Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (live-action movie)

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Alternative title:
Transformers - De besegrades hämnd (Swedish) 
Transformers - La revanche (French) 
Transformers 2 
Transformers: A Vingança dos Derrotados (Portuguese) 
Transformers: La Venganza de Los Caídos (Spanish) 
Transformers: Revenge (Japanese) 
Трансформеры: Месть падших (Russian) 
トランスフォーマー: リベンジ (Japanese) 
트랜스포머: 패자의 역습 (Korean) 
Genres: action , comedy , science fiction 
Themes: mecha , military 
Objectionable content: Significant 
Plot Summary: Two years after defeating the Decepticons on Earth, the Autobots have formed a secret alliance with U.S. and British armed forces to hunt down other Decepticons worldwide. Shortly before moving out for college, Sam Witwicky comes in contact with a surviving piece of the Allspark and receives disturbing visions related to the origins of the Transformers and their history on Earth. Meanwhile, a group of Decepticons arrive on Earth and resurrect Megatron from the bottom of the Laurentian Abyss. Megatron resurfaces and leads the Decepticons to capture Sam and obtain all information from him before The Fallen arrives. 
Production cost: ¥20,000,000,000 ($200,000,000) 
Vintage: 2009-06-18
Premiere date:
2009-06-18 (New Zealand) 
2009-06-19 (UK) 
2009-06-20 (Japan) 
2009-06-23 (Brazil) 
2009-06-23 (Philippines) 
2009-06-23 (Ukraine) 
2009-06-24 (Argentina) 
2009-06-24 (Australia) 
2009-06-24 (Belgium) 
2009-06-24 (Canada) 
2009-06-24 (Chile) 
2009-06-24 (China) 
2009-06-24 (Denmark) 
2009-06-24 (Egypt) 
2009-06-24 (Estonia) 
2009-06-24 (Estonia) 
2009-06-24 (Finland) 
2009-06-24 (France) 
2009-06-24 (Germany) 
2009-06-24 (Hong Kong) 
2009-06-24 (Iceland) 
2009-06-24 (India) 
2009-06-24 (Mexico) 
2009-06-24 (Netherlands) 
2009-06-24 (Norway) 
2009-06-24 (Russia) 
2009-06-24 (Singapore) 
2009-06-24 (Spain) 
2009-06-24 (Sweden) 
2009-06-24 (Turkey) 
2009-06-24 (USA) 
2009-06-25 (Croatia) 
2009-06-25 (Czech Republic) 
2009-06-25 (Hungary) 
2009-06-25 (Israel) 
2009-06-25 (Kazakhstan) 
2009-06-25 (Portugal) 
2009-06-25 (Slovakia) 
2009-06-25 (Slovenia) 
2009-06-26 (Bulgaria) 
2009-06-26 (Italy) 
2009-06-26 (Lithuania) 
2009-06-26 (Poland) 
2009-06-26 (Romania) 
2009-06-26 (South Africa) 
2009-06-26 (South Korea) 
2009-06-26 (Taiwan) 
2009-06-26 (Venezuela) 
Ending Theme:
#1: "New Divide" by Linkin Park 
#2: "21 Guns" by Green Day 
#3: "This is It" by Staind 
#4: "Capital M-E" by Taking Back Sunday 
Trivia: We have 99
Winner of three Golden Raspberry Awards - Worst Picture, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay. 
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Blu-Ray (Region A)
    Transformers - 3-Movie Set (Dub.Blu-Ray) 2011-12-13 (from $34.96)
DVD (Region 1)
    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Dub. Blu-Ray/DVD Combo) (DVD) 2009-10-20 (from $25.45)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Banjou Ginga as The Fallen 
Fuminori Komatsu as Sam Witwicky 
Kanako Toujô as Mikaela Banes 
Koutarou Nakamura as Megatron 
Tesshô Genda as Optimus Prime 

