Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny (TV)

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Alternative title:
Gundam Seed Destiny 
Kidō Senshi Gundam Seed Destiny (Japanese) 
機動戦士ガンダムSEED DESTINY <シード・デスティニー> (Japanese) 
機動戰士鋼彈SEED DESTINY (Chinese (Taiwan)) 
Objectionable content: Significant 
Plot Summary: Cosmic Era 73. Though the signing of a peace treaty brought the war between the Naturals and Coordinators to an apparent close, tensions fueled by the continued threat of Blue Cosmos continue to run high. During a conference between PLANT chairman Gilbert Dullindal and Orb representative Cagalli Yula Athha concerning the threat of a new military arms race, an Alliance special forces team attacks the ZAFT base they're meeting at and makes off with three new Gundam mobile suits. Forced to pursue them, Shinn Asuka of ZAFT and Athrun Zala of Orb set out aboard the new space battleship Minerva, and engage the retreating Alliance strike team in combat. But just as they catch up to the fleeing ship, the crew of the Minerva receives word of an even greater catastrophe in the making, which will undoubtedly re-ignite the brutal war between the Naturals & Coordinators all over again. 
User Ratings: 2240 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 312 votes (sub:238, dub:62, raw:4, others:8
4 Spanish subtitled
2 Portuguese subtitled
1 Thai subtitled
1 French dubbed
 Excellent: 538 votes (sub:420, dub:102, raw:4, edit.dub:1, others:11
7 Spanish subtitled
1 Arabic subtitled
1 Tagalog dubbed
1 Russian dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Very good: 449 votes (sub:333, dub:93, raw:3, edit.dub:1, ?:1, others:18
12 Spanish subtitled
2 Portuguese subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 French subtitled
1 Thai language dubbed
 Good: 379 votes (sub:290, dub:75, raw:3, ?:2, edit.dub:1, others:8
5 Spanish subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 German subtitled
1 French subtitled
 Decent: 219 votes (sub:175, dub:37, raw:2, edit.dub:1, ?:1, others:3
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Tagalog dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
 So-so: 80 votes (sub:57, dub:22, raw:1)
 Not really good: 83 votes (sub:62, dub:18, raw:1, ?:1, others:1
1 Italian subtitled
 Weak: 77 votes (sub:57, dub:16, raw:2, edit.dub:1, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Bad: 41 votes (sub:29, dub:6, raw:3, ?:2, others:1
1 Korean subtitled
 Awful: 35 votes (sub:27, dub:7, raw:1)
 Worst ever: 27 votes (sub:20, dub:4, raw:1, others:2
1 Korean subtitled
1 Tagalog dubbed
Seen in part or in whole by 4627 users, rank: #169 (of 6579)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 7.411 (Good+), std. dev.: 2.2317, rank: #1519 (of 6580)
Weighted mean: 7.267 (Good+), rank: #1731 (of 6580) (seen all: 7.41 / seen some: 6.47 / won't finish: 4.13)
Bayesian estimate: 7.269 (Good+), rank: #1502 (of 4951)
Running time: 24 minutes per episode 
Number of episodes: 50 
Episode titles: We have 51
Production cost: ¥33,000,000 (per episode) 
2004-10-09 to 2005-10-01 
2006-01-06 (Cartoon Network Philippines) 
2006-12-01 (Philippines - HERO TV) 
2007-02-17 (Philippines, ABS-CBN - Weekend HeroZone) 
2007-03-09 to 2008-03-28 (Canada, YTV - Bionix) 
Opening Theme:
#1: "ignited" (ignited -イグナイテッド-) by T.M. Revolution (eps 1-13) 
#2: "Pride" by High and Mighty Color (eps 14-24) 
#3: "Bokutachi no Yukue (僕たちの行方; Our Whereabouts)" by Hitomi Takahashi (eps 25-37) 
#4: "Wings Of Words" by Chemistry (eps 38-50) 
Ending Theme:
#1: "Reason" by Nami Tamaki (eps 1-13) 
#2: "Life Goes On" by Mika Arisaka (eps 14-25) 
#3: "I Wanna Go To A Place..." by Rie Fu (eps 26-37) 
#4: "Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru" (君は僕に似ている; You are Similar to Me) by See-Saw (eps 38-50) 
#4: "vestige" by T.M. Revolution (HD Remaster eps 38-50) 
Insert song:
"EMOTION" by Rie Tanaka (ep 47) 
"Fields of hope" by Rie Tanaka (eps 7,20,41) 
"Honō no Tobira" (焔の扉) by FictionJunction YUUKA (ep 40) 
"Mizu no Akashi" (水の証) by Rie Tanaka (eps 10,19) 
"Quiet Night C.E.73" by Rie Tanaka (eps 17,19,24,26) 
"Shinkai no Kodoku" (深海の孤独) by Hōko Kuwashima (eps 21,26,30,33) 
"vestige" (vestige -ヴェスティージ-) by T.M.Revolution (eps 39,41-42,49) 
Links: We have 6
Trivia: We have 26
The series was broadcast in the U.S. on May 2007 via video on demand through Comcast Cable. As of July 2007, only episodes 1–22 aired, and the series is no longer available. 
