ef: a tale of memories (TV)

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Alternative title:
ef - Un Cuento De Recuerdos (Spanish) 
Эф - история воспоминаний (Russian) 
에프 - 어 테일 오브 메모리즈 (Korean) 
Genres: drama , psychological , romance 
Themes: amnesia , love triangle 
Objectionable content: Significant 
Plot Summary: On Christmas Eve, Hiro Hirono meets a girl named Miyako Miyamura as she chases a purse snatcher. Hiro later finds out that Miyako also goes to the same school as he does and they start hanging out together. This makes Hiro's childhood friend, Kei Shindō, feel left out, so she tries to compete with Miyako for Hiro's affection, creating a love triangle. Meanwhile, Renji Asō meets a girl named Chihiro Shindō at an abandoned train station. He soon learns that Chihiro suffers from a type of amnesia where her memory lasts for only 13 hours. He also discovers Chihiro's dream of writing a novel, but she has never been able to fulfill that dream due to her condition. Renji then decides to help her fulfill that dream. 
User Ratings: 2371 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 897 votes (sub:771, dub:69, raw:12, ?:6, others:39
23 Spanish subtitled
3 French subtitled
3 Portuguese subtitled
3 Russian subtitled
2 German subtitled
1 Polish subtitled
1 Korean subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Italian subtitled
 Excellent: 597 votes (sub:505, dub:53, ?:3, raw:3, others:33
12 Spanish subtitled
12 Russian subtitled
3 French subtitled
3 Portuguese subtitled
2 German subtitled
1 Italian subtitled
 Very good: 420 votes (sub:359, dub:35, raw:3, ?:2, others:21
11 Spanish subtitled
3 French subtitled
2 Italian subtitled
2 Russian subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Polish subtitled
1 Korean subtitled
 Good: 229 votes (sub:194, dub:22, ?:1, raw:1, others:11
7 Spanish subtitled
2 French subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
1 Korean subtitled
 Decent: 99 votes (sub:88, dub:6, raw:2, others:3
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
 So-so: 54 votes (sub:46, dub:4, raw:1, ?:1, others:2
1 Russian subtitled
1 Czech subtitled
 Not really good: 24 votes (sub:21, dub:2, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Weak: 25 votes (sub:22, raw:1, dub:1, others:1
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Bad: 12 votes (sub:8, dub:3, others:1
1 Spanish edited dub
 Awful: 5 votes (sub:5)
 Worst ever: 9 votes (sub:7, raw:1, others:1
1 German dubbed
