Castle in the Sky (movie)

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©1986 Nibariki • Tokuma Shoten 

Alternative title:
Das Schloss im Himmel (German) 
El Castillo en el Cielo (Spanish) 
Laputa (Japanese) 
Laputa - Castle in the Sky 
Laputa - podniebny zamek (Polish) 
Laputa - Slottet i himlen (Swedish) 
Laputa: Castello nel Cielo (Italian) 
Laputa_Lâu đài trên không (vietnamese) 
Le Château dans le Ciel (French) 
O Castelo no Céu (Portuguese) 
Tenkū no Shiro Laputa (Japanese) 
Небесный Замок Лапута (Russian) 
قلعة في السماء (Arabic) 
天空の城ラピュタ (Japanese) 
天空之城 (Chinese (Taiwan)) 
Genres: adventure , drama , fantasy , science fiction 
Themes: lost city , steampunk 
Objectionable content: Mild 
Plot Summary: A girl named Sheeta falls out of the sky and lands in Pazu's arms. Soon after a gang of air pirates led by Dola, as well as a mysterious man named Muska, are on their tails. The chase leads them to a floating castle that once belonged to an ancient race of people. 
User Ratings: 4755 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 1146 votes (sub:646, dub:407, raw:26, ?:17, edit.dub:4, others:46
11 Spanish subtitled
8 German dubbed
4 Russian subtitled
4 French subtitled
3 Spanish dubbed
3 Italian dubbed
3 Portuguese subtitled
2 German subtitled
2 Spanish edited dub
1 Polish dubbed
1 Mandarin subtitled
1 Arabic subtitled
1 Mandarin dubbed
1 Italian subtitled
1 Korean subtitled
 Excellent: 1644 votes (sub:926, dub:627, raw:21, ?:19, edit.dub:4, others:47
12 Spanish subtitled
7 French subtitled
5 Spanish dubbed
4 French dubbed
4 German dubbed
3 Italian dubbed
3 Russian subtitled
2 Polish subtitled
2 Russian dubbed
1 Danish subtitled
1 Chinese Mandarin subtitled
1 Finnish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 German subtitled
 Very good: 1089 votes (sub:613, dub:426, ?:10, raw:6, edit.dub:5, others:29
6 Spanish subtitled
4 French subtitled
4 Russian subtitled
3 German dubbed
3 Italian dubbed
2 Spanish dubbed
2 Russian dubbed
1 Slovak subtitled subtitled
1 Mandarin subtitled
1 Polish dubbed
1 Turkish subtitled
1 French dubbed
 Good: 556 votes (sub:303, dub:237, ?:4, edit.dub:2, others:10
3 Spanish subtitled
2 Italian dubbed
2 German dubbed
1 French subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 French dubbed
 Decent: 197 votes (sub:102, dub:85, ?:4, raw:2, others:4
3 German dubbed
1 French subtitled
 So-so: 67 votes (sub:41, dub:23, ?:2, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Not really good: 25 votes (sub:15, dub:10)
 Weak: 20 votes (sub:12, dub:6, raw:1, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Bad: 7 votes (sub:5, dub:1, others:1
1 Russian subtitled
 Awful: 2 votes (?:1, sub:1)
 Worst ever: 2 votes (?:1, sub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 8437 users, rank: #52 (of 6579)
Median rating: Excellent
Arithmetic mean: 8.528 (Excellent−), std. dev.: 1.3152, rank: #142 (of 6580)
Weighted mean: 8.462 (Very good+), rank: #147 (of 6580) (seen all: 8.47 / seen some: 7.18 / won't finish: 5.48)
Bayesian estimate: 8.459 (Very good+), rank: #69 (of 4951)
Running time: 124 minutes 
Vintage: 1986-07-23 
Premiere date:
1986-08-02 (Japan) 
1987-06-26 (Hong Kong, Non-BV English dub with Chinese Subtitles) 
2000-02-04 (USA, New York International Children's Film Festival) 
2004-01-15 (Italy - Future Film Festival) 
Release dates: We have 21
(1985-06-15) Production Started 
(1986-07-23) Production Completed 
Opening Theme:
"Sora kara Futtekita Shōjo (空から降ってきた少女; The Girl Who Fell from the Sky)" by Joe Hisaishi 
Ending Theme:
"Kimi wo Nosete (君をのせて; Carrying You)" by Azumi Inoue 
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Disney changed the name from Laputa: Castle in the Sky to simply Castle in the Sky because Laputa is a rather bad word in Spanish. 
Streamline Pictures licensed Laputa, along with an English dub, from Tokuma in 1988 or 1989. Streamline did not create the original English dub. 
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Blu-Ray (Region A)
    Castle in the Sky (Blu-Ray + DVD) 2012-05-22 (from $17.29)
    The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki (Blu-Ray) 2015-11-17 (from $177.99)
Blu-Ray (Region B)
    Laputa: Castle in the Sky (Blu-Ray) 2011-04-20
DVD (Region 1)
    Castle in the Sky (DVD) 2003-04-17 (from $209.96)
    Castle in the Sky - Special Edition (DVD) 2010-03-02 (from $13.99)
Graphic novel
    Castle in the Sky (GN 1) 2003-07-28 (from $7.46)
    Castle in the Sky (GN 2) 2003-06-10 (from $7.46)
    Castle in the Sky (GN 3) 2003-08-13 (from $7.46)
    Castle in the Sky (GN 4) 2003-08-27 (from $7.46)
    Castle in the Sky (Dub.VHS) 2003-04-15 (from $44.99)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Hayao Miyazaki 
Screenplay: Hayao Miyazaki 
Music: Joe Hisaishi 
Original story: Hayao Miyazaki 
Character Design:
Hayao Miyazaki 
Tsukasa Tannai 
Art Director:
Nizo Yamamoto 
Toshiro Nozaki 
Animation Director: Tsukasa Tannai 
Sound Director: Shigeharu Shiba 
Executive producer: Yasuyoshi Tokuma 
Producer: Isao Takahata 

