Series Premiere: Konohana Kitan—Episodes 1-3

"Studio Lerche is already delivering a warmly animated story filled with lovable characters and an interesting world. The fact that the characters are all adorable fox girls is just an added bonus."

This Week in Anime - Why You Should Watch Blood Blockade Battlefront

With the arrival of its second season, there's no better time to marathon this action-packed sci fi dramedy extravaganza! We make our case for BBB(&B) and share our hopes for its new season.

This Week in Games - Bad Apple Wars

This edgy otome game makes its way to English-speaking players on the PS Vita, along with more news on The Good Life and Fire Emblem Warriors.

The Fall 2017 Anime Preview Guide: SimulDub Edition

The Fall 2017 Anime Preview Guide SimulDub Edition has begun!
Available Now: Juni Taisen: Zodiac War

The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of Studio Gonzo

Chart the exciting highs and terrifying lows of Studio Gonzo, one of the most famous, controversial, pioneering (and occasionally frustrating) anime studios in history.


The bloody war between the twelve warriors of the Zodiac begins... Who will be the last standing in the end?

This Week in Anime - How Does the Kino's Journey Remake Compare to the Original Series?

This season delivered a truly unexpected reboot in the form of a new Kino's Journey anime, so we compare notes on these two versions, what's changed, and why.

Vice & Luna - "I'm Watching It Ironically"

Luna has a solid plan to let Netflix know that her multiple repeated viewings of Death Note are not intended as an endorsement.

Anime Spotlight - Love Live! Sunshine!! (2nd Season)

Nine teenage girls from a small high school in a corner of Suruga Bay dream of becoming the next generation of bright, sparkling "school idols"!

Answerman - Why Does Anime Occasionally Use English Songs?

Sometimes even famous English pop singles from artists like Duran Duran or Savage Garden get used as anime theme songs, but how does this process work and why?

REVIEW: Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I. presage flower

The long-awaited first part to this final-route trilogy is making its way to theaters, and Kim Morrissy has our spoiler-free rundown of what fans can expect from Heaven's Feel.


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ep. review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ‒ Episode 29

"With Kagura under Shizuma's spell and the fate of the Land of Water at stake, Boruto is about to face his most harrowing challenge yet."

The Good Witch of the West Blu-Ray

This adaptation of Noriko Ogiwara's novel series finally gives English-language fans a conclusion to the tale, but other aspects of its production have not aged well. Rebecca Silverman gets into the details. ― The title The Good Witch of the West may be familiar to you – back in the day, TokyoPop released the first six volumes of the manga and first two of Noriko Ogiwara's original novels in English....
ep. review

Series Premiere: URAHARA—Episodes 1-3

"This show's clearly heartfelt outpouring of style isn't enough to make up for an underdeveloped story or cast."
ep. review

Food Wars! The Third Plate ‒ Episode 3

"Soma's ability to adapt to his circumstances is one of his strongest weapons at Totsuki, and this story arc is making full use of it."

Answerman - Why Do Westerners Make Assumptions About Japan Because of Anime?

Western anime fans sometimes carry around a lot of incorrect assumptions about Japanese society thanks to anime, but what can be done about that? ― Hiroki asked: I'm Japanese, and I'm wondering why so many Americans seem to analyze all of Japan through late-night anime that very few people watch. They get a lot of misconceptions, thinking that we won't kiss people we like because we're all shy, and ...
ep. review

Series Premiere: Jūni Taisen Zodiac War—Episodes 1-3

"If you're looking for some dumb, crazy fun to get lost in this fall, Jūni Taisen should have you covered for the foreseeable future."
ep. review

Series Premiere: Black Clover—Episodes 1-3

"If you can turn off the part of your brain that scans for clichés, the appeal of this story is pretty straightforward."