Seen in part or in whole by 3663 users, rank: #240 (of 6150)
Median rating: Excellent
Arithmetic mean: 8.591 (Excellent−), std. dev.: 1.6846, rank: #123 (of 6140)
Weighted mean: 8.456 (Very good+), rank: #143 (of 6140) (seen all: 8.58 / seen some: 6.64 / won't finish: 4.01)
Bayesian estimate: 8.450 (Very good+), rank: #77 (of 4619)
Running time: 24 minutes per episode 
Number of episodes: 12 
Episode titles: We have 12
2007-10-06 to 2007-12-22 
Release dates: We have 1
Opening Theme:
#1: "euphoric field" by Tenmon feat. ELISA (eps 3-9,11) 
#2: "euphoric field (Japanese ver.)" by Tenmon feat. ELISA (ep 12) 
Ending Theme:
#1: "I'm here" by Hiroko Taguchi (eps 1,3,7,10) 
#2: "euphoric field" by Tenmon feat. ELISA (ep 2) 
#3: "Kizamu Kisetsu" by Junko Okada (eps 4,5,9) 
#4: "Sora no Yume" by Natsumi Yanase (eps 6,8,11) 
#5: "Yūkyū no Tsubasa 07mix" by Yumiko Nakajima (ep 12) 
Trivia: We have 14
News: Show:
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Blu-Ray (Region A)
    ef ~ a tale of memories & melodies. - complete series collection (Blu-Ray) 2014-12-09 (from $55.42)
    ef: A Tale of Memories - Complete Collection (Blu-Ray) 2012-01-31 (from $24.99)
DVD (Region 1)
    ef ~ a tale of memories & melodies. - complete series collection (DVD) 2014-12-09 (from $46.73)
    ef: A Tale of Memories - Complete Collection (DVD) 2012-01-31 (from $18.99)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Shin Oonuma 
Series Composition: Katsuhiko Takayama 
Screenplay: Katsuhiko Takayama 
Hiroyuki Shimazu (ep 9) 
Keizou Kusakawa (eps 5, 8, 12) 
Ken'ichi Ishikura (ep 10) 
Ryouki Kamitsubo (ep 3) 
Shin Oonuma (eps 1, 7, 12)  (OP) 
Shuuji Miyazaki (eps 6, 11) 
Soji Homura (ep 2) 
Yoshihiro Mori (ep 4) 
Episode Director:
Daisuke Takashima (ep 8) 
Ken'ichi Ishikura (ep 10) 
Kenichi Matsuzawa (ep 3) 
Masato Kitagawa (ep 10) 
Masayuki Iimura (ep 5) 
Ryouki Kamitsubo (ep 4) 
Shin Oonuma (eps 1-2, 7, 12) 
Shuuji Miyazaki (eps 6, 11) 
Yoshihiro Mori (ep 9) 
Unit Director: Shin Oonuma (OP) 
Original creator:
Yu Kagami 
Original Character Design:
2C=Galore (Male characters) 
Naru Nanao 
Character Design: Nobuhiro Sugiyama 
Art Director: Megumi Kato 
Chief Animation Director: Nobuhiro Sugiyama 
Animation Director:
Akira Tabata (eps 3, 8) 
Hatsue Nakayama (ep 4) 
Hideki Furukawa (eps 2, 5, 12) 
Kazuya Shiotsuki (eps 2, 12) 
Keita Shimizu (eps 5, 9) 
Masato Numazu (ep 8) 
Minoru Tanaka (eps 4, 10) 
Miyako Nishida (ep 12) 
Nobuhiro Sugiyama (OP, ED3-4; eps 1, 12) 
Shingo Tamaki (eps 7, 10) 