Gundam Seed Destiny DVD 1 (Aug 15, 2006)
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    Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny (DVD 11) 2007-11-06 (from $3.59)
    Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny (DVD 12) 2008-01-08
    Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny - Special Edition (DVD 12) 2008-01-08 (from $110.04)
    Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny + Artbox (DVD 7) 2007-03-20 (from $6.35)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Mitsuo Fukuda 
Series Composition: Chiaki Morosawa 
Chiaki Morosawa (48 episodes
eps 1-25, 27-40, 42-50
Hiroshi Ohnogi (11 episodes
eps 7, 12, 15, 22-23, 31, 36-37, 41-43
Hiroyuki Yoshino (9 episodes
eps 19, 24-25, 32, 37-38, 44, 48-49
Kazuho Hyodo (4 episodes
eps 4, 8, 13, 17
Natsuko Takahashi (eps 30, 35, 43) 
Shigeru Morita (8 episodes
eps 9, 14, 18, 27, 33, 39, 41, 45
Yuuichi Nomura (10 episodes
eps 5-6, 10-11, 16, 26, 28, 34, 40, 46
Original creator:
Hajime Yatate 
Yoshiyuki Tomino 
Character Design: Hisashi Hirai 
Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda 
Animation Director:
Kenichi Ohnuki (character layout; ep 3) 
Shinichi Sakuma 
Yuusuke Kamada 
Mechanical design:
Kimitoshi Yamane 
Kunio Okawara 
Sound Director: Sadayoshi Fujino 
Director of Photography: Takeshi Katsurayama 
Executive producer:
Seiji Takeda (Mainichi) 
Yasuo Miyagawa (Sunrise) 
Hiro Maruyama (Mainichi) 
Hiroshi Morotomi (Mainichi) 
Hiroyuki Sato (Sunrise) 

Animation Check:
Jun Liu (eps 3, 6) 
Keiichi Watanabe 
Reiko Saito 
Art Board: Yukiko Maruyama 
Assistant Episode Director:
Kuniharu Iwai 
Shunsuke Machitani 
Background Art:
Aiko Taira (GREEN) 
Aya Saeki (Atelier Musa) 
Ayako Iwanaga (GREEN) 
Ayari Wake (GREEN) 
Bin Xu (Feng Animation) 
Chigusa Yokoyama (GREEN) 
Chuu Yamazaki (Atelier Musa) 
Fei Liu (Feng Animation) 
Hai Bo Tan (Feng Animation) 
Hideko Shinozaki (Atelier Musa) 
Hiromi Kamiyama (GREEN) 
Hiromi Komuro (Atelier Musa) 
Hua Lu Yong (Feng Animation) 
Jun Shangyou (Feng Animation) 
Jun Zhu You (Feng Animation) 
Kyouko Matsugae (GREEN) 
Lan Zhao Gui (Feng Animation; ep 16) 
Lu Jian Wen (Feng Animation; ep 16) 
Manami Masuda (GREEN) 
Masaki Kato (Atelier Musa) 
Masashi Ooya (GREEN) 
Miki Oomori (Atelier Musa) 
Misumi Aizawa (Studio Loft) 
Miyoko Kohama (GREEN) 
Myong Chi Park (Atelier Musa) 
Nariyuki Ogi (GREEN) 
Qing Lin Gui (Feng Animation) 
Qiu Yi Bo (Feng Animation) 
Rie Sugiyama (GREEN) 
Shuichi Okubo (Atelier Musa) 
Song Kai (Feng Animation) 
Sumio Ozeki (Studio Loft) 
Sumiyo Okamura (GREEN) 
Takeshi Fukumoto (Studio Loft) 
Takuya Ebisawa (GREEN) 
Tokunori Nakanishi (Feng Animation) 
Tomoe Ookubo (GREEN) 
Toshiko Abe (Studio Loft) 
Wang Kui (Feng Animation) 
Xiao Dan Zhu (Feng Animation) 
Xifeng Chen (Feng Animation) 
Xing Dan Zhu (Feng Animation; ep 16) 
Xu Wang (Feng Animation) 
Yoichi Yajima (Atelier Musa) 
Yoshimi Mineda (Atelier Musa) 
Yumiko Kondou (GREEN) 
Zhang Yong (Feng Animation) 
Zhou Lin Ben (Feng Animation) 
Akiko Yamakawa (Asahi Production) 
Daisuke Saito (Frameworks Ent.) 
Hideki Kuraku (Frameworks Ent.) 
Kaori Sato (Asahi Production) 
Satoshi Kawabata (Asahi Production) 
Takeshi Sanada (Asahi Production) 
Tetsuya Nakano (Frameworks Ent.) 
Yutaka Nakajima (Asahi Production) 
Yuusuke Noma (Sunrise Tanihara Studio) 
CG Supervisor:
Tadao Kodaka 
Yoshishige Matsuno 
CG Technical Director:
Hirofumi Yagi 
Kouichirou Satou 
Chief Mecha Animation Director: Satoshi Shigeta 
Color Coordination:
Akiko Shibata 
Nagisa Abe 
Compilation: Shika Ogura (recap eps.) 
Kenki Fujioka 
Naoya Naitou (recap ep.) 
