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Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto (OAV)
A14918-2172891704.1364121878 Magical Suite Prism Nana (OAV)
In a future not too distant from ours, "Nanagō City" is a beautiful city in Japan surrounded by mountains and ocean-sides. The sensitive, adolescent girls who live there are each opening up doors to their own, unique possibilities. No one wants to forget the path they take to adulthood.
Queen's Blade: Grimoire (OAV)
After the wandering warrior Leina's championship has ended, the royal court's magician Alicia uses black magic and opens a doorway to another dimension. From that door, a rabbit lures Alicia into another dimension called Melfairland. Melfairland is holding a tournament of its own to award out a Queen's Blade, and Alicia enters the tournament in order to find a way to return to her own world.
Bakuon!! (OAV)
Sakura Hane is worn-out climbing a hilly road with a bicycle, but she meets a girl riding a motorcycle and then joins a motorcycle club. (from manga)
A16694-1291440429.1420474449 Kurage no Shokudō (OAV)

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Picture Name &
Strike The Blood (OAV)
A17631-2133574745.1441591934 Durarara!!×2 Ten Gaiden!? (OAV)
A17324-1994701393.1443717288 Cyborg 009 Vs. Devilman (OAV)
Hantsu x Trash (OAV)
Aimless high school freshman Yōhei Hamaji receives an invitation to join a club where "he can touch girls as much as he wants." He finds himself at the water polo club. (from manga)
Hero Company (OAV)
Five workers workers at a giant corporation are dedicated to protecting people from disasters and other events all over the world. Together, they transform into the superheroes Dessert Five: Chocolate Red, Macaron Navy, Langue de Chat White, Soft Ice Cream Yellow, and Parfait Pink. (from manga)
Big Order (OAV)
Eiji Hoshimiya is an introverted high school student with a huge secret — he wished for the destruction of the world when he was younger. Fairies give certain people special powers called Orders. What Order Users can do with their power depends on their wishes. 10 years after the Great Destruction, Eiji struggles to come to terms with his immense power. (from manga)
A17155-1753825658.1439920143 Tokyo Ghoul: Jack (OAV)
An incident involving a human-devouring Ghoul occurs in Tokyo's 13th Ward. To seek the truth behind what happened to his friend, the rebellious high school boy Taishi Fura pursues the Ghoul named Lantern with the young ace investigator Kishō Arima. The story follows how the ace investigator Arima and the talented 7th Ward investigator Taishi Fura first met. (from manga)
A16769-1465896163.1433479931 Aria the Avvenire (OAV)
Aru Hi Inu no Kuni kara Tegami ga Kite (OAV)
A17033-1223180242.1435251377 Gakuen Handsome the Animation (OAV)