ID-0 — Episodes 1-12 Streaming

This 3DCG mecha series from last spring has finally debuted on Netflix, but was it worth the wait? Theron Martin has the answers. ― What do you get when the creator/director for the Code Geass franchise teams up with the writer behind Gundam Build Fighters? This 12-episode original anime production, which aired in Japan during the Spring 2017 season. After many months of waiting, Netflix has made the...
ep. review

Series Premiere: UQ Holder!—Episodes 1-3

"Hopefully the adaptive streamlining works in the series' favor in the long run, instead of leaving the viewers behind in an attempt to be too many things at once."
ep. review

Season Premiere: Mr. Osomatsu Season 2—Episodes 1-3

"Studio Pierrot seems determined to repeat the success of the first season, and I can't wait for what they have in store for us after this terrific return."

Platinum End GN 3

Platinum End’s third volume is its best yet, with a strong balance of tension and beauty. Nick Creamer dives into the action. ― In many ways, Platinum End feels like a rewrite of Death Note. From its death game premise to its fantastical but tightly constrained powers, focus on identity puzzles, and grim reflections on morality, many elements of Platinum End feel like a recalibration of Ohba's first ...
ep. review

Welcome to the Ballroom ‒ Episodes 14-15

"These two episodes appear to be taking the series in the wrong direction."
ep. review

Season Premiere: Himōto! Umaru-chan R—Episodes 1-2

"This second season retains the same premise and core staff as the original, but it may as well be an entirely new series. Himouto 2.0 is better and more enjoyable across the board."
ep. review

Series Premiere: A Sister's All You Need—Episodes 1-2

"For all its jogging in place with such a bad cast thus far, the series has an intangible something that makes it feel like it could be worth following."

Shelf Life - Occultic;Nine Part 1

James Beckett gets into the most challenging spinoff of the Science Adventure Series, while Paul runs down all this week's new anime releases! ― I don't think I fully realized how much I'd missed Mr. Osomatsu until the second season started. That show really is my kind of anime comedy: wildly creative, totally bonkers, and not at all afraid to toss the viewer's expectations out the window. While I'm...
ep. review

Series Premiere: Anime-Gataris—Episodes 1-2

"Anime-Gataris isn't particularly innovative, but it presents immediately likable characters, lands its jokes, and knows its audience very well."
ep. review

Gintama ‒ Episode 331

"As the series slowly winds to a close, it's nice to see loose ends tied up and seldom-seen supporting players get their final hurrahs."
ep. review

One Piece ‒ Episode 809

"This episode does a good job keeping what it has to offer entertaining, but man, I'm ready to speed things up."
ep. review

Series Premiere: Land of the Lustrous—Episodes 1-2

"This early on, it's not the characters compelling me to keep watching, but the world itself as a whole."
ep. review

Love Live! Sunshine!! ‒ Episode 15

"We spend a lot more quality time with Aqours this week and get a more impactful emotional resolution as a result."
ep. review

Dragon Ball Super ‒ Episode 111

"We still have quite a few characters left on the Universe 7 team, which makes me worried that we're going to spend a lot more time slowly chipping away at our main cast before the more dramatic stuff comes up again."
ep. review

Season Premiere: Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond—Episodes 1-2

"The main advantage this sequel has over its predecessor is that it may be more watchable for those who were intimidated by the first season's sheer rapidity."
ep. review

Series Premiere: The Ancient Magus' Bride—Episodes 1-2

"Rather than lacking in creative vision, the show seems confident enough in its characterization and strength of writing to resist the urge to show off too much early on in the plot."
ep. review

Series Premiere: BLEND-S—Episodes 1-2

"This could be a good “palate cleanser” show, the kind of thing you watch to help your brain relax after binging something more intense."

