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Kanji name: 動画工房 
Foundation date: 1973-07-11 
Official website:
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Anime with which this company was involved:
11eyes (TV) : Animation Production
Accel World (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Afro Samurai: Resurrection (movie) : Paint
Ah! My Goddess (TV) : Paint
Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Ai Yori Aoshi (TV) : 動画
Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ (TV) : Digital Coloring
 , In-Between Animation , Production Cooperation 
Akame ga KILL! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Akikan! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Alien Nine (special) : 動画協力
Amagami SS (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Ambassador Magma (OAV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation , Production Assistance 
And Yet the Town Moves (TV) : Production Assistance
Angel Beats! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Finish 
Angelic Layer (TV) : In-Between Animation
Animal Crossing (movie) : 2nd Key Animation
Animation Runner Kuromi (OAV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Animation Runner Kuromi 2 (OAV) : In-Between Animation
anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (movie) : In-Between Animation
anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Another (TV) : Animation Production Assistance
 , In-Between Animation 
Aquarion (TV) : In-Between Animation
Ar Tonelico (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Argento Soma (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Aria - The Natural (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Line Test 
Aria the Animation (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Aruvu Rezuru - Kikai Jikake no Yōsei-tachi (movie) : In-Between Animation
ATASHIn'CHI (movie) : In-Between Animation
ATASHIn'CHI (TV) : In-Between Animation
Attack on Titan (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Azusa, Otetsudai Shimasu! (special) : In-Between Animation
Battle Spirits: Heroes (TV) : Production Assistance
Beelzebub (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Before Green Gables (TV) : Production Assistance
Berserk: The Golden Age Arc II - The Battle for Doldrey (movie) : Key Animation
Bewitching Nozomi (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Beyond (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Big Windup! (TV) : Production Cooperation
Bihada Ichizoku (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Birdy the Mighty Decode:02 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Black Lagoon (TV) : In-Between Animation
Black Rock Shooter (TV) : In-Between Animation
Blassreiter (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Blast of Tempest (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Bleach (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Animation 
Blood Lad (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Blood+ (TV) : In-Between Animation
Blue Exorcist (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
A Bridge to the Starry Skies (TV) : Animation Production
 , Production 
Brigadoon (TV) : In-Between Animation
Brothers Conflict (TV) : Key Animation
Bunny Drop (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Capeta (TV) : In-Between Animation
Captain Earth (TV) : In-Between Animation
Cardfight!! Vanguard (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Casshern Sins (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Key Animation 
Castle in the Sky (movie) : In-Between Assistance
(Le) Chevalier D'Eon (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Chihayafuru (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Chihayafuru 2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Chō Gekijō-ban Keroro Gunsō Tanjō! Kyūkyoku Keroro Kiseki no Jikūjima de Arimasu (movie 5) : 2nd Key Animation
Chō Gekijōban Keroro Gunsō 3: Keroro Tai Keroro - Tenkū Daikessen de Arimasu! (movie 3) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Chō Gekijōban Keroro Gunsō Gekishin Dragon Warriors de Arimasu! (movie 4) : Key Animation
Chocolate Underground (ONA) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Chōja Reideen (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 (TV) : Photography Assistance
Code:Breaker (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Corpse Princess (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san (TV) : In-Between Animation
Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi o Yobu Jungle (movie 8) : In-Between Animation
Crayon Shin-chan: Densetsu o Yobu Odore! Amigo! (movie 14) : In-Between Animation
Crayon Shin-chan: Otakebe! Kasukabe Yasei Ōkoku (movie 17) : In-Between Animation
Cutey Honey Flash (movie) : Production Coordination
Daily Lives of High School Boys (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Darker than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha: Gaiden (OAV) : 2nd Key Animation
Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Deadman Wonderland (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Death Note (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z (TV) : Digital Paint
 , Digital Photography , In-Between Animation , Production Cooperation 
Demon King Daimao (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Dennō Bōkenki Webdiver (TV) : In-Between Animation
(The) Devil is a Part-Timer! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Digimon Tamers Movie 6: The Runaway Digimon Express : Production Cooperation