Animation Check:
Naoshi Ozawa 
Yasuko Tachiki 
Animation Supervisor: Tsukasa Niwauchi 
Assistant Director:
Norihiko Sudo 
Tetsu Kimura 
Tsutomu Iida 
Camera: Hirokata Takahashi 
Color design: Michiyo Yasuda 
Harmony Process: Noriko Takaya 
Image Song Composition: Kyohei Tsutsumi 
Image Song Lyrics: Takashi Matsumoto 
Image Song Performance: Yoko Obata 
In-Between Animation Assistance:
Akemi Seki (Shindo Production) 
Akiko Teshima (Studio Fantasia) 
Akiko Yamaguchi (Kusama Art) 
Atsuko Narumi (Visual '80) 
Emiko Iwayanagi (Studio Fantasia) 
Hitoshi Ehara (Shindo Production) 
Isao Hoshi (Studio Kuma) 
Kazumi Okabe (Studio Gallop) 
Keiko Nagai (OH! Production) 
Keisuke Makinoda (Dogakobo) 
Kumiko Ohtani (Studio Fantasia) 
Kuniko Hamano (Visual '80) 
Kyoko Higurashi (Shindo Production) 
Mariko Arano (Studio Gallop) 
Mariko Takano (Studio Gallop) 
Masumi Ishiguro (Dogakobo) 
Minoru Okamoto (Studio Toto) 
Miyako Izumi (Studio Fantasia) 
Ritsuko Tanaka (Shindo Production) 
Sadao Takahashi (Studio Fantasia) 
Satoshi Ida (Dogakobo) 
Satoshi Shigeta (Kusama Art) 
Shizuko Minami (Studio Toto) 
Sumio Watanabe (Visual '80) 
Tadayoshi Yamamuro (Shindo Production) 
Takayo Mizutani (Dogakobo) 
Tatsuji Narita (Dogakobo) 
Tatsuko Fukushi (Dogakobo) 
Toru Morita (Studio Toto) 
Toshiko Saito (Studio Gallop) 
Toshitaka Hayami (Studio Toto) 
Tsutomu Awada (OH! Production) 
Yasuko Suzuki (Dogakobo) 
Yayoi Matsushita (Dogakobo) 
Yoshiko Kato (OH! Production) 
Yoshiko Sato (Kusama Art) 
Yoshimi Kanbara (Dogakobo) 
Yukiko Kakuda (Studio Toto) 
Yumi Kawachi (Dogakobo) 
Yuto Teshima (Studio Kuma) 
Ink & Paint Assistance:
Akemi Hosotani (Studio OZ) 
Akihiko Isozaki (Studio OZ) 
Akiko Sudo (Group Joy) 
Asako Ohashi (Group Joy) 
Ayako Murano (Production ACT) 
Etsuko Shimoda (Production ACT) 
Fumie Kato (Studio Hibari) 
Fusako Takami (Studio Killy) 
Harumi Machii (Studio Killy) 
Hiroko Kazama (Production ACT) 
Hiroko Kijima (Studio OZ) 
Hiroko Kishima (Studio OZ) 
Hiroko Suzuki (Studio Hibari) 
Hiroko Yokoyama (Production ACT) 
Hiroyuki Kuraoka (Production ACT) 
Jukki Shinoda (Studio OZ) 
Katsutoshi Yamagata (Studio Korumi) 
Keiko Hiraga (Studio OZ) 
Kenji Narita (Studio Hibari) 
Kumiko Suzuki (Group Joy) 
Mariko Tanazawa (Studio Fantasia) 
Masako Natsui (Studio Killy) 
Michiko Nishimaki (Studio Killy) 
Mieko Taguchi (Production ACT) 
Mikako Sodeyama (Group Joy) 
Miyoko Nishiyama (Studio Killy) 
