The Ring (live-action movie)

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Alternative title:
Le Cercle (French) 
ザ・リング (Japanese) 
링 (Korean) 
Genres: drama , horror , mystery , supernatural 
Objectionable content: Significant 
Plot Summary: Rachel Keller is a journalist who decides to go undercover on the mysterious death of her niece and her three friends, who seemed to all died on the same day at the same time- 10:00 PM. After being told that her niece was found in a closet with a horrifying look on her face, she searches through her room and finds some pictures, pictures of the cabin where her niece and her friends had stayed a week before the deaths. Rachel finds the cabin and finds an unknown video there. She decides to watch it there, and now has only a limited time to live. She and her divorced husband, Noah, research about the video and find facts about Anna Morgan and her daughter, Samara Morgan, the maker of this video. With only a week left, Rachel and Noah discover the unknown secrets of the life of Samara Morgan, and, hopefully for them, a way to break the curse. 
Running time: 115 minutes 
Vintage: 2002-10-02
Premiere date:
2002-10-02 (USA - Hollywood Film Festival) 
2002-10-18 (USA/Canada) 
2002-10-28 (Japan - Tokyo International Film Festival) 
2002-11-02 (Japan) 
2002-11-14 (Australia/Hong Kong) 
2002-11-15 (Poland) 
2002-12-06 (Mexico/Taiwan) 
2003-01-09 (Chile) 
2003-01-10 (South Korea/Spain) 
2003-01-15 (Philippines) 
2003-01-22 (Argentina - Premiere) 
2003-01-24 (Czech Republic - Febio Film Festival) 
2003-01-30 (Argentina - General Release) 
2003-01-31 (Brazil) 
2003-02-01 (France - Gerardmer Film Festival) 
2003-02-05 (Belgium/France) 
2003-02-05 (Switzerland - French region) 
2003-02-07 (Denmark/Estonia/Greece/India) 
2003-02-13 (Germany) 
2003-02-13 (Switzerland - German region) 
2003-02-14 (Austria) 
2003-02-15 (South Africa) 
2003-02-20 (Netherlands) 
2003-02-21 (Israel - Premiere) 
2003-02-21 (Switzerland - Italian region) 
2003-02-21 (UK/Iceland/Italy/Norway/Sweden) 
2003-02-27 (Czech Republic/Israel) 
2003-02-28 (Turkey) 
2003-03-06 (Hungary/New Zealand) 
2003-03-07 (Finland/Lithuania) 
2003-03-13 (Peru) 
2003-04-01 (Kuwait) 
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Blu-Ray (Region A)
    The Ring (Blu-Ray) 2012-09-11 (from $5.00)
DVD (Region 1)
    The Ring [Widescreen Edition] (DVD) 2003-03-04 (from $5.43)

Japanese staff
Japanese companies
Distributor: ASMIK 
Japanese cast
English staff
English cast
Director: Gore Verbinski 
Screenplay: Ehren Kruger 
Art Director: Patrick M. Sullivan Jr. 
