Hanabee Entertainment Licenses Hakuoki - A Memory of Snow Flowers OVA (Hakuoki Sekkaroku OVA|薄桜鬼 雪華録)

Mar 26th 2013

Hanabee Entertainment Licenses Hakuōki: A Memory of Snow Flowers OAV (Hakuōki Sekkaroku OAV|薄桜鬼 雪華録)


  • This 6 episode OVA is a must for all Hakuōki Fans, giving deeper insight into your favourite characters.
  • A huge hit franchise Japan, the series satisfies more than the typical anime fan; it's also a heartfelt story a broader audience will enjoy.
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Oni from East and West do battle over Chizuru the Geisha.

It's not every day that the Shinsengumi get to see Chizuru dressed as a geisha, and this latest undercover mission has her comrades all in a muddle. As snows start to come on, protective instincts are ignited amongst the men – the Bakufu are clumsier than usual, drunks are drooling over Chizuru and brawls are the order of the day for the impassioned Shinsengumi.

But all conflict is fleeting – encounters with drunks, corrupt bakufu, greedy brothel owners and even a visit from a rather romantic Kazama Chikage cannot dampen the spirits for long when the comrades have dango, haiku and fellowship to call on.


  • Includes all 6 OVA episodes.
  • Dual language – English dub & Original Japanese audio


"A must... for any Hakuouki fan, Sekkaroku provides an exciting expansion to the Hakuouki universe." - Manga Updates

You can visit Hanabee Entertainment's website at http://www.hanabee.com.au.

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