Akio Ohtsuka as Sideswipe 
Cho as Seymour Simmons 
Daisuke Gouri as Soundwave 
Hisao Egawa as Jetfire 
Jin Urayama as Ratchet 
Katsuhiro Kitagawa as Ironhide 
Katsuyuki Konishi as Mudflap 
Masako Katsuki as Arcee 
Naoki Tatsuta as
Shuuhei Sakaguchi as Leo Spitz 
Tadashi Miyazawa as Starscream 
Tetsuo Goto as Ron Witwicky 
Tomokazu Seki as Skids 
Yukari Nozawa as Judy Witwicky 
Japanese companies
Distributor: Paramount Japan 
English staff
English cast
Director: Michael Bay 
Music: Steve Jablonsky 
Director of Photography: Ben Seresin 
Executive producer:
Michael Bay 
Steven Spielberg 
Art Department Assistant: Lindsay Brayden 
Assistant Art Director: Curt Beech 
Assistant Director:
Bruce Moriarty (1st AD) 
Hope Garrison (2nd AD) 
K.C. Hodenfield 
Steve Battaglia (1st AD/2nd unit) 
Xavier Wakefield (Paris) 
Background Art:
Elizabeth Duby 
Eric de Jesus 
Casting: Denise Chamian 
Conceptual Design:
Patrick Janicke 
Ryan Church 
Steve Jung 
Construction Assistant: Brianna Hoskins 
Construction Coordinator: John Hoskins 
Consulting Producer: Mohammed Hassan (Egypt) 
Costume Design: Deborah Lynn Scott 
Executive Music Producer: Hans Zimmer 
Graphic Design:
Andrew Campbell 
Susan A. Burig 
Hair Stylist:
Barbara Cantu (assistant stylist) 
Diane Dixon 
Elizabeth Gallegos (assistant stylist) 
Erin Hicks 
Melissa Forney 
Lead Set Designer: C. Scott Baker 
Makeup Artist:
Deidre Parness 
Elizabeth Hoel (key makeup artist) 
Pepper J. Gallegos (assistant) 
Mold Shop Supervisor: David Cohen 
Musician: Suzie Katayama (Cello) 
Production Design: Nigel Phelps 
Production manager:
Allegra Clegg 
Ryan Wiederkehr (ILM) 
Production Supervision: Daren Hicks 
Property Master:
Andrew Petrotta 
Nasser Zoubi (Jordan) 
Sharon Potts (East Coast) 
Propmaker Foreman: Travis Huffman 
Senior Digital Set Designer: Benjamin Edelberg 
Set Decorator: Jennifer Williams 
Supervising Art Director: Jon Billington 
Theme Song Performance:
Avenged Sevenfold ("Almost Easy") 
Cavo ("Let It Go") 
Green Day ("21 Guns") 
Linkin Park (ED "New Divide") 
Nickelback ("Burn It to the Ground") 
Staind ("This is It") 
Taking Back Sunday ("Capital M-E") 
The Fray ("Never Say Never") 
The Used ("Burning Down the House") 
Visual Effects Supervision: Scott Farrar 
Hugo Weaving as Megatron (voice) 
Megan Fox as Mikaela Banes 
Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime (voice) 
Shia LaBeouf as Samuel James "Sam" Witwicky 
Tony Todd as The Fallen (voice) 

Andre Sogliuzzo as Sideswipe (voice) 
Charlie Adler as Starscream (voice) 
Frank Welker as
Devastator (voice) 
Soundwave (voice) 
Glenn Morshower as Gen. Morshower 
Grey DeLisle as Arcee (voice) 
Harry Shearer as Scalpel (voice) 
Isabel Lucas as Alice 
Jess Harnell as Ironhide (voice) 
John Turturro as Seymour Simmons 
John Benjamin Hickey as Galloway 
Josh Duhamel as Maj. William Lennox 
Julie White as Judy Witwicky 
Kevin Dunn as Ron Witwicky 
Mark Ryan as Jetfire (voice) 
Matthew Marsden as Graham 
Ramon Rodriguez as Leo Spitz 
Reno Wilson as Mudflap (voice) 
Robert Foxworth as Ratchet (voice) 
Tom Kenny as
Skids (voice) 
Wheelie (voice) 
Tyrese Gibson as Robert Epps 