Original Novel: Koji Suzuki 
Director of Photography:
Bojan Bazelli 
Patrick Loungway (second unit) 
Executive producer:
Emma McGuinness (Asylum) 
Joe Gareri (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Michele Weisler 
Mike Macari 
Neysa Horsburgh (Method Studios) 
Roy Lee 
2D Department:
Andrew Eksner (Method Studios) 
Brandon Sanders (Method Studios) 
Joe Morrison (Method Studios) 
Ryan Yoshimoto (Method Studios) 
Scott McNiel (Method Studios) 
3D Artist: Glenn Cotter (Matte World Digital) 
3D Department:
Gil Baron (Method Studios) 
Hatem Benabdallah (Method Studios) 
James LeBloch (Method Studios) 
3D Modeling:
Ben Barron (Matte World Digital) 
Keith Hunter (Rhythm & Hues) 
Accounting Assistant: Chris Romberg 
Additional Craft Service: Lea Anderson 
Brian Morishita (Cinovation) 
Elizabeth MacGregor-Scott (Cinovation) 
Jesus Chavez (Cinovation) 
Jose Sandoval (Cinovation) 
Scott Brines (Cinovation) 
Tiffany Smith (Cinovation) 
ADR Editor: Michael Axinn 
ADR Recording: Tami Treadwell 
Adr/dialogue Supervisor: Bruce Lacey 
Aerial Assistant: Richard Burton (second unit) 
Aerial Director of Photography: David B. Nowell (second unit) 
Animation: Michael Hemschoot (Asylum) 
Animation Setup: Will Telford (Rhythm & Hues) 
Animatronics: Jurgen Heimann (Cinovation) 
Art Department Coordinator: Ashley Sibille 
Art Department Production Assistant:
Danny Yanez 
Zachary Fannin 
Heidi Holicker (Rick Baker, Cinovation) 
Jason Bierfeld (Mr. Parkes) 
Jayme Lemons (Ms. Weisler) 
Leilani Gushiken (Ms. MacDonald) 
Linda Kroll (Ms. MacDonald) 
Melissa Muik (Hans Zimmer) 
Moanike'ala Nakamoto (Hans Zimmer) 
Assistant Art Director:
Gerald Sullivan 
Marco Rubeo 
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician:
Al Orefice (second unit) 
Jarek Gorczycki 
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician Seco: Glenn Corbett 
Assistant Costume Designer: Kimberly Adams-Galligan 
Assistant Location Manager:
Eric Persons 
Ronald M. Haynes 
Assistant Marine Coordinator: Matt O'Connor 
Assistant Music Mix Engineer: Gregg Silk 
Assistant Production Coordinator:
Christina Rollo 
Orlando R. Gonzales 
Assistant Property Master: Michael Hansen 
Assistant Visual Effects Coordinator: Andy Foster (Asylum) 
Associate producer:
Benita Allen 
Benita Allen-Honess 
Best Boy Grip:
Craig Doobie (second unit) 
Craig Kohtala 
Bischoff's Taxidermy: Gary Robbins (Tippett Studios) 
Boom Operator: Knox White 
Deborah Winship (second unit) 
Sara Gardner-Gail 
Cable Person: Mike Anderson 
Daniel C. Gold 
Harry K. Garvin ("b" camera) 
Denise Chamian 
Jodi Rothfield (Washington) 
Casting Associate: Dena Berman 
Casting Executive: Leslee Feldman 
Caterer: Paul Kuzmich (Hat Trick Catering) 
CG Animation:
Brian Dowrick (Rhythm & Hues) 
Steve Baker (Rhythm & Hues) 
Cg Artist: David Stephens (Asylum) 
CG Lighter: Judith Adamson (Rhythm & Hues) 
Chief Lighting Technician:
Michael Orefice (second unit) 
Robert Ferrara (second unit) 
Chief Technical Artist: Paul Rivera (Matte World Digital) 
Cinematography: Bojan Bazelli 
Client Services:
Eva Napolean 
Renee Russo 
Co-executive producer:
J.C. Spink 
Neal Edelstein 
Co-Producer: Christine Iso 
Color Timing: Dale E. Grahn 
Chris Crowell (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Chris Flynn (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Jennifer Law-Stump (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Maureen Healy (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Michael Degtjarewsky (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Patrick Phillips (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Construction Coordinator: Michael Diersing 
Construction Foreman: Jerry Brooks 
Costume Design:
Beate Eisele (Cinovation) 