Shuuji Miyazaki (eps 6, 11) 
Yoshiaki Ito (ED1 (ep 7 ver.); eps 4-5, 10) 
Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka 
Director of Photography: Shouhei Uchimura 
Executive producer: Yuichi Sekido 
2nd Key Animation:
Akie Tsutsumi (ep 3) 
Akira Sotoya (ep 3) 
Daisuke Sakamukai (ep 8) 
Eiki Arasato (ep 1) 
Hiroyuki Yoshida (ep 7) 
Kan Terada (ep 3) 
Kaori Ogawa (ep 3) 
Kazuki Nakamoto (ep 12) 
Kazunori Osawa (ep 2) 
Masahito Onoda (ep 7) 
Masami Yamauchi (ep 3) 
Masato Numazu (ep 8) 
Mayu Hoshino (ep 3) 
Miyuki Arai (ep 8) 
Motoki Matsumoto (eps 2, 5, 12) 
Narumi Takahashi (ep 1) 
Nobuyasu Murakami (ep 10) 
Nozomu Fujii (ep 4) 
Ryo Imamura (eps 1-2) 
Shigenori Inami (ep 12) 
Shin Oonuma (ep 12) 
Shingo Tamaki (ep 5) 
Shusuke Morita (ep 12) 
Sumiyo Mikami (5 episodes
eps 1, 5, 7, 10, 12
Takayuki Chiba (ep 12) 
Tomoyuki Itamura (ep 12) 
Yoshito Narimatsu (ep 1) 
Youko Nomura (ep 3) 
Yukinobu Yamada (ep 1) 
Zen Nagata (eps 4, 7) 
Art Setting: Yoshinori Shiozawa 
Assistant Animation Director:
Hideki Furukawa (ep 10) 
Kosuke Murayama (ep 12) 
Minoru Tanaka (eps 2, 12) 
Shingo Tamaki (ep 12) 
Yoshiaki Ito (ep 2) 
Assistant producer: Satoshi Akutsu 
Background Art:
Aya Kuginuki (Studio Biho) 
Azusa Kakoi (Studio Biho) 
Dao Nguyen (SON MY-VIETNAM) 
Giao Nguyen (SON MY-VIETNAM) 
Jun Okabe (Studio Biho) 
Kazuhiko Matsumoto (Studio Biho) 
Kōta Takanashi (Studio Biho) 
Kumiko Ono (Studio Biho) 
Misao Takimoto (Studio Biho) 
Naoto Ozaki (Studio Biho) 
Norika Kinoshita (Studio Biho) 
Phong Nguyen (SON MY-VIETNAM) 
Quang Nguyen (SON MY-VIETNAM) 
Shuichi Tsuji (Studio Biho) 
Thinh Pham (SON MY-VIETNAM) 
Thuy Truong (SON MY-VIETNAM) 
Tran Nguyen (SON MY-VIETNAM) 
Tsubasa Matsumoto (Studio Biho) 
Wakana Yamagata (Studio Biho) 
Yasuomi Kishi (Studio Biho) 
Yasushi Mito (Studio Biho) 
Yumiko Narita (Studio Biho) 
Yūta Chimoto (Studio Biho) 
Color design: Jin Hibino 
Cooperation: Isao Ishikawa (Quaras) 
Editing: Kazuhiko Seki 
Editing Desk: Takayuki Tabata 
Ending Director: Ryouki Kamitsubo (ED1 (ep 7 ver.), ED3, ED4) 
Episode Direction Cooperation: Toshimasa Suzuki (ep 10) 
Finish Animation:
Izumi Takizawa (DIGITAL@SHAFT) 
Kanako Satō (DIGITAL@SHAFT) 
Kensuke Katsu (DIGITAL@SHAFT) 
Yasuko Watanabe (DIGITAL@SHAFT) 
Finish Check:
Kanako Satō 
Yasuko Watanabe 
In-Between Animation:
Ayako Satou (Trans Arts) 
Chie Hashimoto (Trans Arts) 
Chie Sekiguchi (SHAFT) 
Daisuke Sakamukai (Trans Arts) 
Eisuke Kokado (SHAFT) 
Eriko Itō (Trans Arts) 
Fumi Hirai (Trans Arts) 