Naomi Masuda (Studio OZ) 
Naomi Takahashi (Studio Killy) 
Nobuko Nakata (Studio Killy) 
Norichika Iwakiri (Studio Killy) 
Noriko Arakawa (Studio Hibari) 
Rie Akiyama (Studio Hibari) 
Rumiko Nagai (Studio Fantasia) 
Shinichiro Kuse (Studio Killy) 
Shinnosuke Sato (Group Joy) 
Taeko Sato (Studio Killy) 
Tomohisa Iizuka (Studio Fantasia) 
Tomoko Danjo (Studio Fantasia) 
Toshiko Asano (Studio Fantasia) 
Yoshie Komatsu (Production ACT) 
Yoshie Murakami (Group Joy) 
Yukie Naitou (Studio Killy) 
Yukitaka Shishikai (Studio Korumi) 
Yuko Kikuchi (Studio Fantasia) 
Yumiko Honda (Production ACT) 
Ink & Paint Check: Homi Ogiwara 
Key Animation Supervisor: Yoshinori Kanada 
Music Production: Mitsunori Miura 
Production: Toru Hara 
Production Desk: Naoyuki Oshikiri 
Publicity Producer: Masaya Tokuyama 
Sound Effects:
Hironori Ono 
Kazutoshi Sato 
Sound Engineer: Shuji Inoue 
Special Effects:
Gou Abe 
Shinji Teraoka 
Technical Assistant: Mikio Mori 
Theme Song Composition: Joe Hisaishi 
Theme Song Lyrics: Hayao Miyazaki 
Theme Song Performance: Azumi Inoue (ED) 
Japanese companies
Animation Production: Studio Ghibli 
Cooperation: Dentsu Inc. 
Distributor: Toei Kabushiki Kaisha 
Laboratory: Imagica 
Music Production: Tokuma Japan Corporation 
Recording Studio: Tokyo T.V. Center 
Sound Effect Production: Omnibus Promotion 
Sound Effects: E & M Planning Center 
Titles: Takatomo Atelier 
English cast
English staff
Adaptation: John Semper 
Additional Musicians:
Heichachi Nagata 
Joe Hisaishi 
Takashi Akashi 
ADR Consultant: Miyoko Miura 
ADR Engineer, ADR Editor: Ernie Sheesley 
Assistant Score Recordists:
Hiroyuki Akita 
Suminobu Hamada 
Final ADR Script/Adaptation: Jack Fletcher 
Foley Artist:
Gregg Barbanell 
Rich Green 
Music Supervision: Andrew Beling 
Orchestra Conductor: Vincent Mendoza 
Orchestra Contractor: David Sabee 
Original ADR Script: John Semper 
Production Assistant:
Laurie Bean 
Mark Caballero 
Production Coordination: Susan Musi 
Re-Recording Mixing:
Keith Rogers 
Terry O'Bright 
Recording engineer: Charlie Bouis 
Rescoring Crew:
Ted Barela 
Yvonne Matten 
Score Mixing: Jon Baker 
Score Recording: Jon Baker 
Second Engineer:
Dmitry Lipai 
Sam Hofstedt 
Sound Design: Scott Weber 
Sound Recording: Guy Charbonneau 
Voice Casting: Jack Fletcher 
Voice Direction: Jack Fletcher 
Anna Paquin as Sheeta 
Barbara Goodson as Pazu (1989 dub) 
James Van Der Beek as Pazu 
Lara Cody as Sheeta (1989 dub) 