Design Cooperation:
Kazutaka Miyatake (Studio Nue) 
Mutsumi Inomata 
Digital Effects:
Nobutaka Murakami 
Taeko Nihei 
Editing: Yukiko Nojiri 
Eyecatch Illustration: Yoshitomo Yonetani (opening) 
Image Song Performance: Kenichi Suzumura 
In-Between Animation:
Chieko Ichimanda 
Chika Nishiyama (Wish; HD) 
Fumitake Ake 
Fumiyo Mori 
Hiroshi Matsumoto 
Isato Ishizaki 
Izumi Harawa 
Kana Matsuura (Wish; HD) 
Kaoru Horigane 
Kasumi Oota 
Katanao Akai 
Kazue Yoshida 
Kazuharu Saito (Jungle Gym) 
Kazuhiro Miyazaki (Nakamura Production) 
Kazuhiro Takamura (Nakamura Production) 
Kazuyo Tominaga 
Kazuyuki Hirai (Nakamura Production) 
Keiichirou Matsui 
Keiko Suzuki (Jungle Gym) 
Keiko Watanabe 
Keisuke Shimohira 
Kentaro Nakamura (Nakamura Production) 
Kiyomi Wada 
Kiyoteru Hosoda (Studio Gash) 
Kumiko Tanihira 
Kumiko Terada 
Makiko Kobayashi (Nakamura Production) 
Mariko Sasaki (Nakamura Production) 
Masakiyo Koyama 
Megumi Tairaku (Nakamura Production) 
Miyuki Nishimura (Jungle Gym) 
Nosuzu Yasumoto 
Ping Chen (Shanghai Dove) 
Ryuuji Iwabuchi (Nakamura Production) 
Sachiyo Hiraide 
Saori Asazuma (Jungle Gym) 
Satoshi Mori (ep 9) 
Setsuko Takenouchi 
Setsuya Tanabe (Nakamura Production) 
Shoko Kushibiki 
Tadahiro Kimura (Nakamura Production) 
Takahiro Inoue (Wish; HD) 
Takahito Sugawara 
Takefumi Fukuyama 
Takeo Fukuyama (Studio Gash) 
Tatsuya Uetsu (Nakamura Production) 
Tetsuaki Kaneko (Nakamura Production) 
Toshihiro Gotou (Nakamura Production) 
Xinrong Gu (Shanghai Dove) 
Yoshihiro Yoshioka 
Yosuke Yabumoto 
Yukiharu Kase 
Yukihiro Miyaji (Nakamura Production) 
Yukiko Mita 
Yuumi Suzuki (Nakamura Production) 
Insert Song Performance:
FictionJunction YUUKA (ep 40) 
Houko Kuwashima (4 episodes
eps 21, 26, 30, 33
Rie Tanaka (9 episodes
eps 7, 10, 17, 19-20, 24, 26, 41, 47
T.M.Revolution (4 episodes
eps 39, 41-42, 49
Key Animation:
Akiko Matsuo (Yuhodo) 
Akira Matsunaga (Nakamura Production) 
Asako Nishida 
Atsuko Takahashi 
Atsushi Itou (Studio Mark) 
Atsushi Okuda 
Atsushi Ooniwa 
Azuma Sugawara 
Chisato Kikunaga (Ashi Production) 
Chiyo Hosoi (Anime R) 
Chiyo Hosokawa (Anime R) 
Chiyuki Tanaka 
Dai Imaoka (MI) 
Daisuke Tsumagari (Seigasha) 
Eiji Komatsu 
Eiji Shirai 
Eisuke Matsuhara (Seigasha) 
Eizo Kawada 
Fumiaki Kouta (Anime R; eps 1, 15, 30) 
Haruka Suzuki (NEOX) 
Haruko Iizuka 
Hideki Hashimoto 
Hideki Takadate (Seigasha) 
Hidetoshi Oomori 
Hidetoshi Sano 
Hideyasu Okamoto (Studio OnePack) 
Hiroki Harada (Anime R) 
Hiroko Saito (Actas) 
Hiromitsu Morishita 
Hiroshi Arisawa  (OP1, OP2; 11 episodes
eps 1-2, 5-6, 8, 12, 17, 23-24, 31, 37
Hiroshi Matsuda 
Hiroshi Yamamoto 
Hiroya Yoshida (Nakamura Production) 
Hiroyo Yamamoto (Studio Gimlet) 
Hiroyuki Kaidou (Anime R) 
Hiroyuki Ohkaji (Gimlet) 
Hisao Muramatsu 
Hisashi Hirai  (OP 1-4, ED 1-4; 15 episodes
eps 1, 5-6, 12, 17, 20, 24, 27-28, 32, 39, 43, 45-46, 50
Hisashi Saito (opening) 
Hisatake Hayashi (Nakamura Production) 
Ikuo Yamakado 
Isao Hayashi (Nakamura Production) 
Isshou Matsuyama (Nakamura Production) 
Jimmy Stone 
Jin Nishino 
Jun'ya Kikuchi (Nakamura Production) 
Junko Matsushita 
Kaori Saito (Studio Mark) 
Kaoru Horigane (opening) 
Katsuyuki Tamura 
Katsuzo Hirata 
Kayo Ikeda 
Kazuaki Imoto (Studio OnePack) 
Kazuhiro Itakura (Nakamura Production) 
Kazuhiro Ono (Studio Dove) 
Kazuma Kikuchi 
Kazuyuki Igai 
Kei Oohashi (Anime R) 
Keiko Hontani 
Keisuke Abe (Nakamura Production) 
Keita Hagio (Studio Gimlet) 
Keizou Ichikawa 
Ken Maruyama 
Ken Ootsuka 
Kenichi Ohnuki 
Kenichi Takase (Nakamura Production) 
Kenji Ishida (Studio OnePack) 
Kenji Kajihara (Studio Kyuma) 
Kenji Nishikawa 
Kiyoaki Maeda (Studio Kyuma) 
Kohei Yoneyama (Nakamura Production) 
Koichi Takai (Anime R) 
Koji Ito (Actas) 
Koji Maruoka (Studio OnePack) 
