Naruto Shippūden (movie)

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Alternative title:
Naruto Hurricane Chronicles 
Naruto Shippuden Film 1 - Un funeste présage (French) 
Naruto Shippuden: L'esercito fantasma (Italian) 
ناروتو شيبودن (Arabic) 
ナルト 疾風伝 (Japanese) 
火影忍者 疾風傳 (Chinese (Taiwan)) 
Genres: adventure , comedy , drama , magic 
Themes: ninja 
Objectionable content: Significant 
Plot Summary: Demons that once almost destroyed the world, are revived by someone. To prevent the world from being destroyed, the demon has to be sealed and the only one who can do it is the shrine maiden Shion from the country of demons, who has two powers; one is sealing demons and the other is predicting the deaths of humans. This time Naruto's mission is to guard Shion, but she predicts Naruto's death. The only way to escape it, is to get away from Shion, which would leave her unguarded, then the demon, whose only goal is to kill Shion will do so, thus meaning the end of the world. Naruto decides to challenge this "prediction of death." 
User Ratings: 1030 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 81 votes (sub:68, dub:11, ?:1, others:1
1 Arabic subtitled
 Excellent: 141 votes (sub:117, dub:20, ?:1, others:3
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
 Very good: 279 votes (sub:223, dub:37, raw:2, edit.dub:2, others:15
9 Spanish subtitled
3 Portuguese subtitled
1 Arabic subtitled
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Good: 283 votes (sub:231, dub:41, edit.dub:4, others:7
3 Spanish subtitled
3 Portuguese subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
 Decent: 126 votes (sub:111, dub:9, raw:1, others:5
3 Spanish subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 French subtitled
 So-so: 50 votes (sub:35, dub:14, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Not really good: 32 votes (sub:24, dub:4, raw:1, ?:1, others:2
2 Spanish subtitled
 Weak: 22 votes (sub:17, dub:4, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Bad: 9 votes (sub:7, dub:2)
 Awful: 1 vote (sub:1)
 Worst ever: 6 votes (sub:5, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
Seen in part or in whole by 2614 users, rank: #400 (of 6498)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 7.292 (Good+), std. dev.: 1.7081, rank: #1749 (of 6497)
Weighted mean: 7.177 (Good+), rank: #1903 (of 6497) (seen all: 7.19 / seen some: 6.11 / won't finish: 3.41)
Bayesian estimate: 7.181 (Good+), rank: #1693 (of 4948)
Running time: 90 minutes 
Vintage: 2007-08-04
Premiere date:
2007-08-04 (Japan) 
2008-02-01 (Taiwan) 
Ending Theme:
"Lie-Lie-Lie" by DJ OZMA 
News: Show:
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Blu-Ray (Region B)
    Naruto Shippūden - Movie 1 & 2 (Blu-Ray) 2012-04-02
DVD (Region 1)
    Naruto Shippūden (DVD) 2009-11-10 (from $12.49)
DVD (Region 2)
    Naruto Shippūden - Movie 1 & 2 (DVD) 2012-04-02