Julie Weiss 
Costume Supervisor:
Jon Pray 
Nancy McArdle 
Data Management: Mike Coulter (Method Studios) 
Chet Zar (Cinovation) 
Jeffrey P. Buccacio Jr. (Cinovation) 
Matt Rose (Cinovation) 
Mitch Devane (Cinovation) 
Dialect Coach: Elizabeth Himmelstein 
Dialogue Editing:
Ewa Sztompke 
Lindakay Brown 
Digital Art: Patrick Keenan (Pacific Title Digital) 
Digital Composition: David Gutman (Rhythm & Hues) 
Digital Coordinator:
James D. Tittle (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Lisa Markou (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Digital Editorial Services:
David Hunter 
Noah Katz 
Digital Effects Coordinator: Gene Kozicki (Rhythm & Hues) 
Digital Effects Supervisor: Mark Rodahl (Rhythm & Hues) 
Digital I/O:
Haunt Rama (Matte World Digital) 
Rick Kim Langius (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Steve Langlus (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Digital Matte Artist:
Chris Stoski (Matte World Digital) 
Christopher Evans (Matte World Digital) 
Digital Opticals: Paul Curley (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Digital Painting:
Brad Kalinoski (Pacific Title & Arts) 
George Gervan (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Jennifer Chantnicki (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Richard Gervan (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Digital Sound Transferer:
Chris Barron 
Jonathan Greber 
Tim Burby 
Dolly Grip: Nico Bally 
Drapery Foreman: Jay Smith 
Editing: Craig Wood 
Editing Assistant: Zach Justman (Asylum) 
Editorial Systems Manager: Steven Moder 
Effects Compositor: Peter Juneau (Matte World Digital) 
Effects Editorial: Ken Rogerson (Matte World Digital) 
Effects Producer: Blondel Aidoo (Asylum) 
Alex Hegedus (Asylum) 
Bill Laverty (Asylum) 
Rob Salvage (Asylum) 
Executive Production Coordinator: Jennifer Sanger 
Film Loader: Mark Connelly 
First Assistant Camera:
Craig Cockerill ("b" camera) 
John Holmes 
Patrick McArdle ("b" camera) 
Rick Ewald (second unit) 
First Assistant Director:
Alan Edmisten (second unit) 
Benita Allen 
Bruce Moriarty (second unit) 
First Assistant Film Editor: Tony Bacigalupi 
Foam Latex Department: Hiroshi Yada (Cinovation) 
Foam Latex Technician: Roland Blancaflor (Cinovation) 
Foley Artist:
Dennie Thorpe 
Jana Vance 
Foley Editor: Sue Fox 
Foley Mixer: Frank Merel 
Foley Recording: Travis Crenshaw 
General Foreman: Brent Regan 
Graphics: François Audouy 
Greens Foreman: Tom Acosta 
Greensman: Michael McCombe (second unit) 
Hair Department: Sylvia Nava (Cinovation) 
Hair Stylist: Roxanne Wightman 
Head Horse Wrangler: Michael E. Boyle 
Head of Feature Production: Michael Grillo 
Horse Stunt Sequence Coordinator: Gary Combs 
Horse Wrangler:
Jeffrey Meyer 
Rusty Hendrickson 
Brian Cuscino (Asylum) 
Greg Mucino (Asylum) 
Inferno Artist:
Brian Hanable (Asylum) 
Colleen Smith-Brattesani (Rhythm & Hues) 
Mark P. Renton (Asylum) 
Rob Moggach (Asylum) 
Steve Muangman (Asylum) 
Key Assistant Location Manager: Leslie A. Morrow 
Key Grip:
Kevin Kernohan (second unit) 
Michael J. Coo 
Robert Beaumont (second unit) 
Key Hair Stylist: Medusah 
Key Makeup Artist: Jean Ann Black 
Key Rigging Grip: Larry J. Aube 
Labor Foreman:
J. Michael Walton 
Willie Haspel 
Benjamin Hayden (second unit) 
Brett C. Smith 
Machine Room Operator: Sean England 
Makeup Artist:
Amy Schmiederer 
RaMona Fleetwood (second unit) 
Marine Crew:
Jim Lipman 
Scott Safechuck 
Matchmover: Mark Welser (Rhythm & Hues) 
Mold Technician:
Carl Crandall Jr. (Cinovation) 
Frank Rydberg (Cinovation) 
Gil Liberto (Cinovation) 
Jim McLoughlin (Cinovation) 
Mike Manzel (Cinovation) 
Motion Control Producer: Nicholas Peterson 
Music Coordination: Becky Bentham (Hothouse Music Ltd.) 