Aaron Garrido as Strike Force Team 
Aaron Hill as Frat Guy 
Aaron Lustig as Reporter 
Aaron Norvell as Air Force Military Police 
Alan Mueting as Senator 
Alex Fernandez as Joint Ops Staff 
America Olivo as Frisbee Girl 
Andrew Howard as Special Air Service Forces 
Andrew Hwang as Mandarin Blogger 
Anne Reiss as College Student 
Annie Korzen as Simmons Mom 
Arnold Chun as Diego Garcia Soldier 
Brian Shehan as Strike Force Team 
Caitlin Dulany as CNN Reporter 
Calvin Wimmer as Demolishor (voice) 
Cas Anvar as Egyptian Interpol Officer #1 
Casey Nelson as Joint Ops Staff 
Charles Pendelton as News Stand Patron 
Chelsea O'Toole as Blond College Student 
Chris Palko as College Student (uncredited) 
Christian Dorsey as Camera Man 
Christopher Curry as Pundit 
Cornell Womack as FBI Director 
Danny Donnelly as College Student 
David Bowe as Smithsonian Guard 
David Kneeream as Blue Collar Guy 
David Luengas as Ticket Agent 
David Paul Olsen as Strike Force Team 
Deep Roy as Egyptian Guard 
Derek Weston as Joint Ops Staff 
Donald Sage Mackay as Nuclear Submarine Commander 
Elton Laron as Tribesman 
Eric Pierpoint as NSA Officer 
Erica Lynne Marszalek as College Student 
Erin Naas as Arcee Human Rider Hologram 
Frank Welker as
Grindor (voice) 
Reedman (voice) 
Geoffrey M. Reeves as Strike Force Team 
Howard Walker as Sharsky 
James Harvey Ward as Sonar Man 
Jareb Dauplaise as Frat Guy 
Jason Mullen as Magazine Stand Patron 
Jason Roehm as Joint Ops Staff 
Jayson Floyd as Strike Force Team 
Jenn An as Astronomy Student 
Jerome Ro Brooks as Smithsonian Guard 
Jim Holmes as Reporter 
Jimmy Stewart as Bumblebee (Radio voice) 
Joel Lambert as Strike Force Team 
John Nielsen as USS Roosevelt Captain 
John Sanderford as Pundit 
John Di Crosta as Doctor 
John Eric Bentley as Aide 
Jonathon Trent as Fassbinder 
Jordan Hess as Vehicle Technician #2 
Josh Floyd as Party Member 
Josh Kelly as Strike Force Team 
Kairon John as Hunter 
Kamal Jones as Smithsonian Guard 
Karina Michel as Reporter 
Katie Lowes as April the Resident Assistant 
Katy Marie Johnson as Towel Girl 
Kevin Michael Richardson as
Prime 2 (voice) 
Rampage (voice) 
Skipjack (voice) 
Kristen Welker as Reporter 
Kristina Coolish as College Student 
Larry Carter as Security Guard 
Lee Burkett as Man with Bag 
Marc Evan Jackson as US Central Commander 
Mario Candelaria as Parisian 
Mark Kratzer as Butcher 
Marvin Jordan as Diego Garcia Soldier 
Matt Iseman as C-17 Pilot 
Michael Benyaer as Egyptian Interpol Officer #2 
Michael Coley as Student 
Michael Kusznir as Man on Street 
Michael Papajohn as Cal 
Michael York as Prime 1 (voice) 
Michael A. Templeton as U.S. Congressman 
Mollie Bower as Blonde College Student 
Nick Dash as FBI Agent 
Rainn Wilson as Professor Colan 
Ralph Meyering Jr. as NORAD General 
Rick Cramer as Diego Garcia Soldier 
Robert Bizik as Maitre d' 
Robert Corvin as U.S. Congressman 
Robin Atkin Downes as Prime 3 (voice) 
Ruben Martinez as Bedouin with Donkey 
Sashen Naicker as Bedouin 
Sean T. Krishnan as Yakov 
Sebastian Lionell as Soldier 
Sonny Vellozzi as Sidewalk Pedestrian 
Spencer Garrett as Air Force Chief Of Staff 
T. Alloy Langenfeld as Smithsonian Guard 
Ted Borodaeff as Mime 
Tom Hanks as Bumblebee (Radio voice) 
Victor Harris as Pentagon Worker 

English companies
Avid HD Editing: Pivotal Post 
Broadcaster: FX Network (2011) 
Camera Equipment:
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment 
Panavision Remote Systems (Supertechno Cranes) 
Chinese Signage Translations: V & J Translations 
Music Production: Warner Bros. Records 
Picture Cars: Philly Picture Cars 
Production: Di Bonaventura Pictures 
Production Assistance: Flashpoint Studios 
Rentals: Rockbottom Rentals (cell and walkies) 
Set Equipment: LCW Props 
special effects:
Asylum Visual Effects (additional) 
Digital Domain 
Industrial Light and Magic 
Kerner Optical (miniature effects) 
Proof (previsualization) 
Designer Wardrobe Trailers (wardrobe trailers) 
Movie Movers (star trailers) 
Red Rhino Trailers (hair and make-up trailers) 
Star Waggons (cast trailers) 
Transportation Equipment: Transportation Resources 
Transportation Services: Paramount Transportation Services 
French staff
French cast
Frank Welker as Soundwave (voice) 
French companies
Distributor: Paramount Pictures 
Spanish cast
Spanish staff
ADR Director: Manuel García Guevara (Spain dub) 
Translation: Josep Llurba (Spain dub) 
ADR Script: Manuel García Guevara (Spain dub) 

ADR Engineer: Verónica Moreno (Spain dub) 
Assistant Director: Eva Hernández (Spain dub) 
Blas Garcia as Optimus Prime 
Gabriel Pingarron as The Fallen 
Gerardo Vásquez as Megatron 
Graciela Molina as Mikaela Banes (Spain dub) 
Jordi Boixaderas as Optimus Prime (Spain dub) 
Liliana Barba as Mikaela Banes 
Manuel Gimeno as Samuel James "Sam" Witwicky (Spain dub) 
Miguel Ángel Jenner as Megatron (Spain dub) 
Ramon Canals as The Fallen (Spain dub) 
Victor Ugarte as Sam Witwicky 

