Genocyber - The Collection (Anime 102 Edition) (DVD)

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Title: Genocyber - The Collection (Anime 102 Edition)
Volume: DVD
Running time: 156
Distributor: Central Park Media

Release date: 2004-01-27
Pre date: 2003-12-15
Suggested retail price: $19.99
Age rating: NR

SKU: USMD-2421
UPC: 719987242128 719987242128

The Genocyber: The ultimate weapon created by scientists tampering in God’s domain. It is a nightmarish marriage of cybernetics and psychic power. At its core, two tortured humans twist, trapped in the grips of their own madness. The rage will not be contained. Battle erupts, and the cyberpunk world of the future is about to explode with violence!

DVD Features: Meet the Cast, Previews, English and Japanese with English Subtitles

DVD-ROM Features: Script, Cast Lists, Extensive Gallery including concept sketches, model photos, original and final character designs, color backgrounds, color storyboards, and production cels

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