I Hear the Sunspot GN

This unconventional boys-love story about a hearing impaired student breaks the mold in several nice ways. Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― The third story about someone with hearing loss to come out in English in recent years, I Hear the Sunspot is also perhaps the most thoughtful. While A Silent Voice shines a light on bullying and So Cute it Hurts takes a romantic angle, Yuki Fumino's graphic ...
ep. review

Season Premiere: March comes in like a lion ‒ Episode 23

"Stuck between Shimada's personal arc and future adventures with Meijin Souya, this premiere was the kind of palette-cleansing intermission you'd normally get at a story's halfway point."
ep. review

Series Premiere: Code Realize—Episodes 1-2

"This isn't an amazing story thus far, but since the characters themselves have some promise, it may turn out to be a pretty good time."
ep. review

Series Premiere: Dies Irae—Episodes 0-1

"Starting with episode 0 was a risky move because of its potential to alienate, but little about episode 1 catches much attention positive or negative."
ep. review

Series Premiere: Girls' Last Tour—Episodes 1-2

"This series makes the experience of nearly catching hypothermia in a roaring snowstorm look so pleasant."
ep. review

Altair: A Record of Battles ‒ Episodes 13-14

Our coverage of Altair concludes this season, as this ambitious show unfortunately rushes through the start of its next arc.
ep. review

Series Premiere: GARO Vanishing Line—Episodes 1-2

"GARO's first episode reaches ludicrous heights, but its sophomore slump is more of a misfire."
ep. review

Season Premiere: Yuki Yuna is a Hero Season 2—Episodes 1-2

"This series could still reach the heights of its predecessor's power, but it's off to a milder start and isn't quite there yet."

The List - 7 Anime That Almost Were

Given how difficult it can be to produce animation, sometimes it's a miracle anything ever gets completed! Here are seven projects that never quite crossed the finish line. ― One of the first columns I wrote for The List was a rundown of six anime projects that never made it out of the studio. It includes the likes of Lupin VIIII and t.A.T.u. Paragate, the latter of which was supposed to star the tw...
ep. review

Series Premiere: Recovery of an MMO Junkie—Episodes 1-2

"Keep an eye on this one, as it could certainly carve out a niche for itself with its solid character writing and direction."

Black Clover GN 8

Even if it's not the most original Shonen Jump adventure, Black Clover has gotten good at working with what it's got. Rebecca Silverman get into this saga's eighth volume. ― As a shounen fantasy action series, Black Clover is obviously derivative. There are clear elements of both the story and art that seem lifted from Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins, Dragonball, and several others, to the point wh...
ep. review

Series Premiere: Kino's Journey the Beautiful World—Episodes 1-2

"Going forward, I hope that this adaptation will follow the first episode's example rather than the second's."

ANNCast - Fall 2017 Anime Roundup

Zac and Jacob run through as many Fall 2017 anime season premieres as they can, from Ancient Magus Bride to Inuyashiki, and have nothing but hot takes for you. Plus twitter time! ― ANNCast Episode 308 - Fall 2017 Anime Roundup Zac and Jacob run through as many Fall 2017 anime season premieres as they can, from Ancient Magus Bride to Inuyashiki, and have nothing but hot takes for you. Plus twitter ti...
ep. review

Series Premiere: Just Because!—Episodes 1-2

"Just Because! has demonstrated a remarkable ability to breathe life into all its characters so far."

The Fall 2017 Anime Shorts Preview Guide

Our Preview Guide team sifts through all of the Fall 2017 anime season's short anime and comes up with a couple recommendations for you. ― Nick Creamer In the wake of last season's phenomenal Tsuredure Children, it's looking like this won't be much of a season for short anime. Outside of a scattering of sequels, there just plain aren't many shorts, and the ones I saw didn't really impress me. On the ...

UQ Holder and the Troubled History of Negima

Ken Akamatsu's hit boy wizard series Negima has had a rocky road when it comes to adaptations - of which this fall's UQ Holder is only the latest. Here's everything you need to know. ― This October saw the premiere of the anime adaptation of UQ Holder!, the most recent manga from Ken Akamatsu. You may notice a subtitle added to the new series: Magister Negi Magi 2. UQ Holder is in fact a sequel, set ...