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Hajime Kamegaki 
Screenplay: Junki Takegami 
Original creator: Masashi Kishimoto 
Character Design: Tetsuya Nishio 
Chief Animation Director: Mamoru Sasaki 
3D Director: Wu Xinhon 
Sound Director: Yasunori Ebina 
Director of Photography: Atsuho Matsumoto 
3D Animation:
Akihiro Kanno (Pierrot CG Room) 
Aya Yoshizono (Pierrot CG Room) 
Hiromi Kamada (Pierrot CG Room) 
Ikuko Igawa (Pierrot CG Room) 
Junichi Ono (Pierrot CG Room) 
Keiichi Ito (Pierrot CG Room) 
Miyuki Kojima (Pierrot CG Room) 
Sakiko Uda (Pierrot CG Room) 
Satoru Tani (Pierrot CG Room) 
Wakaba Tanaka (Pierrot CG Room) 
Xinhon Wu (Pierrot CG Room) 
Yasutaka Takada (Pierrot CG Room) 
Yu Iwawaki (Pierrot CG Room) 
Art Setting: Hitoshi Nagasaki 
Background Art:
Chen Jia Qing (Shanghai Superman) 
Chen Jia Yi (Shanghai Superman) 
Chieko Masuda (Studio Wyeth) 
Harumi Suwa (Studio Wyeth) 
Hideaki Kita (Studio Wyeth) 
Hitoshi Nagasaki (Studio Wyeth) 
Hyug Soo Lim (NARA Animation) 
Hyung Moo Lee (NARA Animation) 
Jeong Min Kim (NARA Animation) 
Jie Youn Kim (NARA Animation) 
Junko Hagihira (Studio Wyeth) 
Kaori Miki (Studio Loft) 
Kazuhiko Suzuki (Studio Loft) 
Kenta Sawatani (Studio Wyeth) 
Kim Moon Sub (DR Movie) 
Lee Jun Ho (DR Movie) 
Masako Okada (Madhouse) 
Mayu Usui (Studio Wyeth) 
Mayuko Mori (Studio Wyeth) 
Michiko Taniguchi (Studio Wyeth) 
Momoko Takatsu (Studio Wyeth) 
Myoung Soo Kim (NARA Animation) 
Naoki Nakamura (Studio Wyeth) 
Naruyo Kiriyama (Madhouse) 
Norihiko Yokomatsu (Studio Wyeth) 
Noriko Wada (Moon Flower) 
Park Sun Hwan (DR Movie) 
Rieko Ohiwa (Studio Wyeth) 
Sachiho Motoda (Moon Flower) 
Shiho Yanase (Studio Wyeth) 
Taro Goto (Studio Wyeth) 
Tomoyuki Shimizu (Studio Wyeth) 
Toshiko Abe (Studio Loft) 
Tsuyoshi Fukumoto (Studio Loft) 
Yayoi Sekine (Studio Wyeth) 
Yuan Li Na (Shanghai Superman) 
Yūko Kobayashi (Studio Wyeth) 
Yutaka Ito (Studio Wyeth) 
Zhu Qi (Shanghai Superman) 
Background Coordinator: Minoru Nakamura 
Background Scan:
Akiko Saito (Scanya) 
Hiroaki Sato (Scanya) 
Makoto Kimura (Scanya) 
Masako Sato (Scanya) 
Miho Suzuki (T2 Studio) 
Saki Nerome (Scanya) 
Tae Takahashi (Scanya) 
Takeshi Ogawa (T2 Studio) 
CMS Supervisor: Tadashi Nakamura 
CMS Technical Supervisor: Hideo Morita 
CMS Technician: Atsuhiko Tanaka 
Color Designation: Mika Iwami 
Creature Design: Yasutoshi Moriki 
Digital Art Board: Toshiki Taketani 
Digital Painting:
Akiyuki Hatanaka (Studio Targe) 
Ayae Ogasawara (Studio Targe) 
Chang Taek Chung (NARA Animation Studio) 
Eun Joo Kim (NARA Animation Studio) 
Eun Jung Maeng (DR Movie) 
Eun Suk Son (NARA Animation Studio) 
Heui Jeong Kim (Jiwoo Animation Production) 
Hiromi Tsuchiya (Studio Killy) 
Hisashi Koyanagi (Studio Targe) 
Hitomi Shimoganna (Pierrot Fukuoka) 
Hye Jung Na (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Hye Jung Yu (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Hye Mi Shin (DR Movie) 
Hyun Joo Chun (NARA Animation Studio) 
Hyun Suk Kim (NARA Animation Studio) 
Il Kim (Hanjin Animation) 
In Hoi Gu (DR Movie) 
In Hwa Bae (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Jeong Ah Yim (DR Movie) 
