Kanji name: AMGA
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Anime with which this company was involved:
(Japanese version)
07-Ghost (TV) : Finish Animation (ep 5)

Akahori Gedō Hour Rabuge (TV) : Composite (eps 6, 11)

AM Driver (TV) : Photography

Amatsuki (TV) : Clean-Up Animation (eps 5, 10)
, Photography (eps 5, 10), special effects (eps 5, 10)
Amazing Nuts! (OAV) : Digital Paint (Kung-Fu Love)

Angel Blade (OAV) : Editing

Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (OAV) : Editing

Aria - The Natural (TV) : Line Test (7 episodes

eps 10, 14-15, 17-18, 20, 25
Attack on Titan: No Regrets (OAV) : Photography Assistance (ep 2)

Ben-To (TV) : Photography Assistance

Beyond (OAV) : Digital Paint

Black Jack Special: The 4 Miracles of Life : Photography (Karte 1)
, special effects
Bondage 101 (OAV) : Photography

Buddha: The Great Departure (movie) : Production Cooperation

Burn-Up Scramble (TV) : Editing

Chains of Lust (OAV) : Photography

Cinderella Boy (TV) : Photography

Classroom of Atonement (OAV) : Digital Photography
, Editing
Cobra The Animation (TV) : 3DCGI

Cobra The Animation: The Psychogun (OAV) : 3D Graphics
, Digital Paint, HD Photography
Cobra The Animation: Time Drive (OAV) : 3D Graphics

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled (OAV) : Photography

(La) Corda D'Oro - primo passo (TV) : Digital Paint (ep 22)

Corpse Princess: Kuro (TV) : Photography

D.C.II S.S. ~Da Capo II Second Season~ (TV) : Finish Animation (ep 5)

Dai-Guard (TV) : Digital Paint

Detective Conan: A Challenge from Agasa (OAV) : Photography

Dirty Laundry (OAV) : Composite

Divergence Eve (TV) : Composite (ep 6)
, Final Check (ep 6)
Dragon Ball Super (TV) : Digital Photography

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (movie) : Production Assistance

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' (movie) : Production Assistance

(The) Duchess of Busty Mounds (OAV) : Editing

Eiga Crayon Shin-chan: Ora no Hikkoshi Monogatari ~Saboten Daishūgeki (movie 23) : Photography Assistance

Eiga Precure All Stars: Haru no Carnival (movie) : Production Cooperation

Eiga Suite Precure: Torimodose! Kokoro ga Tsunagu Kiseki no Melody (movie) : Production Cooperation

Excel Saga (TV) : Digital Paint
, Digital Photography (ep 25)
Fafner (TV) : Finish Animation

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie - Conqueror of Shamballa : Painting

G-On Riders (TV) : Photography

Gaiking: Legend of Daikū-maryū (TV 2/2005) : Digital Photography (Asisst.; ep 22)

Gate Keepers (TV) : Finish Animation

Geisters - Fractions of the Earth (TV) : Photography

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (TV) : Scan And Paint (eps 10, 24)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG (TV) : Digital Paint (ep 3)

Girl Next Door (OAV) : Photography

Girls Bravo (TV) : Composite
, Digital Paint
(The) Glass Rabbit (movie) : Photography

Guardian Ninja Mamoru (TV) : Paint Check

GUNxSWORD (TV) : Finish Animation

Hamtaro (TV) : Digital Photography

Hellsing (TV) : Composite
, Composite Assistance
Initial D: Extra Stage (OAV) : Photography

Initial D: Third Stage (movie) : Photography (ED)

Internal Medicine (OAV) : Editing

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (TV) : Photography Assistance

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Egypt Arc (TV) : Photography Assistance

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (TV) : Line Test

Kakyūsei 2 (TV) : Composite (eps 2, 7, 12)

Kinnikuman Nisei: Muscle Ninjin Sōdatsu! Chōjin Daisensō (movie) : Production Cooperation

