Seen some Rating Comment
Cowboy Bebop (TV) Excellent I currently have seen session 1,3 and 6 of this show. It is one of the best anime shows out there. I think this is the best show people just coming into anime (not like DBZ of Pokemon anime) but real anime. I think this because it is one of the best shows out there, it is not to hard to follow or understand *cough evangelion cough*. Also it has very well dubs, storylines and characters. On a side note you should tell people new to anime and watching this that not ever anime has production values like this show and so not ever show looks as good and is produced as well as this show. It is though one of the best anime shows out there and should be required viewing for anime noobs.
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (TV) Good Of what i have seen ok this show it is a good show. It is a good mecha show with good battle sequences and storylines. Also the characters all seem to have quite diffrent personalities, which is nice. The only problem with this show is is seems to be more and more of the same. Which kills some shows, but is okay with this show becasue the constant battle are always fun to watch. It is also a longer show than usual anime show which is around 26 episodes. This is a good show though, but wont be liked by people who are not fans of this genre. On the other hand if you like mecha anime you will probably like this show alot. A rental is probalby a good idea of people that are not sure.