Jeong Hwa Kim (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Ji Hyon Jeong (NARA Animation Studio) 
Ji Yeon Choi (Jiwoo Animation Production) 
Kaori Ishikawa (Studio Killy) 
Kaoru Nakagama (Studio Killy) 
Kazumi Hosokawa (Studio Targe) 
Ki Jeong Choi (DR Movie) 
Ko Jin-Ju (DR Movie) 
Koji Usui (Studio Targe) 
Kotomi Itayama (Studio Targe) 
Kumiko Akahori (Studio Targe) 
Kwi Sun Kook (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Kwon O Suk (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Kyung Hwa Seo (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Lee Ji-Eun (NARA Animation Studio) 
Mami Yariwake (Pierrot Fukuoka) 
Mea Il Lim (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Michiko Ikushima (Studio Killy) 
Min Ju Kim (DR Movie) 
Miyoko Yoshida (Studio Killy) 
Myung Sun Han (NARA Animation Studio) 
Naoko Miyahara (Studio Targe) 
Naomi Takahashi (Studio Killy) 
Ryusuke Minami (Studio Targe) 
Sayaka Sueshige (Buyuu) 
Sayuri Misezaki (Studio Targe) 
Sayuri Takagi (Studio Killy) 
Se Yun Park (NARA Animation Studio) 
Seo Jung Kim (DR Movie) 
Seong Suk Choi (NARA Animation Studio) 
Shinnosuke Nagare (Pierrot Fukuoka) 
Shuji Tsuchiya (Studio Targe) 
Su Yeon Jeon (Jiwoo Animation Production) 
Sun Deok Kim (Jiwoo Animation Production) 
Sung Hee Seo (DR Movie) 
Toshiko Iwakiri (Studio Killy) 
Toshiyuki Ito (Studio Targe) 
Yeon Lee (Hanjin Animation) 
Yeon Hue An (Hanjin Animation) 
Yoshimi Hayakawa (Studio Targe) 
Yoshishige Iwakiri (Studio Killy) 
Young Sun Choi (DR Movie) 
Young-Suk Seok (Hanjin Animation) 
Yukie Matsuzaki (Pierrot Fukuoka) 
Digital Recording Engineer: Noboru Nishio 
Effects Animation Director: Hirofumi Masuda 
Ending Illustrations: Tetsuya Nishio ("The End" Calligraphy) 
Film Recording: Yoshifumi Masuda 
Anna Torii (Pierrot Digital Animation Room) 
Ayu Yomogihata (Pierrot Digital Animation Room) 
Ayumi Sota (Pierrot Digital Animation Room) 
Fujiko Tabata (Studio Cosmos) 
Hiroshi Yoshida (Studio Cosmos) 
Kaori Kawashima (Pierrot Digital Animation Room) 
Kaori Sakamoto (Pierrot Digital Animation Room) 
Kazuhiro Udagawa (Studio Cosmos) 
Kazuki Hashimoto (Studio Cosmos) 
Koichi Gonda (Studio Cosmos) 
Kumiko Kimura (Pierrot Digital Animation Room) 
Mai Uematsu (Pierrot Digital Animation Room) 
Masato Andō (Studio Cosmos) 
Naohisa Haijima (Studio Cosmos) 
Shinji Ikegami (Studio Cosmos) 
Shu Sugai (Studio Cosmos) 
Tohru Sugawara (Studio Cosmos) 
Tomohiro Nishiyama (Studio Cosmos) 
Yuka Nakaya (Pierrot Digital Animation Room) 
Yuko Orikasa (Studio Cosmos) 
Yumiko Morimoto (Studio Cosmos) 
Yurie Tadano (Studio Cosmos) 
HD Coordination: Hideki Ito (Sony PCL) 
In-Between Animation:
Asami Kouno (Oh Production) 
Ayuko Etō (Studio Pierrot Fukuoka) 
Bo Ruem Yi (NARA Animation Studio) 
Chel-Ho Jang (DR Movie) 
Chun Ha Kim (Hanjin Animation) 
Chun Mea Joung (Hanjin Animation) 
Daisuke Irie (Studio Pierrot) 
Emi Ikebuchi (Studio Pierrot Fukuoka) 
Emi Kirikihira (Studio Pierrot Fukuoka) 
Emi Nakai (Studio Pierrot) 
Eun Heui Lee (Jiwoo Animation) 
Eun Joo Park (NARA Animation Studio) 
Eun Kyung Jeon (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Eun-Ju Yoon (NARA Animation Studio) 