Answerman - Is Anime Streaming Consumer-Friendly?

Justin follows up Wednesday's Answerman with a conversation about competition, service and consumer friendliness in the world of anime streaming. ― On Wednesday I wrote about the current state of anime streaming to North America, and how it might be better than there being a single place to stream everything, because that would've created a monopoly. While the column was fairly well-received, there ...

Three Leaves, Three Colors BD+DVD

Three Leaves, Three Colors makes up for its hit-or-miss comedy with some lovely visual design. Nick Creamer weighs in on whether it's worth watching. ― Animation studio Doga Kobo have established a firm reputation based on two studio staples: slice of life shows and lively character animation. From GJ-bu to Engaged to the Unidentified, Love Lab to New Game!, these reliable qualities have made Doga Ko...
ep. review

Amanchu! ‒ Episode 13

If you enjoyed the easygoing misadventures of Hikari, Futaba, and the rest of the Diving Club back in 2016, odds are you'll eat up this bonus installment of Amanchu!

This Week in Anime - Why You Should Watch Mr. Osomatsu

The biggest anime comedy of last year has finally returned to go all-out this season. We explain why you should catch up on the Osomatsu-san phenomenon. ― The biggest anime comedy of last year has finally returned to go all-out this season. This week in anime, Micchy and Steve explain why you should catch up on the Osomatsu-san phenomenon. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the participa...

This Week in Games - Seven Months With Nintendo Switch

Dustin runs down the highs and lows of Nintendo's newest console over the past year, along with this week's Japanese gaming news and new releases. ― The focus of this column is definitely not the SNES Mini. That's both because Todd already did an excellent write-up, and because the past week has seen me playing games on the Switch pretty obsessively—so much so that exploring the classics has been lef...

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Episodes 1-12 Streaming

Is this unique combination of idol show and super sentai stage entertainment worth a look? Chris Farris finds out. ― The first episode of Action Heroine Cheer Fruits is immensely successful on its own. The story of Mikan Kise teaming up with Ann Akagi to put on a homemade superhero show to cheer up her little sister captures youthful feelings and heartfelt effort in a genuine way. Its themes are so s...
ep. review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ‒ Episode 28

"A definite improvement over last week's installment, episode 28 sets the stage for a potentially exciting, character-driven final battle."

Answerman: Why Don't Streaming Sites Work Together?

Wouldn't it be great if every legal anime streaming company got together and made one platform where you could watch everything? It might SOUND good, but there's more to consider... ― xNightshade 22 asked: A simple question for you. Why don't they put all the anime streaming services together on one platform and charge a monthly fee for it? I believe this is a crucial reason why people use pirate si...
ep. review

Food Wars! The Third Plate ‒ Episode 2

"We're still in the preparation phase of this new arc, but things are beginning to heat up."

Interview: RWBY's Kerry Shawcross and Lindsay Jones

The director of Rooster Teeth's hit action series RWBY and the voice of the show's lead heroine go in-depth about what it takes to keep a phenomenon going. ― The American animated series RWBY is in a strange middle ground when it comes to being considered an anime. It is a western show that is produced in Texas by Rooster Teeth, but has the art and atmosphere of a Japanese anime. Because of this, it...

How to Get Into Muv-Luv

This visual novel series with the extremely silly title may seem impenetrable, but it's well worth checking out. Chris Adamson explains what makes this franchise special. ― Nearly two years after its Kickstarter campaign raised $1.2 million — a record for an English-language visual novel campaign — the final chapter of the Muv-Luv trilogy, Muv-Luv Alternative, arrived on Steam on September 18. But wh...
game review

Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

Is this super-meta RPG worth playing for more than its jokes and fanservice? Todd Ciolek finds out. ― Neptunia is a series of inexhaustible potential. The central RPGs feature anime heroines who represent various game consoles and companies, and that makes for rampant and excusable genre parody. Put the characters in a pop-idol simulation or a strategy-RPG and you're not just cynically exploiting a m...