Dirty Pair (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Dirty Pair Flash 1 (OAV) : Animation
Dog Days' (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
(The) Dog of Flanders (movie) : In-Between Animation
Donten ni Warau (TV) : Animation Production
Doraemon (TV 3/2005) : Digital Paint
 , In-Between Animation 
Doraemon: Ganbare! Gian!! (movie) : Production Assistance
Doraemon: Nobita's the Night Before a Wedding (movie) : Production Cooperation
Doraemon: Nobita's Wannyan Space-Time Legend (movie) : Production Assistance
Dragon Ball GT (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Dragon Ball Z (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock (special) : Production Cooperation
Dragon Collection (TV) : In-Between Animation
Eden of the East (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation , In-Between Animation , Production Assistance 
ef: a tale of memories (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Eiga Suite Precure: Torimodose! Kokoro ga Tsunagu Kiseki no Melody (movie) : Production Cooperation
Engaged to the Unidentified (TV) : Animation Production
 , Production 
Ergo Proxy (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
ESPer Mami: Hoshizora no Dancing Doll (movie) : Production Assistance
Eureka Seven (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Digital Paint , In-Between Animation , Production Assistance 
Eureka Seven - good night, sleep tight, young lovers (movie) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Key Animation 
EUREKA SEVEN AO (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone (movie) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation , Line Test 
Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance (movie) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Production Assistance 
Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo (movie) : In-Between Animation
Fairy Tail (TV) : Production Assistance
Fate/Zero (TV) : In-Between Animation
Fate/Zero (TV 2) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Flint: The Time Detective (TV) : In-Between Animation
Flowers of Evil (TV) : In-Between Animation
Fractale (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Paint 
Fresh Precure! Omocha no Kuni wa Himitsu ga Ippai!? (movie) : Production Assistance
From Up On Poppy Hill (movie) : Animation Cooperation
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Paint Check , Production Cooperation 
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie - Conqueror of Shamballa : Motion Picture Examiner
Fumoon (movie) : In-Between Animation
Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation , Paint 
Ga-Rei-Zero (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Galilei Donna (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Ganbare!! Tabuchi-kun!! (movie) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , 2nd Key Animation , In-Between Animation , Photography Assistance , Photography Assistance 
Gekijō-ban Anime Nintama Rantaro Ninjutsu Gakuen Zenin Shutsudō! no Dan (movie) : Animation Production Assistance
Gekijō-ban Tiger & Bunny -The Rising- (movie) : 2nd Key Animation
Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun (TV) : Animation Production
 , Production 
Genshiken (OAV) : 2nd Key Animation
Genshiken (TV) : Key Animation
Genshiken 2 (TV) : Key Animation
Genshiken Second Season (TV) : In-Between Animation
Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up (TV) : In-Between Animation
Ghost Hound (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Ghost in the Shell: Arise (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (TV) : In-Between Animation
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG (TV) : In-Between Animation
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society (movie) : Digital Paint
Ghost Slayers Ayashi (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Gintama' (TV) : In-Between Animation
(The) Girl Who Leapt Through Space (TV) : In-Between Animation
GJ Club (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Animation Production 
GLASSLIP (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Gokyōdai Monogatari (TV) : In-Between Animation
Gosick (TV) : In-Between Animation
Grandpa Danger (TV) : Production Assistance
Grave of the Fireflies (movie) : In-Between Animation
Guilty Crown (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Gunbuster (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Gunbuster vs Diebuster Aim for the Top! The GATTAI!! Movie : In-Between Animation Assistance
Gurren Lagann (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Animation Assistance , Finish Animation , In-Between Animation 
Haganai (TV) : Key Animation Cooperation
Haganai NEXT (TV) : Key Animation Assistance
Haibane Renmei (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Haikyu!! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Hamatora (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Hanamaru Kindergarten (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Hanamonogatari (TV) : In-Between Animation
Hanasaku Iroha - Blossoms for Tomorrow (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Hatsukoi Limited (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Hayate the Combat Butler!! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Hayate the Combat Butler: Can't Take My Eyes Off You (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Heaven's Lost Property (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Hell Girl: Two Mirrors (TV) : Key Animation