Fumie Kaneko (Studio Pierrot Fukuoka) 
Gab Sook Lim (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Han Ran Choen (NARA Animation Studio) 
Haru Watanabe (Studio Pierrot) 
Hiromi Jo (Studio Pierrot Fukuoka) 
Hong Yi Min (NARA Animation Studio) 
Hui Young Kim (NARA Animation Studio) 
Hyun Ju Park (DR Movie) 
Hyun Ju Song (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Hyun Mee Jo (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Ikumi Oka (Studio Pierrot) 
Jeong Eun Lee (DR Movie) 
Jeong Seok Kang (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Ji Hyun Hwang (Jiwoo Animation) 
Jin Kong (NARA Animation Studio) 
Jin Hae Choi (DR Movie) 
Kazue Tsunoda 
Keiko Horiuchi 
Ko Jin-Ju (DR Movie) 
Kun Young Choi (Hanjin Animation) 
Kyong-Ae Min (NARA Animation Studio) 
Kyung Sun Bae (NARA Animation Studio) 
Mi Kyoung An (NARA Animation Studio) 
Mi Ok Lee (DR Movie) 
Mihoko Uda (Oh Production) 
Minako Sekihara (Oh Production) 
Misuzu Ichinose (Oh Production) 
Myoung Rock Lee (NARA Animation Studio) 
Natsuki Kojima (Studio Pierrot) 
Ryu Young Sil (DR Movie) 
Sae Yeun Lee (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Sang Hee Yu (NARA Animation Studio) 
Seon Mi Lee (NARA Animation Studio) 
Shoko Ikeda (Studio Pierrot Fukuoka) 
Song Hee Han (Hanjin Animation) 
Soo Hong Woung (Hanjin Animation) 
Soo Ok Yu (Hanjin Animation) 
Sung Ji-Young (NARA Animation Studio) 
Tea Hoo Lee (Hanjin Animation) 
Whang Ji-Na (NARA Animation Studio) 
Woo Cheol Jang (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Xiao Zhu (Studio Pierrot) 
Yoko Takayanagi (Studio Pierrot Fukuoka) 
Yong Ju Kim (Jiwoo Animation) 
Yong Oh Bae (Seongboyanghaeng) 
Yoon Jung Hye (NARA Animation Studio) 
Young Jae Kim (DR Movie) 
Young Nam Cho (Hanjin Animation) 
Young Sun Jung (DR Movie) 
Young-Jin Heo (DR Movie) 
Yu Seon Jung (NARA Animation Studio) 
Lab Coordinate: Tomokazu Ōbuchi 
Lab Producer:
Keiji Kondo 
Yoshihito Katō 
Layout Adjustment:
Norihiko Yokomatsu 
Seishi Sugiyama 
Literary Coordinator: Yuka Miyata 
Optical Sound Recording: Futoshi Ueda 
Overseas Contact: Dae Ho Kim 
Overseas Manager: Seong Ho Moon 
Post Production Associate: Kuniyuki Aoki 
Production Administration: Atsushi Kamimura 
Production Chief: Shigehiro Suzuki 
Production Desk: Koichi Machiyama 
Setting Production: Miki Kurosaka 
Sound Effects:
Masayuki Watanabe 
So Yonehara 
Takuya Hasegawa (Sound Box) 
Sound Engineer:
Akira Noguchi (Sound Team · Don Juan) 
Eiji Hotta (Tokyo TV Center) 
Michihiko Iwana (Tokyo TV Center) 
Sound Producer: Yoshimi Sugiyama 
Subtitle Timing: Yoshio Ide 
System Management: Takaki Okunaga 
Theme Song Arrangement: DJ Ozma 
Theme Song Composition: Soryu 
Theme Song Lyrics: DJ Ozma 
Theme Song Performance: DJ Ozma 
Theme Song Tie-up:
Hiroshi Kakizawa (EMI/Capital Music) 
Hitomi Ueno (EMI/Capital Music) 
Hitoshi Kawarada (Music Tabloid) 
Junichi Ichimura (Music Tabloid) 
Miki Morii (Music Tabloid) 
Tadahito Kimura (Sony Music Entertainment) 
Yuko Watanabe (Sony Music Artists) 
TV Relationship:
Naoji Hounokidani 
Tomoko Gushima 
Ayumi Fujimura as Shion 
Chie Nakamura as Sakura Haruno 
Junko Takeuchi as Naruto Uzumaki 

