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The Anime TV broadcast list is a kanji source for complete staff & cast credits, distributed over several sites; each site mirrored a complete index but the actual credit pages were scattered over these sites.
The Playtown pages are still available, the tripod pages would have to be taken from the Wayback Machine now (which means that 55% of the links in the Playtown index page are broken as of 2011-01-07).At some time in the past infoseek must have been a page mirror for the tripod pages as the Wayback Machine redirects certain requests to tripod pages to their infoseek equivalent (see Silent Möbius TV below); the index pages apparently were never rewritten accordingly though.

Good quality, usually has complete data for the series. Each credit page consists of three sections with different formats:
  1. high-level staff in table form (two lines per episode)
  2. animator/finisher/background tasks in one line per episode
  3. other tasks in condensed form (episode lists per person, similar to Shirayuki).
Kanji names may contain whitespace (for horizontal alignment in case the name consists of fewer than 4 kanji).
kanji source - Anime TV broadcast list Rating Comment
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight (TV) done - tripod (via Wayback Machine)
Sailor Moon (TV) TODO - Playtown
Sailor Moon R (TV) TODO - Playtown
Sailor Moon S (TV) TODO - Playtown
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (TV) TODO - Playtown
Sailor Moon SuperS (TV) TODO - Playtown
Silent Möbius (TV) Masterpiece done - tripod == infoseek (via Wayback Machine)