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Foundation date: 1994 
Official website:
Forum: Comicforum (German) 
Manganet (German) 
Official website (German) 
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Anime with which this company was involved:
(German version)
07-Ghost (manga) : Publisher
07-Ghost Children (manga) : Publisher
360° Material (manga) : Publisher
A.I. Love You (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Absolute Boyfriend (manga) : Publisher
Adekan (manga) : Publisher
Ai Ore! (manga) : Publisher
Ai Yori Aoshi (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Ai-Ore! Danshikō no Hime to Joshikō no Ōji (manga) : Publisher
Akuma na Eros (manga) : Publisher
Alice 19th (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Angel Diary (manhwa) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Another (manga) : Publisher
Appleseed (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Arata: The Legend (manga) : Publisher
Arcana (Korean manga, So-Young Lee) : Publisher
Asa made, motto (manga) : Publisher
Asa mo, Hiru mo, Yoru mo (manga) : Publisher (Egmont)
Ayakashi Hisen (manga) : Publisher
Backstage Prince (manga) : Publisher
Basara (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
(The) Big O (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Birthday (manga) : Publisher
Black Bird (manga) : Publisher
Blade of the Immortal (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and anime)
Blame! (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and anime)
Boku ni Natta Watashi (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Bokutachi wa Shitteshimatta (manga) : Publisher
Boy Princess (manhwa) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Bus Gamer (manga) : Publisher
Calling You (manga, S. Tsuzuki) : Publisher
Cannon God Exaxxion (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Caramel Kiss (manga) : Publisher
Cardcaptor Sakura (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Case Closed (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Ceres: Celestial Legend (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
(The) Cherry Project (manga) : Publisher
Chibi Devi! (manga) : Publisher
Chobits (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Chocolate Christmas (manga) : Publisher
(The) Chronicle of The Clueless Age (manga) : Publisher
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword (manhwa) : Publisher
City Hunter (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and anime)
Clamp School Detectives (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Code:Breaker (manga) : Publisher
Codename: Sailor V (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and anime)
Coelacanth (manga) : Publisher
Color (manga by Eiki Eiki) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Corpse Party - Blood Covered (manga) : Publisher
Cosplay Animal (manga) : Publisher
Cowboy Bebop (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and anime)
Crayon Shinchan (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and anime)
Cute×Guy (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Cyborg Kuro-Chan (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and anime)
Daini Button Kudasai (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Dark Water (manga) : Annouced (Egmont Manga and Anime)
(The) Day of Revolution (manga) : Publisher
Dear Myself (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Dear! (manga) : Publisher
Demon Flowers: Kuruizaki no Hana (manga) : Publisher (Egmont)
Di Gi Charat (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Digimortal (manga) : Publisher
Dominion (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Dream Saga (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders (manga) : Publisher (Egmont manga and Anime)
Eagle (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Eden - It's an Endless World! (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Electric Hands (manga) : Publisher
(La) Esperança (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Fairy Navigator Runa (manga) : Publisher
Family Complex (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Fiancé wa Monster!? (manga) : Publisher
Forget-me-not (manga, Kenji Tsuruta) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Full Moon O Sagashite (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Fushigi Yûgi (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Fushigi Yûgi: Genbu Kaiden (manga) : Publisher
Future Diary (manga) : Publisher
GALS! (manga) : Annouced (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Gate (manga) : Publisher
