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Kanji name: アニメ浪漫 
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Anime with which this company was involved:
(Japanese version)
Aishiteruze Baby (TV) : Key Animation (ep 23, 25)
Akahori Gedō Hour Rabuge (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 13)
 , Key Animation (ep 12) 
Alice in Wonderland (TV) : Animation
AM Driver (TV) : Key Animation (ep 4)
Amaenaide yo!! Katsu!! (TV) : Key Animation
Angel Heart (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Angel Sanctuary (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Angelic Layer (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep. 10,13,16,19,22)
Antique Bakery (TV) : In-Between Animation
Aoi & Mutsuki: A Pair of Queens (TV) : Key Animation (ep 2, 5)
Argento Soma (TV) : Key Animation (ep 4, 8)
Aria - The Natural (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 25)
 , Key Animation (ep 8) 
Arjuna (TV) : In-Between Animation
Armored Trooper Votoms (TV) : In-Between Animation
Armored Trooper Votoms: Big Battle (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Armored Trooper Votoms: The Heretic Saint (OAV) : Key Animation (ep 2)
Bakugan Battle Brawlers (TV) : Key Animation
Battle Skipper (OAV) : Key Animation (ep 3)
Beyblade the Movie: Fierce Battle : Animation
(The) Big O (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Birth (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Black Butler (TV) : Key Animation
Black Cat (TV) : Key Animation
Blassreiter (TV) : In-Between Animation
Blood+ (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 17, 21)
 , In-Between Animation (ep 1) 
Blue Drop (TV) : Key Animation (ep 13)
Bokurano (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Boogiepop Phantom (TV) : Key Animation
Brave King GaoGaiGar Final (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Brave Story (movie) : Animation
Burn-Up Scramble (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Key Animation 
Burst Angel: Infinity (OAV) : Key Animation
Can Can Bunny Extra (OAV) : Animation
Capeta (TV) : In-Between Animation
Chō Mashin Eiyūden Wataru (TV) : In-Between Animation
Chocotto Sister (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 12)
Chrono Crusade (TV) : Key Animation
Cinderella Boy (TV) : In-Between Animation
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Comic Party (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep. 10)
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie : In-Between Animation
Cybernetics Guardian (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Cyberteam in Akihabara (TV) : Key Animation (ep 18)
Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier (TV) : In-Between Animation
D.C. II: Da Capo II (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (eps 1,5,9-10,12-13)
D.C.II S.S. ~Da Capo II Second Season~ (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (eps 7,9)
Dangaioh (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (TV) : Key Animation (ep 17)
Delpower X Bakuhatsu Miracle Genki! (OAV) : Animation
Desert Punk (TV) : Key Animation (ep 1, 13)
Detroit Metal City (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Dirty Pair (TV) : Key Animation (ep 22)
Don't Leave Me Alone, Daisy (TV) : In-Between Animation
Dragon Drive (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
DT Eightron (TV) : In-Between Animation
Eden's Bowy (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep. 16)
Elfen Lied (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Key Animation (Ep. 10) 
Eternal Family (TV) : Animation
Fighting Spirit (TV) : In-Between Animation
Flame of Recca (TV) : In-Between Animation
Full Metal Panic! (TV) : In-Between Animation
Full Moon o Sagashite (TV) : In-Between Animation
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV) : In-Between Animation
Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime (TV) : Key Animation (ep 41, 43)
Future GPX Cyber Formula Saga (OAV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation (ep 3) 
Future GPX Cyber Formula Sin (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Future GPX Cyber Formula Zero (OAV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
G-On Riders (TV) : Key Animation (ep 14)
Gad Guard (TV) : Key Animation
Gakuen Heaven (TV) : Key Animation (ep 5)
Galaxy Investigation 2100: Border Planet (movie) : In-Between Animation
Gantz (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 2)
 , In-Between Animation (ep 1, 5, 20, 25) , Paint (ep 14) 
Genshiken (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation (ep 5) 
Genshiken 2 (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep. 11)
 , Key Animation (ep. 5) 
Getter Robo: Armageddon (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep 24)
