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Kanji name: スクウェア・エニックス 
Foundation date: 2003-04-01 
(2003-04-01) Established by the merger of Square and Enix 
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Anime with which this company was involved:
(Japanese version)
009 Re:Cyborg (movie) : Special Support
10-4 (manga) : Publisher
15: Meisetsu Kōgyō Kōkō Rugby-bu (manga) : Publisher
Aizawa-san Multiplies (manga) : Publisher
Akame ga KILL! (manga) : Publisher
Akame ga KILL! (TV) : Producer (Production)
Akame ga KILL! Zero (manga) : Publisher
Alice on Deadlines (manga) : Publisher
(The) Alternative Cure Magical Girl Behoimi-chan (manga) : Publisher
anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (TV) : Setting Cooperation (ep 2, 7-8, 10)
Aoharu x Machine Gun (manga) : Publisher
Aphorism (manga) : Publisher
Apocripha/0 (manga) : Publisher
Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion (manga) : Publisher
Arachnid (manga) : Publisher
Arakawa Under the Bridge (manga) : Publisher
Arakawa Under the Bridge (live-action movie) : Production
Arakawa Under the Bridge (TV) : Production
Arakawa under the Bridge × Bridge (TV) : Production
Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A (manga) : Publisher
Ark (manga) : Publisher
Artifact; Red (manga) : Publisher
Asagaya Zippy (manga) : Publisher
Asao-san to Kurata-kun (manga) : Publisher
B. Ichi (manga) : Publisher
Baccano! (manga) : Publisher
Bamboo Blade (manga) : Publisher
Bamboo Blade (TV) : Production
Bamboo Blade B (manga) : Publisher
Banoten! (manga) : Publisher
Barakamon (manga) : Publisher
Baroque (manga) : Publisher
Bitter Virgin (manga) : Publisher
Black Butler (manga) : Publisher
Black Butler (TV) : Production
Black Butler II (OAV) : Production
Black Butler II (TV) : Production
Black Butler: Book of Circus (TV) : Production
Black Butler: Book of Murder (OAV) : Production
Black Butler: His Butler, Performer (OAV) : Production
Black Detective (manga) : Publisher
Black God (manga) : Publisher
Blanc Project (manga) : Publisher
Blast of Tempest (TV) : Production
Bloody Cross (manga) : Publisher
Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV (ONA) : Original Creator
"Bungaku Shōjo" to Shinitagari no Pierrot (manga) : Publisher
Bus Gamer (manga) : Publisher
Bus Gamer (TV) : Production
Cafe Detective Club (manga) : Publisher
(The) Case Study of Vanitas (manga) : Publisher
A Certain Magical Index (manga) : Publisher
A Certain Magical Index (TV) : Production
A Certain Magical Index II (TV) : Production
A Certain Magical Index: The Miracle of Endymion (movie) : Production
Chō Soku Henkei Gyrozetter (TV) : CG Modeling Assistance
 , Music Production , Original Creator , Production 
Chokotto Hime (manga) : Publisher
Chronicle (manga) : Publisher
Classmate, Kamimura Yūka wa Kō Itta. (manga) : Publisher
Code Age (manga) : Publisher
(The) Comic Artist and His Assistants (manga) : Publisher
Corpse Party: Blood Covered (manga) : Publisher
Corpse Princess (manga) : Publisher
Corpse Princess (TV) : Production
Crescent Noise (manga) : Publisher
Crimson Prince (manga) : Publisher
Crimson-Shell (manga) : Publisher
Cuticle Detective Inaba (manga) : Publisher
Daily Lives of High School Boys (manga) : Publisher
Daily Lives of High School Boys (TV) : Production
Damekko Kissa Dear (manga) : Publisher
Darker than Black: Shikkoku no Hana (manga) : Publisher
Date Bashira (manga) : Publisher
Date Mono (manga) : Publisher
