 2006)
France 3 (from 1 September 2004)
Dubbing Studio: Dubbing Brothers
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Claudio Velazquez as Astroboy
Roser Vilches as Astro Boy(Spain dub)

Armando Réndiz as Dr. O'Shay
José Luis Campos as Dr. O'Shay(Spain dub)
Rebeca Michelle as Zoran
Vicente Gil as Dr. Tenma(Spain dub)
Víctor Hugo Aguilar as Dr. Tenma

Carlos Segundo as Atlas
Daniel Lacy as Moon Alien
Enzo Fortuny as Friday
Ernesto Lezama as Dr. Mini Mini
Gabriela Willert as
Nicolas(one ep)
Gaby Willert as Yuko
Gerardo Reyero as
Detective Tawashi
Isabel Martiñon as Abercromby
María Luisa Rosselló as Yuko(Spain dub)
Patricia Acevedo as Tadao
Tasio Alonso as Detective Tewashi(Spain dub)
Victoria Ramos as Nora(Spain dub)

Spanish companies
Cadena Tres (Mexico)
Canal 13 (Colombia)
Canal Panda (2013-03-02)
Cartoon Network L.A.
Cuatro (Spain)
Jetix España (Spain)
Dubbing Studio:
Sonomex S.A. de C.V. Mexico
Soundtrack (Spain dub)
German staff
German companies
German cast
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Distributor: Anime Essentials
Dutch cast
Tagalog cast
Tagalog staff
Dubbing Director: Tp Adanza

Script Translation:
Ryan Ang
Tp Adanza
Hazel Hernan as Astro(QTV Dub)
Kathlynn Tolentino as Astroboy

Jefferson Utanes as Dr. O'shay(QTV Dub)
Klariz Magboo as Zoran(QTV Dub)
Robert Brillantes as Dr. O'shay(ABS-CBN dub, 2nd QTV Dub)

Angelo Crisolo as
Benjie Dorango as Detective Tawashi
Charmaine Cordoviz as Yuko(QTV Dub)
Jay De Castro as Matthew
Montreal Repuyan as Detective Tobashi
Pinkee Rebucas as
Repo Girl
Robert Brillantes as
Roger Aquino as Blue Knight(QTV Dub)
Ryan Ang as

Mark Aspiras(QTV Dub)
Tagalog companies
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Gustavo Pereira as Astro

Bianca Salgueiro as Zoran

Alexandre Moreno as Daichi/Atlas
Ana Lúcia Menezes as
Denkou(ep 6)
Girl with her dad(various episodes)
Felipe Drummond as Alejo
José Santacruz as Detetive Tawashi
Luiz Carlos Persy as Dr. Tenma
Marco Antônio Costa as Alucard(ep 20)
Marisa Leal as Daichi(criança/kid)
Mauro Ramos as Dr. O'Shay
Priscila Amorim as Yuko(not Sylvia Salustti)
Ricardo Juarez as Katari
Sérgio Stern as Astro's Dark Classmate
Sylvia Salustti as Yuko
Thiago Farias as Jack Fuller(ep 9)
Portuguese companies
Cartoon Network L.A.
Rede Brasil (Brazil)
Rede Globo (Brazil)
TVI (Portugal)
Ulbra TV (Brazil)
Sony Pictures
Dubbing Studio: Cinevídeo
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