Music Editing: Trevor Morris 
Music Executive: Todd Homme 
Music Mixing Engineer: Slamm Andrews 
Music Recording Engineer: Geoff Foster 
Negative Cutting: Gary Burritt 
Non-Original Music:
Curtis Ryker (song "Hey John") 
Eddie Willis (song "Hey John") 
Nate Navarro (song "Hey John") 
Scott Leger (song "Hey John") 
Steve Rude (song "Hey John") 
On-set Dresser: Kristin Frances Jones 
Original screenplay: Hiroshi Takahashi 
Paint Foreman: Clyde Zimmerman 
Patching Department: Karen Keener (Cinovation) 
Payroll Accountant: Teresa Jaime Drapkin 
Pipeline Setup: Raymond Chih (Rhythm & Hues) 
Plasterer Foreman: Douglas R. Miller 
Post-Production Accountant: Maria DeVane 
Post-Production Coordinator: Sven E. Fahlgren 
Post-Production Supervision: Erica Frauman 
Production Accounting: Kathryn Mindala 
Production Assistant:
Alex Brandenburg 
Chamonix Bosch 
Cris De Arce (second unit) 
David Mendoza 
Janice Lee (Method Studios) 
Kevin Lum (second unit) 
Kirby C. Fortenberry 
Lisa McElroy (Matte World Digital) 
Sam McMullen 
Tyler W. Gaisford 
Production Coordination: Daren Hicks 
Production Design: Tom Duffield 
Production Executive:
Joel Román Mendías (Rhythm & Hues) 
Steven R. Molen 
Production Secretary:
Afnahn Khan 
Michael C. Lund 
Production Sound Mixer: Lee Orloff 
Production Supervision: Kimberly Rach 
Project Supervision:
Bill Sturgeon (Cinovation) 
Chad Waters (Cinovation) 
Eddie Yang (Cinovation) 
Glen Griffin (Cinovation) 
Kazuhiro Tsuji (Cinovation) 
Linda Hartman (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Orson Rheinfurth (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Projectionist: René González 
Property Master:
David M. Bowen (second unit) 
Don Miloyevich (second unit) 
Kris Peck 
Propmaker Foreman: Scott E. Handt 
Props: Adam Olszewski 
Research: Jesse Cook 
Rigging Gaffer: Gary Dahlquist 
Roto Artist:
Brandon Criswell (Asylum) 
Tony Barraza (Rhythm & Hues) 
Scan/record Operator: Phil Holland (Rhythm & Hues) 
Script Supervision:
Samantha C. Kirkeby (second unit) 
Sharron Reynolds 
Second Assistant Accountant: Jennifer Koenig 
Second Assistant Camera:
Jan Ruona ("b" camera) 
Matthew C. Blea (second unit) 
Second Assistant Director:
Darrell Woodard (second unit) 
Emily McGovern (second unit) 
Frederic Roth 
Second Assistant Editor: Kindra Marra 
Second Second Assistant Director:
Giselle Gurza 
Rudy A. Persico (second unit) 
Second Unit Director: Charles Gibson 
Senior Visual Effects Supervisor: Nathan McGuinness (Asylum) 
Set Costumer:
Eva Prappas 
Jalene Murphy (second unit) 
Linda S. Cormany 
Set Decoration: Rosemary Brandenburg 
Set Design: Maya Shimoguchi 
Software Engineer: Michael Root (Matte World Digital) 
Sound Design:
Julian Beeston 
Peter Miller 
Sound Editorial Technical Support: Noah Katz 
Sound Effects Editing:
Addison Teague 
J.R. Grubbs 
Sound Mix Technician:
Brandon Proctor 
Juan Peralta 
Jurgen Scharpf 
Sound Re-recording Mixer:
Lora Hirschberg 
Tom Johnson 
Special Effects:
Arnold Peterson (second unit) 