Knight Hunters (TV) : Photography

Kyōran Kazoku Nikki (TV) : Finish Animation

Last Exile (TV) : Photography Assistance (eps 2-3)

(The) Legend of the Galactic Heroes (OAV) : Photography
, special effects
Love Hina (TV) : Digital Photography (ep 25)

Lovege Chu - Miracle Seiyū Hakusho (TV) : Finish Animation (ep 23)

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan (special) : Digital Paint
, special effects
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (TV) : Photography

Milk Money (OAV) : Editing

Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit (TV) : Finish Animation

Mother Knows Breast (OAV) : Editing

(The) Mystical Laws (movie) : Composite

Natsuiro Kiseki (TV) : Photography Assistance

Newmanoid CAM (OAV) : Photography

Omishi Magical Theater Risky Safety (TV) : Digital Production (eps 9-24)
, Photography
One Piece "3D2Y" Ace no Shi wo Koete! Luffy Nakama to no Chikai (special) : Production Cooperation

One Piece: Chinjō Shima no Chopper Ōkoku (movie 3) : Production Cooperation

One Piece: Nejimaki Shima no Bōken (movie 2) : Production Cooperation

One Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventure in Alabasta (movie 8) : Production Assistance

Origin ~Spirits of the Past~ (movie) : Composite
, Visual Effects
Otogi Zoshi (TV) : Color Check (ep 12)
, Finish Animation (ep 19), Photography (ep 17)
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (TV) : Photography Cooperation (4 episodes
eps 14-15, 23-24

Peacemaker (TV) : Color Check (ep 6)
, Composite (ep 6), special effects
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (ONA 2014) : Digital Photography (ep 7)

(The) Prince of Tennis II OVA vs. Genius 10 : Photography

Prism Ark (TV) : Editing

Private Sessions (OAV) : Editing
, Finish Animation, Photography, special effects
Punch Line (TV) : Photography

Real Drive (TV) : Photography Assistance (eps 10, 15, 26)

Rei Zero (OAV) : Photography

Rinkan Club (OAV) : Photography

(The) Rolling Girls (TV) : Photography Assistance

S-CRY-ed (TV) : Photography Cooperation

School Days (TV) : Photography

Sci-Fi Harry (TV) : Color Check
, Digital Paint (eps 1-4, 6), Digital Photography (eps 1-3, 5-6)
Second Renaissance (OAV) : Timing Photography (part 2)

Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash! (TV) : Line Test (eps 5-8)

Sexy Sailor Soldiers (OAV) : Color Check
, Digital Photography, special effects
Shinzo (TV) : Digital Photography

Shion no Oh (TV) : Digital Paint
, Photography
Shuffle! (TV) : Digital Paint (ep 21)

Sleazy Mother (OAV) : Photography

(The) SoulTaker (TV) : Digital Photography

Stellvia (TV) : Digital Paint (ep 13)

(The) Story of Little Monica (OAV) : Editing
, Finishing Staff
Strawberry Eggs (TV) : Digital Finish Animation (eps 2, 12)
, Photography
Strawberry Panic! (TV) : Editing Studio

Street Fighter Alpha: Generations (OAV) : Digital Paint
, Digital Photography
Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie (OAV) : Photography

Tenchi Muyo! GXP (TV) : Color Check (ep 13)

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki (OAV 3/2003) : Composite (ep 2)
, Retouch (ep 2)
To Love-Ru (TV) : Color Inspection (ep 17)
, Color Specification (ep 17)
Tokumu Sōsakan Rei & Fuko (OAV) : Photography

Tokyo Majin (TV) : Photography

Touka Gettan (TV) : Photography

UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie (TV) : Finish Animation
, Finish Check
Unlimited Fafnir (TV) : Photography

Viper's Creed (TV) : Coloring (ep 5)

(The) Wallflower (TV) : Digital Paint

Wicked Lessons (OAV) : Editing

Yozakura Quartet (TV) : Finish Animation

Yukikaze (OAV) : Photography Assistance (ep 2)

Yume Tsukai (TV) : Photography
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