Cloris Leachman as Dola 
Jeff Winkless as Muska (1989 dub) 
Mark Hamill as Muska 
Rachel Vanowen as Dola (1989 dub) 

Andy Dick as Henri 
Barry Stigler as Charles (1989 dub) 
Dave Mallow as Louis (1989 dub) 
Ed Mannix as Uncle Pom (1989 dub) 
Jim Cummings as General 
John Hostetter as Boss 
Mandy Patinkin as Louie 
Matthew K. Miller as Train Engineer 
Michael McShane as Charles 
Michael Reynolds as General (1989 dub) 
Richard Dysart as Uncle Pom 

English companies
Cartoon Network 
ITV (UK; 1989 dub) 
Special Broadcasting Service Australia (Free-To-Air TV) 
Turner Classic Movies 
Madman Entertainment (Australia & New Zealand) 
Optimum Releasing (UK) 
Rescoring Mix Facility: Studio X 
Sound Recording: Le Mobile 
Korean staff
Korean cast
Lee Mija as Pazu 
Mi-Suk Jeong as Sheeta 

Seon-Nyeo Seong as Dola 
Wan-Gyeong Seong as Muska 

Gwang Jang as
Uncle Pom 
Gwang-Ju Jeon as Henri 
Jeong-Min Bae as Madge 
Seok-Jeong Yang as Boss (Mr. Duffy) 
Seon-Nyeo Seong as Sheeta's Grandmother 
Seung-Pyo Hong as Charles 
Yeong-Mi Jo as Auntie 
Yeong-Sam On as General 

Korean companies
French staff
French cast
ADR Director: Mathias Kozlowski 
Pierre Tessier as Muska 

Benoît Allemane as L'officier 
Jacques Bouanich as Le conducteur du train 
Maïté Monceau as Okami 
Manon Azem as Shiita 
Olivier Martret as Pazu 
Paule Emanuelle as La Grand-Mère 
Perette Pradier as Dora 
Philippe Catoire as Dafi , Patron de la Mine 
Pierre Laurent as Louis 
William Sabatier as Pepère 
Yves Barsacq as Papi Pom 
French companies
TPS Cinefamily 
TPS Star 
Dubbing Studio: Dubbing Brothers 
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Dubbing Director:
Antonio Villar (Spain dub) 
Juan Alfonso Carralero (Mexican dub) 
Bárbara Pesquer (Catalan dub) 
Paloma Mellado (Spain dub) 

Adaptation: Antonio Villar (Spain dub) 
Ana Esther Alborg as Sheeta (Spain dub) 
Betzabe Jara as Sheeta 
Chelo Molina as Pazu (Spain dub; Aurum) 
Gerardo del Valle as Pazu 
Maria Josep Guasch as Sheeta (Catalan dub) 
Nacho Aldeguer as Pazu (Spain dub) 

Aleix Estadella as Muska (Catalan dub) 
Antonio Villar as Muska (Spain dub) 
Ismael Castro as Muska 
Marisa Marco as Dora (Spain dub; Aurum) 
Oscar Castellanos as Muska (Spain dub; Aurum) 
Pilar Gentil as Dola (Spain dub) 
TERESA MANRESA as Dola (Catalan dub) 