Ghost Talker's Daydream (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Girls Bravo (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation , Key Animation 
Glass Mask (TV 2/2005) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Godannar (TV) : Key Animation (ep 24)
Gravitation (TV) : In-Between Animation
Great Dangaioh (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation (ep 13) 
Guardian Hearts (OAV) : Key Animation (ep. 3,5,6)
Gunbuster 2: Diebuster (OAV) : In-Between Animation (ep 1)
Gunbuster vs Diebuster Aim for the Top! The GATTAI!! Movie : In-Between Animation Assistance
GUNxSWORD (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Key Animation 
Gurren Lagann (TV) : In-Between Animation
Hades Project Zeorymer (OAV) : Animation Cooperation (ep 2)
 , In-Between Animation 
Haibane Renmei (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , In-Between Animation (ep 2,7) 
Hajime no Ippo - Champion Road (special) : Key Animation
Hakugei: Legend of the Moby Dick (TV) : In-Betweening
Happy Lesson (TV) : In-Between Animation (eps 3-4,6-7,11.5)
Happy Lesson Advanced (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
He Is My Master (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Heat Guy J (TV) : In-Between Animation
Hell Girl (TV) : Key Animation
Hero Tales (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
(The) Heroic Legend of Arslan (OAV) : Animation
Higurashi no Naku Koroni Kai (TV) : Key Animation
Honey and Clover (TV) : Animation
Humanoid Monster Bem (TV 2) : Key Animation (ep 24)
Ikki Tousen (TV) : Key Animation (ep 6)
Ikuze! Gen-san (ONA) : Key Animation (ep 3)
Iron Leaguer (TV) : In-Between Animation
Kagihime Monogatari - Eikyuu Alice Rondo (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep 7)
Karakuri Kengo Den Musashi Lord (TV) : Key Animation
Kimikiss pure rouge (TV) : Key Animation (ep 22)
Kirby: Right Back At Ya! (TV) : In-Between Animation
Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo (TV) : In-Between Animation
Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo: The Movie : In-Between Animation
Koi Kaze (TV) : Key Animation
Kurokami The Animation (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 3)
Kurozuka (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Last Exile (TV) : Key Animation (ep 7)
Legend of Lemnear (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Lime-iro Senkitan (TV) : Key Animation
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight (TV) : In-Between Animation
Lovege Chu - Miracle Seiyū Hakusho (TV) : Key Animation (ep 14)
Lupin III: Stolen Lupin (special) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos (TV) : Animation Assistance (ep 45-47)
 , In-Between Animation 
Madō King Granzort (TV) : In-Between Animation
Mama wa Shougaku Yonensei (TV) : Animation
Mars Daybreak (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation (ep 8) 
Mashin Eiyuden Wataru 2 (TV) : Animation
Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch (TV) : In-Between Animation
Minami-ke (TV) : Key Animation
Mirmo Zibang! (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation (ep 13) 
Misaki Chronicles (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 5)
 , Key Animation (ep 11) 
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (movie) : Animation Assistance
Mobile Suit SD Gundam Festival (movie) : In-Between Animation
MoonPhase (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Myself; Yourself (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 1)
NANA (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Negima!? (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
NieA_7 (TV) : Animation
Ninja Robots (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation (ep 8, 19, 24, 29, 35) 
Ninja Scroll (TV) : Key Animation (ep. 6)
Noein - to your other self (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep 3, 11)
Odin - Starlight Mutiny (movie) : Production Cooperation
Oh! Edo Rocket (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 1)
Oishinbo: Nichibei Kome Sensō (special) : In-Between Animation
Otoboku - Maidens Are Falling for Me! (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep 12)
Outlaw Star (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep 26)
Over Drive (TV) : Key Animation (ep 3)
Ozanari Dungeon: Kaze no Tou (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Pani Poni Dash! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Panzer World Galient (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Paradise Kiss (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 7, 9, 11)
Peacemaker (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Penguin's Memory: Shiawase Monogatari (movie) : Production Cooperation (Animation)
Platinumhugen Ordian (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation (ep 22) 