Kouji Sugimoto (Ashi Production) 
Kozue Horanai (Seigasha) 
Kumiko Kawahara 
Kyota Washikita 
Makiko Fujiwara (Nakamura Production) 
Makoto Yamada (opening) 
Manabu Imura (Nakamura Production) 
Manao Miyazaki (Anime R) 
Mariko Ito (Seigasha) 
Masahiro Ando (Nakamura Production) 
Masakazu Ishikawa 
Masakazu Kawazoe 
Masakazu Yamagishi 
Masaki Miyauchi (Studio Mark) 
Masami Nagata 
Masanori Nishii (Studio Dove) 
Masaru Kawashima (Studio Mark) 
Masato Shimizu 
Masayoshi Kikuchi (Ashi Production) 
Masumi Hattori 
Masumi Hoshino 
Mihoko Nomura 
Minoru Kawano 
Misao Abe 
Mitsunori Murata 
Mizue Ogawa 
Momoko Makiuchi 
Munenori Nawa 
Munetaka Abe (Actas) 
Namiko Ebihara (Nakamura Production) 
Nanayo Sato (NEOX) 
Naoki Aisaka (Studio Mark) 
Naoki Yamauchi 
Naoko Igarashi (Studio Kyuma) 
Naomi Okita 
Naomi Yoshida 
Nobuaki Nagano (opening) 
Nobuhiro Arai (Studio Mark) 
Nobuhiro Okazaki (Studio OnePack) 
Nobuo Horii 
Nobuyuki Hatake 
Noriko Kitazawa 
Noriko Takiyama 
Odahiro Watanabe (Studio Mark) 
Osamu Kamei 
Raita Sunaga (Nakamura Production) 
Raku Nishikimi (Nakamura Production) 
Rei Ikagawa (Anime R) 
Rie Asakura (Nakamura Production) 
Rie Kawaguchi (opening) 
Rie Nakanishi 
Rie Tanaka (Studio OnePack) 
Rika Kato (Studio Gimlet) 
Ryo Komori 
Ryo Tomioka (Nakamura Production) 
Ryota Honma (Nakamura Production) 
Ryou Komatsu 
Sai Yamane 
Satoshi Shigeta 
Sayo Aoki (Yuhodo) 
Seiichi Nakatani 
Seika Saruwatari 
Seiko Asai 
Shin'ya Kuzumeki 
Shingo Abe 
Shingo Nishiyama (Ashi Production) 
Shingo Ogiso 
Shinichi Sakuma (Studio Dove) 
Shinichi Takahashi (Nakamura Production) 
Shinji Abe 
Shinmei Saito 
Shinobu Nishiyama (Anime R) 
Shinya Kameyama (Studio Mark) 
Shinya Tateyama 
Shoji Aoki (Studio Line) 
Shoko Takeshima (Actas) 
Shou Matsui 
Shouichi Nakai (Nakamura Production) 
Shuu Watanabe (Studio Mark) 
Shuuji Sakamoto (opening) 
Susumu Yamaguchi 
Taiichiro Kohara (Last House) 
Takafumi Hino (Anime R) 
Takashi Maruyama 
Takayoshi Hashimoto (Studio Mu) 
Takayuki Gotan 
Takayuki Kidou (Nakamura Production) 
Takenori Tsukuma (Anime R) 
Takeo Tominaga (Nakamura Production) 
Takeshi Morita (Anime R) 
Takeyoshi Omagari (Nakamura Production) 
Takuro Shinbo (Nakamura Production) 
Takuzou Suzuki 
Tatsuo Nakajima (Nakamura Production) 
Tatsuya Shiraishi 
Tensho Sato (Studio OnePack) 
Tetsurou Yamada (Nakamura Production) 
Tetsuya Matsukawa (Studio OnePack) 
Tetsuya Wakano (Studio OnePack) 
Tomoaki Chishima 
Tomoe Nishio 
Tomohiko Abe (Nakamura Production) 
Tomoko Fukunaga (Studio Mu) 
Tomoyuki Kitamura (Studio Mark) 
Tomoyuki Ohshita (Gimlet) 
Tomoyuki Tajima (Nakamura Production) 
Toru Shigeta 
Toru Yoshida (opening) 
Tsuguru Fukuda (Nakamura Production) 
Tsukasa Sakurai (Studio Kyuma) 
Tsutomu Shibuya (Nakamura Production) 
Tsuyoshi Matsuura (Studio OnePack) 
Tsuyoshi Sakai (Last House) 
Yasuhito Murakami 
Yasutami Murakami 
Yoko Iizuka (Seigasha) 
Yoshie Kimoto (Studio Mu) 
Yoshihiro Ujie (Studio Mark) 
Yoshiki Mizuno 
Yoshitaka Sato 
Yoshiya Yamamoto (Studio OnePack) 
Youhei Sasaki (MI) 
Youki Ebisu 
Yousuke Kabashima 
Yousuke Kobuchi 
Yuichi Nakazawa (Anime R) 
Yuji Tanaka (Last House) 
Yuki Chika (Studio Mu) 
Yukihiro Kobayashi 
Yumenosuke Tokuda 
Yutaka Matsuhara (Actas) 
Yuu Ikeda (Nakamura Production) 
Yuuko Hinone (Anime R) 
Yuusuke Imakubo 
Literature Production: Keiji Shimomura 
Mecha Animation Director:
Hiroshi Arisawa (6 episodes
eps 5, 12, 17, 25, 31, 37
Hiroshi Matsuda 
Kenichi Takase 
Koji Ito 
Masanori Nishii 
Satoshi Shigeta 
Toru Yoshida 
Yousuke Kabashima 
Yuu Ikeda 
Yuusuke Kamada (ep 8) 
Music producer:
Hiroto Shinohara (Sony Music Entertainment) 
Keiichi Nozaki (Victor Entertainment) 
Noboru Mano (Sunrise Music) 
Online Editing / MA:
Hiroyuki Kato (#16 recap ep.) 