Gate 7 (manga) : Publisher
Gestalt (manga) : Publisher
GetBackers (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Ghost in the Shell (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface (manga) : Publisher
Go! Virginal Hanayūki (manga) : Publisher
Gokujō Danshi to Kurashi Temasu (manga) : Publisher
Goth (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
GTO (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Gun Blaze West (manga) : Publisher
Gunslinger Girl (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Gunsmith Cats (manga) : Publisher
Haikyo Shoujo (manga) : Publisher
Handsome Girl (manga) : Publisher
Hanjuku-Joshi (manga) : Publisher
Haou Airen (manga) : Publisher
Hate to Love You (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Hatsukoi Shinan (manga) : Publisher
Hell Girl (manga) : Publisher (Vol. 5+)
Hero Heel (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Hey! Class President (manga) : Publisher
High School Debut (manga) : Publisher
Homunculus (manga) : Publisher
Hoshin Engi (manga) : Publisher
How to Capture a Martini (manga) : Publisher
I Am Here! (manga) : Publisher
I.O.N (manga) : Publisher
Ichabod no Seikatsu (manga) : Publisher
Imadoki! Nowadays (manga) : Publisher
Innocent Bird (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Inuyasha (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Itsudatte My Santa (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Juline (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Juon -video side- (manga) : Publisher
Juon 2 (manga) : Publisher
Kamichama Karin (manga) : Publisher
Kamikami Kaesi (manga) : Publisher
Kanojo wa Uso o Ai Shisugiteru (manga) : Publisher
Kare First Love (manga) : Publisher
Karneval (manga) : Publisher
Kieli (manga) : Publisher
Kilala Princess (manga) : Publisher
Kill Me, Kiss Me (manhwa) : Publisher
Kimi sae mo Ai no Kusari (manga) : Publisher
Kindaichi Case Files (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Animes)
Kingdom Hearts II (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (manga) : Publisher
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Kodocha - Sana's Stage (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Kokoro Button (manga) : Publisher
Kokoro Library (manga) : Publisher
Last Quarter (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
(The) Law of Ueki (manga) : Publisher
LDK (manga) : Publisher
Legend of Mana (manga) : Publisher
Liar Game (manga) : Publisher
Liling-Po (manga) : Publisher
Limit (manga) : Publisher
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Living for Tomorrow (manga) : Publisher
(The) Loudest Whisper: Uwasa no Futari (manga) : Publisher
Love Celeb (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Love Hina (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Loveless (manga) : Publisher
Lovey Dovey (manga) : Publisher
Lythtis (manga) : Publisher
Magic Kaito (manga) : Publisher (Announced)
Mail (manga) : Publisher
Maison Ikkoku (manga) : Publisher
Mamacolle (manga) : Publisher (Egmont)
Man of Many Faces (manga) : Publisher
Manga Dogs : Publisher
MÄR (manga) : Publisher
Mermaid Forest (manga) : Publisher
Mermaid's Gaze (manga) : Publisher
Mermaid's Scar (manga) : Publisher
Midori's Days (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Milk Crown (manga) : Publisher
Milk Crown H! (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Millennium Prime Minister (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Mirai Nikki Mosaic (manga) : Publisher
Mirai Nikki Paradox (manga) : Publisher
Missions of Love (manga) : Publisher
Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 (manga) : Publisher
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (manga) : Publisher (Egmont manga and Anime)
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Battlefield of Pacifists (manga) : Publisher
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz (manga) : Publisher (Egmont manga and Anime)
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Ground Zero (manga) : Publisher
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Last Outpost [G-Unit] (manga) : Publisher
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (manga) : Publisher
Model (manhwa) : Publisher
Moe Kare!! (manga) : Publisher
Monokuro Shōnen Shōjo (manga) : Publisher
Monster (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Monsters Inc. (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Moon Boy (manhwa) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
My Girlfriend's a Geek (manga) : Publisher (Egmont)
Mysterious Love (manga) : Publisher