Alan Prieto as Skids 
Albert Trifol Segarra as Mudflap (Spain dub) 
Alberto Mieza as Wheelie (Spain dub) 
Arturo Mercado Jr. as Capt. Willian Lennox 
Carlos Lladó as Leonardo "Leo" Spitz (Spain dub) 
Domenech Farell as Sideswipe (Spain dub) 
Eduard Farelo as Robert Epps (Spain dub) 
Eduard Itchart as Graham (Spain dub) 
Eduardo Jover as Ron Witwicky (Spain dub) 
Erica Edwards as Arcee 
Gemma Ibáñez as Arcee (Spain dub) 
Geni Rey as Alice (Spain dub) 
German Fabregat as Starscream 
Javier Viñas as Starscream (Spain dub) 
Jordi Ribes as Galloway (Spain dub) 
Jorge Varela as General Morshower (Spain dub) 
José Posada as William Lennox (Spain dub) 
Juan Antonio Soler as Skids (Spain dub) 
Juan Carlos Gustems as Ratchet (Spain dub) 
Luis Mas as Jetfire (Spain dub) 
Mireya Mendoza as Alice 
Moisés Iván Mora as Mudflap 
Pedro Molina as Agent Seymour Simmons (Spain dub) 
Ricky Coello as Ironhide (Spain dub) 
Rosa María Hernández as Judy Witwicky (Spain dub) 
Salvador Reyes as Sideswipe 

Carlos Di Blasi as Professor Colan (Spain dub) 
Carlos Vicente as
Air Force Boss (Spain dub) 
Prime 3 (Spain dub) 
Daniel Albiac as Sharski (Spain dub) 
Eduardo Elías as Captain Wilder (Spain dub) 
Enriqueta Linares as Simmons' Mother (Spain dub) 
Javier Amilibia as Prime 2 (Spain dub) 
Jesús Díez as FBI Director (Spain dub) 
Jordi Pons as Fasbinder (Spain dub) 
José Javier Serrano as Egyptian Guard (Spain dub) 
Ramón Rocabayera as Prime 4 (Spain dub) 

Alfonso García Zambrano (Spain dub) 
Angel del Río (Spain dub) 
Antonio Moro (Spain dub) 
Carlos Vicente (Spain dub) 
David Blanco (Spain dub) 
Ernesto Castaño (Spain dub) 
Gemma Ibáñez (Spain dub) 
Gerard Clos (Spain dub) 
Javier Amilibia (Spain dub) 
Jesús Díez (Spain dub) 
José Antonio Jiménez (Spain dub) 
José Claudio Ruiz (Spain dub) 
Luis García Márquez (Spain dub) 
Marina García Guevara (Spain dub) 
Oscar Redondo (Spain dub) 
Oscar Ruíz (Spain dub) 
Pablo Gomez (Spain dub) 
Paco Gázquez (Spain dub) 
Pedro López (Spain dub) 
Pedro José Martos (Spain dub) 
Pilar Gefaell (Spain dub) 
Rafael Parra (Spain dub) 
Ramón Rocabayera (Spain dub) 
Rosa Moyano (Spain dub) 
Sandra Fortuny (Spain dub) 
Sofia Garcia (Spain dub) 
Susana Macías (Spain dub) 
Toni Astigarraga (Spain dub) 
Toni Solanes (Spain dub) 
Spanish companies
Broadcaster: Canal RCN (Colombia) 
Distributor: United International Pictures (Chile) 
Dubbing Studio: Sonoblok (Spain dub) 
Italian staff
Italian cast
Frank Welker as Soundwave (voice) 
Italian companies
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Dutch cast
Tagalog staff
Tagalog companies
Broadcaster: TV5 
Tagalog cast
Portuguese cast
Portuguese staff
Dubbing Director: Guilherme Briggs 
Translation: Manolo Rey 
Carlos Gesteira as Fallen 
Guilherme Briggs as Optimus Prime 
José Santacruz as Megatron 
Sérgio Cantú as Sam Witwicky 
Sylvia Salustti as Mikaela Banes 

Alexandre Moreno as Maj. William Lennox 
Dário de Castro as Theodore Galloway 
Duda Espinoza as Ironhide 
Hélio Ribeiro as Agente Simmons 
Iara Riça as Alice 
José Sant'anna as Starscream 
Júlio Chaves as Ratchet 
Marcelo Garcia as Leo Spitz 
Márcio Simões as Jetfire 
Mauro Ramos as Ron Witwicky 
Ricardo Juarez as Sgt. Epps 
Sheila Dorfman as Judy Witwicky 

Ettore Zuim as Professor Colan 
Portuguese companies
Dubbing Studio: Delart 

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