Heroman (TV) : In-Between Animation
Hidamari Sketch × Honeycomb (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
High School DxD (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Production Cooperation 
High School of the Dead (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Animation Production Cooperation 
Hōkago no Pleiades (ONA) : Paint
House of Five Leaves (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Howl's Moving Castle (movie) : Animation Assistance
Hunter X Hunter (TV) : In-Between Animation
Hyperdimension Neptunia (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
I couldn't become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job. (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
(The) IDOLM@STER (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Immortal Grand Prix (TV 2) : In-Between Animation
Inazuma Eleven GO (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Intrigue in the Bakumatsu - Irohanihoheto (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Inuyasha (TV) : Animation
 , Key Animation 
InuYasha: The Final Act (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Is the order a rabbit? (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Ixion Saga DT (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Jungle Emperor Leo (movie 1997) : In-Between Animation
Jyu-Oh-Sei (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
KAHEY - A Certain Captain's Life (movie) : Animation Production
Kanamemo (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens (TV) : In-Between Animation
Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox (TV) : Key Animation
Karas (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Kaze to Ki no Uta SANCTUS -Sei naru kana- (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Kemeko Deluxe! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Kemonozume (TV) : In-Between Animation
Kiba (TV) : Key Animation
Kiddy Girl-and (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Kiki's Delivery Service (movie) : Supporting Animation
Kiko Senki Dragonar (TV) : Animation
 , Key Animation 
Kill la Kill (TV) : In-Between Animation
Kirby: Right Back At Ya! (TV) : Animation Production Cooperation
Kiss×sis (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo: The Movie : In-Between Animation
Kodocha (TV) : Key Animation
Koihime Musō (TV) : Animation Production
Kuro no Su - Chronus (movie) : In-Between Animation
Kurokami The Animation (TV) : In-Between Animation
Kuroko's Basketball (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Kuroko's Basketball (TV 2) : In-Between Animation
Kurozuka (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Lagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne (TV 2) : In-Between Animation
LBX (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
(The) Legend of Manxmouse (movie) : Animation
A Letter to Momo (movie) : In-Between Animation
Library War (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Loups=Garous - The Motion Picture : 2nd Key Animation
 , Paint 
Love Hina (TV) : 動画
Love Lab (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , 2nd Key Animation , Animation Production , In-Between Animation , In-Between Animation , Production 
Lupin III vs. Detective Conan (special) : Animation Production Cooperation
 , Key Animation 
Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (TV) : Key Animation
Magical Sisters Yoyo & Nene (movie) : In-Between Animation
Magnetic Rose (movie) : In-Between Animation
Mahō Sensei Negima! Anime Final (movie) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Key Animation 
Mahoraba ~Heartful days~ (TV) : 動画
Majestic Prince (TV) : Animation Production
Makai Ōji: Devils and Realist (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Animation Production 
Mangirl! (TV) : Animation Production
MAOYU (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Mayo Chiki! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Mayoi Neko Overrun! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Medaka Box (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Mei and the Kitten Bus (movie) : Animation Cooperation
Meimon! Daisan Yakyū-bu (TV) : Key Animation
Mekakucity Actors (TV) : Finish Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Michiko & Hatchin (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Digital Paint , In-Between Animation 
Mind Game (movie) : In-Between Animation
Mister Ajikko (TV) : Key Animation
MM! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Mobile Suit Gundam UC (OAV) : In-Between Animation
 , Line Test 
Mobile Suit SD Gundam's Counterattack (movie) : In-Between Animation
Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Modern Magic Made Simple (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Mon Mon the Water Spider (movie) : Animation Cooperation
Monogatari Series Second Season (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Myself; Yourself (TV) : Animation Production
(The) Mystic Archives of Dantalian (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Nagi no Asukara (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
NAKAIMO - My Little Sister Is Among Them! (TV) : Finish Animation
Nanatsuiro Drops (TV) : Finish Animation
 , In-Between Animation , Production Assistance 
Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Nasu: A Migratory Bird with Suitcase (OAV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Natsuyuki Rendezvous (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Animation Production , In-Between Animation , Production 