Anime Spotlight - A Sister's All You Need.

Every day is full of fun. But something is missing.

"My life would be amazing if only I had a little sister. Why don't I have a little sister...?"
― A Sister's All You Need. Official Website: Official Twitter: @imotosae_anime Introduction Story Characters Cast & Staff Gallery Premiere Date: October 8, 2017 Key Staff Director: Shin Onuma (Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts, WATAM...
ep. review

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life ‒ Episode 15

As our episode coverage of this series comes to a close, Anne Lauenroth reflects on its highs and lows.

This Week in Anime - Why You Should Watch Food Wars!

Food Wars! makes its grand return this fall with a third helping of culinary competition! This week in anime, we discuss what's made the show so delectable so far. ― Food Wars! makes its grand return this fall with a third helping of culinary competition! This week in anime, Nick and Jacob discuss what's made the show so delectable so far and what they hope to see from the Elite Ten this season. Disc...

Vice & Luna - All In The Family

Your friend tells you they want you to recommend some anime. They love "Game of Thrones". What do you tell them to watch? Vice already has an answer!
ep. review

Season Finale: The Reflection ‒ Episode 12

"I'm glad to have watched The Reflection, even if its reach exceeded its grasp more often than not."

Netsuzou Trap -NTR- Episodes 1-12 Streaming

This salacious short yuri series peppers its story with thoughtful threads, but it ultimately works best as trashy erotica. Theron Martin explores the ups and downs of NTR. ― The most dedicated fanservice series of the Summer 2017 season was undoubtedly My First Girlfriend is a Gal, but it's nowhere near as salacious in content as this adaptation of Naoko Kodama's yuri manga of the same name. Over th...
ep. review

Natsume Yūjin-Chō Roku ‒ Episode 12

Crunchyroll adds this relaxing bonus episode to Natsume Yujin-Cho's sixth season just in time for the announcement of a new movie!

Answerman - What Is "Digipaint"?

People say the term "digipaint" all the time when discussing old anime from the early 2000s - but what do they mean? Justin breaks it down. ― George asked: What exactly is digipaint? Why was it so prevalent in anime production during the 00s, and why does it make anime made with it so hard to remaster into HD? Has this product essentially made a part of anime's existence, the 00s, relegated to DVD, ...

Shelf Life - Shin Godzilla

Godzilla stomps his way to blu-ray this week, as Gabriella Ekens examines the footprints Hideaki Anno's version of the legendary monster left behind. Plus, all this week's new anime releases! ― My apartment building switched from air conditioning to heat this week, which would have been fine if I had been home at the time. I wasn't, of course, and so I eventually returned home to a 90-degree room wi...
ep. review

Season Premiere: Love Live! Sunshine!! ‒ Episode 14

"It's not the most exciting of first episodes, but it's a reasonable start to a new season, which will hopefully pick up steam once the singing and dancing moves back to the forefront."

Hitorijime My Hero Episodes 1-12 Streaming

Despite rough animation and a weak first three episode prologue, this is a solid and enjoyable story for BL fans old and new. Rebecca Silverman has the details. ― Hitorijime my Hero is actually a compilation of two series by the same manga creator – the first three episodes are an adaptation of the single-volume Hitorijime Boyfriend, while episodes four through twelve follow its sequel, which shares ...
ep. review

Season Premiere: Gintama ‒ Episodes 329-330

"For the next few months, Gintama will get a reprieve from being a sci-fi action drama with comic interludes and return to being an irreverent gag comedy."
ep. review

Dragon Ball Super ‒ Episodes 109-110

Dragon Ball Super's one-hour special lands with a bang and a high watermark for the whole franchise!

