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Foundation date: 2004 
Official website: (German) 
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Anime with which this company was involved:
(German version)
11th Cat (manhwa) : Publisher
12 Days (OEL manga) : Publisher
51 Ways to Save Her (manga) : Publisher
@Large (U.S. manga) : Publisher
Aishiteruze Baby (manga) : Publisher
Aisuru Hito (manga) : Publisher
Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz (manga) : Publisher
Alice in the Country of Hearts (manga) : Publisher
Alice in the Country of Hearts: The Clockmaker's Story (manga) : Publisher
All You Need Is Kill (manga) : Publisher
Angel (manga by Sakurazawa) : Publisher
Angel Nest (manga) : Publisher
Angel Para Bellum (manga) : Publisher
+Anima (manga) : Publisher
Aozora Pop (manga) : Publisher
Aqua (manga) : Publisher
Archlord (manhwa) : Publisher
Aria (manga) : Publisher
Ark Angels (manhwa) : Publisher
(The) Aromatic Bitters (manga) : Publisher
Awkward Silence (manga) : Publisher
Azumanga Daioh (manga) : Publisher (Announced)
Bakuman. (manga) : Publisher
Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man (manhwa) : Publisher
Battle Royale (manga) : Publisher
Beck (manga) : Publisher
Beelzebub (manga) : Publisher
Between the Sheets (manga, E. Sakurazawa) : Publisher
Beyond the Beyond (manga) : Publisher
Bibitte Mucho (manga) : Publisher
(Les) Bijoux (manhwa) : Publisher
Bizenghast (U.S. manga) : Publisher
Bleach (manga) : Publisher
Blood Lad (manga) : Publisher
Blood Lad: Bloody Brat (manga) : Publisher
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (manga) : Publisher
Boogiepop and Others (light novel) : Publisher
Boogiepop Dual (manga) : Publisher
Buso Renkin (manga) : Publisher
Butterfly (manga) : Publisher
Can't Win With You! (manga) : Publisher
Challengers (manga) : Publisher
Cherry Juice (manga) : Publisher
Chibisan Date (manga) : Publisher
Chitose etc. (manga) : Publisher
Chunchu (manhwa) : Publisher
Claymore (manga) : Publisher
Comic Party (manga by S. Inui) : Publisher
Confidential Confessions (manga) : Publisher
Crazy for You (manga) : Publisher
Crazy Love Story (manhwa) : Publisher
Crescent Moon (manga) : Publisher
Crimson Spell (manga) : Publisher
Cromartie High School (manga) : Publisher
D.Gray-man (manga) : Publisher
Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki (manga) : Publisher
DearS (manga) : Publisher
DearS (TV) : Annouced
Death Note (manga) : Publisher
Demon Diary (manhwa) : Publisher
Desert Coral (manga) : Publisher
(The) Diamond of Heart (manga) : Publisher
DOLL (manga by M. Mihara) : Annouced
Dramacon (world manga) : Publisher
DVD (manhwa) : Publisher
Elfen Lied (manga) : Publisher
Emma (manga) : Publisher
Emma: A Victorian Romance (TV) : Distributor
Extra Heavy Syrup (manga) : Publisher
Faeries' Landing (manhwa) : Publisher
Finder (manga) : Publisher
(The) First King Adventure (manga) : Publisher
A Foreign Love Affair (manga) : Publisher
From Five to Nine (manga) : Publisher
(The) Gentlemen's Alliance Cross (manga) : Publisher
Gin Tama (manga) : Publisher
A Girl on the Shore (manga) : Publisher
Glass Wings (manga) : Publisher
Goodnight Punpun (manga) : Publisher
Gravitation EX (manga) : Publisher
Grenadier (manga) : Publisher
Grenadier (TV) : Distributor
Guardian Angel Getten (manga) : Publisher
Happy Lesson (manga) : Publisher
Happy Marriage!? (manga) : Publisher
Hell Girl (manga) : Publisher (Vol. 1 - 4)
Hetalia - Axis Powers (manga) : Publisher
Honey & Honey Drops (manga) : Publisher
Honey and Clover (manga) : Publisher
I.N.V.U. (manhwa) : Publisher
Idol Dreams (manga) : Publisher
In These Words (OEL manga) : Publisher
Instant Teen - Just Add Nuts (manga) : Publisher
Invisible Love (manga) : Publisher
Itadakimasu (manga) : Publisher
Kabushikigaisha Love-Cotton (manga) : Publisher
Kedamono Damono (manga) : Publisher
Kiddy Grade (TV) : Distributor
Kimi ni Todoke - From Me to You (manga) : Publisher
King of Hell (manhwa) : Publisher