Dear (manga) : Publisher
Demon King Ena-sama Goes to a Manga School : Publisher
Diabolic Garden (manga) : Publisher
Dimension W (manga) : Publisher
Dimension W (TV) : Production
Donyatsu (manga) : Publisher
Dōsei Recipe (manga) : Publisher
Doubt (manga by Y. Tonogai) : Publisher
Dragon Quest Saga: Emblem of Roto (manga) : Publisher
Dragon Quest: Tenkū Monogatari (manga) : Publisher
Dragon Quest: Warriors of Eden (manga) : Publisher
Dragon Revive (manga) : Publisher
Drakengard (manga) : Publisher
Duds Hunt - The Network Survival Game (manga) : Publisher
Durarara!! (manga) : Publisher
Durarara!! (TV) : Production
Durarara!! Saika Arc (manga) : Publisher
Durarara!! Yellow Scarves Arc (manga) : Publisher
Durarara!!×2 Shō (TV) : Production
Dusk maiden of Amnesia (manga) : Publisher
Dusk maiden of Amnesia (TV) : Production
Eighth (manga) : Publisher
Emblem of Roto Returns (manga) : Publisher
Emblem of Roto: To the Children who inherit the Emblem (manga) : Publisher
En Passant (manga) : Publisher
Enchanter (manga) : Publisher
Evil Crusher Maya (manga) : Publisher (serialization, 1996)
Father and Son (manga) : Publisher
Final Fantasy Type-0 (manga) : Publisher
Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story: The Ice Reaper (manga) : Publisher
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (movie) : Animation
 , Production 
Final Fantasy XI : The Out of Orders (manga) : Original Creator (of Japan)
 , Publisher (of Japan) 
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (US CG movie) : Original Creator
Final Fantasy: Unlimited (TV) : Original Creator
Fire Emblem: Hikari o Tsugumono (manga) : Publisher
Flash! Kimengumi (manga) : Publisher
Fractale (manga) : Publisher
Fudanshi Full! (manga) : Publisher
Fudanshism: Fudanshi Shugi (manga) : Publisher
Fullmetal Alchemist (manga) : Publisher
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV) : Production
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV) : Production
Fullmetal Alchemist: Premium Collection (OAV) : Production
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie - Conqueror of Shamballa : Production
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos (movie) : Production
[G Fantasy] : Publisher
Gakkō no Sensei (manga) : Publisher
Gakuen K (manga) : Publisher
[Gangan Joker] : Publisher
[Gangan Online] : Publisher
[Gangan Powered] : Publisher
[Gangan Wing] : Publisher
Gestalt (manga) : Publisher
Ghost Slayers Ayashi (manga) : Publisher
Gin no Kresnik (manga) : Publisher
Ginsai no Kawa - Tonagi Railway Story (manga) : Publisher
Gremlins Experience (manga) : Publisher
Grim Reaper and Four Girlfriends (manga) : Publisher
Gugure! Kokkuri-san (manga) : Publisher
Gulf Trigger (manga) : Publisher
Hana Michi Otome (manga) : Publisher
Hanamaru Kindergarten (manga) : Publisher
Hanamaru Kindergarten (TV) : Production
Hanasaku Iroha (manga) : Publisher
Handa-kun (manga) : Publisher
Haré+Guu Deluxe (OAV) : Production
Hatsukiai (manga) : Publisher
He is my Master (manga) : Publisher
Hero Tales (TV) : Copyright
HeroMan (manga) : Publisher
Heroman (TV) : Production
Hi Score Girl (manga) : Publisher
Higurashi no Naku Koroni (manga) : Publisher
Higurashi When They Cry: Abducted by Demons Arc (manga) : Publisher
Higurashi When They Cry: Atonement Arc (manga) : Publisher
Higurashi When They Cry: Beyond Midnight Arc (manga) : Publisher
Higurashi When They Cry: Cotton Drifting Arc (manga) : Publisher