Plum Crazy! Tales of A Tiger-Striped Cat GN 1

If you only read one cute cat manga, this should be it. Rebecca Silverman sinks her claws into this special volume. ― If you only read one cute cat manga, Plum Crazy! Tales of A Tiger-Striped Cat should be it. Less saccharine than Chi's Sweet Home or its companion Fuku Fuku manga but still cuter than Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu, Natsumi Hoshino's story about tabby cat Plum and her daily life mana...
ep. review

Nanbaka ‒ Episode 26

The inmates of Building 13 are back for a school-themed bonus episode!

The List - 6 Unique Takes on Edogawa Ranpo

Ranpo Edogawa is a well-known mystery author in Japan, but western whodunnit fans may be less familiar with him. Here are just six anime that have taken on its legacy. ― The first week of prime spook month is over and as we edge closer to Halloween, I'm going to attempt to make every List column focus on the macabre. This week we'll take a look at mystery and horror novelist Edogawa Ranpo, a househo...

Nirvana GN 1

What happens when a heroic volunteer girl dies in a plane crash and is reborn as a goddess into another world? Rebecca Silverman finds out in this intriguing isekai adventure. ― Stories about teenage boys being transported to another world are heavily present in current anime, manga, and light novels. Stories about teenage girls being transported to another world? Not so much, at least not in English...

Anime Spotlight - GARO-VANISHING LINE-

Sword, a Makai Knight with the title of "Garo" spends his days alone fighting off Horrors—evil beasts from the demon world that possess humans—in order to protect the town. One day while defeating Horrors, Sword comes upon the mysterious keyword "El Dorado." ― GARO-VANISHING LINE- Official Website: Official Twitter: @anime_garo Introduction Characters Cast & Staff Gallery P...

Answerman - Where Did The Idea Of 100 Ghost Stories Come From?

It comes up in anime from time to time: telling 100 ghost stories in a single night. Is that a real thing? Justin explains. ― Ian asked: I wanted to ask if the 100 ghost story night idea from xxxHolic is a real cultural aspect of Japanese society. Or did CLAMP make it up? If not, are there any reports of events where literally 100 ghost stories are told? The idea of 100 ghost stories has made an app...

Blade Runner's Unbelievable Influence On Anime

Daryl Surat explores the mindblowing amount of influence Ridley Scott's Blade Runner has had on the way a tremendous amount of anime looks, sounds, and feels. ― In 2017, it's very easy to forget that 1982's Blade Runner was neither a commercial success at the time of its release nor the mainstream critical darling it is nowadays. Although it derailed director Ridley Scott's film career for many years...

Dragon Ball Super Part One Blu-ray

This initial Battle of Gods arc can't compete with its theatrical counterpart, but it still has its moments. Sam Leach has the details. ― It feels appropriate that after finishing off the Final Chapters of DBZ Kai, I'm watching the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, the anime-original sequel series that picks up almost immediately where the last show left off (aside from the epilogue that's still ten ye...

This Week in Anime - Will Bakugo Become a Hero or a Villain?

As My Hero Academia's second season comes to a close, Bakugo's future still seems uncertain. Is there anything that could turn him over to the dark side? ― My Hero Academia's second season has come to a close, and Bakugo's future seems uncertain as the League of Villains begins to reform. This week in anime, Nick and Micchy predict what might be in store for U.A. High's most fiery student. Disclaimer...

This Week in Games - Gundam Versus

The entire Gundam franchise gets crammed into an arena combat blender in Gundam Versus, plus Nioh on PC, Breath of the Wild production secrets and more! ― As if 2017's nonstop parade of excellent video games wasn't already enough, the past few weeks have seen the Switch's indie line-up upgrade from “good” to “positively bonkers.” Most of these games are out on other platforms, but the option of porta...
game review

Super NES Classic Edition

With heaps of 16-bit classics to choose from including the never-before-released Star Fox 2, the Super NES Classic is a retro gamer's dream. Todd Ciolek has the lowdown on every title in this collection. ― Last year's NES Classic Edition was a finely crafted piece of nostalgia: an authentically miniature Nintendo Entertainment System with thirty built-in games, ranging from enduring classics to dispo...
ep. review

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ‒ Episode 27

"This installment is meant to serve as the calm before the storm, but taken on its own, it's pretty boring."
ep. review

Food Wars! The Third Plate — Episode 1

"Let's hope that we're in for another season of great food, interesting characters, and exciting cook-offs. It looks like we're off to a pretty good start."