Plawres Sanshiro (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep. 37)
Pokemon Advance (TV) : In-Between Animation
Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys (movie) : In-Between Animation
Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker (movie) : Animation Assistance
Polyphonica (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 12)
Popotan (TV) : In-Between Assistance
 , Key Animation (ep 1) 
Princess Princess (TV) : Key Animation
Project A-Ko (movie) : In-Between Animation
R.O.D -The TV- : In-Between Animation (ep. 17)
 , Key Animation (ep. 8,12) 
RahXephon (TV) : In-Between Animation
Ranma ½: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China (movie) : Production Assistance
Rave Master (TV) : In-Between Animation
Requiem from the Darkness (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep 2-3, 6-7, 9)
Rockman.EXE Axess (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Ronin Warriors (TV) : In-Between Animation
Ronin Warriors: Message (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Rosario + Vampire Capu2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 4)
Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal (OAV) : In-Between Animation (Eps. 3-4)
Ryoko's Case File (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Saber Marionette J Again (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Saber Marionette J to X (TV) : In-Between Animation
Sakura Wars 2 (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Samurai 7 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 15)
 , In-Between Animation (ep 2) , Key Animation (ep 26) 
Samurai Girl Real Bout High School (TV) : In-Between Animation
Sasami: Magical Girls Club Season 2 (TV) : Key Animation (ep 6)
Satsujin Kippu wa Heart-iro (OAV) : Key Animation
Scrapped Princess (TV) : In-Between Animation
Sekirei (TV) : Key Animation (ep. 8)
Sgt. Frog (TV) : Key Animation
Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars (TV) : Animation
Shuffle! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 19)
Silent Möbius (movie) : Production Assistance
Slayers Premium (movie) : In-Between Animation
Sol Bianca: The Legacy (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Spider Riders (TV) : Key Animation (eps 17,21)
Spider Riders: Yomigaeru Taiyou (TV) : Key Animation (ep 13)
Spriggan (movie) : In-Between Animation
Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry (TV) : Key Animation (ep 6, 9)
Strait Jacket (OAV) : Animation
Stratos 4 (TV) : In-Between Animation
Sugar Sugar Rune (TV) : Key Animation
(The) Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (TV) : In-Between Animation
(The) Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? (movie) : In-Between Animation
Suzuka (TV) : Key Animation
Tales of Symphonia the Animation (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie (OAV) : Animation
Tenchi Universe (TV) : Inbetweener (ep 17)
Tetsujin 28th (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep. 1-4,7,8,9)
 , Key Animation (ep. 1,22,25) 
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World (TV) : In-Between Animation Cooperation (ep 2)
To Love-Ru (TV) : Key Animation (ep 3)
ToHeart - Remember my memories (TV) : 原画 (ep 6)
 , 第2原画 (ep 13) 
Tokyo Mew Mew (TV) : In-Between Animation
Tokyo Pig (TV) : In-Between Animation
Tokyo Underground (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep. 11)
Tona-Gura! (TV) : Key Animation (ep 9)
Toward the Terra (TV) : In-Between Animation
Transformers: Armada (TV) : Key Animation (ep 2)
Trinity Blood (TV) : Animation
Tweeny Witches: The Adventures (OAV) : In-Between Animation (ep. 2)
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie (TV) : In-Between Animation
Ultra Maniac (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep. 7)
 , Key Animation (ep. 3) 
Vampire Hunter D (OAV) : Production Assistance
Vandread (TV) : Animation
 , Animation (ep 5) 
Venus Versus Virus (TV) : Key Animation
 , Key Animation (ep 1) 
(The) Venus Wars (movie) : Key Animation
Wanwan Sanjushi (TV) : In-Between Animation
Welcome to the NHK (TV) : 2nd Key Animation (ep 15)
White Album (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Wolf's Rain (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep 23, 25)
Yatterman (TV 2008) : 2nd Key Animation
Yoroshiku Mechadock (TV) : In-Between Animation
Yoshimune (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
You're Under Arrest (OAV) : Animation Assistance (ep 1)
You're Under Arrest Second Season (TV) : In-Between Animation (ep 8-9, 18, 24)
You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle (TV) : Key Animation (ep 21)
Yume Tsukai (TV) : Key Animation (ep 3)
Zoids: Fuzors (TV) : Key Animation

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