Higurashi When They Cry: Curse Killing Arc (manga) : Publisher
Higurashi When They Cry: Dice Killing Arc (manga) : Publisher
Higurashi When They Cry: Eye Opening Arc (manga) : Publisher
Higurashi When They Cry: Festival Accompanying Arc (manga) : Publisher
Higurashi When They Cry: Massacre Arc (manga) : Publisher
Higurashi When They Cry: Time Killing Arc (manga) : Publisher
Himawari (manga by D. Hiyama) : Publisher
Himawari 2nd Episode (manga) : Publisher
Holy Glory (manga) : Publisher
Hori-san to Miyamura-kun (manga) : Publisher
Horimiya (manga) : Publisher
Hoshi no Ko! (manga) : Publisher
Hōzuki no Shima (manga) : Publisher
Hyakuen! (manga) : Publisher
I, Otaku - Struggle in Akihabara (manga) : Publisher
Ibitsu (manga by Haruto Ryō) : Publisher
Inu X Boku Secret Service (TV) : Production
Inu × Boku SS (manga) : Publisher
Inugami Hime no Shimobe (manga) : Publisher
(The) irregular at magic high school (TV) : Production
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (manga) : Publisher
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Sword Oratoria (manga) : Publisher
(The) J.K. of the Vampirelady (manga) : Publisher
Jackals (manga) : Publisher
Jaku-San-Sei Million Arthur (manga) : Original Creator
Jaku-San-Sei Million Arthur (ONA) : Production
Jinx (manga) : Publisher
Joushuutouzoku Aratamekata Hinagiku Kenzan! (manga) : Publisher
Judge (manga) : Publisher
Jūkinzoku Kanojo (manga) : Publisher
Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu (manga) : Publisher
Jyūshin Enbu - Hero Tales (manga) : Publisher
K: Dog & Cat (manga) : Publisher
K: Missing Kings (manga) : Publisher
K: The First (manga) : Publisher
Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler (manga) : Publisher
Kamiyome (manga) : Publisher
Kamiyomi (manga) : Publisher
Kamui (manga) : Publisher
Kashizuki Musume to Waka Tsubame (manga) : Publisher
Kimi to Boku (manga) : Publisher
Kingdom Hearts (manga) : Original Creator (VG)
 , Publisher (as "Kingdom Hearts Final Mix") 
Kingdom Hearts (novel) : Publisher
Kingdom Hearts II (manga) : Original Creator
 , Publisher 
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (manga) : Publisher
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (manga) : Original Creator
 , Publisher 
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (novel) : Publisher
Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (movie) : Original Creator
Kitakubu Katsudō Kiroku (manga) : Publisher
Konamon (manga) : Publisher
Kōtei no Hanayome (manga) : Publisher
Kurokami The Animation (TV) : Production
Kyō no Maō-sama (manga) : Publisher
Kyōsō no Simulacra (manga) : Publisher
Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne (TV) : Comic Serialization
 , Cooperation 
Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne (TV 2) : Comic Serialization
 , Cooperation 
LaLaLa (manga) : Publisher
Lammermoor no Shōnen Kiheitai (manga) : Publisher
Last Order Final Fantasy VII (OAV) : Production
Legend of Mana (manga) : Original Creator
Liberamente - Kamatani Yuhki Tanpenshu (manga) : Publisher
Little Witches Necklace (manga) : Publisher
Love Rob Stockholm (manga) : Publisher
Lucky Racoon (manga) : Publisher
Magical Musō Tenshi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan (manga) : Publisher
Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei (manga) : Publisher
Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei: Kyūkōsen-hen (manga) : Publisher
Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei: Yokohama Sōran-hen (manga) : Publisher
Mahoraba (manga) : Publisher
Mahoraba ~Heartful days~ (TV) : Copyright
Majo no Geboku to Maō no Tsuno (manga) : Publisher
Manabiya (manga) : Publisher
Manhole (manga) : Publisher
Megane × Parfait! (manga) : Publisher
Meisou Kuiki (manga) : Publisher
Mika ni Harassment (manga) : Publisher
Million no Spell (manga) : Publisher
Monokuro Kitan (manga) : Publisher
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (manga) : Publisher
(The) Morose Mononokean (manga) : Publisher
Mōryō no Yurikago (manga) : Publisher
My Bride Is a Mermaid (TV) : Production
My Monster Girl's Too Cool for You (manga) : Publisher
(The) Mythical Detective LOKI (manga) : Publisher
Nabari No Ou (manga) : Publisher
Nabari no Ou (TV) : Production
Nagasarete Airantou (manga) : Publisher
Nangoku Shōnen Papuwa-kun (manga) : Publisher
Natsu no Arashi! (manga) : Publisher
Neet Princess Terrass (manga) : Publisher
Neo Dragoon Dokugan Ryūkai (manga) : Publisher
Nicoichi (manga) : Publisher
Nightmare Go Round (manga) : Publisher
Nightmare Inspector: Yumekui Kenbun (manga) : Publisher
No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! (manga) : Publisher
No-Rin (TV) : Production
O-Parts Hunter (manga) : Publisher
On the Way to a Smile - Episode Denzel: Final Fantasy VII (OAV) : Production
One Week Friends (manga) : Publisher
Oracle of Secret Shrine Maiden (manga) : Publisher
Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru (manga) : Publisher
Pandora Hearts (manga) : Publisher
Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race (novel) : Publisher
Pani Poni (manga) : Publisher
Papuwa (manga) : Publisher
Planet Guardian (manga) : Publisher
Prunus Girl (manga) : Publisher
Radiata Stories: The Epic of Jack (manga) : Publisher
Rail Aile Bleue (manga) : Publisher
Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Dai-Ni-Shō: Yashiki no Ishūkan-hen (manga) : Publisher
(The) Record of a Fallen Vampire (manga) : Publisher
Renaissance Eve (manga) : Publisher
Reset (manga) : Publisher
Rose Guns Days Last Season (manga) : Publisher
Rose Guns Days Season One (manga) : Publisher
Rose Guns Days Season Three (manga) : Publisher
Rose Guns Days Season Two (manga) : Publisher
Rose Guns Days: Aishū no Cross Knife (manga) : Publisher
(The) Royal Tutor (manga) : Publisher
Rust Blaster (manga) : Publisher
Ryūshika Ryūshika (manga) : Publisher
Saenai Heroine no Sodate-kata: Koi-suru Metronome (manga) : Publisher
Saiyuki Gaiden (manga) : Publisher
Saki (manga) : Publisher
Saki (TV) : Production
Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A (manga) : Publisher
Saki Biyori (manga) : Publisher
Scarlet Empire (manga) : Publisher
Scum's Wish (manga) : Publisher
Scumbag Loser (manga) : Publisher
Secret (manga) : Publisher
Seirei no Moribito (manga) : Publisher
Seitokai no Otanoshimi (manga) : Publisher
Sekirei (manga) : Publisher
Sengoku Strays (manga) : Publisher
Sensen Spike Hills (manga) : Publisher
Servant × Service (manga) : Publisher
Seto no Hanayome (manga) : Publisher
Shanghai Yōmakikai (manga) : Publisher
Shibutani-kun Tomo no Kai (manga) : Publisher
Shikabane Hime: Kuro (TV) : Production
Shindere Shōjo to Kodoku na Shinigami (manga) : Publisher
Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai o (manga) : Publisher
Shining Tears (manga) : Publisher
Shitsurakuen (manga) : Publisher
[Shonen Gangan] : Publisher
Shounen Tantei Inugami Geru (manga) : Publisher