Answerman - Why Are Sentai Titles Showing Up On Anime Strike?

Sentai Filmworks titles have been showing up on Amazon's Anime Strike service - what might we expect from this partnership? Justin considers the angles. ― Austin asked: Within the last few days/week, Sentai Filmworks has announced 4 new show licenses for the coming season (including the second season of Umaru-chan). They said in the press release that these shows will be made available through Anime...

Interview: Made in Abyss Composer Kevin Penkin

The man behind the tearjerkingly beautiful soundtrack of this past season's sleeper hit discusses his work writing music for anime and games. ― When interviewing anime creators, it's not common to talk to someone from outside Japan, and it's even less common to interview someone from my own country of Australia. Kevin Penkin's score for Made in Abyss is already being hailed as one of the most captiva...


This slice-of-life mystery series unfolds with richness and beauty that reaches beyond its low-key subject matter. Nick Creamer delves into what makes this show special. ― Hyouka starts as many anime do, with a droll monologue from a know-it-all high school boy. Reflecting on the vivid colors of the new year, he seems to sneer at the idea of a “rose-colored” life or even personal investment in genera...
ep. review

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life ‒ Episode 14

"Let's see what these new characters will be able to add now that summer is coming to a close."

Anime Spotlight - The Ancient Magus' Bride

Chise is a 15-year-old girl who has nothing except one special power she was born with. An odd-looking magus named Elias takes in Chise as his apprentice, planning to eventually make her his wife. ― The Ancient Magus' Bride Official Website: Official Twitter: @mahoyome_project Introduction Story Characters Cast & Staff Gallery Premiere Date: October 8, 2017 Streaming available at:...

The Best and Worst of the Summer 2017 Season

It's the final user ranking of the Summer 2017 anime season! Which shows came out on top? Which of your favorites ranked highest? ― Our team of reviewers are following 28 anime series of the Summer 2017 season and readers are rating each episode as the reviews go up. So let's have a look at what ANN readers consider the best (and worst) of the season. Keep in mind that these rankings are based on ho...

This Week in Anime - Made in Abyss Made Us Cry Like Little Babies

Made in Abyss' first season ended this week, leaving behind an ocean of tears for many fans. This week in anime, Nick and Steve pick up the pieces in the wake of its emotional conclusion. ― Made in Abyss' first season ended this week, leaving behind an ocean of tears for many fans. This week in anime, Nick and Steve pick up the pieces in the wake of its emotional conclusion. Disclaimer: The views and...

Vice & Luna - "Vice Writes an Isekai Novel"

ANYONE could write one of those novels where an ordinary teen gets sucked into another world - right?

The Night is Short, Walk On Girl

Director Masaaki Yuasa adapts another work from author Tomihiko Morimi in this surreal and enchanting film. Dawn H dives into its magical world. ― The movie starts with a premise most anime fans will be familiar with: a bumbling Senpai is so infatuated by a college classmate he's got a crush on, he's been purposely trying to bump into her as often as possible “by coincidence” to get her to notice him...

Anime Spotlight - Black Clover

In this world where magic is everything... A boy named Asta who hasn't been able to use magic since he was born aims to become the Wizard King—the head of the Magic Knights—in order to prove himself and fulfill his promise with his friend! ― Black Clover Official Website: Official Twitter: @bclover_PR Introduction Story Characters Cast & Staff Gallery Premiere Date: October 3, 201...

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