Abraham Aguilar as Anli (Spain dub) 
Chema Lara as General > Mouro (Spain dub; Aurum) 
David García Vázquez as Louis (Spain dub) 
Eduard Doncos as Anli (Catalan dub) 
Eduardo Moreno as Uncle Pom (Spain dub; Buena Vista) 
Félix Benito as Uncle Pom (Catalan dub) 
Fernando Hernández as Mentor (Spain dub; Buena Vista) 
Francisco Javier Martínez as Louis (Spain dub; Aurum) 
Javier Franquelo as Old Engineer (Spain dub; Aurum) 
Jesús Rodríguez as Borgne (Spain dub) 
Joaquin Casado as Old Engineer (Catalan dub) 
Jorge Varela as General Muoro (Catalan dub) 
José Ángel Juanes as Shogun Mouro (Spain dub) 
Julio Núñez as Motro (Spain dub) 
Manuel Bellido as Shalulu (Spain dub) 
Mario Sauret as Motro 
Mario Díaz Mercado as General Shogun Mouro 
Rafael Azcárraga as Okayata (Spain dub; Aurum) 
Ramon Canals as Cap (Catalan dub) 
Ramón Reparaz as Engineer (Spain dub; Buena Vista) 
Roberto Cuenca Martínez as Pom (Spain dub; Aurum) 
Xavier Cassan as Shalulu (Catalan dub) 

Angel Coomonte (Spain dub; Buena Vista) 
Juan Antonio García Sáinz (Spain dub; Buena Vista) 
Paco Vaquero (Spain dub; Buena Vista) 
Spanish companies
HBO (Latin America) 
K3 (Televisió de Catalunya) 
Señal Colombia (Colombia) 
Teleantioquia (Colombia) 
Dubbing Studio: Zima Entertainment (Mexican dub) 
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Carlo Valli 
Art Director: Gualtiero Cannarsi 

Dialogues: Gualtiero Cannarsi 
Dubbing Assistant: Sabina Montanarella 
Dubbing Supervision: Gualtiero Cannarsi 
Alex Polidori as Pazu (Lucky Red) 
Eva Padoan as Sheeta 
Gabriele Patriarca as Pazu 

Sonia Scotti as Dola 
Tony Sansone as Muska (Lucky Red) 

Carlo Valli as Charles 
Danilo De Girolamo as Mooska 
Dante Biagioni as Nonno Pom (Lucky Red) 
Fabrizio Temperini as Daffi (Lucky Red) 
Gianluca Crisafi as Anli (Lucky Red) 
Nanni Baldini as Henry 
Paolo Buglioni as Duffy 

Italian companies
Buena Vista Home Entertainment 
Lucky Red (ed. 2012) 
Dubbing: CAST Doppiaggio 
German staff
German cast
Nathalie Loewenberg as Sheeta 
Nico Mamone as Pazu 

Claus-Peter Damitz as Muska 

Christoph Jablonka as Charlie 
Claus Brockmeyer as Louis 
Ilona Grande as Dora 
Jens Kretschmer as Henri 
Manfred Erdmann as Muoro 
Ruth Küllenberg as Großmutter 
Sonja Reichelt as Duffis Wife 
Thorsten Nindel as Duffi 
Werner Uschkurat as Pomu 
German companies
Annouced: Universum-Films 
Broadcaster: Super RTL 
Polish staff
Polish companies
Distributor: Monolith Films 
Polish cast
Portuguese staff
Portuguese companies
Canal MAX (subtituled-Brazil) 
HBO Latin America (subtituled-Brazil) 
Distributor: Versátil Home Vídeo (DVD-subtituled only) 
Portuguese cast
Swedish staff
Swedish companies
Distributor: Pan Vision 
Swedish cast
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Distributor: Deltamac Co., Ltd. 
Chinese (Taiwan) cast
Chinese (Hong Kong) staff
Chinese (Hong Kong) companies
Chinese (Hong Kong) cast

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