Shunki Gentei Ichigo Tart Jiken (manga) : Publisher
Shut-In Shoutarou Kominami Takes on the World (manga) : Publisher
Silent Möbius Tales (manga) : Publisher
Sōgiya Riddle (manga) : Publisher
Soul Eater (manga) : Publisher
Soul Eater Not! (manga) : Publisher
Soul Eater Not! (TV) : Production
Souten no Koumori (manga) : Publisher
Space Dandy (manga) : Publisher
Spiral Alive (manga) : Publisher
Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning (manga) : Publisher
Star Driver (TV) : Production
Star Driver the Movie : Production
Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (manga) : Publisher (volumes 3-7)
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (manga) : Publisher
Stray Dog (manga) : Publisher
Sumomomo, Momomo - The Strongest Bride on Earth (manga) : Publisher
Superior (manga) : Publisher
Superior Cross (manga) : Publisher
Switch (manga) : Publisher
Syllabus of Oshie (manga) : Publisher
Takahashi-san is Listening (manga) : Publisher
Tales of Eternia (manga) : Publisher
Tales of Wedding Rings (manga) : Publisher
Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (manga) : Publisher
Tari Tari (manga) : Publisher
Tasogare no Niwa (manga) : Publisher
Teiden Shōjo to Hanemushi no Orchestra (manga) : Publisher
Tenken Otogizoushi (manga) : Publisher
Tentai Senshi Sunred (manga) : Publisher
Teriyaki Western -Shijō Saikyō no Muhō Toshi- (manga) : Publisher
Terra e... ~Aoki Kōbō no Kiss~ (manga) : Publisher
+Tic Elder Sister (manga) : Publisher
Time of Eve (movie) : Production (manga)
Toaru Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki (manga) : Publisher
Today's Cerberus (manga) : Publisher
Tohyou Game (manga) : Publisher
Tokyo Innocent (manga) : Publisher
Tokyo Underground (manga) : Publisher
Torikago Gakkyū (manga) : Publisher
Totsugeki Tonari no Enix (manga) : Publisher
Triphylite Phantasia (manga) : Publisher
Twin Signal (manga) : Publisher
Übel Blatt (manga) : Publisher
Uchū Chintai Sargasso (manga) : Publisher (2002-2005)
UFO Princess Valkyrie (manga) : Publisher
Umineko - When They Cry (TV) : Special Thanks
Umineko When They Cry (manga) : Publisher
Unknown (manga by T.Yoshimura) : Publisher
Until Death Do Us Part (manga) : Publisher
Valkyrie Profile (manga) : Publisher
Violinist of Hameln: Shchelkunchik (manga) : Publisher
√W.P.B. (manga) : Publisher
Wa! (manga) : Publisher
Watashi no Messiah-sama ~lacrima~ (manga) : Publisher
Watashi no Ookami-san (manga) : Publisher
Watashi no Ookami-san. The Other Side of Lycanthrope (manga) : Publisher
Watashi no Ouchi wa Honya-san (manga) : Publisher
Web-ban Working!! (manga) : Publisher
When a Magician's Pupil Smiles (manga) : Publisher
With Hitorimi Haduki-san. (manga) : Publisher
Working!! (manga) : Publisher
Yandere Kanojo (manga) : Publisher
Yōkai Ningen Bem Returns (manga) : Publisher
Yoshinobu ga! (manga) : Publisher
You and Me. (TV) : Production
You and Me. Season 2 (TV) : Production
[Young Gangan] : Publisher
Yūbe wa Otanoshimi Deshita ne (manga) : Publisher
Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce (manga by A. Cagiva) : Publisher
Zelda no Densetsu: Yume o Mirushima (manga) : Publisher
Zetsuen no Tempest (manga) : Publisher
Zettai Joō Sei (manga) : Publisher
Zettai Reiiki (manga) : Publisher
Zombie-Bitch SAKINA is in Bitch-girl? (manga) : Publisher
Zombie-Loan (manga) : Publisher
Zone (manga by S. Hosoma) : Publisher

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