Hiromi Imanaka (Trans Arts) 
Hiroyuki Hojo (Trans Arts) 
Kantaro Suzuki (Trans Arts) 
Miyuki Arai (Trans Arts) 
Mizue Kuwamoto (SHAFT) 
Motoki Matsumoto (SHAFT) 
Reina Tsuchiya (SHAFT) 
Yasue Katori (SHAFT) 
Yuka Tanabe (Trans Arts) 
Key Animation:
Akihisa Takano (OP; 5 episodes
eps 1-2, 7, 10, 12
Akira Tabata (eps 1, 8) 
Asuka Shimizu (ep 5) 
Chie Kanemori (ep 2) 
Chiyoko Sakamoto (ep 1) 
Chou Kobayashi (ep 2) 
Daiki Handa (ep 10) 
Eiki Arasato (ep 12) 
Fumiyasu Saito (ep 3) 
Gen'ichirou Abe (OP; eps 1-2, 7, 12) 
Hatsue Nakayama (ep 4) 
Hideaki Matsuoka (ep 3) 
Hideki Furukawa (ep 4) 
Hidetoshi Oomori (eps 6, 9) 
Hideyuki Yoshida (eps 4, 9) 
Hironobu Kobayashi (ep 2) 
Hiroshi Oikawa (eps 3, 8) 
Hiroyuki Ohkaji (OP; eps 1, 7) 
Hiroyuki Uehara (ep 3) 
Hiroyuki Yoshida (4 episodes
eps 2, 4, 10, 12
Hiyo Kumohara (ep 10) 
Jiro Murakami (eps 3, 8) 
Kanta Suzuki (eps 4, 9) 
Kazuhiko Ishii (ep 10) 
Kazuhiro Ota (OP) 
Kazuki Nakamoto (ep 1) 
Kazunori Osawa (eps 6, 9, 11) 
Kazuya Shiotsuki (OP; 4 episodes
eps 1, 7, 10, 12
Kei Tsushima (ep 5) 
Keiichi Sano (ep 4) 
Keiko Yamamoto (ep 10) 
Keita Hagio (ep 2) 
Keita Shimizu (eps 4, 9) 
Ken Mukaigawara (eps 5, 12) 
Ken'ichi Fukuhara (ep 10) 
Ken'ichi Yamagata (ep 5) 
Kenichirou Okamoto (eps 4, 9) 
Kosuke Murayama (ep 12) 
Makoto Wakabayashi (ep 1) 
Mamoru Tamiya (eps 3, 8) 
Masaki Miyauchi (ep 3) 
Masaki Takei (eps 1-2) 
Masami Yoshioka (eps 2, 9) 
Masana Yumura (ep 4) 
Masato Numazu (ep 3) 
Masayuki Kouda (ep 1) 
Masayuki Yoshiki (ep 7) 
Mayo Koike (ep 4) 
Miho Ayabe (OP; 4 episodes
eps 1, 5, 10, 12
Misako Izumi (eps 2, 4-5, 12) 
Miwako Hida (eps 3, 8) 
Naoto Yoshida (ep 9) 
Narumi Takahashi (ep 3) 
Nobuhiro Sugiyama (ep 1) 
Noriko Yamashita (ep 2) 
Rumiko Umemoto (eps 1, 12) 
Ryo Imamura (OP; ep 4) 
Shigeki Sunada (eps 2, 12) 
Shigenori Inami (ep 2) 
Shingo Tamaki (6 episodes
eps 1, 4, 7, 10-12
Shuuji Miyazaki (eps 6, 11) 
Tadafumi Yamazaki (eps 3, 8) 
Takayuki Chiba (eps 2, 5) 
Takehiro Hamatsu (ep 1) 
Takeo Yoshioka (eps 4, 6, 9) 
Takeshi Higashimurayama (eps 10, 12) 
Tatsuya Ichikawa (ep 6) 
Tatsuyuki Maeda (eps 4, 6, 11) 
Tetsuo Hirakawa (ep 2) 
Toshi Takahashi (OP; eps 1-2, 5) 
Toshiyuki Sato (eps 6, 9) 
Yasuko Suzuki (ep 8) 
Yi Cheol Sung (ep 10) 
Yoshiaki Ito (OP) 
Yoshinori Deno (ep 8) 
Yoshito Narimatsu (eps 5, 12) 
Yosuke Imakubo (ep 5) 
Young Jae Kim (eps 3, 8) 
Yukinobu Yamada (ep 8) 
Yuko Kimura (eps 5, 12) 
Yuko Okamoto (eps 2, 9) 
Yumi Shimizu (ep 12) 
Yuuta Ootaka (ep 2) 
Yuya Kishi (ep 3) 