Namida Usagi ~Seifuku no Kataomoi~ (manga) : Publisher
NANA (manga) : Publisher
Natsume's Book of Friends (manga) : Publisher
Negima! Magister Negi Magi (manga) : Publisher
Negima!? neo (manga) : Publisher (Egmont)
Neighborhood Story (manga) : Annouced (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Nise no Chigiri (manga) : Publisher
Noise (manga) : Publisher
Oh My Goddess! (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and anime)
Ohikkoshi (manga) : Publisher
(The) One I Love (manga) : Publisher
One-Pound Gospel (manga) : Publisher
Ōsama no Shichiya (manga) : Publisher
Othello (manga by S. Ikezawa) : Publisher
Our Kingdom (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Peach Girl (manga) : Publisher
Peach Girl: Sae’s Story (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Phantom Thief Jeanne (manga) : Publisher
Pocha-Pocha Swimming Club (manga) : Publisher
Princess Princess (manga) : Publisher
Princess Princess Plus (manga) : Publisher
Princess Resurrection (manga) : Publisher (Egmont)
Psychic Academy (manga) : Publisher
Psyren (manga) : Publisher
Ranma ½ (manga) : Publisher
Rasen (manga) : Publisher
Rave Master (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Real Kiss (manga) : Publisher
Red Angel (manga) : Publisher
Red River (manga) : Annouced (Egmont Manga and Anime)
RH Plus (manga) : Publisher (Egmont)
RIN-NE (manga) : Publisher
(The) Ring (manga) : Publisher
Ring 0: Birthday (manga) : Publisher
Ring 2 (manga) : Publisher
Rose Hip Rose (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Rose Hip Zero (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Rumic Theater (manga) : Publisher
Rurouni Kenshin (manga) : Publisher
Saber Marionette J (manga) : Publisher
(The) Sacred Blacksmith (manga) : Publisher
Sailor Moon (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga and Anime)
Saint Tail (manga) : Publisher
Sakura Taisen (manga) : Publisher
Sakura-Gari (manga) : Publisher (Egmont)
School Rumble (manga) : Publisher (Vol. 19+)
Sensual Phrase (manga) : Publisher
Seraphic Feather (manga) : Publisher
SEX=LOVE² (manga) : Publisher (Egmont)
Shadow Star (manga) : Publisher
Shakugan no Shana (manga) : Publisher
Shamo (manga) : Publisher (Volume 1 - 19)
Shiki (manga) : Publisher
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children (manga) : Publisher
Shinobi Life (manga) : Publisher
Shirahime-Syo: Snow Goddess Tales (manga) : Publisher
Shishunki Miman Okotowari (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Shishunki Miman Okotowari Kanketsuhen (manga) : Publisher
Shisso Holiday (manga) : Publisher
Short-Tempered Melancholic (manga) : Publisher
Shugo Chara! (manga) : Publisher (Egmont)
Socrates in Love (manga) : Publisher
Stigma (manga) : Publisher
Subaru (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!! (manga) : Publisher
Suki: A Like Story (manga) : Publisher
(The) Summit (manhwa) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Tanpenshu (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Tenshi Ja Nai!! (manga by Shigematsu) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
(The) Testament of Sister New Devil (manga) : Publisher
This Girlfriend is a Fiction (manga) : Publisher
Time Stranger Kyoko (manga) : Publisher
Toradora! (manga) : Publisher
Train☆Train (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Tsubasa, RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (manga by CLAMP) : Publisher
Turn A Gundam (manga by A. Soga) : Publisher
Ugly Duckling's Love Revolution (manga) : Publisher
Ultimo (manga) : Publisher
Under the Glass Moon (manhwa) : Publisher
Vagabond (manga) : Publisher
Variante (manga) : Publisher
Vendemiaire no Tsubasa (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Venus Capriccio (manga) : Publisher
(The) Voices of a Distant Star (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
(The) Wallflower (manga) : Publisher (Vol. 21+)
We Were There (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Wedding Peach (manga) : Publisher
Weiß Side B (manga) : Publisher
What a wonderful world! (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
What's Michael? (manga) : Publisher
(The) World God Only Knows (manga) : Publisher
World's End (manga) : Publisher
Yakitate!! Japan (manga) : Publisher
Yellow (manga) : Publisher
Yokujō Climax (manga) : Publisher
You're Under Arrest (manga) : Publisher
Yubisaki Milk Tea (manga) : Publisher
Zatch Bell (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Zeroin (manga) : Publisher (Egmont Manga & Anime)
Zoku Shishunki Miman Okotowari (manga) : Publisher

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