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (movie) : Supporting Animation
Nerawareta Gakuen (movie) : 2nd Key Animation
Night Wizard The Animation (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Nisemonogatari (TV) : Production Assistance
Nobunagun (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Noragami (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Oban Star-Racers (TV) : Digital Paint
 , In-Between Animation 
Odin - Starlight Mutiny (movie) : Production Cooperation
Oh! Edo Rocket (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
One Piece: Chinjō Shima no Chopper Ōkoku (movie 3) : Production Cooperation
One Week Friends (TV) : Production Cooperation
Only Yesterday (movie) : In-Between Animation
Ookiku Furikabutte ~Natsu no Taikai-hen~ (TV) : Finish Animation
 , In-Between Animation , Production Assistance 
Oreimo (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Oreimo 2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Oreshura (TV) : In-Between Animation
Ouran High School Host Club (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Overman King Gainer (TV) : In-Between Animation
Ozanari Dungeon: Kaze no Tou (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (TV) : Color
 , In-Between Animation , Production Cooperation 
Paprika (movie) : In-Between Animation
Paranoia Agent (TV) : In-Between Animation
Penguin's Memory: Shiawase Monogatari (movie) : Production Cooperation
Penguindrum (TV) : In-Between Animation
Planetes (TV) : In-Between Animation
Pokémon (TV) : Animation Cooperation
 , In-Between Animation 
Pokemon - Pikachu's PikaBoo (movie) : Animation
Pokemon 2000 - The Movie : Animation Assistance
 , In-Between Animation 
Pokemon 3 - The Movie : Animation Assistance
Pokemon 4Ever (movie) : Animation Assistance
 , In-Between Animation Assistance 
Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (movie) : 2nd Key Animation
Pokémon the Movie XY: Hakai no Mayu to Diancie : 2nd Key Animation
 , Animation Cooperation 
Pokémon the Movie: Black - Victini and Reshiram : Key Animation Assistance
Pokémon the Movie: White - Victini and Zekrom : Key Animation Assistance
Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker (movie) : Animation Assistance
Pokemon: The First Movie : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai (movie) : 2nd Key Animation Assistance
Polyphonica (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (movie) : Animation Cooperation
Prism Ark (TV) : Production Cooperation
Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they? (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Psycho Diver: Soul Siren (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Psycho-Pass (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Puka Puka Juju (movie) : Production Cooperation
Pumpkin Scissors (TV) : Clean-Up Animation
Queen Emeraldas (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
R-15 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Rave Master (TV) : In-Between Animation
Red Data Girl (TV) : In-Between Animation
Reideen (TV) : Digital Paint
 , Photography , Production Cooperation 
RIN - Daughters of Mnemosyne (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Robotics;Notes (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Rosario + Vampire (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Rosario + Vampire Capu2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Ryoko's Case File (TV) : Animation Production
 , Photography 
S-CRY-ed (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
S.A (TV) : Clean-Up Animation
(The) Sacred Blacksmith (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Digital Paint 
Sacred Seven (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
SaiKano (TV) : Animation
Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (OAV 2) : 2nd Key Animation
Saint Tail (TV) : In-Between Animation
Samurai Champloo (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Samurai Flamenco (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Digital Paint , In-Between Animation 
Samurai Giants (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Samurai Girl Real Bout High School (TV) : In-Between Animation
San Chōme no Yūhi (TV) : Production Collaboration
Sands of Destruction (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
School Days (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Paint , Photography , Production Cooperation 
(The) Secret World of Arrietty (movie) : Animation Assistance
Sengoku Basara - Samurai Kings: The Movie : 2nd Key Animation
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings (TV) : In-Between Animation
Senki Zesshō Symphogear (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Seto no Hanayome (OAV) : Finish Animation
Shakugan no Shana III (Final) (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Shaman King (TV) : In-Between Animation
Shikabane Hime: Kuro (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Shin Koihime Musō (TV) : Animation Production
Shin Koihime Musō: Otome Tairan (TV) : Animation Production
Shin Mazinger Shōgeki! Z-Hen (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Key Animation 
Shining Hearts (TV) : In-Between Animation
Shiroi Koibito (special) : In-Between Animation
Shoka (special) : In-Between Animation
Shrine of the Morning Mist (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Shuffle! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Digital Paint , In-Between Animation , Key Animation 
