DeLorean's Anime

Seen all Rating
(The) Adventures of Mini-Goddess (TV) So-so
Ah! My Goddess (TV) Excellent
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy (TV) Excellent
Ah! My Goddess: The Movie Excellent
Air (TV) Excellent
Air (movie) Very good
Boys Be... (TV) Decent
Galaxy Angel (TV) Good
Galaxy Angel A (TV) Decent
Galaxy Angel Z (TV) Very good
Genshiken (TV) Excellent
(The) Girl Who Leapt Through Time (movie) Masterpiece
Golden Boy (OAV) Very good
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (TV) Very good
His and Her Circumstances (TV) Very good
Honey and Clover (TV) Very good
Honey and Clover II (TV) Masterpiece
Kakyūsei 2 (TV) Weak
Kanon (TV 2/2006) Excellent
Kogepan (TV) Weak
Midori Days (TV) Very good
(The) Place Promised in Our Early Days (movie) Masterpiece
Please Teacher! (TV) Excellent
Please Twins! (TV) Very good
Ramen Fighter Miki (TV) Excellent
Rumbling Hearts (TV) Masterpiece
School Rumble (TV) Excellent
School Rumble: 2nd Semester (TV) Very good
She, The Ultimate Weapon (TV) So-so
Starship Operators (TV) Masterpiece
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World (TV) Not really good
Tohai Densetu Akagi -Yamini Maiorita Tensai- (TV) Very good
Tona-Gura! (TV) Good
Voices of a Distant Star (OAV) Bad
Yakitate!! Japan (TV) Masterpiece
Yomigaeru Sora - RESCUE WINGS (TV) Excellent