BrothersElric's Anime

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Good Rating Comment
Beast Wars: Transformers (U.S. TV) Good
Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody Good
Blood: The Last Vampire (movie) Good
Blue Dragon (TV) Good
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (TV) Good
Buso Renkin (TV) Good
Dragon Ball Z (TV) Good
Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku (special) Good
Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming (movie 10) Good
Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan (movie 8) Good
Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn (movie 12) Good
Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! (movie 7) Good
Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks (special) Good
Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler (movie 6) Good
Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon (movie 13) Good
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (US CG movie) Good
Full Metal Panic! (TV) Good
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (movie) Good
Hero Tales (TV) Good
Inuyasha (TV) Good Note: Manga rating is different
Knight Hunters (TV) Good
Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers (TV) Good
MÄR (TV) Good
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (OAV) Good
Nabari no Ou (TV) Good
Naruto Shippūden (TV) Good
Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom Good
Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel Good
Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow Good
Pokémon (TV) Good
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Good
Tenchi Universe (TV) Good
Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie Good