Kazuhiko Inoue as Kakashi Hatake 
Keiko Nemoto as Shizune 
Kouichi Toochika as Neji Hyuuga 
Masako Katsuki as Tsunade/Fifth Hokage 
Masashi Ebara as Maito Gai 
Showtaro Morikubo as Shikamaru Nara 
Yoichi Masukawa as Rock Lee 

Daisuke Kishio as Susuki 
Daisuke Ono as Boss 
Fumiko Orikasa as Miroku 
Hidetoshi Nakamura as Yomi 
Katsuyuki Konishi as Setsuna 
Keiko Nemoto as Tonton 
Keisuke Fujii as Border Guard 
Kenichi Mine as Palace Guard 
Kentarou Itou as Chouji Akimichi 
Kishô Taniyama as Gitai 
Makiko Nabei as Old Lady 
Miyuki Sawashiro as Shizuku 
Romi Park as Temari 
Ryusaku Chijiwa as Palace Guard 
Seizo Katou as Mouryou 
Tetsuya Kakihara as Kusuna 
Yoko Nishino as Girl 
Yoshinori Fujita as Taruho 

Japanese companies
3D Graphics: Pierrot CG Room 
Background Scan:
T2 Studio 
Distributor: TOHO 
Film: Fuji Film 
HD Conversion: Sony PCL 
HD Coordination: Sony PCL 
HD Editing: Sony PCL 
Image Development: Tokyo Laboratory 
Recording: Tokyo TV Center 
Recording Studio:
Studio Gong 
Tokyo TV Center 
Sound Effects: Sound Box 
Sound Production: Rakuonsha 
English staff
English cast
ADR Director: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn 
ADR Script: Liam O'Brien 
Executive producer: Hidemi Fukuhara 
Producer: Jamie Simone 

Additional Video Compositing: David Butterworth 
Assistant Video Editing: Sean Kelley 
Casting: Jamie Simone 
Creative Consultant: Joel Enos 
Post-Production Supervision: Denny Densmore 
Production Assistant: Tokio Inoue 
Production Coordination:
James Lafferty 
Jessica Renslow 
Production manager: Laura Lopez 
Production Supervision:
Alvin Lu 
William Germain 
Re-Recording Mixing: Mark Ettel 
Recording engineer:
David Barr 
Michael Clark 
Video Editing:
Lindsey Myers 
Terry Marlin 
Kate Higgins as Sakura Haruno 
Laura Bailey as Shion 
Maile Flanagan as Naruto Uzamaki 

Brian Donovan as Rock Lee 
Daran Norris as Mouryou 
Dave Wittenberg as Kakashi Hatake 
Debi Mae West as Tsunade\Fifth Hokage 
Megan Hollingshead as Shizune 
Skip Stellrecht as Might Guy 
Steve Staley as Neji Hyuga 
Tom Gibis as Shikamaru Nara 

Crispin Freeman as Kusuna 
Dave Wittenberg as Gitai 
Kate Higgins as Girl 
Keith Silverstein as Setsuna 
Laura Bailey as Miroku 
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Old Lady 
Megan Hollingshead as Tonton 
Patrick Seitz as Palace Guard 
Sam Regal as
Border Guard 
Tara Platt as Temari 
Vic Mignogna as Yomi 
Wil Wheaton as
Yuri Lowenthal as Palace Guard 
English companies
Disney XD 
Neon Alley 
Distributor: Manga Entertainment (UK) 
Internet Streaming:
Licensed by: Viz Media 
French cast
French staff
Carole Baillien as Naruto Uzumaki 
Maia Baran as Sakura Haruno 

Bruno Georis as Gaï Maito 
Claire Tefnin as Shizune 
Jean-Pierre Denuit as
Rock Lee 
Shikamaru Nara 
Laurence César as Tsunade 
Lionel Bourguet as Kakashi Hatake 
Xavier Percy as Neji Hyûga 

Cathy Boquet as Temari 
David Manet as Taruho 
Julie Basecqz as Shizuku 
Mathieu Moreau as Yomi 
Peppino Capotondi as Gitai 
French companies
Broadcaster: Game one (From 16 May 2010) 
Distributor: Kana Video 
Italian staff
Italian cast
ADR Director: Pino Pirovano 

Dialogues: Laura Distretti 
Synchronization: Giancarlo Martino 
Video Post-Production: Anna Galbiati 
Elisabetta Spinelli as Shion 
Emanuela Pacotto as Sakura Haruno 
Leonardo Graziano as Naruto Uzumaki 

Claudio Moneta as Kakashi Hatake 
Debora Magnaghi as Shizune 
Felice Invernici as Neji Hyuga 
Ivo De Palma as Might Guy 
Massimo Di Benedetto as Rock Lee 
Matteo Zanotti as Shikamaru Nara 
Stefania Patruno as Tsunade 

Alessandro Lussiana as Taruho 
Cristiana Rossi as Temari 
Guido Ruberto as Moryo 
Marcella Silvestri as Miroku 
Paolo Sesana as Kusuna 
Raffaele Farina as Yomi 
Stefano Pozzi as Susuki 
Italian companies
ADR Production: LOGOS srl 
Broadcaster: Italia 1 
German staff
German companies
Distributor: KSM 
German cast
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Licensed by: Mighty Media Co., Ltd. 
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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