Silver Spoon (TV) : In-Between Animation
Sketchbook ~full color'S~ (TV) : Digital Photography
Skip Beat! (TV) : Digital Composite
(The) Skull Man (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
(The) Sky Crawlers (movie) : In-Between Animation
Softenni (TV) : In-Between Animation
(il) sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion (TV) : In-Between Animation
Solty Rei (TV) : Paint
SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Soreike! Anpanman: Ningyo Hime no Namida (movie) : In-Between Animation
Soul Eater (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , 2nd Key Animation 
Soul Eater Not! (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Space Dandy (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation , In-Between Animation 
Space Dandy Season 2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Space Family Carlvinson (OAV) : Animation Production
Spirited Away (movie) : Supporting Animation
Squid Girl (TV) : In-Between Animation
Squid Girl Season 2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Finish Animation , In-Between Animation 
Star Driver (TV) : In-Between Animation
Steamboy (movie) : In-Between Animation
Strike Witches (TV) : In-Between Animation
Strike Witches 2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Sugar Sugar Rune (TV) : Key Animation
Sword Art Online (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , 2nd Key Animation 
Sword of the Stranger (movie) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Paint 
Tales from Earthsea (movie) : Animation Cooperation
Tales of Symphonia the Animation: Tethe'alla Episode (OAV) : In-Between Animation
 , Paint 
Tales of Symphonia the Animation: The United World Episode (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Tales of the Abyss (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike (movie) : In-Between Animation
Tamayura (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Tamayura - Hitotose (TV) : Key Animation
 , Production Cooperation 
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai-Ni-Maku (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Tekkaman Blade II (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Tekkonkinkreet (movie) : In-Between Animation
Tetsujin 28-go: Hakuchū no Zangetsu (movie) : Animation Assistance
 , Digital Paint , In-Between Animation 
Tico and Friends (TV) : Key Animation
Tiger & Bunny (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
To Heart (TV) : 動画
To Love-Ru (OAV) : Key Animation
To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
ToHeart - Remember my memories (TV) : 動画
Tokyo ESP (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Tomatoman (TV) : Animation Cooperation
Toshokan Sensō: Kakumei no Tsubasa (movie) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Trapp Ikka Monogatari (TV) : In-Between Animation
 , Key Animation 
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE the Movie: The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom : In-Between Animation
 , In-Between Animation Cooperation , Key Animation 
Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations (OAV) : In-Between Animation
Turn A Gundam: Moonlight Butterfly (movie 2) : In-Between Animation
Twin (OAV) : Key Animation Assistance
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie (TV) : In-Between Animation
Ultra Maniac (TV) : In-Between Animation
Un-Go (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Upotte!! (ONA) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru (TV) : In-Between Animation
Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 2000% (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Uta∽Kata (TV) : In-Between Animation
Valkyria Chronicles (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Paint 
Vandread (TV) : Animation
Wagnaria!! (TV) : Finish Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Wasurenagumo (movie) : Finish Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Welcome to Irabu's Office (TV) : Key Animation
Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW (movie) : Finish Animation
White Album (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
White Album 2 (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Witch Hunter Robin (TV) : In-Between Animation
Wolf's Rain (TV) : In-Between Animation
(The) World God Only Knows (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
(The) World God Only Knows Season Two (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Xam'd: Lost Memories (ONA) : 2nd Key Animation
xxxHOLiC: Kei (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Clean-Up Animation , In-Between Animation 
Yakitate!! Japan (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Finish Animation , Finish Check , In-Between Animation , Production Cooperation 
Yatterman (movie 2009) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Key Animation 
Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san (TV) : Photography Cooperation
 , Production Assistance 
Yosuga no Sora (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal (TV) : Key Animation
Yumeiro Pâtissière (TV) : Production Assistance
Yuruyuri - Happy Go Lily (TV) : Animation Production
Yuruyuri - Happy Go Lily (TV2) : 2nd Key Animation
 , Animation Production , Key Animation 
Yuyushiki (TV) : 2nd Key Animation
 , In-Between Animation 
Zankyō no Terror (TV) : In-Between Animation
Zoids (TV) : In-Between Animation

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