Zen Nagata (OP; 5 episodes
eps 1-2, 5, 10, 12
Manga Illustration: Mimei Kuroi (eps 2-6, 12) 
Opening Director: Shin Oonuma 
Chisato Asai (Trans Arts) 
Hiroki Sekito (Trans Arts) 
Hitomi Tsukanome (DIGITAL@SHAFT) 
Hwang Jun Kim (Trans Arts) 
Il Min Park (Trans Arts) 
Keiji Kittaka (Trans Arts) 
Kenichi Dai (Trans Arts) 
Kenji Kuwabara (Trans Arts) 
Shinichiro Eto (DIGITAL@SHAFT) 
Shinya Kobayashi (Trans Arts) 
Shoko Nakata (Trans Arts) 
Takayuki Aizu (DIGITAL@SHAFT) 
Takayuki Kizen (Trans Arts) 
Takayuki Nakano (Trans Arts) 
Tsuyoshi Shimura (Trans Arts) 
Yoshiyuki Kanazawa (DIGITAL@SHAFT) 
Preview Illustration:
Aoi Nanase (ep 1) 
Hekiru Hikawa (ep 8) 
Makako Matsushita (ep 6) 
Mako Aboshi (ep 2) 
Masaki Takei (ep 5) 
Mitsuishi Shona (ep 3) 
Naru Nanao (ep 11) 
Poyoyon Rock (ep 4) 
Rakko (ep 6) 
Tatsuya Yūki (ep 3) 
Tsubasu Izumi (ep 7) 
Ume Aoki (ep 9) 
Yōsai Kūchū (ep 10) 
Production Advancement:
Kazumasa Amitani (eps 1, 12) 
Kazunori Ichimura (ep 3) 
Ken'ichi Nagamatsu (eps 4, 9) 
Rie Ito (ep 8) 
Shuichi Sudo (ep 5) 
Tarō Tazono (eps 6, 11) 
Toshihiro Muromachi (eps 2, 7) 
Yoshitaka Masaki (ep 10) 
Yōta Hori (ep 10) 
Production Assistant: Yoshiki Maki 
Production Desk: Kimihito Tagami 
Production producer: Shigeyuki Amemiya 
Recording: Yasushi Nagura 
Setting Production: Yōta Hori 
Sound Effects: Hidemi Tanaka 
Sound Production Manager: Yoshimi Sugiyama 
Supervision: Akiyuki Simbo 
Theme Song Composition: Tenmon 
Theme Song Lyrics: Nobukazu Sakai (ED) 
Theme Song Performance:
Elisa (OP,​ED2) 
Hiroko Taguchi (ED1) 
Junko Okada 
Natsumi Yanase 
Yumiko Nakajima (ED5) 
Video Editing:
Koji Nakamura 
Takahiro Fujiki 
Hiro Shimono as Hiro Hirono 
Hiroko Taguchi as Miyako Miyamura 
Junko Okada as Kei Shindō 
Motoki Takagi as Renji Asō 
Natsumi Yanase as Chihiro Shindō 
Yuuki Tai as Kyōsuke Tsutsumi 

Kaori Nobiki as Emi Izumi 
Kenji Hamada as Shūichi Kuze 
Kouichi Toochika as Yū Himura 
Mai Goto as Mizuki Hayama 
Yumiko Nakajima as Yūko Amamiya 

Sayaka Aoki as Sumire Asō 
Tsubasa Yonaga as Staff A(eps 2-3) 
Japanese companies
2nd Key Animation:
ARCTURUS (ep 5) 
Ashi Productions (ep 3) 
Doga Kobo (ep 5) 
Front Line (eps 10, 12) 
Hayashi (eps 4, 6, 11) 
Last House (ep 12) 
Minamimachi Bugyosho (ep 3) 
Mouse (4 episodes
eps 3, 5, 10, 12
Nakamura Production (ep 5) 
Satelight (ep 8) 
Studio Create (ep 3) 
Studio Pastoral (eps 1, 10, 12) 
TNK (eps 5, 10, 12) 
Trans Arts Co. (ep 1) 
Wish (ep 3) 
Animation Production: SHAFT 
Background Art:
Bihou, Inc. 