Masao Kiyoda (#16 recap ep.) 
Naoto Iwasaki (#16 recap ep.) 
Sumiko Kojou (#16 recap ep.) 
Production Business: Mikiko Katou 
Production Desk:
Hiroaki Mukudai (recap eps.) 
Hiroomi Iketani 
Hitomi Ando (Mainichi Broadcasting) 
Shin Sasaki (Sunrise) 
Yoshihide Yamamoto (Sunrise) 
Recording engineer:
Emi Katoh (assistant) 
Norio Nishizawa 
Yoshie Somazawa (assistant) 
Setting Cooperation: Shigeru Horiguchi 
Setting Production:
Kaori Shida 
Masaomi Hattori 
Toshiaki Baba 
Sound Effects: Michiru Kageyama 
Special Settings: Shigeru Morita 
Supervision: Shigeru Morita (recap eps.) 
Theme Song Arrangement:
Naohisa Taniguchi (OP4) 
Susumu Nishikawa (ED2) 
Yuki Kajiura (ED2) 
Theme Song Composition:
Daisuke Asakura (OP1) 
Naohisa Taniguchi (OP4) 
Yasuo Ootani (ED1) 
Youko Kuzuya (OP4) 
Yuki Kajiura (Inserts,ED2,ED4) 
Yuta Nakano (OP3) 
Theme Song Lyrics:
Akio Inoue (OP1) 
Mika Arisaka (ED2) 
shungo (OP3, ED1) 
Tomoki Ishikawa (ED4) 
Yukinojo Mori (OP4) 
Yuta Nakano (OP3) 
Theme Song Performance:
Chemistry (OP4) 
FictionJunction YUUKA ("Honoo no Tobira") 
High and Mighty Color (OP2) 
Hitomi Takahashi (OP3) 
Houko Kuwashima ("Shinkai no Kodoku") 
Kaname Kawabata (Part of "CHEMISTRY", OP4) 
Mika Arisaka (ED2) 
Nami Tamaki (ED1) 
Rie Fu (ED3) 
Rie Tanaka (as Lacus Clyne, Meer Campbell) 
See-Saw (ED4) 
T.M.Revolution (OP1,"Meteor","Vestige") 
Yoshikuni Dochin (Part of "CHEMISTRY", OP4) 
Yuuka Nanri (FictionJunction YUUKA) 
Title Logo Design: Daisuke Umino 
Video Editing:
Kaemi Gotou (Q-Tec) 
Katsunori Oota (Q-Tec; ep 41) 
Tetsuro Fujita 
Yuusuke Kaneko (ep 41) 
Akira Ishida as Athrun Zala 
Kenichi Suzumura as Shinn Asuka 
Souichiro Hoshi as Kira Yamato 

Fumiko Orikasa as Meyrin Hawke 
Hideyuki Hori as Lord Djibril 
Hiroki Takahashi as Arthur Trine 
Houko Kuwashima as Stella Loussier 
Junichi Suwabe as Sting Oakley 
Kenji Nojima as Yuuna Roma Seiran 
Kotono Mitsuishi as Murrue Ramius 
Maaya Sakamoto as Lunamaria Hawke 
Mami Koyama as Talia Gladys 
Masakazu Morita as Auel Neider 
Naomi Shindoh as Cagalli Yula Athha 
Rie Tanaka as
Lacus Clyne 
Meer Campbell 
Ryotaro Okiayu as Andrew Waltfeld 
Shuuichi Ikeda as Gilbert Durandal 
Takehito Koyasu as Neo Roanoke / Mu La Flaga 
Toshihiko Seki as Rey Za Burrel 

Akira Sasanuma as
Dearka Elsman 
Martin Dacosta 
Eiji Yanagisawa as Prof. Ulen Hibiki (ep 29) 
Fumi Mikawa as Man (ep 21) 
Fumiko Orikasa as
Child (ep 14) 
Citizen (ep 10) 
Hidenari Ugaki as
Commander (ep 12) 
Orb Soldier (eps 20-21) 
Policeman (ep 13) 
Hikaru Hanada as Captain Baba (eps 15, 27-28) 
Hiro Yuuki as Clotho Buer (ep 20) 
Hiroki Takahashi as
Babby Pilot (ep 29) 
Citizen (ep 10) 
Minister's secretary (ep 1) 
Operator (ep 9) 
Hironori Miyata as General (eps 11-12) 
Hiroshi Matsumoto as Unato Ema Seiran 
Hiroshi Naka as Logos 
Hiroshi Okamoto as Murasame Pilot (ep 15) 
Hisafumi Oda as
Alliance soldier (ep 2) 