Terry Chapman 
Special Effects Foreman:
Albert Delgado 
Rodney M. Byrd 
Special Effects Supervisor: Burt Dalton 
Special Makeup Effects Artist:
Jamie Kelman 
Rick Baker 
Standby Painter: Tony Leonardi 
Stock Footage Researcher: Deborah Ricketts 
Studio Teacher: Thomas John McGowan 
Stunt Coordination: Keith Campbell 
Stunt Double:
Keli Murphy (Shannon Cochran) 
Lisa Hoyle 
Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Holland 
Technical Artist:
Darren Mortillaro (Matte World Digital) 
Todd R. Smith (Matte World Digital) 
Technical Supervision: Andreas Wacker (Method Studios) 
Technical Support: Andrew Bell (Method Studios) 
Texture Painter: Nori Kaneko (Rhythm & Hues) 
Title Design: Brian King 
Transportation Captain:
Loren Anderson (second unit) 
Mike Painter (Seattle) 
Transportation Coordinator: Denny Caira 
Transportation Office Assistant: Edward Hunt 
Unit Production Manager: Bill Johnson 
Video Operator:
David Deever 
Michael Baird (second unit) 
Video Services:
Edwin Dunkley 
John Torrijos 
Videotape Lead Artist: Chris Staves (Method Studios) 
Visual Effects Coordinator:
Bernadette Castillo (Method Studios) 
Christopher Anderson 
Daniel Riha 
Jimmy Batchelder (Asylum) 
Renee Gharib (Method Studios) 
Visual Effects Editing: Kristopher Kasper (Asylum) 
Visual Effects Producer:
Alessandra de Souza 
Gary Nolin (Rhythm & Hues) 
Krystyna Demkowicz (Matte World Digital) 
Visual Effects Supervision:
Alex Frisch (Method Studios) 
Craig Barron (Matte World Digital) 
David Jones (Asylum) 
David Sosalla (Pacific Title & Arts) 
Naomi Watts as Rachel Keller 

Brian Cox as Richard Morgan 
Daveigh Chase as Samara Morgan 
David Dorfman as Aidan Keller 
Martin Henderson as Noah Clay 
Rachael Bella as Rebecca 'Becca' Kotler 

Adam Brody as Kellen, Male Teen #1 
Aixa Clemente as Nurse 
Alan Blumenfeld as Harvey 
Amber Tamblyn as Katie Embry 
Art Frankel as Cal 
Billy Lloyd as Darby 
Catherine Paolone as Mourner #2 
Chuck Hicks as Ferry Worker 
Coleen Maloney as Mourner #1 
David Povall as Girl's Father 
Gary Cervantes as Painter 
Guy Richardson as Librarian 
Jane Alexander as Dr. Grasnik 
Joanna Lin Black as Cashier 
Joe Chrest as Doctor 
Joe Sabatino as Orderly 
Keith Campbell as Ship's Mate 
Lindsay Frost as Ruth Embry 
Lindsey Stoddart as Grad Student 
Maura McNamara as Girl on Ferry 
Michael Spound as Dave 
Pauley Perrette as Beth 
Richard Lineback as Innkeeper 
Ronald William Lawrence as Library Clerk 
Sandra Thigpen as Teacher 
Sara Rue as Babysitter 
Sasha Barrese as Girl Teen #1 
Shannon Cochran as Anna Morgan 
Stephanie Erb as Donna 
Tess Hall as Girl Teen #2 
English companies
3D Matte Paintings: Matte World Digital 
Animal Action Monitoring: The American Humane Association 
AVID Editing Equipment: Pivotal Post 
Broadcaster: American Broadcasting Company (ABC) 
Camera Equipment:
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment 
Clairmont Camera 
Flying Pictures (Gyrosphere aerial camera system) 
Technovision Cameras 