King of Thorn (manga) : Publisher
Kure-nai (manga by Y. Yamamoto) : Publisher
Kyō, Koi o Hajimemasu (manga) : Publisher
Lament of the Lamb (manga) : Publisher
Legend (manhwa) : Publisher
(The) Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (manga by A. Himekawa) : Publisher
(The) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (manga) : Publisher
(The) Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (manga) : Publisher
Lilim Kiss (manga) : Publisher
Little Butterfly (manga) : Publisher
Love Round!! (manga) : Publisher
Love Skit (manga) : Publisher
Love Stage!! (manga) : Publisher
Love-Berrish! (manga) : Publisher
Loveless (TV) : Distributor
Magical Girl Apocalypse (manga) : Publisher
Mamotte Shugogetten! Retrouvailles (manga) : Publisher
Maria-sama ga Miteru (manga) : Publisher
Marmalade Boy (manga) : Publisher ("Perfect Edition" Republication)
Megaman ZX (manga) : Publisher
Meine Liebe (TV) : Distributor
Mistress Fortune (manga) : Publisher
Nagata-chō Strawberry (manga) : Publisher
Neko to Watashi no Kinyōbi (manga) : Publisher
Nijigahara Holograph (manga) : Publisher
Nine Puzzle (manga) : Publisher
Nothing But Loving You (manga) : Publisher
Orange Planet (manga) : Publisher
Peace Maker (manga by N. Chrono) : Publisher
Peace Maker Kurogane (manga) : Publisher
Peacemaker (TV) : Annouced
Peach Fuzz (OEL manga) : Publisher
Peppermint (manhwa) : Publisher
Pet Shop of Horrors (manga) : Publisher
Peter Pan Syndrome (manga) : Publisher
Piece - Kanojo no Kioku (manga) : Publisher
(Le) Portrait de Petite Cossette (OAV) : Distributor
President Dad (manhwa) : Publisher
Priest (manhwa) : Publisher
(The) Prince of Tennis (manga) : Publisher
Princess Ai (manga) : Publisher
Psychic Detective Yakumo (manga) : Publisher
P×P (manga) : Publisher
(The) Queen's Knight (manhwa) : Publisher
Ral Ω Grad (manga) : Publisher
Reborn! (manga) : Publisher
Recast (manhwa) : Publisher
Renai Shijo Shugi (manga) : Publisher
Rhapsody in Heaven (manga) : Publisher
Rockin' Heaven (manga) : Publisher
Rosario + Vampire (manga) : Publisher
Rosario + Vampire Season II (manga) : Publisher
Rozen Maiden (manga) : Publisher
Rozen Maiden (TV) : Distributor
(The) Rules of Love (manga) : Publisher
Saint Dragon Girl Miracle (manga) : Publisher
Sakikusa no Saku Koro (manga) : Publisher
Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura (manga) : Publisher
Samurai Champloo (manga) : Publisher
School Rumble (manga) : Publisher
School Rumble (TV) : Annouced
School Rumble: Extra Class (OAV) : Distributor
Sekai no Owari to Yoake-Mae (manga) : Publisher
Servamp (manga) : Publisher
Sgt. Frog (manga) : Publisher
Shards of Affection (manga) : Publisher
ShutterBox (U.S. manga) : Publisher
Snow Drop (manhwa) : Publisher
Sokora Refugees (U.S. manga) : Publisher
Solanin (manga) : Publisher
Sorcerers and Secretaries (OEL manga) : Publisher
St. Dragon Girl (manga) : Publisher
Strawberry 100% (manga) : Publisher
Strawberry Marshmallow (manga) : Publisher
Sugar Soldier (manga) : Publisher
Sweet and Sensitive (manhwa) : Publisher
Sweet Revolution (manga) : Publisher
Switch Girl!! (manga) : Publisher
Taranta Ranta (manga) : Publisher
Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee (manga) : Publisher
To Love-Ru -Trouble- (manga) : Publisher
To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness (manga) : Publisher
Tramps Like Us (manga) : Publisher
(The) Tyrant Falls in Love (manga) : Publisher
Ultra Maniac (manga) : Publisher
Utahime: The Songstress (manga) : Publisher
Vassalord (manga) : Publisher
(The) Wallflower (manga) : Publisher
Warcraft (Korean-American manga) : Publisher
What a wonderful world! (manga) : Publisher (republished edition)
Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki (manga) : Publisher
X-Day (manga by S Mizushiro) : Publisher
Yotsuba&! (manga) : Publisher
Your & My Secret (manga) : Publisher
Zombie Powder (manga) : Publisher

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