Announcer (ep 36) 
Control broadcaster (ep 38) 
Man (ep 25) 
Murasame Pilot (eps 23, 28) 
Operator (ep 49) 
Orb Soldier (ep 40) 
Soldier (eps 12, 50) 
Vino Dupre 
Hisanori Yoshida as Yob Fon Alaphus (eps 13-14) 
Hitoshi Bifu as
Man (ep 21) 
Ship Captain (ep 22) 
Houko Kuwashima as
Flay Allster (eps 20, 29) 
Natarle Badgiruel (eps 20, 29) 
Rey Za Burrel (Young; ep 29) 
Isshin Chiba as
Arnold Neumann 
Commissioned Officer (ep 49) 
Ledonir Kisaka 
Researcher (ep 26) 
Soldier (ep 15) 
Jun Shikano as Nurse (eps 26-27, 30) 
Junichi Suwabe as
Ali Kasim 
Malik Yardbirds 
Mars Simeon 
Katsumi Toriumi as
Announcer (ep 28) 
Dalida Lolaha Chandra II 
Kazuhiko Nishimatsu as
Citizen (ep 10) 
Commander (ep 43) 
Military Doctor (5 episodes
eps 25-27, 30, 38
Naska Captain (recap ep.; ep 48) 
Naval Fleet Commander (eps 40, 42) 
Tatsuki Mashima 
Kazunari Tanaka as
Commander (recap ep.; ep 19) 
Olson White 
Kazuya Ichijou as
Captain Todaka 
Commisioned officer (ep 1) 
Ken Katou as Operator 
Kenichi Mochizuki as
Announcer (ep 36) 
Gesrugay gunner (ep 18) 
Parnell Jesek 
Researcher (ep 22) 
Soldier (eps 23, 45) 
Kenji Nojima as Burt Heim 
Kikuko Inoue as Caridad Yamato (ep 14) 
Kinryuu Arimoto as Patrick Zala (eps 20, 29, 41) 
Kiyomitsu Mizuuchi as Representative Homura (ep 20) 
Kotono Mitsuishi as
Kousuke Takaguchi as Man (ep 21) 
Maaya Sakamoto as Mayu Asuka 
Mami Matsui as Nicol Amalfi (ep 29) 
Masahito Yabe as
Announcer (ep 36) 
Assistant General (ep 39) 
Officer (eps 26-27, 29) 
Operator (ep 44) 
Orb Soldier (eps 28, 30) 
Soldier (ep 45) 
Masakazu Morita as Announcer (ep 7) 
Masashi Hirose as General (ep 12) 
Masaya Takatsuka as Joachim Radol (eps 17-18) 
Masuo Amada as Commanding Officer (ep 18) 
Megumi Toyoguchi as Miriallia Haw 
Michiko Neya as
Abbey Windsor 
Hilda Harken 
Michiyo Yanagisawa as Erica Simmons 
Miho Yamada as
Citizen (ep 10) 
Lady Servant (ep 44) 
Mana (ep 14) 
Sarah (ep 46) 
Woman (ep 8) 
Minoru Inaba as William Sutherland (ep 20) 
Mitsuaki Hoshino as Car leader (Eps. 12, recap ep.) 
Naoki Imamura as
Announcer (ep 10) 
Atlantis Commander (recap ep.) 
Base Commander (ep 16) 
General (eps 44-45) 
Takao Schreiber 
Naoki Tatsuta as Lewis Halberton (ep 20) 
Naomi Shindoh as Birdy 
Nobuyuki Hiyama as Muruta Azrael (eps 20, 41) 
Risa Hayamizu as
Announcer (eps 7, 17) 
Citizen (ep 10) 
Female Soldier (ep 44) 
Maid (ep 14) 
Neu Kazaefsky 
News announcer (ep 13) 
Nurse (eps 26, 30) 
Shinn's Mother (eps 1, 8) 
Woman (Eps. 8, recap ep., 16, 21, 25) 
Ryohei as Orga Sabnak (ep 20) 
Seiji Takeda as King [email protected]@ (4 episodes
eps 9, 19, 21, 26
Susumu Chiba as Amagi 
T.M.Revolution as
Heine Westenfluss 
Miguel Aiman (ep 20) 
Tadahisa Saizen as
Announcer (ep 17) 
Captain Soga (eps 40-41) 
Commissioned Officer (eps 14, 26, 37) 
Glasgow (ep 39) 
Ian Lee 
Mine Guard (eps 30-31) 
Officer (recap ep.) 