Catering: Hat Trick Catering 
Cartoon Network ("I Am Weasel") 
Distributor: Dreamworks 
Extras Casting: Central Casting 
Licensed by: Dreamworks 
Music Contractor: Isobel Griffiths Limited 
Music Coordination: Hothouse 
Music Mixing: Media Ventures 
Music Recording: Air Lyndhurst Studios 
Night Lights: BeeBee 
Opticals: Pacific Titles 
Production Equipment: Leonetti Company 
Rentals: Rockbottom Rentals 
Sound Post-Production: Dolby Laboratories 
Sound Post-Production Service: Skywalker Sound 
Soundtrack: Decca Records 
Visual Effects:
Asylum VFX 
Method Studios (Ring video tape effects) 
Rhythm and Hues (visual effects) 
Tippett Studio (additional visual effects) 
Voice Casting: L.A. Mad Dog 
French staff
French cast
Damien Boisseau as morgan 
Helene Bizot as Rachel Keller 
French companies
Spanish cast
Spanish staff
ADR Director: Jose Luis Angulo (Spain dub) 
Translation: Kenneth Post (Spain dub) 
ADR Script: Jose Luis Angulo (Spain dub) 

ADR Engineer: Francisco Cámara (Spain dub) 
Mix Engineer: Antonio Esquivel (Spain dub) 
Circe Luna as Rachel Keller 
Marta Sáinz as Rachel Keller (Spain dub) 

Ana Esther Alborg as Samara Morgan (Spain dub) 
Iván Muelas as Noah Clay (Spain dub) 
Mario Martín as Richard Morgan (Spain dub) 
Raúl Rojo as Aidan Keller (Spain dub) 

Adelaida López as Rebecca "Becca" Kotler (Spain dub) 
Alfredo Martínez as Carl (Spain dub) 
Ana García Olivares as Ruth Embry (Spain dub) 
Ana Jiménez as Beth (Spain dub) 
Chema Rolland as Orderly (Spain dub) 
Jose Luis Angulo as Innkeeper (Spain dub) 
José Manuel Rodríguez as Kellen (Spain dub; male teen 1) 
Luis Bajo as Dr. Scott (Spain dub) 
Mar Bordallo as Katie Embry (Spain dub) 
María Luisa Rubio as Dr. Grasnick (Spain dub) 
Mayte Torres as Anna Morgan (Spain dub) 
Mercedes Espinosa as Nurse (Spain dub) 
Pepa Castro as Teacher (Spain dub) 
Rafael Azcárraga as Harvey (Spain dub) 
Rosa Vivas as Babysitter (Spain dub) 
Spanish companies
Dubbing Studio: Tecnison, S.A. (Spain dub) 
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Spain) 
Italian staff
Italian cast
Barbara De Bortoli as Rachel Keller 

Emiliano Coltorti as Noah Clay 

Alessandro Mottini as Aidan Keller 
Elena Bianca as Anna Morgan 
Isabella Pasanisi as Ruth Embry 
Letizia Scifoni as Becca Kotler 
Lilian Caputo as Samara Morgan 
Luciano De Ambrosis as Richard Morgan 
Monica Vulcano as Katie Embry 
Italian companies
German staff
German cast
Anke Reitzenstein as Lehrerin 
Anne Helm as Samara Morgan 
Bianca Krahl as Beth 
Christel Merian as Dr. Grasnik 
Detlef Bierstedt as Lawrence 
Helmut Gauß as Arzt 
Irina von Bentheim as Rachel Keller 
Maria Koschny as Rebecca Kotler 
Marianne Groß as Anna Morgan 
Marie Bierstedt as Katie Embry 
Marina Krogull as Ruth Embry 
Nana Spier as Babysitter 
Norman Matt as Noah Clay 
Ricardo Richter as Aidan Keller 
Roland Hemmo as Richard Morgan 
Thomas Petruo as Wirt 
German companies
Tagalog staff
Tagalog companies
Studio 23 
Tagalog cast

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