AT-X (2007-10-22) 
Chiba TV (2007-10-06) 
KBS Kyoto (2007-10-09) 
Sun TV (2007-10-09) 
TV Kanagawa (2007-10-06) 
TV Saitama (2007-10-08) 
Editing: Seki Editing Studio 
Finish Animation:
DIGITAL@SHAFT (eps 1-2, 4-12) 
Trans Arts Co. (ep 3) 
Finishing Cooperation:
AIC (ep 3) 
cube A motion (eps 3, 8) 
DEXS (eps 1, 12) 
FILM TIMES (ep 5) 
Front Line (eps 1, 5, 8, 12) 
G&G Direction (ep 3) 
glgl dongman (ep 10) 
Hayashi (10 episodes
eps 1-2, 4-7, 9-12
Satelight (ep 8) 
Studio Elle (eps 1, 7) 
Studio Step (ep 3) 
Triple A (ep 3) 
In-Between Cooperation:
AIC Takarazuka (eps 1, 3) 
cube A motion (eps 3, 8) 
DEXS (eps 1, 12) 
FILM TIMES (ep 5) 
Front Line (eps 1, 5, 8, 12) 
G&G Direction (ep 3) 
glgl dongman (ep 10) 
Hayashi (10 episodes
eps 1-2, 4-7, 9-12
Satelight (ep 8) 
Triple A (ep 3) 
Key Animation:
FILM TIMES (ep 5) 
Satelight (ep 8) 
Wish (ep 8) 
Key Animation Cooperation:
KMU (ep 10) 
Studio Pastoral (ep 2) 
Online Editing: Q-Tec 
Original Creator: minori 
Trans Arts Co. (eps 3, 8, 12) 
Production Cooperation:
Studio Pastoral (eps 4, 6, 9, 11) 
Trans Arts Co. (eps 3, 8) 
Recording Studio: Studio Gong 
Video Editing: Q-Tec 
English cast
English staff
ADR Director: Christopher Ayres 
ADR Script: Christopher Ayres 
Executive producer:
Eiichi Takahashi 
John Ledford 

Audio Engineer:
Cesar Inserny 
Stanley Thomas (eps 6, 12) 
BD Authoring: David Williams 
DVD Authoring: Neal Barnes 
Media Coordinator: Janice Williams 
Mixing: Brent Marshall 
Packaging Design: Larry Koteff 
Production Assistant:
Dwayne Jones 
E.W. Rector III 
Kayla King 
Production manager: Joey Goubeaud 
Sound Design: Brent Marshall 
Subtitle Timing:
Cayla Coats (Complete Series Collection Version) 
Christopher Williams 
Luke Patterson (Complete Series Collection Version) 
Technical Assistant: Michael Olesch 
Brittney Karbowski as Kei Shindou 
Chris Patton as Kyosuke Tsutsumi 
Clint Bickham as Renji Asou 
Greg Ayres as Hiro Hirono 
Luci Christian as Miyako Miyamura 
Monica Rial as Chihiro Shindou 

Allison Sumrall as Emi Izumi 
Carli Mosier as Yuko Amamiya 
David Matranga as Yu Himura 
Hilary Haag as Mizuki Hayama 
Illich Guardiola as Shuichi Kuze 

Allison Sumrall as
Kyosuke's Mother(ep 5) 
Operator(eps 7-8) 
Christopher Ayres as Member B(eps 2-3, 12) 
E.W. Rector III as Member A(eps 2-3, 12) 
Luci Christian as Young Kyosuke(ep 5) 
Samantha Stevens as School Announcement(ep 8) 
Tiffany Grant as Sumire Asou 
English companies
MVM (UK & Ireland) 
Section23 Films (North America) 
Internet Streaming:
Crunchyroll (USA & Canada.) 
iTunes Store 
The Anime Network 
Licensed by:
Hanabee Entertainment (Australia & New Zealand) 
Sentai Filmworks 
Production: Seraphim Digital 
Translation: JN Productions 
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