Orb Soldier (eps 20, 28) 
Ricardo Orff 
Ship announcer (ep 16) 
Ship Commander (ep 38) 
Soldier (ep 12) 
Taiten Kusunoki as
Alliance soldier (ep 2) 
Assistant General (ep 34) 
Atlantic Alliance President (eps 6, 9) 
Car leader (ep 18) 
Herbert von Reinhardt 
Logos (ep 5) 
Madd Aves 
Mine Guard (ep 31) 
Orb Soldier (eps 28, 30) 
President Joseph Copeland 
Shinn's Father (eps 1, 8) 
Takayuki Fujimoto as
Dagger pilot (ep 18) 
Reserve Troop (ep 25) 
Takayuki Inoue as Tolle Koenig (ep 20) 
Takeharu Onishi as Neeragongo Captain (ep 16) 
Tarô Yamaguchi as
Sato (eps 5-7, 17, 41) 
Tetsu Shiratori as
Narrator (GSD: Edited) 
Sai Argyle (eps 20, 29) 
Tomohisa Asou as
Pilot (recap ep.; ep 48) 
Priest (ep 14) 
Sato Group pilot (ep 6) 
Tomokazu Seki as Yzak Joule 
Tomokazu Sugita as
Commander (ep 11) 
Dagger pilot (ep 4) 
Miller (ep 4) 
Mine Guard (ep 31) 
Operator (4 episodes
eps 9, 12, 42, 44
Orb Soldier (eps 28, 30, 40) 
Sato Group pilot (ep 6) 
Soldier (eps 25, 38) 
Youlant Kent 
Zaft Soldier (ep 34) 
Tomomichi Nishimura as Willard (ep 34) 
Toru Ohkawa as Uzumi Nara Athha 
Toshihiko Nakajima as
General (ep 2) 
Kojiro Murdoch 
Toshihiko Seki as Rau Le Creuset (eps 20, 29) 
Tsutomu Takayama as Squad Leader (ep 25) 
Yasuhiko Kawatsu as Commissioned Officer (ep 46) 
Yasuhiro Takato as Kuzzey Buskirk (ep 20) 
Yasuko Hatori as Old woman (ep 7) 
Yoshio Kawai as
Soldier (ep 38) 
Yousuke Akimoto as Siegel Clyne (ep 29) 
Yugo Takahashi as
Commander (ep 46) 
Gufu Pilot (eps 39, 41) 
Orb Soldier (ep 40) 
Yuko Sasamoto as Conille Almeta (4 episodes
eps 18, 21, 41, 44
Yuu Asakawa as Krista Awbrooke (ep 35) 
Yuuki Tai as
Alliance soldier (ep 2) 
Announcer (ep 17) 
Chen Jian Yi 
Crue (ep 39) 
General Bonaparte (ep 31) 
News Announcer (ep 41) 
Soldier (ep 1) 
Japanese companies
Animation Check: Actas (ep 17) 
Animation Direction:
Studio Dub (eps 3, 6) 
Studio Jungle Gym (4 episodes
eps 8, 14, 19, 33
CG Supervision: Sunrise Tanihara Studio 
Digital Paint:
Key Animation:
Actas  (eps 22-23) 
Anime R  (4 episodes
eps 10, 15-16, 23
arp Japan 
Ashi Productions  (ep 22) 
Last House 
MI  (eps 11, 14, 17) 
Nakamura Production  (9 episodes
eps 9-11, 13-14, 16, 18-19, 21
Seigasha  (eps 10, 16) 
Seoul Dove (eps 3, 6) 
Shanghai Dove (eps 3, 6) 
Studio Box 
Studio Dove 
Studio Gimlet  (eps 12, 15, 19) 
Studio GOMEZ 
Studio Kuma 
Studio Line  (ep 14) 
Studio Mark  (5 episodes
eps 11-12, 16, 20, 22
Studio Mu  (eps 10, 15, 17) 
Studio Wanpack  (eps 12, 16, 23) 
Yuhodo  (ep 20) 
Music Production:
Epic Records Japan (OP1) 
Sony Music Entertainment (ED1,OP2,OP3,ED3,OP4) 
Victor Entertainment 
Offline Editing: Wins 
Anime Film (assistance) 
Asahi Production 
Buyu (assistance) 
Planning: Sunrise 
Production Cooperation:
Asatsu DK 
Sotsu Co., Ltd. 
Recording Studio: Seion Studio 
Sound Effects: Fizz Sound Creation 
Sound Production: Cruise, Inc. 
English cast
English staff
Script: Mike Bridges 
Translation: Paul Baldwin 
Executive producer: Ken Iyadomi 
Producer: Diana Gage 

Casting Director: Randi Riediger 
Chief Producer: Charles McCarter 
Dialogue Editing:
Aaron MacDonald (eps 1-2) 
Chris Cleator (eps 5, 12) 
Cisco McLaren (eps 4, 6-10, 14) 
Ryan Nowak (eps 3, 11, 13) 
Production Coordination:
Geoffrey A. Rosen 
Stephen Hedley 
Re-Recording Mixing: Mark M. Pinder 
Recording engineer: Mike Iske 
Script Consultant: Mark Simmons 
Subtitle Script: Kim Wishart Goddard 
Talent Coordination: Sabrina Pitre 
Video Post-Production:
Jodi Peterson 
Michael Hey 
Sean McConkey 
Voice Direction: James Corrigall 
Chantal Strand as Lacus Clyne 
Matt Hill as Kira Yamato 
Matthew Erickson as Shinn Asuka 
Samuel Vincent as Athrun Zala 
Vanessa Morley as Cagalli Yula Athha 

Alistair Abell as Lord Djibril 
Anna Cummer as Miriallia Haw 
Brad Swaile as
Auel Neider 
Dearka Elsman 
Brian Drummond as
Andrew Waltfeld 
Yuna Roma Seiran 
Chantal Strand as Meer Campbell 
Jonathan Holmes as Arthur Trine 
Kirby Morrow as Rey Za Burrel 
Lalainia Lindbjerg as Stella Loussier 
Lisa Ann Beley as Murrue Ramius 
Maryke Hendrikse as Lunamaria Hawke 
Michael Adamthwaite as Yzak Joule 
Nicole Bouma as Meyrin Hawke 
