Will not finish Rating Comment
Ah! My Goddess (TV) Weak it's your typical 'hard-luck-college-boy finds a magical girlfriend' anime. i don't have anything personal against this genre unless it happens to move slower than needed, which this one does. the art is boring, and the characters' personalities are abnoxiously predictable and cheerful. even the bad guys.
God Mars (TV) Awful God Mars is outragously bad. it's about twenty years old, so i can accept SOME of the campyness, but when they've got scenes to parallel "No, Luke, I AM YOUR FATHER," a Power-Rangers style robot assembly line, and a kid who looks like he should be in Record of Lodoss War instead of a Mecha, you have to draw the line somewhere. it's one redeeming point is that the opening theme is absolutely wonderful. i could suffer through a few episodes just for that.
Revolutionary Girl Utena (TV) Not really good all i have to say is that they could seriously stab somebody's eye out with their noses, the way they're drawn all pointy like that.