Ted Cole as Gilbert Durandal 
Trevor Devall as Neo Roanoke/Mu La Flaga 
Venus Terzo as Talia Gladys 

Adam Henderson as Ledonir Kisaka 
Alison Matthews as
Andrew Francis as Muruta Azarael (eps 20, 41) 
Andrew Kavadas as Patrick Zala (eps 20, 29, 41) 
Andy Toth as
Chen Jian Yee 
Clotho Buer (ep 20) 
Lucs Kohler 
Bill Switzer as Sai Argyle (eps 20, 29) 
Brenna O'Brien as Coniel 
Brent Miller as Sting Oakley 
Brian Dobson as
Heine Westenfluss 
Martin DaCosta 
Brian Drummond as Reverend Malchio 
David Kopp as Joppe Von Arafas 
Fred Henderson as
Bruno Azrael 
Captain Todaka 
Professor Ulen Hibiki (ep 29) 
French Tickner as Alwin Ritter 
Gabe Khouth as Nicol Amalfi (ep 29) 
Jacques LaLonde as Lieutenant Baba 
James Blight as
Jason Simpson as
Madd Aves 
Jillian Michaels as Lacus's singing voice 
John Novak as Uzumi Nara Athha 
Katie Chapman as Mayu Asuka 
Keith Miller as Kuzzy Buskirk (ep 20) 
Laura Drummond as Shinn's Mother 
Lee Tockar as
Herbert Von Reinhardt 
Ian Lee 
Malik Yardbirds 
Mark Oliver as Rau Le Cruset 
Matt Smith as Orga Sabnak (ep 20) 
Michael Coleman as Youlant Kent 
Paul Dobson as
Shinn's Father 
Tatsuki Mashima 
Philip Pacaud as Arnold Neumann 
Rebecca Shoichet as Caridad Yamato 
Reece Thompson as Vino Dupre 
Richard Newman as Lewis Halberton (ep 29) 
Richard Ian Cox as Tolle Koening (ep 20) 
Ron Halder as William Sutherland (ep 29) 
Sarah Johns as Natarle Badgiruel (eps 20, 29) 
Scott McNeil as Unato Ema Seiran 
Sharon Alexander as Erica Simmons 
Simon Hayama as Dalida Lolaha Chandra II 
Tabitha St. Germain as
Flay Allster 
Hilda Harken 
Tony Sampson as Miguel Aiman (ep 20) 
Ward Perry as Kojiro Murdoch 
English companies
ADR Production: The Ocean Group 
Cartoon Network Philippines 
Comcast (eps 1-22 only) 
YTV (Bionix) 
Distributor: Beez Entertainment (UK) 
Distributor (Australia): Madman Entertainment 
Internet Streaming: YouTube 
Licensed by: Bandai Entertainment 
French staff
French cast
ADR Director: Thierry Kazazian 

Translation, Subtitle Timing, Subtitling: Jun'Ichi Takeda 
Fabien Briche as Asran Zala 
Taric Mehani as Shinn Asuka 
Thierry Bourdon as Kira Yamato 

Bérangère Jean as Talia Gladys 
Bruno Magne as Yzak Jule 
Constantin Pappas as Neo Lorrnoke 
Emmanuel Gradi as Rey Za Burrel 
Gérard Malabat as Sting Oakley 
Marie Chevalot as
Meyrin Hawk 
Stella Loussier 
Nathalie Homs as
Lunamaria Hawk 
Maryu Ramias 
Sabrina Leurquin as
Lacus Clyne 
Meer Campbell 
Suzanne Sindberg as
Cagalli Yula Athha 
Cagalli Yula Athlar 
Taric Mehani as Auel Neider 
Thierry Kazazian as Gilbert Durandal 
Vincent De Bouard as Dearka Elthman 

Bruno Magne as
Eric Peter as Lee 
Francis Benoit as
Gérard Malabat as Lord Djibril 
Marie Chevalot as Mayu Asuka 
Thierry Bourdon as Yolant 
Vincent De Bouard as Vino 
French companies
ADR Production: Studio Chinkel 
Distributor: Beez Entertainment (french division) 
Dubbing: Chinkel 
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Dubbing Director: Ryan Ang 

ADR Engineer: Pocholo Gonzales 
Benjie Dorango as Shinn Asuka 
Louie Paraboles as Athrun Zala/Alex Dino 
Michael Punzalan as Kira Yamato 

Alexx Agcaoili as
Mu La Flaga/Neo Roanoke 
Rey Za Burrel 
Benjie Dorango as Yuuna Roma Seiran 
Bernie Malejana as Dearka Elsman 
Carlo Landrito as Andrew Watfield 
Daisy Mae Cariño as Murrue Ramius 
Kathyin Masilungan as
Lunamaria Hawke 
Talia Gladys 
Louie Paraboles as Madd Aves 
Noel Escondo as Youlant Kent 
Pinky Rebucas as
Meyrin Hawke 
Stella Loussier 
Pocholo Gonzales as Sting 
Ria Bautista as Cagalli Yula Athha 
Robert Brillantes as
Auel Neider 
Gilbert Durandal 
Wendy De Leon as
Lacus Clyne 
Meer Campbell 
Murrue Ramius 

Benjie Dorango as
Captain Todaka 
Ian Lee 
JR Flores as Andrew Waltfeld 
Michael Punzalan as Heine Westenfluss 
Pinkee Rebucas as Meyrin 
Pinky Rebucas as Mayu Asuka 
Pocholo Gonzales as Yzak Joule 
Rafael Miranda as Rau Le Creuset 
Robert Brillantes as Shinn's Father 
Teng Masilungan as
Gladys Talia 
Lunamaria hawke 

Tagalog companies
ADR Production: Creative Programs, Inc. 
Studio 23 
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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